She's No Faerie Princess

She's No Faerie Princess Versuchung Begierde Verf Hrung Lass Die Nacht BeginnenIhren Ausflug In Die Welt Der Menschen Hatte Sich Die Fee Fiona Wirklich Anders Vorgestellt Shoppen, Rockkonzerte, Entspannung Zu Fr H Gefreut Direkt Nach Ihrer Ankunft Wird Sie Von Einem U Erst Aufgebrachten D Mon Angegriffen Ihr Retter Gef Llt Ihr Aber Au Erordentlich Gut Sexy Werwolf Tobias Walker Und Obwohl Der Eigentlich Damit Besch Ftigt Ist, Die Verhandlungen Zwischen Den Anderen Und Den Menschen Voranzutreiben, Kann Er Sich Der Ungest Men Fiona Kaum Entziehen

Born and raised in coastal New England, Christine Warren lived in the South and the Mid Atlantic before hopping to the other side of the country to take up the life of a transplant in the Pacific Northwest She completely bypassed those states in the middle due to her landlocking phobia Hmm, need to research a scientific term for thatWhen not scrambling frantically to complete her latest writi

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  • She's No Faerie Princess
  • Christine Warren
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  • 10 January 2019

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    Although this one had all the elements that usually intrigues me in a PNR paranormal romance , much of the book felt flat and I m not sure why.Fiona is a High Sidhe Faerie Princess and niece to Queen Mab of the Seelie Court as well as niece to Dinouu of the Unseelie court In Warren s world, this puts her in direct line to inherit the throne of either as neither Mab not Dinouu have children She not to keen on court intrigue so she breaks Queen Mab s rule on no traveling to the earthly realm for a little R and R Unfortunately, just after she arrives through the gate, she is attacked by a Demon something unheard of in all realms for quite some time At the same time she meets Tobias of the shapeshifting wolf clan who rescues her and takes her home.There is instant attraction, though ol Toby wants to deny it Second only to the Alpha of the clan, babysitting a snooty princess is the last thing he needs as a newly formed council of Others and Humans are just about to ratify a document which would delineate the rights of the Others, the magical creatures whom the humans have long thought gone from their world.Naturally, people on both human and Other sides do not want to see a successful end to the negotiations Someone in particular has summoned the demons to do their dirty work and though the author attempts to keep the big bad a mystery throughout the story, it s quite obvious who the guilty party is at least it was for me and that made it boring enough than anything for me.That and the fact I just didn t care about the characters all that much Oh, they had all the elements I usually enjoy a strong magical alpha hero and powerful heroine although admittedly a bit of a pushover where the hero is concerned but something felt contrived about their whole relationship and I just couldn t feel it Him saying Mine all the time doesn t make it so Just sayin.

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    She s No Faerie Princess3.5 StarsSynopsisTired of the intrigue at her aunt Mab s court, Fiona is in dire need of a vacation Upon her arrival in New York, Fiona is attacked by a demon and rescued by Tobias Walker, a cranky werewolf with better things to do than babysit a faerie princess In the midst of the negotiations surrounding the unveiling of the Others to humanity, Walker and Fiona must deal not only with rampaging demons and a summoner with nefarious plans for the fae and humanity but with their growing attraction as well.Review A light, sexy and funny read.Fiona and Walker have instantaneous and intense chemistry and their banter is witty and entertaining Fiona is a feisty, independent and powerful heroine than capable of defending herself and Walker a sexy and protective alpha who falls hard despite his reservations The secondary characters are also well developed and the bickering between Squick and Babbage is particularly entertaining as is the library scene with Missy and Tess The world building is better than in Wolf at the Door with details provided concerning the fae and the demons The guardian demon Rule is very intriguing and I look forward to his book The amulet summoner plot is the weakest point Despite its potential, there is no real tension or suspense and the villain is way too obvious The climax is very good but the ending feels rushed and the obstacles to Fiona and Walker s relationship are glossed over too easily The result is an unsatisfying conclusion On a final note, it seems that I ve been reading out of order This series is preceded by the Fixed books, which have since been re written and amalgamated into the Others but out of chronological order I will, therefore, be going back to read the first book One Bite with a Stranger.

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    I LOVED it again lol The sex was hot hot HOT , the men were delicious, Fiona was feisty, the action was kick ass, and the sex, sweet jesus the sex, lets just say no one writes better hot love scenes them Christine Warren Although I must say that while I loved Walker very very much, Graham still holds my heart above all others and to find out in this that he and Missy have two little boys now made me very happy Walker got a little on my nerves in a few early parts of the book when he was with Graham in Vircolac discussing what to do with Fiona and when Graham said something about taking responsibility or something for her and Walker about lost his temper He also thought that he considered taking that last step in the chain of dominance just so he would be the only one responsible for her and could have absolute authority in the decision That kinda bothered me because he would have gotten his ass handed to him on a platter Torn and bloody Those were his words on page 80 lol I was just annoyed at him thinking all that stuff and yet he admits he couldn t beat his cousin in a fight Which he couldn t Because Graham is A M A Z I N G Lol but I still LOVE Walker but seriously, in the end they solved the mortality immortality issue with him just drinking a lot of her faerie wine I mean I m super happy they solved the problem but I kinda wished had been a little bigger and better than that but oh well, I still absolutely loved the book and I can t friggin wait to read the rest PS I thought Rule sounded really hot and sexy and muscular and deadly lol

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    I seem to be finding a pattern in these paranormal romance novels Take 1 girl who usual doesn t know she is part vampire werewolf other because she is an orphan changeling and throw her into the seedy underbelly of an alternative universe that lives right along side us usually in a big city like New York or Boston Take 1 boy who is a full blooded warrior of said other society usually vampire werewolf or combination of the two and allow him to stumble upon girl Oh he has to have a major damsel in distress complex Then they have to discover each other and immediately forget all societial norms and have hot passionate sex which will lead to the first orgasm the girl has ever had Of course right Then the boy will realize that he can t be with the girl something about saving her from his world But of course, they next to have sex again He must then push her away only to chase after her Where upon, she will push him away This pattern continues for a while with a sprinkling of sex thrown in Finally, the boy will realize that she is the missing puzzle piece he s been looking for all his life and have sex with her then, screaming MINE at the conclusion I don t get the neanderthal complex inherent in these books She will then declare her undying love and they will have little vampires werewolves other until the end of time because of course he is immortal and has done something to insure that she is too And I read these why Oh yeah as Kim would say Vampire Porn.

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    Really enjoyed this book Loved the spunky, hard headed Herione, Fiona, the Fae Princess And our hunky and sexy leading Lupine, Toby, the Alpha s second of the Silverback Clan.These 2 make a strange love match, like fire ice or love hate But there s never a dull moment with Fiona around.This series is getting better each moment and the best moment in this book is when we meet a dark character names RuleHe s sexy, dark, demon and in the next book he s our leading man.In the battle of good and evil, this demon is looking REALLY good

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    A Fun Read With Two Characters To Cheer ForChristine Warren s second book in The Others series is a better balanced and fleshed out novel than Wolf at the Door, with a stronger narrative and creative world building that enhances the paranormal romance novel s base plot sufficiently enough to lift the book out of the doldrums of been there read that and give it a breath of freshness, even though the world of the series isn t the most original creatures of myth and legend taking steps to come out to the general public about the truth of their existence.Fiona is determined to buck her Aunt Mab s wishesand Fae lawand get the vacation from court life she so desperately needs She crosses into the human world and comes face to cloven hoof with a demon intent on feasting on her heart Tobias is beta wolf to the silverback pack and pulling double and triple shifts protecting the humans during the sensitive time of negotiations between Other and humans for recognition and protection under the law When Fiona s scream of terror sends him hurtling into her life, neither one of them quite regain their equilibrium and the world as they know it becomes and dangerous and the delicate negotiations are threatened.Quickly paced with some depth in plot, a strong and independent female protagonist and a sexy alpha male protagonist, She s No Faerie Princess is fun and funny, sexy and sentimental, with surprising depth in emotion in than one instance It was also nice to see familiar faces from the first book in the series, and new faces have some intriguing potential A very good read, and I m looking forward to the third book in the series, The Demon You Know Reviewed for One Good Book Deserves Another.

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    Okay, the title sucks But don t let the title scare you away This is a funny, sexy, involved story that s pretty well written The main character, Fiona, is the niece of Queen Mab, the ruler of the Seelie Course of Faerie She is bored with court and all of the intrigues that are a part of being a possible heir, so Fiona sneaks through the gate into the mortal world, popping out in Central Park Instead of getting to eat hot dogs and hang out at punk clubs, though, Fiona is almost immediately attacked by a demon which are definitely not common in the mortal world and ends up being helped by Tobias Walker, a werewolf who works as sort of a supernatural cop.The romance between Fiona and Walker is set against a political situation and a murder mystery The Others i.e shapeshifters, vampires, and the like are trying to come out of the closet, so to speak, and are in negotiations for their civil rights with human politicians Threatening this is a series of murders that look like they ve been committed by Others, though with Fiona s help, they discover demon involvement And since demons must be summoned by sorcerers, Walker and Fiona have to find out who s doing the summoning before the negotiations are derailed.The mystery could have been handled a bit better, I think I figured out who the villain was as soon as he popped up in the book, and I like to be tricked by my mysteries Fiona is a spunky heroine, but she s not so spunky as to make me retch I have a very low tolerance for spunky heroines, but Fiona is funny enough to sneak in under my radar Walker is grumpy Heh I like him very muchly The supporting characters could have been developed as they are, they re in danger of being characatures Too Serious Alpha, Spunky Empowered Wife, etc.The book has its flaws, but the whole package comes together so charmingly that I can forgive the flaws and enjoy the hell out of it The hot smut probably helps, too, heh.

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    I guess one of the reasons that I love Christine Warren s book so much is that her world is populated with so many wonderful paranormal entities There are Were creatures, Vampires, Fae, Demons, Fiends and a wide assortment of humans that interact with them Ms Warren also has a wicked sense of humor and the ability to make you cry when there is heartbreak I loved the interaction between Walker, a werewolf, and Fiona, a high Fae princess Fiona is a good time girl just wanting to have some fun in the human world Walker is a serious beta trying to keeping any terrible from happening while the negotiations between Other officials and the Humans are taking place Neither realizes just how complicated their lives are about to get I also enjoyed both of them coming to terms with the whole mate thing I have a weakness for dominant alpha males that just want to keep their mates safe while they beat the stuffing out of the bad guys I also like feisty females that can stand by there males and try to help with the Fiends that are trying to kill everything There is a delightful cast of secondary characters some from earlier books and a few are new but all add a feel of family to the story This is a nice addition to the Other series and I am certainly going to read the other books.

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    I read this on the trusted recommendation of fellow romance audiobook readers, and it didn t disappoint With master narrator Kate Reading at the helm, I knew it would be good.In this story, Faerie Princess Fiona decides to slip away from Faerie and the pressure of the Faerie Court ruled by her aunt, Queen Mab, and take a little punk vacation in Manhattan She wasn t counting on the demon at the gate trying to eat her heart out, or the Lupine Tobias Walker rescuing her and stealing said heart in a werewolf mating.Warren s story telling is good she manages to get the world building details tucked in during dialogue and narrative, generally unobtrusively The plot was suspenseful and I didn t figure out the bad guy too early The relationship, even with the whole soul mate for werewolves theme, built nicely great chemistry There was still a lot of Others details to absorb though I think my main problem with this genre is how much attention I have to pay to the audio, because I can t flip back to answer my questions about why or how something happened That detracts from the experience for me.So, 5 stars for Reading s excellent narration, and 4 stars for the story from me And I m still not a paranormal convert.

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    She s No Faerie Princess was pretty good Fiona is a Fae princess who is bored and wants to take a vacation She decides to visit the human world to do this, even though it s forbidden by her aunt, Queen Mab Walker is a beta lupine of the Silverback Clan The Others are brokering basic rights with the humans before they are introduced to the populace Walker is currently on patrol to make sure none of the Others get out of hand while the negotiations are taking place However, when Fiona crosses over to the human world, demons are determined to kill her.I have to say that I liked this story better than The Wolf at the Door I felt the attraction between Fiona and Walker was genuine and the passion between them was pretty hot No bland romance here I liked that Fiona stood up to Walker when the situation warranted Yes, he s an alpha male, but she could hold her own and she didn t do anything that was stupid They balanced each other quite nicely The intrigue concerning the demons attacking humans and, Others alike, was very interesting and took a turn I wasn t expecting I felt that this book was a nice addition to the series.

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