A Lot Like Love

A Lot Like Love Jordan Rhodes, Ricchissima Ereditiera Proprietaria Di Un Enoteca, Abituata A Essere Corteggiata Per Il Suo Denaro, E Non Affatto Preparata Al Fascino Di Nick McCall Agente Dell FBI, Nick Ha Bisogno Della Sua Collaborazione Per Smascherare Xander Eckhart Che Ricicla Denaro Sporco Della Mafia E Che Jordan Conosce Per Motivi Professionali Il Piano Che Nick Si Finga Il Suo Fidanzato Per Il Tempo Necessario A Piazzare Alcune Cimici Di Sorveglianza, Ma Tutto Si Complica Quando Eckhart S Insospettisce E Assolda Un Investigatore Per Pedinarli La Loro Finta Relazione Dovr Allora Durare Pi Della Notte Prevista, Facendo Vacillare Le Loro Rispettive Certezze Sull A

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 201 pages
  • A Lot Like Love
  • Julie James
  • Italian
  • 13 August 2017

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    This is one of those books that s hard to review because it s just so middle of the road on the star scale and in my future memory.Meaning I didn t hate it I didn t love it I enjoyed it while reading itbut will have basically forgotten it by tomorrow Don t get me wrong, I enjoyed it well enough I actually picked it up because it was supposedly recommended by Nalini Singh one of my all time favorite authors via Book Bub however, it just didn t stand out from the pack of FBI undercover esque romances I have read in the past Also, while the plot was decent, I thought everything moved a little too quickly especially the relationship The H s conversion from lifelong commitment phobe dedicated to his profession to a man dropping the L word and taking an office job seemed to happen overnight and with very little character explanation They just didn t seem to spend all that much time together to predicate such a changeover, in my opinion But whatever If you are in the mood for a light, entertaining romance, this one will do you right Just don t come in expecting to be blown away or anything Maybe I ll pick up another Julie James in the future and maybe I won tI m just glad I got this one cheap.

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    A Lot Like Love is the first book I ve read by this author, Julie James and I am definitely going to be reading of her books in the future.This was such a fabulous contemporary love story with a bit of suspense thrown in..leaving me with a warm, fuzzy and good feeling There were so many things I liked about this storylet me tell you a few of them The two main characters.such a great and engaging couple FBI agent Nick McCall.what a hero Sexy, yes Alpha, yes But not an overbearing assI adored him..open minded, caringhe s the kind of man I love Heiress and Businesswoman Jordan Rhodes.what a breath of fresh air she turned out to be Not some neurotic and spoilt heiress but a funny, independent, hardworking, caring and down to earth personshe felt so real and I found her endearing and so engaging and how could one not fall in love with her I liked seeing their relationship and sexual tension building up and the chemistry was potent.and the sex scenes were pretty hot and well written.The dialogue is fun and witty. He raised an eyebrow Wine with cheese fries No thanks Wine with everything Because wine means the responsible part of the day is over Some quirky and engaging secondary characters..I especially loved Jordan s brother, Kyle.what a hoot Can t wait to read his own book The writing is so good.flows beautifully making it such easy reading.Fun plot.emphasis on romance than suspense Loved reading the parts about wine and the vineyards that Jordan and Nick visit in Napa Valley..hell, I admit, I learnt a few things about wine Time for Wine Tasting 101 So here s how this works When tasting a wine, as opposed to casual drinking, there are four basic steps you need to remember sight, smell, taste, then spit or swallow Nick paused at that last part and cocked his head And your personal preference on the latter would be Only lightweights spit His right eye twitched If you love contemporary romance that makes you feel good then this is a book for you I am definitely going to be checking out books by Julie James.

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    5 stars Contemporary RomanceI just read and adored Something About You and then started this immediately afterward, and there s a whole lot to love about A Lot Like Love.FBI Agent Nick McCall is coming off a grueling undercover assignment and looking for a little RR before taking his next case, but instead finds himself tasked with assisting a junior agent in an undercover money laundering investigation In order to infiltrate an exclusive charity event held by one of Chicago s wealthiest restaurateur s at an elite wine club, the FBI needs the cooperation of billionaire heiress and wine entrepreneur Jordan Rhodes Jordan will do anything to help her incarcerated brother get early parole, even if it means aiding an arrogant, gruff, and rough around the edges agent known for his don t fuck with me look who pushes all her buttons, both good and bad, like Nick McCall Nick grew up in Brooklyn and would rather take on dangerous criminals and kick back with a nice glass of bourbon after a hard day than attend fancy wine tastings with stuffy, high society types, and polished rich women like Jordan aren t his type But opposites definitely attract, and when Nick and Jordan are forced to spend time together masquerading as a couple, fighting their combustible chemistry and drawing the line between lies and love becomes impossible It s a flawless, vastly entertaining contemporary romance with a hot alpha hero, a smart and sassy heroine, great secondary characters, clever dialogue, refreshing and witty banter, laugh out loud humor, and steamy love scenes And who knew that wine could be so damn sexy view spoiler The part when Jordan demonstrated to Nick how to properly sample wine and the scene when Nick made creative, sensual use of a glass of cabernet during a shared bubble bath were smokin hot hide spoiler

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    The woman who sat in front of me on my flight from Detroit to Denver is very lucky I had this book loaded on my Kindle I loved the story, and it distracted me from the misery of having a seat back rammed against my knees for three hours You know the book has got to be good.A LOT LIKE LOVE tells the story of Jordan Rhodes, heiress to half of a billion dollar fortune, and Nick McCall, FBI agent Rhodes isn t a prissy heiress whose biggest worries are ruining her manicure or being seen with the right people she s a solid person who s down to earth and who has worked to build her own successes in life She owns an upscale wine store can they actually serve wine in a wine store in Illinois They can t in Colorado and is an expert on fermented grape Her social circle includes someone the FBI would like to know about.Nick McCall makes Jordan an offer she can t refuse to win her cooperation in helping him establish covert surveillance i.e., bug of this person of interest And thus Jordan and McCall are forced to deal with one another They trade sarcasm and quips a kind of banter at which Julie James excels and slowly fall into lust and then love with one another.So, I have to ask myself whether deep in her heart, the attorney side of Ms James has a hankering for suspense James writes contemporary romance, but both books I ve read would satisfy fans of romantic suspense, as well This is the first non attorney heroine that James has written, and I have to give her props for doing that It would be like me writing romantic suspense novel without a journalist heroine, something I haven t been brave enough to do yet I think she does a splendid job of it, clearly having done her research into wine I found myself wanting to write down tips, which I KNOW other readers have done, as the most frequent highlights in the Kindle version involved the various steps of wine tasting So James is helping to launch a new cadre of oinophiles, which is all to the good Romantic fiction and wine go well together almost as well as romance and wine.I found myself giggling out loud at some points, which no one heard because planes are so noisy I felt the characters were believable and endearing, including secondary characters, and I enjoyed seeing Cameron and Jack again I got a real kick out of Nick s relationship with his long suffering mother.Also, I found the sex scenes very hot and fun to read That s important And I m just so grateful to James for writing this book because otherwise I probably would have gotten thrown off my flight by TSA for yelling at the person in front of me I need to go back now and read her first two titles.

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    This is my first Julie James book and I have to admit, I have a soft spot for police FBI military romance, because all the heroes are soooo bad ass and you just can t stop falling for them A Lot Like Love is a very cute, light story between Nick McCall, an FBI agent and Jordan Rhodes, a very smart, gorgeous woman from the wine industry The blurb was very interesting and I began immediately with this love story, believing it will be action packed, because, duuuh, FBI and stuf..It was not as predicted, but I liked it. It was funny and had a lot of steamy moments, with a great chemistry between the characters.To make a summary, Nick is an FBI agent, specialized in undercover operations When he is offered the chance to take down a money launderer, he takes it without blinking All his life he was the best in the field, always delivering excelent results and making his superiors proud Only that there is one bad side to this no personal life He doesn t do relationships because of the complexity of his work, being constantly on the field and having no time for love Nick needs help from Jordan to infiltrate him in the world of the notorious money launderer and in exchange, he will help her brother which is imprisoned get a milder sentence Jordan was amazing as a heroine, I loved her sassy ways and her confidence She has an excelent wine business and her passion for his industry made her well known at the top of the chain She is also the heiress of an empire, but this didn t stop her for gaining everything on her own When Nick makes her that proposal, she agrees to help in order to save her brother Their mission will be to attend a wine party organized by their target and manage to give Nick time to bug the place to gain info Of course complications will arise and the two of them will have a lot of time to spend together, that will gradually became something bigger and powerful.They were very funny together, with a lot of good dialogues, that manage to catch the essence of this couple They are very much alike, stubborn and passionate about their jobs, but also kind of proud and would never give in first in an argument Why only 3.5 stars I wanted something else Beginning with the characters and ending with the plot Their relationship should have been explored and I wanted to see them in various circumstances. It felt kind of short and shallow in some parts of the book And as for the plot, it was very researched and well written, but predictable I liked Julie s research in wine that were passed on to Jordan, but the action parts were slow and didn t go far beyond average So, an easy and cozy read, which takes like 2 days to read If you want something cute and uncomplicated, this is surely for you For reviews please check

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    3 starsDespite not loving this I m so addicted to JJ s writing style She writes such fun characters Although the suspense side seems less and less as the series goes on, this one had good suspense I think what was missing was I was already spoilt by Jack and Vaughn Jordan was just an okay heroine Also there was too much wine talk.Book 1 and book 5 are my favourites The fact that I read all 5 books in the series almost back to back just shows how much I adore this series and the writing Can t wait for the next book

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    2.5 3 starsThings I love about Julie James novels witty snarky banter between the two main leadsthe dual POV which adds to the experiencethe build up of sexual tension attraction which ends in some HOT but not too smutty bedroom scenesthe rom com feelthe fact that it s a light breezy smiley kind of readit s fun chick lit vibe without being too chick litty HOWEVER this book did not live up to my expectationsthis is my least fave Julie James novel so far I still enjoyed reading it and breezed right through it but I was disappointed.I don t mind a clich set up the love hate vibe between two main characters, the typical rich but misunderstood herione, the alpha male FBI persona, etc I actually can go into a book looking forward to those ingredients making it a fun ride.BUT the characters fell flat for me Jordan was fairly bland She lacked the snark or feistiness and pizazz of Julie James other female leads such as Taylor in or Payton from.Nick lacked the charm of some of her former male leads so that there wasn t much too him other than him being hot, buff and an aggressive, horny male although, you know, he was still HOT The book gets off to a slower start and I felt a bit bored wading through the set up While I liked the premise, I was waiting for sparks to fly and they never really did Most of the romantic tension which drives a lot of the book relied solely on lust and sexual temptation The flirting, rather than being character driven banter, relied mostly on sexual innuendo.PLUS I do remember being pleased in her former books at the tastefully done sex scenes which were heated enough to satisfy the build up of the sexual tension but never turned into a smutty play by play Not so in A Lot Like Love The sex scene arrived with a BANG and laboured for a good chunk of detailed content which may satisfy some readers but makes me either scoff, chuckle or roll my eyes sometimes all three I much prefer the thrill of tension rather than the actual nitty gritty of characters finally succumbing , haha Despite my mostly negative sounding review I still did enjoy this book for what it was but I would recommend her earlier books as a much fun and satisfying read My fave of hers is.

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    4 Cute Stars Jordan is a billionaire heir that suddenly sees herself with the FBI trying to make a deal with her.She is connected with powerful people that the FBI wants behind bars so they make a deal with her if she help them, they will find a way to set her brother free Nick is the agent responsible for her, but when they pretend to be a couple in a party and things go south, they have to keep pretending in order to keep the fa ade But there s the thing about pretending, it can become very real and very fast I only found out recently about Julia James, but she definitely writes good books These are probably one of the sweetest and funny series I m following and I can t wait to read the next books Rating 4 Stars Storyline Sweet and funny A little predictable but extremely enjoyable Writing Style Third person, dual POV Fun, addictive writing that leave us with a funny tingling sensation in the stomach Character Development Nick was great and I loved him It was great to see some insecurities in a guy and that didn t made him less sexy Jordan was really sweet and for a billionaire heir that had everything to go wrong, she is pretty good It was also great to see of the previous main characters Steam Seriously heated moments HEA view spoiler Yes hide spoiler

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    Another fun, easy and enjoyable read from Julie James This is my second favourite book of hers that I ve read so far, better than Just the Sexiest Man Alive and Something About You but it still doesn t quite match up to my first and favourite Practice Makes Perfect I m still obsessed with J.D As her latest release, this was the steamiest of the lot with some very sexy and descriptive bathtime fun and the tall, dark and stubbled hero we can always expect from Ms James The story this time didn t feature a heroine who s a lawyer but a billionaire heiress and expert wine taster makes for some very interesting dirty talk about smooth fullness called Jordan, whilst mr dark and sexy Nick is an FBI agent The FBI approach Jordan to help them infiltrate the charity fundraiser of a fellow wine lover and suspected criminal Nick is Jordan s fake date who s mission involves planting recording devices inside the suspect s office.When not everything goes to plan at the party, Jordan and Nick are forced to keep up the charade a little longer than originally planned As they are both so dedicated to playing their parts they reluctantly smooch and get close only in case anyone s watching, of course Julie James knows how to write excellent chick lit and always manages to pull off witty and sarcastic banter better than most writers I know Even if you re not really into romance novels or chick lit, you can t help but be amused by the neverending humourous remarks thrown back and forth between the characters That s what I love so much about James novels and why I know I ll be reading from her in the future.

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    Holy Smokin 5 Star Read Holy smokin hotness Julie James just keeps getting better and better and has delivered on all aspects with her 4th contemporary romance and has totally blown me away with the sinfully mouthwatering Nick McCall This was exactly what I needed after my last read which I had similar high expectations which ended up being a huge disappointment and in euphoria over how well this one turned out, I just might end up blowing a couple of kisses through Twitter to Ms James because simply put, she just rocked my world with this one Special Agent Nick McCall works in the FBI Chicago field office and is one of the top undercover agents in the agency Coming from a family of 3 brothers of whom Nick is the eldest, their father having served 30 years in law enforcement, Nick and one of his brothers had followed in their father s footsteps and become law enforcement professionals Six years working vice for NYPD had seen Nick restless for and he had ended up training to become an FBI agent and the undercover work keeps Nick on his toes providing him with a challenge that he relishes in when it comes to his job A man who likes his drinks fiery and hot, Nick is a man who doesn t do relationships ever That is until his one on one encounters with his latest undercover stint leaves him wanting feeling much than he should and sees him breaking every damn rule in his dating guide for bachelors who wants to maintain their bachelorhood status.33 year old Jordan Rhodes is a billionaire heiress and one of the richest women in Chicago The proud owner of the DeVine Cellars, Jordan is not your typical rich woman as she and her twin Kyle has always been taught to make their own way in the world regardless of how rich their father might be Stunningly beautiful with long blond hair, a svelte figure and Caribbean blue eyes, Jordan is not at all prepared when Mr Tall, Dark and Smoldering himself walks in requesting her assistance in an undercover mission making her an offer that she would never be able to turn down.Once Jordan makes the deal to help the FBI along in nabbing Xander Eckhart who has been laundering large sums of money for Roberto Martino who had run the largest crime syndicate in Chicago for years and had just recently being arrested, its puts her in close proximity to Mr Sex on a Fucking Stick as her friend Melinda puts it, and there is no turning back from the fact that Nick manages to get under her skin unlike any other man that she has known.Nick s plan and assignment is a simple one Assist the agent in charge with his first undercover assignment until inevitable circumstances end up with him playing out the designated undercover role Prepared to dislike Ms Rich Princess all the way, Nick is surprised and a little bit wary to find out that there is to Jordan than that meets the eye and underneath all the media frenzy and public image is a sassy, kick ass woman who makes him lose his senses all in a good way.Whilst Nick and Jordan both try to forget and fight how they start feeling about each other, the smoldering attraction that flares and heats up refuses to let go of its hold making this an immensely enjoyable read And amidst all this, the villain makes evil plans of his own, driven to the brink of insanity by the way in which he has been betrayed by a woman who he trusted and had set his sights on before his world had started crumbling and crashing down on him.All in all, a very satisfying read with a hotter than sin hero that I would just love to find wrapped in one of my birthday presents this month Well a girl can always hope, can t she List of things I loved 1 Nick McCall He is smoldering sensuality rolled into a very enticing package with a bad boy scuff around his angular jaw from time to time which makes me just want to run my hands all over him Julie James can certainly create the heroes hot hot enough to make this girl s salivary glands work overtime throughout the story.2 Jordan Rhodes She is smart, beautiful, down to earth, loyal to the boot and entirely lovable She is just sassy enough with the sarcastic quips that she exchanges with Nick, exactly what Nick needs to stand up and notice that his life as a bachelor was going through its very last stages with her in his life I loved everything about Jordan and found her to be just perfect for Mr Tall, Dark and Smoldering 3 How the relationship between Nick and Jordan unfolded It wasn t lust at first sight which has both or either the hero or heroine panting after each other before the first couple of pages are through However, the attraction that smolders and leaps into the pages comes out subtle at first and then kicks the reader s ass making this book so very worth reading And Nick when he decides to stake his claim does it so very well that I wouldn t mind being pressed up against a red brick wall and shown just how much he would love to claim me winks 4 The rest of the cast of characters that lent a rich feel to the story They didn t steal the limelight thank God for the fact , but lent interesting tidbits to the story that makes me want to find out about for instance the romance between agent Jack Pallas and the US Attorney which is hinted at throughout the story.5 Nick s don t fuck with me face Just cracks me up whenever that reference comes up 6 The invigorating banter between Jordan and Nick Always a plus point when the conversation is a stimulator in a romance.7 The cover I just love the fact that both Something About You and A Lot Like Love has book covers that depict both the hero and heroine attired in outfits described in the story.A story that earns big, fat 5 stars from this reader, and very highly recommended for fans of Julie James and fans of contemporary romance which features a hot hero, a sassy heroine and a little bit of danger thrown into the mix to give the story an extra edge Next up is Jordan s twin brother Kyle s story With women swooning all over him over his likeness towards Lost s actor Josh Holloway, I am all set to enjoy his story When will that be out is the question of the month Hopefully Ms James would answer that before I burst from the innate curiosity that is simmering inside of me right now.For the full review with quotes

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