So Close the Hand of Death

So Close the Hand of Death Es Ist Der Grausige H Hepunkt Seines Schaffens In Drei Verschiedenen St Dten L Sst Der Pretender Die Drei Gr Ten Serienm Rder Des Landes Wiederauferstehen In Los Angeles Ersticht Der Zodiac Killer Jugendliche P Rchen, In New York Erschie T Der Son Of Sam Nichtsahnende Passanten Und Der Boston Strangler Erdrosselt In Seiner Heimatstadt Mehrere Frauen Obwohl Polizei Und FBI Intensiver Zusammenarbeiten Als Je Zuvor, Ist Ihnen Der Pretender Immer Einen Schritt Voraus Ungehindert Zieht Er Seine Blutige Spur Durchs Land, Die Nur Ein Ziel Kennt Den Qualvollen Tod Von Lieutenant Taylor Jackson

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 355 pages
  • So Close the Hand of Death
  • J.T. Ellison
  • German
  • 21 July 2019

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    The Pretender is back and moving in to his end game with a few well chosen disciples If you are a new reader to the series don t worry as the relevant back story is explained and it helps us series readers refresh our memories This is a fast paced action filled read which will keep you engrossed I felt, after I d finished it that some things weren t really explained and that it was all highly improbable but I was too caught up in the plot at the time to notice What could you want from a book

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    I ve somehow gotten myself into a habit of agreeing to review a book without bothering to find out it s actually part of a series Not only that, but they are tending to be books that occur well into the series and not at the beginning So Close the Hand of Death is now the third book that I ve read recently that fits into that category It s the sixth book in the Taylor Jackson series, which is now a series I will have to start at the beginning of.I m going to assume that much like Love Me to Death by Allison Brennan, this book could be classified as romantic suspense I had an inkling of that when I agreed to review it but thanks to the Allison Brennan book, I was prepared to enjoy the story What I wasn t prepared for was how much the story line would hook me from the beginning This book is both suspenseful and violent, without being over the top The action starts at a fast and furious pace and never lets up It had me on pins and needles the entire time I was reading it, I loved it.The characters are not only likable, they are believable, even when dealing with situations that most of us would crumble beneath In Taylor Jackson I have found a character that is well developed and from what I could tell from this installment, has a monstrous back story that I can t wait to discover for myself She is surrounded by friends and colleagues that aren t always perfect or make the right decisions They, like her, are flawed individuals that try to do the right thing but don t always manage to do it cleanly.My only issue was not reading the books in order This one seems to take place almost immediately after the last one, so I felt a little lost at times The author does give a little back story so I wasn t totally in the dark, but I think it would be better to start with the first book in the series, All the Pretty Girls I for one will get started on that as soon as I possibly can.

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    Nashville homicide lieutenant Taylor Jackson may finally get her wish A serial killer who goes by the moniker the Pretender has been stalking her for years The Pretender has stepped up his game by directly attacking a friend and colleague while dispatching others to cities like Boston and New York to duplicate murders done by other famous serial killers As usual, Taylor s love interest, FBI agent John Baldwin is on hand to help with the investigation though he is keeping a professional setback to himself I was happy to have the issue of the Pretender finally wrap up in this latest by Ellison His long term presence in her life and in the books needed to end in order to keep the series progressing What wasn t so great was the seeming omnipotence of this killer and the continuing soapy drama between Taylor and Baldwin I m all for relationship drama in my mysteries but these characters often keep unnecessary secrets that feel like they re there just to create forced tension.

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    J T Ellison a minha autora de thrillers preferida, imediatamente a seguir ao insubstitu vel Chris Carter J n o sei como a descobri, mas sei que sou vida a ler os livros dela e que tenho de os dosear porque quero poder ter o prazer de me deliciar com eles durante algum tempo.Este livro, tal como os anteriores, um exemplo de um plot bem montado, sem buracos nem pontas soltas, com tudo a fazer sentido As personagens s o densas e bem constru das, e tive realmente pena de ver umas quantas partir porque teria sido interessante continuar a seguir as suas hist rias durante mais algum tempo.Para quem gosta disto dos policiais, aconselho vivamente Se nunca leram nada desta autora, comecem pelo primeiro livro desta s rie, para perceberem os plots secund rios que acompanham a s rie toda.

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    So Close the Hand of Death takes place shortly after the events of the last book, The Immortals Taylor is still not in her right mind after shooting and killing the teenager who was responsible for the deaths of eight other teenagers.Her friend, father figure and fellow officer Fitz, has just been found wandering down a road in North Carolina after being taken by Taylor s personal nemisis, The Pretender.Baldwin her fiancee and and an agent with the FBI, and Taylor head to pick up Fitz and bring him home to Nashville When they arrive something seems off, just doesn t feel right to Taylor Before long, all hell breaks loose and the team from the local FBI office turns on them and there are several dead officers.Taylor and Baldwin head back to Nashville They learn, through a crime blogger, that a series of murders is taking place across the nation They are mimicking famous serial killers The Boston Strangler, The Zodiac and Son of Sam The Pretender is back, and he has help They learn his identity fairly early on, but have a terrible time tracking him down What they don t realize is he is much closer than they ever knew, and has been for sometime now.While they are running down clues to this man, Taylor is formulating an end game for when she finally finds The Pretender One that may cost her everything Including a part of her soul.In the mean time, Baldwin is keeping things from her When she finds out the secret, she has harsh words for him, words she may never be able to take back The last 1 3 of this book moves fast and is extremely intense Make sure you allow time to finish the book, because you wont be able to put it down It s an emotional roller coaster And a doosey of a cliff hanger.I loved it.

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    Wow this is the Taylor Jackson book that I have been waiting for since 14 concluded This sixth book in the series opens up with a lot of action the final showdown with the Pretender is on the rise The book s pacing is so fast that it almost blurs by there s a high body count and a nationwide series of murders Taylor ventures out from the relative safety of Nashville and Baldwin continues to avoid coming clean about his past with her.The final two hundred pages of this book move so quickly that the book is over before it hardly seems possible This is perhaps the strongest book in the series and certainly the one with the fastest pacing I am so relieved that I already have the seventh and currently final volume of the series, Where All the Dead Lie, already in my purse This is an exciting finale, but with its abrupt end after that thrilling climax, I am looking forward to seeing what happens next

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    So Close the Hand of Death by J.T Ellison is the sixth Taylor Jackson mystery Because I have not read all of these books, I was a bit confused as to the different character subplots However, the suspense was awesome Ms Ellison brings back three serial killers to this installment All are playing a cat and mouse game and want Taylor Jackson to play Across the country murders are happening in different states, but all of them are connected in some way Working against the clock, Ms Jackson needs to figure out who and what before there is another victim Overall, this was great I definitely need to go back and read the last two books Received Courtesy of Net Galley.

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    I ver ett r har Nashvilles polis kommisarie Taylor Jackson v ntat p att hennes st rsta fiende Tronf ljaren ska sl till.Nu r tiden inne Tre nya immat rer, s som Tronf ljaren sj lv, som kopierade seriem rdaren Sn vit, har uppst tt Bostonstryparen, Zodiakm rdaren och Son of sam r nu i full g ng med att m rda folk.Taylor f rst r direkt vem som l rt upp dom F r att kunna stoppa alla m rdare m ste hon hitta Tronf ljaren Och att Tronf ljaren har siktet inst llt p henne r till ingen hj lp Folk runtomkring henne f rsvinner, hon f r hotbrev och fler personer blir m rdade.Men alla mord och problem har en kopling till varandra Hitta den, hitta m rdaren.

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    I have to learn to read books in the order they were published My fault completely And this series refers back to previous books quite often I also wasn t a big fan of the relationship between Taylor and Baldwin Can t quite put my finger on why, and maybe it was the secrets kept, but something isn t healthy in that one.

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