I Bring the Fire

I Bring the Fire As a fan of Norse, Greek myths, and especially Loki, this was a fun read I like how the author managed to fit so much of Loki s story into this book Set in a modern world, veterinarian in training Amy Lewis gets into trouble while traveling to her grandmother s house for the Summer Loki is the last person either of them expects to answer to her prayer for help I liked the fresh take on Baldur, a mostly forgotten character in Norse myth retellings. First, as has been stated before, this is not a complete book It has no kind of conclusion but simply runs on into the next book Is this a selling point No Did I expect it Yes For goodness sake it was offered for free and as a rule that doesn t happen unless the author and publisher have reason to think you will be driven to buydown the line.That being said I Bring the Fire delivered what it promised It was a fun easy read that delved into Norse mythology Having been a follower of all sorts of myths and fairy tales I am easily sold on any book that handles the characters I know and love well Loki was fun and just enough different to be fresh Thor, while playing a small role, made me smile every time he showed up.So read the book but beware that if you want any sort of ending you will have to read the next book and then probably the one after that and so forth I am leery to go on as I don t like stories with no ending I like to go on of my own free will not because of a marketing ploy If it had an ending I would have rated it higher because it was a delightful read and fully worth what I spent to read it my time, no that was not a dig at the book being free. When All Hope Is Lost, Pray For ChaosIn The Middle Of America, On Route , Amy Lewis Has A Plan To Get To Her Grandma S House In Time For Dinner Galaxies Away Loki Is Waking Up In A Prison Cell, Strangely Without A Hangover, And With No Idea What He S Done Wrong This Time Anyway But He Does Know Thor Is Hiding Something, Odin Is Up To Something Wicked, And There Seems To Be Something He S Forgotten In This Tale That Is Equal Parts Another Fine Myth, American Gods, And Once Upon A Time, A Very Nice Midwestern Girl And A Jaded, Still Very Mischievous Loki Must Join Forces To Outwit Gods, Elves, Magic Sniffing Cats, And Nosy Neighbors If Loki Can Remember Exactly What He S Forgotten And Amy Can Convince Him Not To Be Too Distracted By Earthly Gadgets, Her Breasts, Or Three Day Benders, They Just Might Pull It Off This First Volume Of I Bring The Fire Is For Anyone Who Suspects Chaos And Mischief Makers Might Have Their Own Redeeming Qualities, And Anyone Who Just Wants A Good Fantasy Romp Through Modern Earth, Ancient Asgard, And Beyond I Bring the Fire Part 1 is about Amy, a young woman who is trying to get herself through college and become a vet, who we meet trying to get home to her grandmother s when she has an accident.It s also about Loki, the well known god of tricks, lies and mischief, who find that his family, his sons and his ex wife were all in trouble and he is the one who needs to save them Of course he finds himself having to go to Midgaird and meets saves Amy in the process and their little adventure begins.I am loving this story, I think it s the only book that has ever made me want to readof it rather than thinking oh I ll read the other books on my list and see what I feel like , this one makes me want to read the next instalment Which says something for the author I think and her writing ability.Character wise Amy is rather charming and realistic, although we see she is rather naivie about things particularly if you are dealing with Loki certain things go over her head, yet that is a rather nice quality, instead of her flirting back with him she just doesn t understand his flirty comments.Loki is rather interesting, the way the author makes you look at him and what he does or didn t do, changing the Edda s around a bit is really nice and works well in his favour It s hard to imagine Loki as a strawberry blonde, much like it is to imagine Thor as a red head, but I think that sdue to Marvel than anything else She s managed to make him a complex character with layers rather than just flat out and basic and being what we all think Loki should be like.Beatrice, Amy s grandmother, she s rather funny and again a rather realistic character, certain comments that she makes are cringe worthy and yet you know that your own grandmother would most likely say the same thing probably not in the same way exactly, or that might just be my own grandmother s , yet she is also a charming and knowledgeable old lady as well, you can t hate her and there is no point during the book you are annoyed at her either.In fact none of that character s in the book are at all hate worthy, you can t just simply hate them because you don t know the full ness of them, which hopefully will be brought forth in the next book. I have to say I did like the stories that featured Loki and Thor in their world and I could see where the author tried to bring those adventures into the real world setting but failed The protagonist was annoying and it was never real clear why Loki was pulled towards her which would ve been a big hook if that was explained view spoiler There was also the mysterious red mist where the voices kept talking about how Loki needed to come rescue someone That too was also something that would ve hooked me inAgain, it never really got the attention and it came off as being a wtf moment every time the red mist showed up hide spoiler I read this as part of the Gods and Mortals Fourteen Free Urban Fantasy Paranormal Novels Featuring Thor, Loki, Greek Gods, Native American Spirits, Vampires, Werewolves, More Its good, really, really good A 4.5 read.It is an interesting take on Loki I really like how fleshed out and real Loki is in this story The pacing is great, the dialogue is real and not forced People behave generally they way you would expect them to It s just a marvelous little gem of a story.Would I read it again Sure I would. Disappointing It has an intriguing premise, but Gockel is no Gaiman when it comes to storytelling The present tense narration feels amateurish, the characters feel flat, and I don t get any sense of magical wonder I persevered, hoping I d find something to hook my interest, but it just didn t grab me. If ever I thought a book or a series was going to take off into the stratosphere it s this one I think that once the traction gets going, this series is going to be Hunger Games big This book is also ready made to go as a movie It took me a little while to get used to the fact that it was written totally in the present tense, but then I realised that it gave huge visual impact to each scene and I started to see it like I was watching it rather than reading it I look forward to seeing if the movie will live up to my imagination I have no doubt some bright film maker will pick this up sooner or laterThe characters were well developed, the scenes were stimulating and well described It shifted between worlds, both Earth and Asgard and the realm of the elves, but it was the character of Loki that drove this book forward.I can t even begin to describe him, you ll have to read it yourself, but he s brilliant I would like to make one small complaint there were so many things hinted at but not explained Like who actually is bringing the fire Was it Loki doing it subconciously Was it Hel channeling through him Was it Fenrir or perhaps even Amy has hidden powers I do realise that this is only the first part in a series and that there must be some elements to make you read on, but there were so many flashbacks for Loki that just hinted at other stories and never explained them, that I got quite annoyed when the book ended without rounding even some of them up Sigh I suppose I had better get on and read the next one then Okay so for starters I grew up on Thor comics I always thought he was one of the coolest of the Marvel superheroes and I absolutely loved it when he would duke it out with The Hulk and other assorted big bad brawlers I also chewed through and understood the original Norse myths and they were some of my favorites as a kid So I was intensely excited when I came across this series particularly after my past experience.I m not going to mention any names but I have read THREE different e books by THREE different authors offering THREE completely different takes on Norse mythological figures turning up in modern times and all THREE of those e books sucked harder than a billion backed up toilet bowls flushed into the heart of a billion miles deep black hole in the deepest and darkest corner of our cosmos.One of them was all expositional with nothing but sentence after sentence of something that read along the lines of a blueprint for a story that somebody half thought about telling I m talking lines like Okay, so Thor flew down and did battle with the Valkyries of Narnia before arm wrestling with Superman while Darth Vader kibbutzed with Saruman the Almighty and Captain Jean Luc Picard kept watch with his photon torpedoes charged at the ready I m not kidding That was it for storytelling The next line Meanwhile a platoon of American marines armed with samurai swords and twelve gauge shotguns rode flying horses from Mount Fuji, yodelling Wagnerian arias mixed with splendid renditions of the Halls of Montezuma s Revenge I am NOT freaking kidding.All tell, and no show.Another e book I read insisted on the Norse Gods all talking like they gargled with Shakespeare and the Holy Bible Oh yea and verily, tis Thor, he of the mighty thews and flowing blonde locks I am STILL not kidding.I won t say WHO wrote any of those bad versions of the Norse mythology but I will say that I had begun to lose faith I had begun to believe that NOBODY was ever going to write something that was well and truly readable concerning the old Norse mythos.And then along comes C Glockel and I m all Here comes the sundoo den doo doo I BRING THE FIRE starts out at the gallop with a serial killer and then along comes a little divine intervention and we ve got Loki who seems to be a good guy pretending he is Thor who isn t quite a bad guy but he works for Odin who is the big king butt of bad guys and all the mythology that I ever learned has been cheerfully pretzelled into something that keeps popping my eyes wide open and leaving me grinning.The rest of the book gallops forward at a happy stampede and it kept me turning the pages so fast that I had coat my fingers with sun screen and asbestos.The title says it all.C Glockel REALLY brings the fire.This book is just the first of a series and it doesn t necessarily end with any real sense of closure and according to some of the reviews that I read here before writing this it peeved some folks considerably But as far as I am concerned the first episode of HBO s Rome just made me want to jump into the second episode and there is nothing wrong with needing to grab the very next book.This is a fun, fast read and I d recommend it to ANYONE who enjoyed the old Marvel comics or the new Marvel movies.yours in storytelling,Steve Vernon I can t say that I understood the point of this story It was both contemporary and time travelling mythology I love Loki and Thor in the movies, but I don t think I care for them in books I was kinda bored In this book, Amy Lewis is lover of animals and working her way through school to be a veterinarian When she gets attacked on the road, she is rescued by a man calling himself Thor This person was trying to find a way to save his family back in Asgard, but now their fates became intertwined.There were some chuckles but it ended abruptly adding to my frustration I thought the narrator added some energy to the story The writing was okay I just didn t connect with Amy, who preferred playing ostrich, or grandma Beatrice I do not plan on reading book despite the ending Thanks to Tantor Media for giving me this book in exchange for an honest review

C Gockel got her start writing fanfiction, and she is not ashamed Much She received emails, messages and reviews from her fans telling her she should do this professionally She didn t because she is a coward and life as a digital designer, copywriter and coder is dependable But in the end, her husband s nagging wore her down You could be the next 50 Shades of Gray and I could reti

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  • Paperback
  • 250 pages
  • I Bring the Fire
  • C. Gockel
  • English
  • 12 February 2018

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