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The Dry West Virginia, A Deadly Dry Spell Has Left The Earth Parched And Souls Desperate Crops Are Failing Cities Are Starving A Missing Newspaper Man Doesn T Account For Much In Times So Terrible, Except To The Twelve Year Old Son He Left Behind When Elliot Sweeney Discovers The Search For His Father Has Been Called Off, He Boards A Train Alone To Find Him His Quest Leads Elliot Into The Depths Of An Abandoned Mine, With A Peculiar Pocket Watch, A Blind Burro, And A Gutsy Girl At His Side He Discovers A World He Never Dreamed Of, Even In His Worst Nightmares, And Lands Smack In The Middle Of A War Between Two Kingdoms Monstrous Insects, Smiling Villains, And Dark Riddles Are Everywhere Deciding Who To Trust May Prove To Be His Greatest Challenge, While The Fate Of The World Above Hangs On Elliot S Choice

I write, illustrate, and care for loved ones at home I taught children, kept various pets alive, and collected bugs for twenty two years in the wilds of Sugar Land, TX I moved to the big city to seek hipdom Failing that, I practice the fine art of balance at the YMCA and on odd days, I walk the dog.Presently, I am holed up in a drafty room at the top of an old house tapping at the c

[PDF] ✍ The Dry  By Rebecca Nolen –
  • Paperback
  • 252 pages
  • The Dry
  • Rebecca Nolen
  • English
  • 04 January 2017
  • 9781939889126

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    Expose yourself to your deepest fear after that, fear has no power, and the fear of freedom shrinks and vanishes You are free Jim MorrisonR.L Nolen, an American author, has penned an enticing as well as thrilling middle grade book, The Dry , which traces the journey of a 12 year old boy who embarks on a path to search for his newspaper journalist father who went missing after he went to look for the missing children, possibly involved in child slavery, in some dilapidated part of a strange and mysterious mine town.Synopsis West Virginia, 1895.A deadly dry spell has left the earth parched and souls desperate Crops are failing Cities are starving A missing newspaper man doesn t account for much in times so terrible, except to the twelve year old son he left behind When Elliot Sweeney discovers the search for his father has been called off, he boards a train alone to find him.His quest leads Elliot into the depths of an abandoned mine, with a peculiar pocket watch, a blind burro, and a gutsy girl at his side He discovers a world he never dreamed of, even in his worst nightmares, and lands smack in the middle of a war between two kingdoms Monstrous insects, smiling villains, and dark riddles are everywhere Deciding who to trust may prove to be his greatest challenge, while the fate of the world above hangs on Elliot s choice The book opens at a drought affected land somewhere in West Virginia where a young boy, named, Elliot Sweeney, embarks upon a journey to find his missing father when his father s search rescue team called off their mission to find him Soon Elliot meets a young girl named, Left, who too is looking for her missing brother, who worked in the col mines On their way, they chances upon a scary rat like looking ma, or rather say a rat man named, Mr Nogard and a lost and forgotten world, Penumbra, separated by a Dry side and a Water side But in the Dry side there is a dragon and ruled The Wicked Prince of Every Place , named, Prince LeVane, a huge monster wasp, who hires children to work in his mines And now it s Elliot s decision to take a brave step to go to the Queen of the Water, Tosia, and to help him rescue those helpless children.Firstly, the story is absolutely mind blowing and thoroughly engrossing enough for the readers to keep them hooked till the very last page And since the author have included so many action packed events that provides a fast pace to the book The narrative is kept catchy and thoughtful and layered with emotions The graphic detailing and vivid description of each events makes the story a complete page turner.The backdrop of the story and especially the world building of Penumbra is very striking and excellently done with enough information for the readers to understand the hows and whys of this strange insect filled and drought affected land The author sets her readers mood right into the very heart of the story by unraveling the strangeness of this dark, scary world moment by moment.The characters from the main protagonist to the evil ones are all strongly developed masking them with flaws that can induce fear in her readers minds Elliot is an ever growing character who grew out of his fear till the very last page and though he is a 12 year old boy, still his mind progresses like an adult and it is real easy for the readers to connect with his and his fear The wasps play a huge role in this book as each chapter begins with an important wasp fact that holds the key to the following events And I believe, after reading this book and reaching that satisfying climax, the readers are bound to get some giant wasp filled nightmares for a while The book deals a lot with trust issues, like on his way to find his father, Elliot meets a man named, Mr Jack In the begining he had trouble believing in his stories, so he runs away with his donkey and the author does a great job in building that misunderstood trust in his heart for Mr Jack The adrenaline rushing moments and the action packed events make the book one hell of an edgy roller coaster ride.Verdict All YA lovers, especially dystopian fans, will highly appeal to this book Courtesy Thanks to the author, Rebecca Nolen, for giving me an opportunity in reading her book, in return for an honest review

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    I haven t read a book that kept me glued to it, in a while This one did The Dry was like an exciting combination of Stephen King and Tolkein It reminded me a lot of the The Dark Tower series by Stephen King, but in a style that children and adults could understand and enjoy The setting of the book is fantastical and the description, detailed You can visualize and feel The Dry ambience, which permeates the book This is not just a quest, it is also a coming of age portrayal of Elliot Sweeney, and how he learns, adapts and becomes stronger with each new monstrosity that threatens him His little fellowship is quirky and endearing and you can t help but fall in love with each of the characters Even the bad guys bugs or worse have well developed personalities.I am in awe of the creativeness of Rebecca Nolen s mind To create a fantasy that is terrifying but believable is true genius An exciting read and a wonderful adventure

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    This review is from my blog at 1895, the state of Virginia was experiencing a deathly dry, a drought so intense that thick clouds of dust hung chest high all day Open windows let it inside where it coated every surface In the midst of this, a journalist, Sam Sweeney, left his son with his uncle, and set off to discover why children were going missing from a coal mine Then he too he disappeared Three months later, when the search for him was called off, his 12 year old son, Elliot, went to search for him Luckily, Elliot met up with Lefty, a young girl, who was searching for a brother who had gone to work in the coal mines but never returned Soon the two of them ended up racing for their lives from Mr Nogard, a malevolent rat like man.Their search takes them deep underground into the world of Penumbra a world long ago fractured into a Dry side and a Water side, a world embroiled in a battle between good and evil There s a dragon, there s the insects so big they could chomp off a child s head in one bite, and of course, there s The Wicked Prince of Every Place himself It s a world wherein it appears that this evil creature, Prince Levane, a monstrosity composed of insects, and ruler of the Dry, might win He collects child slaves to work his diamond mines and feed the water devouring moon he has created If he manages to win, he will destroy all of Penumbra, and the upper world with it It s up to Elliot to travel across a fiery sea, climb a living mountain, meet up with Tosia, Queen of the Water, and convince her to help him rescue Lefty, his father, the other child slaves, and the earth itself Nolan has manufactured a sinister world here She is gifted with the ability to craft sentences that set a dark and ominous atmosphere Elliot has barely left home when tension and suspense is established in a few lines, The landscape faded as dread darkness crept on spider legs across the fields Nightfall always left him feeling like there wasn t enough air in the world Wasps have an important role in this saga Hints of their role are revealed through the fascinating wasp facts that precede each new chapter This is a story about trust, about foolish misunderstandings, about love and loss and heartache It s about redemption and new beginnings It s also very creepy which makes it an ideal horror story for my readers.It has an intense beginning which is sure to pull readers in When the initial excitement faded, I had to work a bit to stay engaged To be honest, I was sick when I started this and maybe nothing would really have grabbed me by the throat and kept me enthralled Still, I was too often frustrated by the foolish decisions these children made I also wanted from Lefty who was relegated to the role of damsel in distress, never mind her plucky beginning.In spite of my quibbles, I can think of a number of readers off the top of my head, who will love this dark and satisfying read.

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    The Dry is a historical fantasy or fairytale set in the late 1890 s of Virginia when children were used to work in the coal mines A desperate drought has taken place in the area and Elliot has been left with his Uncle Nat while his newspaperman father searches out the story of missing children He doesn t return when he s supposed to and so three months past his expected return date, Elliot, feeling his uncle s disgruntlement at his continued presence, sets out to find his father.Elliot travels to a coal mine where the children are forced to work and ends up in a strange world called Penumbra Penumbra is filled with creatures of all sorts that can talk and do all kinds of amazing things.There are interesting facts about wasps at the beginning of each chapter that have nothing to do with the book, although there are wasps in the story The author makes a note at the beginning of the book that the facts are there simply so that readers can learn 42 fascinating facts about wasps that they didn t know before all without knowing they were learning something I think that s a wonderful idea The Dry is rich with fun language palindromes as well as uniquely and brilliantly descriptive word choices noodley grass tufted across the far bank , trees stretched across like a crowd of old men warming their skinny limbs.The Dry is a book that makes the reader think along with Elliot, for the words can have a double meanings That s part of the twisting and turning in the plot of the story There s plenty of that and it all happens fairly quickly too.If you enjoy fantasy and fairytales, I suggest you give The Dry a read I think you ll enjoy it I rated it 4 stars out of 5.Thank you to the author for providing a copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review A positive opinion was not required All thoughts are my own.This review was published on my blog Shelf Full of Books

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    This book was entered in The Wishing Shelf Book Awards This is what our readers thought Title The Dry Author Rebecca NolanStar Rating 4 starsNumber of Readers 16Readers Comments This is a fun adventure story with lots of fantastatical elements thrown in There s a strong plot and lots of twists and turns to keep the reader interested Parent Fantastic cover The story was a little like The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe where Lucy finds a magical world Lots happening Girl, aged 10 My class enjoyed this story of a boy trying to find his father It is generally well written, though I did sopt the odd typo and a few of the paragraphs need a little work I liked the theme too the love of a child for a parent and never giving up But why the wasp facts Odd Still, fun for kids to learn Teacher The simile work in this story is very good This author is a good, solid writer for children TeacherStatsOf the 16 readers 13 would read another book by this author.10 thought the best part of the book was the plot.3 all teachers felt the story needed an edit Too many typos.16 liked the cover An exciting, fantasy filled adventure The Wishing Shelf Awards

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    If you enjoy fantasy adventures like Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and The Golden Compass, you will enjoy Rebecca Nolen s The Dry The story will engage young readers and adults alike It is full of adventure that is packed with life lessons.Crisp dialog moves along smoothly making it a pleasure to read aloud Chapters are short, so the book is well suited for very busy schedules As the plot thickens, a colorful cast of characters offer up much to discuss about courage, fear, loyalty, ethics, love, and the cycle of life Throughout the book, clever use of literary techniques paint vivid visual images and plant seeds of wisdom to ponder Such as, The stone yielded a bit, like old bread dough The revelation left him in an angry, disbelieving, fugue of shock Along the banks, the snow gleamed with the barely there lilac of twilight Elliott to Lefty .we d be spotted like two flies in a sugar bowl Tosia to Elliott It isn t the instrument that makes the music, Elliott It is the musician Little facts about wasp entomology that introduce each chapter, collectively create a tutorial to enlighten the reader to the nature of an often misunderstood creature.Being entertained while learning is a magical combination The Dry achieves both

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    The Dry by Rebecca Nolen is a well written and engaging story about a young man who is searching for his father His search lands him in the very bowels of the planet to find a world that no one would ever believe existed a desert like world where water is scarce, the insects are gigantic and abuses of all manner abound.Young Elliot is joined on his quest by a girl named Lefty who is searching for her missing brother They are joined by Jack and an adorable blind mule named Beulah.Rebecca Nolen weaves a fantasy tale that snatches your attention and almost refuses to let go I found her world intriguing and frightening all at once In a few scenes, the details were hard for me to visualize and each chapter started with a factoid about wasps While these tidbits of information were fascinating, they really had nothing to do with the story within the chapter These two items were a bit distracting, it did not detract from my overall enjoyment of the novel.I enjoyed The Dry and I am looking forward to reading other works by Ms Nolen I was given this book in exchange for an honest review.

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    Review on The Dry by Rebecca Nolen.The Dry is an unexpected late Christmas joy The author eases you into a beautifully sketched world that demands in a soft voice that you stay and enjoy the ride The prose is fluid and flows from page to page but never lets go of the reader hand for a moment A very rare feat is that Rebecca Nolen s writing style is instantly accessible to all readers, no matter the age or background Another big plus point is the use of emotive language that makes us care deeply for Elliot We want to be there with him on his journey and we want to find out what happens with him If I had to give some critique and believe me, I am nitpicking here I would give background and context to the happenings This will provide a than solid base of understanding for the reader and it will increase the emotional resonance even Maybe a dash character description but that s a minor gripe Marvelous, marvelous work Rebecca Nolen You should rightly be proud of an outstanding book

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    Without preamble, Nolen rips right into the story and character building at a wonderful pace What an intricate maze of a plot What magnificent colours and descriptions And the sounds made by giant insects is surreal I never knew only female wasps sting, or that there is a cicada wasp and a fairy wasp Or many of those other interesting entomological gems.And what an awesome picture book, or animated movie, this would make CS Lewis Tolkein Stephen King Starfish falling off the sky, water babies, a blind burro, giant insects and caves and light and slave children making diamond dust way down in the mines The boy Elliot, who is only twelve, chooses to make the ultimate sacrifice in his attempt to rescue his father, a reporter investigating child slave labor And the adventures this lad goes through on his quest for the greater good are truly mind blowing Young or old, this book is gripping.

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    Reminiscent of Curdy s Goblin worlds of George MacDonald and the anything can happen quest of the Wizard of Oz, the Dry mixes cruel coal mining conditions with a fantastical underworld, magical creatures, and bugs than you can shake a stick at The wasps featured prominently on the side of evil, but ended up being portrayed as ultimately good, a conclusion which my many wasp stinged memories have trouble with An uncomplicated plot and a somewhat guessable twist was cleverly veiled enough to be a surprise to younger readers, and I m sure that this would be a fun book for parents to read aloud to their kids My favorite part was the burro, and the age old adage that sometimes the blind see clearer than anyone I rated it three stars, since it didn t hook me particularly, and I only finished reading it so that I could provide an honest, well rounded critique that the free review copy deserved.

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