The Ballad of Aramei (The Darkwoods Trilogy #3)

The Ballad of Aramei (The Darkwoods Trilogy #3) Everything About Adria Dawson S Life Has Changed In Unimaginable Ways The Shattering Betrayal Of Her Mother, The Fight For Her Life And Sanitythe Loss Of Her Humanity But Now Adria Must Face The Ultimate Challenge And Risk Not Only Her Life, But The Lives Of Everyone She Loves At The Wrathful Hands Of Isaac Mayfair S Father Determined To Help Unravel A Mysterious Message Deeply Rooted In An Unhinged Mind, Adria Becomes Obsessed With Traveling Into Aramei S Turbulent Past To See The Truth Of How The Relationships And Betrayals Between The Mayfair And Vargas Bloodlines Were Formed Meanwhile, Adria And The Mayfairs Are Doing Everything They Can To Smoke Out And Trap The Praverian Traitor A Trip To Providence Uncovers Not Only An Old Family Line Who Are Enemies Of The Praverians, But Also Raises Questions About The Praverian S True Agenda But The Traitor Will Be Caught People Will Die And Adria S Destiny To Be The Cause Of A War Will Come To Pass But What Could A Kind And Simple Girl Like Adria Dawson Ever Do That Could Be Considered An Act Of War The Landscape Of The Werewolf World Will Be Forever Changed In The Climactic Conclusion To The Darkwoods Trilogy

J.A Jessica Redmerski is a New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal bestselling author, international bestseller, and award winner, who juggles several different genres She began self publishing in 2012, and later with the success of THE EDGE OF NEVER, signed on with Grand Central Publishing Forever Romance Her works have been translated into than twenty languages.Jessica is a

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  • The Ballad of Aramei (The Darkwoods Trilogy #3)
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    I AM ABSOLUTELY FLOORED BEYONG WORDS and all I can say is WHOA This book is unbelievably AMAZING and RIVETING and CAPTIVATING and FANTASTIC and HOT and SEXY and RAW and PRIMAL and RAWR RAWR RAWR It is my all time favourite werewolf shifter series EVER I am in love with this series so much you really don t understand From start to finish it has been one hell of a breathtaking, exciting and tension filled ride, and I m sad to see that it s over I could have easily kept reading this forever it s that freaking FANTABULOUS I need to step back a bit and take a deep breath in because for the entire time I was reading this amazing book I held my breath I swear from the first word to the very last I was awe struck and devoured every page, not being able to get enough it was SPECTACULAR But, before I keep getting carried away I would love to thank the amazing and wonderful J.A Redmerski for providing me with an ARC ebook of The Ballad of Aramei and let me tell you I was so honoured and completely taken aback by her incredible and kind gesture She is one hell of a great author who knows how to weave a mind blowing story and keep you guessing and wanting so much I love how natural her words feel and how beautifully they come together, creating such gorgeous imagery and making you feel so much too I mean this book plays on all your senses, making you feel like you are actually in the story and living it I could hear every bone crunch when they would transform I could smell every drop of blood mixed with the earth I could see them shifting into the Black Beasts I could taste all the sensual kisses stolen between Adria and Isaac, and let me just say that these two are HOT HOT HOT RAWR And, I could feel every last touch J.A Redmerski, you are bloody brilliant I tell you What can you ask for from a story The story pretty much picks up where Kindred left off and I have to say that I m instantly drawn back in and swept away with the story of Adria and Isaac Adria s life had completely changed and she is confronted with so much in Ballad I always believed Adria was strong and she continued to grow and evolve into this mighty and fierce young woman who doesn t take crap from no one and stands up for what she believes in and what is right All the while, following her heart and instinct I think she is a total bad ass and I love that she is strong and brave and fearless No wonder Isaac was attracted to her from the beginning He saw a strength in her that would be fitting to be his mate and so did his father, the Sovereign In Kindred, we caught a glimpse of a connection between Aramei and Adria, and this did not go unnoticed with Isaac s father Using his power, he demands that Adria speaks with Aramei and go under, in search for her He is a cruel piece of work and has ruled for far too long with so much love for Aramei that he would stop at nothing or no one to protect her She comes first no matter one, even at the expense of his own children It was sad to read about the things that happened to Aramei and how tortured she was but I m so glad we got to experience everything It all comes together perfectly and everything that happened along the way was meant to be I love this storyline and it broke my heart several times watching Adria dive into Aramei s mind and not knowing if she would forever be lost in there While this was happening, Adria, Isaac, Nathan, Daisy, Harry and the rest of the group had to deal with a Praverian traitor who was hell bent out to kill Adria, for reasons unknown I m telling you the suspense and action in this book was outstanding and totally mesmerising You will be gripping to the edge of your seat and the ending of this book is PHENOMENAL You will be blown away by how earth shuttering the scenes are with so much going down I am not going to reveal a thing You just have to read it for yourself to find out I m not one to spoil anything But let me just tell you that you will not be disappointed one bit Also, what else I loved about this book, or series in fact, was the lengths that some of the group members would go through to get answers and to help their Alpha Isaac and Adria, is beyond belief I m talking about what Nathan had to do I m not going to say what, but I still shudder thinking about what he did and my heart goes out to the poor guy Though, I must say it made me fall in love with him too He is the best kind of brother to have and Isaac is forever grateful to him Imagine being caught up between these two brothers RAWR they are such beasts Hell, I sure as hell wouldn t mind being devoured my either one of them Okay, I think I have said enough It s so easy to get caught up and carried away, but I will stop and just leave you with this If you have read the first two books of the series, you will LOVE Ballad and not be able to put it down If you haven t even picked up the first book, you must run and grab a copy ASAP and get started There is so much suspense, drama, action, love, tension, HOT HOT and oh so HOT scenes that will leave you panting and purringahem.they were really RAWR It really is an amazing series that will have you wanting and needing , and hoping that J.A Redmerski will give you Because I really don t want to say goodbye to the wonderful characters of this truly FANTASTIC series LOVE LOVE LOVE.RAWR RAWR RAWR

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    I d been dying to read this for so long bcuz I couldn t wait to see how this would all end while I loved the background history the rest of the book didn t feel like this was an ending More of the story the end didn t feel like an ending either It felt like the leaping off point to the next part of the characters lives I wanted to love it I loved the pervious books but it left me feeling kind of eh Full review to follow.

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    I can t believe it s over and I have to say goodbye Nooooo When it comes down to it, when there s a series that you absolutely love, it feels like you ve gotten to know the characters so well that it s just so sad when the finale wraps up and you realize it s all come to an end That s how I feel about this series, with characters that I adored and went through so many emotions with, and it s hard to send them on their way knowing it s the last I ll see of them Ballad was such a captivating conclusion to this series, with so many facets of the plot playing out simultaneously and leaving Adria and Isaac feeling pulled in multiple directions at once It was one unexpected twist and turn after another Just as Adria is struggling with her newfound lifestyle as a werewolf and all of the challenges that come with it, and the brainstorming about how to deal with the Dark Praverian is underway, Trajan comes to them with a demand oh, he was such an ass in this book Adria must join him at the cottage to try and reach out to Aramei again As Adria enters into the memories of Aramei s past through her mind, she grapples with her feelings of attachment to the frail woman imprisoned in her own body But she has to balance this out with her need to deal with the constant threat of a traitor in their presence, one of their own who is out to kill her As she, Isaac, and Nathan set out to find a way to weed out the enemy in their midst, they put in motion a plan that will result in a shocking revelation All their troubles pale in comparison to what lies ahead, though, and one decision by Adria leaves werewolves from all over in jeopardy It was wonderful seeing all of my favorite characters again, I had missed them so much after Kindred And of course I was loving every minute of Isaac and Adria finally being mates helloooooo sexy beast Isaac Nathan plays a much bigger role this time around, and I just adored him with his selfless big brother protectiveness I was very excited to see the return of a character I didn t think we d ever see again, and it definitely changed things for Adria s future in a way that finally gave her some peace The creepiness factor was definitely kicked up a notch this time around, and Adria s experiences with Aramei had my heart racing from both anticipation and fear of what it would all mean for her in the end Aramei, innocent as she may be, was just spooky with her zombie like trance that Adria was able to crack holes into I was on the edge of my seat every time she went to have one of their sessions, but I was so sucked into seeing Aramei s past and seeing the once young and healthy woman have her first encounters with their supernatural worldand it was fascinating I just loved seeing her first moments with Trajan and how she felt a pull from him despite seeing what he was It was the perfect way to bring their story full circle as Adria tried to weed through Aramei s memories to find what Aramei wanted her to know, and at the same time it was so heartbreaking knowing what had become of the once strong woman My heart just melted for her, for the romance that was cut short by an imprisoned mind, and it made me love Adria all the for her bravery at facing it She becomes so strong mentally along with her physical bad assness in Ballad, and I was just cheering her on the whole way I was so impressed with how many interwoven storylines Redmerski managed to keep drawing the reader in with this story Adria s time with Aramei was never overshadowed, but the threat of the Dark Praverian always loomed in the distance and caused a feeling of constant anxiety from the unknown When Nathan, Isaac, and Adria went in search of the woman who could help them expose the traitorI have to say, that part gave me the chills I felt like I needed to wash up after the experience they had with that nasty woman, it made me ill Every plot twist, from Aramei s memories to the final climax with an epic gut twisting battle, all came together and fit like puzzle pieces clicking into place, and the final picture was just an incredible journey Redmerski once again uses such incredible imagery to describe every scene and every emotion, and I just loved experiencing such a beautiful story I hated to see one of my absolute favorite series come to an end, and there s certainly an opening if these characters were ever to be revisited, but I was so happy to see them all able to move forward in their lives It was a wonderful send off and a great way to bring their story to a close, and it earns a very enthusiastic 5 stars from this huge fan Awesome

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    After losing myself in the first two books, I knew I had to read the last book At a brink of battle, things are about explode What I loved most about this book is the great plot I loved how well everything come together It all made sense once the big picture is shown to the reader And once that hits the fan, all hell break loose The decision that is made is the pivotal point in the story that sparks just great emotion, anger, and a war The love interest worked out like I thought it would with a nice ending It would have been nice to see a little glimpse of their future, but I like that it did end on happy note.The book is filled with so much battle and grand decisions, it nice to have it end lovingly.The Ballad Of Aramei is great ending to awesome series One of the strongest stories out there, The Ballad Of Aramei is a well made, entertaining drama that you can not contain It s awesome, fantastic and sooo good

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    Wowsers Now that s how a finale battle is supposed to go down.

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    By far one of the best books I ve read this year.It starts off right around were Kindred left off Adria survived the Turn but she and Isaac still have to deal with an unknown traitor in their midsts Not to mention that Trajan is becoming restless, wanting Adria to help him figure out what Aramei is trying to tell him.I have to say that for such a long book, with than a few storylines, the writing flowed seamlessly I never felt like Redmerski was dragging out certain parts, but rather all the twists and turns in the story had me completely enraptured, to the point that I read this book in a day.My favorite element in Redmerski s story were her characters Adria was so strong and her willingness to do the right thing by everyone around her was touching The love between her and Isaac kept a big smile on my face throughout the entire story Isaac was so sweet and protective of Adria while at the same time still managing to be the tough Alpha In this book he was lovable than ever My other favrite character was Nathan Though he comes off as a goffball and ladies man, that is so not the case His character was given a lot depth in this installment, letting the reader see how loving, concerned and protective Nathan is about Adria, Isaac and his entire family Other characters like Zia, Sebastian, Daisy and Harry play important roles, but I won t spoil them for you What I will say is that Redmerski managed to shock me quite a few times I was definitely not expecting some of the plot twists she dropped Other characters are also re introduced which was nice, seeing as it gave the reader a better sense of closure Also, as the title states, Aramei gets one of the largest roles in the book I won t say much about it though, lest to say there is a lot to her and her past than what Sybil told Adria in the first book.All in all this series was good, but out of the three, this book was fantastic I couldn t put it down and my thoughts throughout the day never strayed far from this As far as I m concerned, this is a definite must buy

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    I have never felt so complete after a trilogy before Jessica never leave me hanging Well, correction, she has, but she s totally made up for it Since Mayfair Moon I ve been totally drenched in the life of Adria Dawson and Issac Mayfair And this finale of the three never disappointed me I hate giving away spoilers, for fear of those who want to read the novel and need a little review to sweeten the deal But I must say, there was so much in this book I didn t see coming, I might have to break my own rule WARNING Don t read any further if you haven t read Mayfair Moon or Kindred After Kindred, we get the idea that Adria survives her change and is finally a werewolf And lord does she wear it well Adria and Issac are hilarious, sexy and relatable characters that you connect with from the get go I can t get enough scenes of them I m sort of irritated that Issac Mayfair only exists in on my kindle and not down the road don t tell my man but that also means I d have to deal with AdriaI m not ready for the kind of heat He s all hers And in this book, you see it again, and again, Issac never backing down when it comes to his love and his family Speaking of his family, the multiple POV s rocked my socks off I can t get enough of reading the world through the eyes of Harry and Nathan More on that in a secondI just need to talk about Alex Oh Alex, I the hatred I held for her since book one I figured it would never change She is self centered, rude, pushy, and violent It totally fit that she was turned, and engrossed herself in that lifestyle with Ashe and Viktor But she proved herself in her sudden return Instantly, I was ready to kick her to the curb But Adria has obviously a bigger heart than I, but in the end it paid off Reading Alex throw barbs at anyone, especially Xavier made me laugh I hope we see a happy ending, in any capacity for Alex She redeemed herself beautifully, and the fierceness to protect Adria rivals Issac s All in all, I loved the unexpected return and her path back to her sister s trust and heart Lordy, having Issac Mayfair as Sovereign is so richly satisfying, I kind of grin with joy when it all unfolded Of course, there were plenty of heart stopping moments where I could only hold on to the kindle and I couldn t click the page turn button fast enough Riveted by the drive of seeing Adria mangled wink wink , knowing it ripped out the most beastly werewolf inside Issac It amplified his power to overcome Trajan, drove him bat shit crazy Knowing he d win, but at what cost, terrified me Yet again, Jessica hit a home run Although the dark cloud looming over Harry s head, and this undeniable itch that we don t really know anything about his other side Yet beyond that, I really like the guy He is always looking out for Adria, even when things totally go to hell in a hand basket He never saw it coming, what happened to Aramei I didn t I thought things would go as planned and losing Adria as a charge, he cannot help himself but stay and protect her Choosing his love for Daisy and mission for Adria meant he would be running for the rest of his life I didn t plan on touching on Zia view spoiler Dark Praverian hide spoiler

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    OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG WHERE DO I EVEN BEGIN This series has honestly become one of my absolute favorites I just love them so much So this also means that J.A Redmerski is officially a part of my top 5 favorite authors Along with Sarah Dessen, Rachel Vincent, Jennifer L Armentrout, and J.K Rowling Big news right So what s with all of the fuss you may ask Well I m going to tell you Even though this series started off with insta love which I usually despise , the series as a whole is phenomenal and grew to be soo much It s filled with action, mystery, romance, and just about every emotion you can think of Emotional roller coaster No, how about an emotional roller coaster with 50 loops, 27 corkscrews, and 13 cobra rolls that you endure backwards I don t even know if that makes any sense lol sigh It was just that dang good And I have to say, this one was the best of the series I had my suspicions and I will admit that I was right about all of the plot twists, but I was never certain I love how it kept me guessing It s what kept me on the edge of my seat, constantly turning the pages, never wanting to put the book down I would love to go deeper into the plot to tell you guys just how amazing it is, but you all probably know by now that I don t like to tell spoilers So you re just going to have to read it for yourself What I will say is that I loved going into Aramei s past It added so much depth to the story I finally understood how everything connected and just how important Aramei was to these events.I also enjoyed all of the POV changes I honestly didn t at first but my opinion changed rather quickly I loved being inside of Isaac s head Both his and Harry s The male POV has always been my favorite and these ones were written wonderfully These POV changes, like Aramei s past, also added depth to the story You know, Harry s POV was actually one of my favorites His humor was the best but I also loved his honesty Even though he didn t tell Adria everything, we were told everything and I loved learning about all of the details His thoughts are actually kind of terrifying when you learn about the Praverians but I m happy that I finally understood their purpose a little I actully wish I could learn about them.But the thing that I loved the most, like truly, madly, crazy, deeply Bonus points if you know where that s from loved was the war It was INCREDIBLE Exactly like how a war should be written in books What I ve always wanted I ve always hated it when authors wrote a whole book or series leading up to a war battle and they end up only talking about for 5 pages max I feel jipped That s why I loved this one The war was a huge part to the story It was so exciting GAH SO MANY FEELS RIGHT NOW And the best part about it is that, even though we weren t in the POV of the actual battle, we still were able to feel the intensity of it Too PERFECT I think the only thing that I wish happened was that Adria was actually able to take part in the battle I m a little disappointed in that but I think it didn t happen because it was meant to be Isaac and Trajan s battle It always has been So that s why I m not as disappointed as I thought I d be I honestly couldn t have asked for a perfect ending I m so depressed that I have to say goodbye to these characters I wish there was another novel that I could dive right into But the ending was truly amazing I loved everything about it I don t want to say goodbye to these characters, and I wish I could go on another journey with them, but instead I ll just spread the word about these books I m honestly surprised that this series hasn t received attention It deserves it So read this series guys I promise you won t regret it

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    This song was in my head while reading this That s how you end a trilogy This book was freakin UNBELIEVABLE This series is definitely one of my favorites I m sad that it s over, but I m satisfied with the ending The story picks up where Kindred left off Adria is now facing new challenges Isaac s father wants her to communicate with Aramei and find out what she wants to tell them Adria is so brave and she doesn t let Trajan boss her around without having something to say about it Now another problem that they have is the Praverian traitor living among them The praverian traitor is someone close to them and he she hates Adria and wants to kill her I d like to say I was surprised who the traitor was, but I m not A lot would not see it coming, but I did because I never liked that character The lengths that the people in Isaac and Adria s life do in order to help them are heartwarming They have each other s backs and you can feel the love and dedication they have for one another Isaac s love for Adria is so great that I could feel it while reading the book I love having a look at Aramei s past It makes everything clear and it was very well written Trajan s love for Aramei is limitless He loves her so much and I would have swooned over him, but he has a lot of issues First, he loves Aramei, ONLY Aramei Second, he d risk his children s life and his kind s life just so Aramei could live Third, he feels nothing for anyone EXCEPT Aramei I love his devotion to her, but if you can t show compassion to others, it ruins the whole thing A truly wonderful and fantastic series I ll miss all the characters reviews here

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    This was the perfect ending to the trilogyEverything was wrapped up and everyone was addressed and I felt closure I hated that it ended but I hate when authors dont give you the full run down of how everyone ended and I got exactly what I wanted with this last book I can honestly say that Ms Redmerski is my new favorite author and I will be clinging to these books until she writes a new one

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