Pretending Hes You (Nashville Nights, #3)

Pretending Hes You (Nashville Nights, #3) What Do You Get When You Mix The Perfect Boyfriend, A Fickle And Indecisive Girlfriend, And A Bad Boy Guitarist A Recipe For Seduction, Angst, And Heartbreak Sweethearts Since High School And The Perfect Couple, Olivia Barrett And Emmett Hudson, Have Had Their Share Of Obstacles, But Nothing Has Ever Jeopardized Their Relationship Until Tyler Chamberlain One Thing Olivia Cannot Resist Is A Sexy, Brooding Musician But Her Heart Is With Emmett Or Is It Note This Book Contains Themes Of Infidelity Which May Be A Trigger For Some ReadersThis Book Contains Adult Situations And Is Recommended For This is book 4 in the Nashville Nights series The books in the series follow different couples, but their stories cross over and you see many events from a different perspective.Livvie has always been a bit selfish, and she admits it Livvie and sweet, football playing Emmett have been together since their junior year of high school Emmett has known that he wants to marry Livvie from the start Their relationship has been on and off too many times to count over the past 6 years Even though she breaks up with him all the time she loves him and knows how much he loves her Then into her life comes tattooed, guitar playing, British bad boy Tyler with a singing voice that makes girls swoon Livvie has dreamed of Tyler since she was a little girl and he was in a band with her older brother.Who will Livve choose The safe guy who sees their future, or the bad boy who can ignite her passion Livvie s story takes her back and forth between playing it safe and living life on the edge. Oh my mother loving goodness This book was EPIC This is the 4th book in the Nashville Nights series Which all of the Nashville Nights have to do with different couples, but they re all connected by being friends and family with everyone else Its awesome because you never really miss much SoOoOoOooO the story is told from 3 point of views the Main character Olivia then there is her on again off again boyfriend Emmett and then last but not least there is Tyler The book is broken up into two parts , part one takes place in 2010 and part 2 takes place from 2013 and up I think its wonderful that she broke it up that way because it signifies the importance of everything that has happened and everything that will happen Everything changes for Liv on the night of October 15 her 18th birthday Things she can never change or take back but does she really want to This book gets hot and steamy and WILL leave you begging for Thank god there is going to be another book to continue Livvie, Emmett, and Tyler s story. Josie s ReviewWow Seriously I just loved this book I have read all the books in this series and when I got my hands on a copy of this I jumped right in All of the Nashville Nights books have angst and drama so you if you read them then you know you can expect it But this book WAS OFF the charts with Angst and Drama I almost threw my Kindle so many times.Pretending He s You is a short read that has a serious LOVE TRIANGLE Ms Mosteller tells this story in 3 POV s So we get to know how each of the characters feel, their thoughts and what the heck they are going through This story was also written in two parts We see how the characters have grown through the years between both parts and it really helps with putting this crazy roller coaster ride together.Livvie s character is frustrating but also lovable She is selfish and she has no problem admitting that Livvie has been in a relationship with Emmet since Junior School Their relationship is not easy, they constantly break up and make up, but she loves him She has never been disloyal to Emmet all the years together until she meets Tyler, one of her brother s friends Livvie is instantly crushing on the tattooed hunk, his sexy English accent and swoon worthy voice when he sings Livvie and Tyler developed a close friendship, one where she could always go to him when she needed a friend, needed advice or needed to cry They lines get blurred with their friendship one night and when Livvie thinks things are finally looking up Tyler crushes her heart.Emmett, God you will love this character He is caring, sweet and loves Livvie There is no question in his mind that Livvie is his future He wants to marry and raise and family He knows Livvie has issues and even though their relationship has many downs, he will always be there He fights for Livvie even though he knows something is going on He is not willing to let her go For Years Emmet deals with Livvie s strange and confusing behavior, and when he finds out the truth, he still chooses her.Tyler, Tyler, Tyler you know there is a character you want to hate but you just can t, that is Tyler Let s take a moment to forget all about the tattoos, hard body, sex accent and swooning voice YEAH SO NOT HAPPENING He was very crass with Livvie when he broke her heart He knows he is not ready for a relationship and because she is too young he wants her to live her life and enjoy it The funny thing is, what Tyler thought would just go away, doesn t Livvie and Tyler have this connection When he sees Livvie again in the arms of her boyfriend Emmet he realizes he is not willing to let her go The problem is Livvie had been in a long term relationship and Tyler has girlfriend.I do not condone cheating but the pull between Tyler and Livvie is off the charts No matter how much they deny it, it is there Livvie watches her friends fall in love, have families and grow and she is set on making things work with Emmet, the problem is Tyler will not let her go It is crazy because you can feel where each of characters hearts and minds are at You know something bad is going to happen There is only so much back and forth can people do, a decision has to be made, one that will leave one person heart broken The characters in this story and plot are easy to love and connect with You can t stop reading and hoping for the best for the characters because neither one is wrong in their thoughts and feelings Can Livvie finally choose which man she wants to spend her life with Will Tyler finally let Livvie go Will Emmet finally have the future he has always dream of with Livvie I m reading books from What to read after Just saw the cover SO HAWT. Won In Goodreads First Reads Giveaway HmmI usually like to do quick reviews I m not trying to make a business out of it, but some books just call for detail Pretending He s You The main character Olivia, pretends that one man is the other through out this entire book Olivia is the worst female lead character I ve ever read in a book I m not sure if the author meant her to be this way She was selfish, a cry baby, self centered She s a liar Manipulator She even says she uses fake tears to get her boyfriend Emmett to not be mad at her She s slutty Which was expected But I didn t think she would be that slutty I expected for her to be with someone and slowly develop feeling for someone else, then end it Or something along those lines But in every chapter she dumped her boyfriend, had sex with Tyler, left Tyler, begged her boyfriend back And it repeated over and over and over and over and over She literally says I m not ready to choose But in the process she doesn t stay away from them to clear her mind No, she screws them both The main characters personality was just horrible If I met someone like her in real life I would wonder why anyone would touch her Ever Worst main character ever In fact the only character I liked, the only one with any self respect was Tyler By the end of the book, even his self respect had begin to diminish Emmett Don t get me started on Emmett He was such a push over Such a push over He was Olivia s doormat She would would flip out on him over nothing, dump him, screw someone else and come right back She had NO self respect and dignity Not a bit Olivia also had impulse control problems She lied, told Emmett that Tyler pursued her, when the very first time she cheated on Emmett she was the one that initiated the sex Just throwing this out there, I m pretty sure Emmett has Stockholm Syndrome All of Olivias mental abuse against him I think it s a real thing Anyway Rant over. May include slight spoilers3.5 torn hearted starsI want to start this review by saying how much I love the other books in the Nashville Nights series and I suggest before you read this book you check them out I couldn t wait to dive into this one but my goodness, I did not expect the roller coaster ride my heart was put through.This book is about cheating, which to me, is always a big no no in books but I so desperately wanted I went on ahead The book features Olivia, who we met previously and her boyfriend Emmett Tyler, the hot, British band guy who Livvy has a little crush on, is who the other man turns out to be I totally felt torn between the two guys, I loved Emmett for being the safe bet, the guy who wanted to settle down and make Livvy happy but I had a total soft spot for the bad boy rocker I also loved the fact he had a British accent and I felt Stacey got his character down perfectly, coming from the UK myself It was evident Tyler loved her, sure he messed up here and there, especially at the start but he saw no one else but her Livvy though, wow, she was a real annoying character I hated how she used them both, she was so selfish and only caring about what trouble she would land herself in I just couldn t like her at all I felt like I wanted to shake her the whole way throughout, she was so frustrating The whole time I was secretly rooting for Ty, though to be fair she doesn t deserve either of them At times I felt Emmett was a bit of a bully, forceful with some issues and in some ways selfish himself A word of warning with this one is that we are left with a bit of a cliffy I hope we aren t waiting too long to get this one wrapped up and of course I m all for Team Ty UK link US link Got Arc for honest reviewOlivia must decide does she want safe and caring boyfriend Emmet even though they have been together for a while they are always on again off again, enough to give anyone whiplash Or will she choose the sexy British guitar playing tattooed Tyler who she feels she has a connection and he understands her But Livvie can t tell her best friend SB what s happened as she has her own stuff to deal with and the only person she can talk to is Tyler who s opinion is biased.At time I just wanted to reach in and slap the 3 of themWould advise anyone to read the previous books in this series as they give some insight into Livvie and the characters crossover into this book.Great read and can t wait to read of Stacey s books I still am reeling from the first part of the Tyler Olivia Emmett triangle It definitely made me scream at them several times I normally hate triangles, but something in the way the story unfolded drew me in and had me hooked The tri POV was well done Can we say angst level nine million Having all three voices made for some very interesting and unexpected twists to the story And my I want a bad boy devil voice is rooting for Tyler Reformed manwhore for the win All three of them surprised the s out of me, playing with my heart and making me crazy The story wandered at times present, flashbacks with all concerned weaving their memories into the story Very much like the three of them I was surprised how much I wanted to shake Liv And Emmett He comes across as so sweet, but not really He does the push and pull crap just as much as Liv, he has such a drastically different idea of their life that he is adamantly trying to shape for Liv Liv needs to man up, or maybe not Maybe she would do well to be UN manned up for a while Wouldn t kill her to have some growing up time Clay was such a douche, looking forward to his heart growing three sizes Hope love kicks his a Again, am just waiting on where SM is going to go with their story Have no doubt she will bring the very best resolution for all concernedand not break my heart too much

Stacey is the New York Times USA Today Bestselling Author of Second Chances, Shadows of the Past co authored with H.M Ward , the Nashville Nights series, and the Nashville U series.She s also the single mom of three amazingly crazy boys and since she s a transplanted Yankee, considers herself a big city girl living in a small town Because she can t live in the cities she loves Nashville

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