Undeniably Chosen (Significance, #5)

Undeniably Chosen (Significance, #5) Crane does it again Every author tends to have a flavor we come back to, over and over, and Crane s is the sweetness the soul wrenching love that drips with purity Each word is rich in the essence of fate and soul mates coupled with the love of family clans generations deep.I fell in love with Seth at the first beat A strong southern fireman count me in This boy s soul is full of peace and balance In the heat of every adversity Crane throws at the couple he never misses a step or looses his cool when he has every right to do so A perfect Significant who rises to the occasion and simmers with swoonworthyness.Ava has such a young soul From the first moment she begins to tell her story you know she has led a fairytale life How could she not with parents such as Caleb and Maggie Watching how deeply her parents loved had always left her with a longing to find a love just as powerful Day in and day out she craved her Significant And as fates would have it the perfect meet cute brought her dreams to life The deepest of loves are tested, and seconds after Ava finds her Significant the rollercoaster ride of trials begin Soul mates raised by warring clans set the stage for immediate distrust Their young love not only has to overcome their own uncertainty, but also the doubt and demands shrouded over them by their families This story leaves you wanting , yet blissfully satisfied There is a lesson learned, nothing can divide souls forged in love.Way to go Shelly 5 29 14 Just read the street team exclusive teaser I WANT IT NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWW IS IT FALL 2014 YET And a little tease I don t know if I can even sleep tonight, I muttered and rubbed at my arms They were restless I can already feel myself twitching Tomorrow Dad began, but stopped He sighed forcefully and tightened his fists I ll go find him and make him come here if he doesn t come on his own Dad, you didn t see him He was I bit into my lip hard Just talking about him was making me ache all over I closed my eyes and tried to breathe.I heard Mom say, Baby, I think we need to stop talking about this It s just making things worse for her I know, but maybe I should go over there Maybe I should try to find him and you know what No I looked up to find him looking down at me I m not going to do that It has to be his choice until it s not I ll give him until tomorrow to be the good guy If he doesn t, then I ll go get him and make him I can tell by looking at you that you want to have faith in him You didn t see him, Dad, I reiterated He wanted this He was worried about me He ll come He ll find me I hoped If what you said is true, then he didn t choose any of what happened He s not a Watson But he s lived with them his whole life, Mom reasoned We have no idea the things they ve done to him, the things they ve made him do We have to be cautious You have to cautious She went into the kitchen and I heard a pill bottle shake before she came back Here Take these They ll help you sleep tonight They were Grans, she said softly.I ached as the pills went down I heard Rodney coming in the back door loudly Dad went right to him and put his hand on his chest to stop him They whispered back and forth and Rodney looked at me over Dad s shoulder Dad wasn t going to be able to stop him He didn t know that, but I did Come on, Dad, Rodney said gruffly and looked at him right in his face Move He pushed his Champion gently in the shoulder and I watched Dad s stunned face as he watched Rodney come and sweep me up in his big brotherly arms on the couch He said low in my ear, but I knew that they still could hear, Tell me who I have to hurt Who is this guy and why isn t he here with you right now I looked at Dad and he looked so amused and bemused all at once He waved me on and leaned his hip against the counter, pulling Mom into the v of his legs so he could wrap his arms around her from behind I heard her so sigh loud and hated that I was causing them so much distress Seth, I explained Seth Watson, I said with as much gumption as I could muster.His eyes rounded I told him everything and he tightened his arms on me as he listened Okay, he said and kicked his shoes off the end of the couch Mom was two seconds from scolding him when he asked, So where is he He should be here Like fate usually worked, there was a knock on the front door An insistent knock Dad shot me a look before taking a loaded breath I started to shake and stood from the couch quickly It was him I knew it like I knew my own name Ava, wait, he told me Dad You, sit, he said in his Champion voice I ll answer and let him in What if the Watsons were planning something and knew you d run to the door to answer it thinking it was him We know nothing about him yet Until we do, we go at this with caution I sighed I hated that I had to look at my significant with anything but reverence, but Daddy was right I mean, I was the one that had run right out of the coffee shop this afternoon I mean it, baby girl, he said softly.Rodney turned me to look at him and held my upper arms in his hands If he hurts you, I can t be held accountable for what I do I love you, you know that I replied and kissed his cheek I tried to smile, but think I failed epically when he put one arm around my shoulders and tugged me close, as if to shield me from whatever or whoever was coming.Dad had to know I was anxious he didn t make me wait He went to the door quickly I could hear them in the other room with deep, urgent tones My significant.And then there he was. Ok so I guess I m gonna be that one person who didn t seem to enjoy this book as much.Seth really needed to do a lot in my eyes to make me like him as a character and as a significant for Ava In the end I did like him better, but he wasn t uh mazing in my eyes I mean it s hard to like him when you have fucking Caleb Jacobson to compare him to Now he is swoon worthy.I, personally, didn t feel the true love between Seth and Ava Everything seemed very forced, which technically it is.Seth had a lot of these family emergencies that he had to attend at night breaking a few promises that he made to Ava and what sucks is that this imprint just doesn t allow you to stay mad at your significant for a long time, it s like physically impossible I felt that Seth s actions seriously deserved some of Ava s wrath, but because of the imprint, she just can t I was also a tad bit confused with a couple scenes Well I don t really understand how Seth is an echoling when he wasn t even imprinted.I don t really know what their powers are Is Ava a human vacuum or something What s Seth Not sure if it was mentioned, but I would also like to know what Maria s power was since she is also now imprintedI may have possibly skipped that part while reading, and not noticed, if there are answers to these questions please comment them I understand that it s hard to follow up such a popular series with a new book, but this one just wasn t really what I was expecting That doesn t mean I ll stop reading the series though I fell in love with the characters in the first 4 books, and look forward to reading about them again in the future. 5 starsWhere do I begin Let me start off by saying, before I read Shelly s Significance series, I have never read a paranormal book in my life After I read the first book, Significance, I then proceed to read the rest of the series in one weekend One Weekend Mother s Day weekend I fell in love with this series from the start and I was shocked because I didn t think this was going to be the book for me Now I am borderline obsessed with them as well as the author, Shelly Crane.I got myself a copy of Undeniably Chosen, and started it within minutes of it showing up on my kindle I stupidly thought I could stay up all night and read it Boy, did I try, but at over 500 pages, there was no way I didn t do much for 2 days but eat and read this book I could not put it down Undeniably Chosen is the story of Caleb and Maggie s daughter, Ava Ava is all grown up now She is enrolled in college and studying to be a architect like her grandfather Av is a smart, level headed women with good values and strong ties to her family which means that there is a lot of Caleb and Maggie as well as other favorite characters from the series The Jacobsons are still living pretty decent lives Things have been calm with no trouble in years from the Watsons Ava has been waiting and hoping for her significant to come into her life for a while She sees how happy her parents and family members are in their relationships, she she wishes for what they have One day, she was running late and is at a local coffee shop when she bumps into Seth who happens to be at the same coffee shop early They both feel a pull towards each other Ava is not sure what to think because she has never seen Seth at any reunifications He may not be anythingthan a hot human guy hitting on her That is, until Seth briefly touches Ava s ear and then their visions played out They could see their future together Ava is thrilled until she realizes Seth is a Watson Now he fate seems to be doomed A Watson and Jacobson union could never work The Watsons and the Jacbsons have been at war for years They blame the Jacobson for their demise and losing their powers After all, it was the Jacobsons who took the power away from the Watson clan after what they did to Maggie Poor Ava is not sure what she is suppose to do Now that she finds out her significant in a Watson Is this a trap set up to destroy her family Or is he really her significant At first Ava runs away from Seth as soon as she figures who he is it out She doesn t know what to do You can t really blame her She has been taught all her life that the Watsons are horrible people who will stop at nothing to get what they want Seth, right from the start he is not your typical Watson it could be because he was adopted by them and not blood related He is a stand up guy being pulled in 2 directions One, he feels loyalty towards the family who raised him The second, to his significant and what she is going through mentally and physically Seth is not like the other Watsons at all He has ventured out to become what he wanted to be, a fireman, and saves people for a living He lives on his own and has little contact with his family That is until they learn about who his significant is Now the pot has been stirred and no one on either side knows what to believe any Just like her parents, Ava is going to have struggle when it comes to her significant and all the challenges that lay ahead of them in life This was a roller coaser of a beginning for the new couple I say that because their story is far from over Lines have been drawn and battles are about to take place No one blames Seth or Ava This has been a long time in the making War is near and everyone has to be ready I can not wit for the next book As much as I loved Maggie and Caleb, I think I may love Ava and SethSeth of Seth is one of the best ever Significant or human, he is a great book boyfriend Shelly Crane has definitely done it again 5 stars OMG I can t wait D I received an ARC of Undeniably Chosen..Three wordsHOT, HOT, HOT Seth is a fireman who can put out the flames at my house anytime This epic love of Eva and Seth kept me on the edge of my seat and turning those pages I lost sleep and did not complain one little bit I loved all the characters in this book Some I have loved for a long time Yes, Maggie and Caleb are in it too Squee I could never get enough of those two Seth may just be my new favorite book boy friend Many secrets from long ago when Maggie was kidnapped get revealed and things are brought into the light that have been hidden deep in the darkness Many things are too hot to handle You do not want to miss this book, Significance fans I do not want to give anything away It is a must read. Originally posted in Bookland wordpressThe love one feels for his significant is bigger than the ocean, deeper than any well,powerful than any stormI was waiting for years to read this book and finally finished it Now I have to waitfor the second book and it kills me I loved every single word, every phrase and all the characters, even the villains Shelly Crane just knows how to make you feel that way I really can t review this book the right way because there are no words to express how I feel right now I ll just say that Ava and Seth were almost as perfect as Maggie and Caleb Ava is her parents daughter after all I wasn t expecting nothing less from her and her Significant Seth was really awesome and a perfect match for Ava obviously and he sent me these vibes that had me fall for him almost the same way I fell for Caleb Well Caleb was my insta love but Seth did a great job as wellThere was no oil and water, no Watsons and Jacobsons, no Romeo and Juliet Just Seth and AvaAlso, I thought that the Romeo and Juliet love that Seth and Ava experienced was going to be boring and all the same but it was actually better than I even hoped The fact that there was no insta love was even better but when the love came later in the book just blew my freaking mindI wondered if Romeo and Juliet had been brought to life if this is what they would have felt Betrayed, torn, confused, alone even when the person you re supposed to be with is right in front of youI wish all humans could love with all their hearts, minds and souls I wish all humans were so eager to protect their soulmates I wish all humans could understand each other the way significants do, but I guess that would be too perfect, right I wish my boyfriend was also my significant so that I would be able to feel his heart in my chest Sometimes I catch myself trying to listen to his heartbeat when we sleep and I imagine that I could hear it through my own chest It s just so wonderful I need to seefrom Rodney and I hope that in the next books there will beimprintings Also I loved how Maggie and Caleb were a big part of this book and I loved them evennow that I ve seen how they still adore each other, maybethan they used to I am so in love with their love and I even cried so hard when their names were mentioned for the first time I cried like a freaking babyI had watched my parents for what seemed like centuries The way they existed so effortessly in each other s world and space They could go minutes without looking away from each other They kissed constantly They hugged all the time, stole touches and wrapped their fingers around the other s wrist I knew it was to feel their calm, to be wrapped in the little bit of bliss that their touch providedAs you can already guess this is an absolutely must read book If you haven t read Significance already just stop what you re doing and read it Now go I have to say this in case Shelly reads this review There were a couple of editing errors in the copy I bought They were hard not to notice sometimes and they were in all over the book I m not saying this to offend anyone but it made me sad, such a wonderful book to have this one little flaw. Thoughts Before Reading 12 9 13 I m so excited about this one Caleb and Maggie s daughter I didn t even know I wanted to read about her, but now I can t imagine it any other way Plus we still get to see glimpses of Caleb and Maggie Those teaser chapters Shelly Crane left at the end of Wide Spaces were perfect, and now I will be stalking her until this book is out I must get my hands on it Thoughts Feels After Reading 5 STARS I LOVED IT This book gave me all the feels I was hoping for, all the twists and turns I wished for, and all the love I expected andI m so happy to have this series continue Undeniably Chosen is the 6th book of the Significance series, though I think it can also be seen as the first spin off book of the original series The first 5 books follow Caleb and Maggie and their love story But it isthan that It is a lot of the history and big picture of the Virtuoso world that Caleb and his family, and then Maggie, live in Consequence, the novella prior to Undeniably Chosen, is the story of Caleb and Maggie married with kids, and ties into the next book Then Undeniably Chosen is the start of Ava Caleb and Maggie s daughter and Seth s raised by the Watsons story and the continuing saga of the Virtuoso world If you are new to the Significance series, you could start with Undeniably Chosen, but you would be missing some big chunks of back story But you could also backtrack and start the series afterwards if you fall in love with Seth, Ava, Caleb, and Maggie, like I did.As for Undeniably Chosen, I completely loved it This is not a reinvention of Caleb and Maggie s story No, Ava and Seth have a story all of their own From their first meeting, to their first confrontation, to their first misunderstanding, to their first kiss, and so much , I was fully engrossed and entangled in how all their situations and predicaments would play out I felt like I wanted their HEA as much as they did But as much as I wanted everything to be perfect, like Ava did, I also loved all the twists and turns and the unpredictability of this story I liked that I was kept in the dark and guessing how things would turn out I was just so stinkin happy to be back in the Virtuoso world, and I loved following along with Seth and Ava s journey.Speaking of Seth and Ava, I loved them They were two characters I loved by themselves, then throw them together, and even through all the difficulties, I loved what they brought out of each other We ve got Ava, daughter of Caleb and Maggie, who is sweet and hopeful She inherited all the good things from her parents, but with her own level of spunkiness Then she gets matched up with Seth, who is not only a super hot firefighter, but also a sweetheart Having been raised by the Watsons, though not a Watson himself, he had all the potential to be a terrible person, yet his good heart was able to survive his childhood I loved getting to know him, and it s no wonder Ava fell for him Ava and Seth are such a great couple In addition to Seth and Ava s love story, and the ever evolving Virtuoso world, we are also treated to some old favorites and newbies I really want to knowabout Is thereCaleb and Maggie Yes I was so happy to see them again, together like always, and with their children Love them Rodney, Ava s brother, was great I love the family dynamic, and I hope to get lotsRodney in the future Then there s Ember, Bish and Jen s daughter and Ava and Rodney s cousin She is a hoot Bish always had a special place in my heart, so getting a glimpse of him and especially his daughter was a real treat I really want to seeof Ava s brother and cousins in the future.Speaking of the future, for some reason, and I don t know where I got this idea from, I didn t think there would bebooks after this one BUT THERE WILL BE I m so excited Don t worry No big cliff hanger or anything You can thoroughly enjoy this one and then patiently await the next But there will be at least another book I m so happy I loved Undeniably Chosen, love the Significance series, and eagerly anticipate anything Shelly Crane wants to stir up and whip together for the future. Ava Has Watched Her Parents, Caleb And Maggie, Live The Perfect Fairy Tale, The Perfect Love Story, Played Out In Front Of Her Eyes Her Entire Life Her Family Is Love, Life, And Happiness The Jacobsons Are Everything A Family Should Be And Ava Is Loved And Well Taken Care Of But The One Thing That S Missing From Her Life Is The One Thing She S Waited For Every Day, The One Thing Her Kind Knows Will Make Them Complete, The One Thing They Thought Was Gone And Lost ForeverHer SignificantSeth Has Lived With The Watsons His Entire Life They Re The Only Family He Knows, But He Knows That There Are Things They Keep From Him He Knows That They Lie And They Do Unspeakable Evil, Things From When He Was A Child That He Can Barely Remember That Cling To The Edges Of His Memory He Barely Remembers His Real Mother And All He Knows Is What He S Told He Doesn T Know What To Trust He Wants To Believe That The Watsons Love And Care For Him, Have His Best Interest At Heart, But Isn T So Sure Of That Any When He Finally After A Lifetime Of Waiting For Her Meets His Soulmate, And The Watson S First Act Is To Try To Take Her Away From HimThe Virtuoso Worlds Collide, Hearts Are Exposed, Humans Are Endangered, And The Lives Of Seth And Ava Are Changed Forever They Ll Have To Love Without Judgment Or Reservation, They Ll Have To Be Wise And Accepting Beyond Their Years, They Ll Have To Forgive For Things Before They Ve Even Happened, They Ll Have To Trust Without Seeing, Have Faith Without Knowing, And They Ll Have To Light Their Own Way In The Dark When Everyone Else Is Blind To Show Them The Way And Than Anything Else They Ll Fight Like Hell To Keep Each Other

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