This Shadow (Sisters Redeemed, #2)

This Shadow (Sisters Redeemed, #2) She S Famous For Her Upbeat Outlook Then The World Goes BlackOriana Sanders Is Always Happy And Why Shouldn T She Be She Enjoys A Close Relationship With God And A Purpose Filled Career Teaching Troubled Kids She Even Has The Potential For Romance In Her Sister S Friend, Nicanor, Whose Dark Good Looks And Brooding Manner Make Him An Intriguing Project For OrianaOriana S Attempts To Reach Nicanor With The Joy Of The Lord Are Brought To A Halt When A Confrontation With Her Student S Drug Dealing Brother Ends In Tragedy Facing Darkness She Has Never Known, Can Oriana Learn To Forgive The Unforgivable And Find Her Way Through The Shadows To The Light blog , where she writes about fighting against fear in our everyday lives.You ll often find Jerusha sharing irresistibly adorable photos of her Furry Fear Warriors three big dogs and two little cats on social media.Visit Jerusha at

❮Epub❯ ➝ This Shadow (Sisters Redeemed, #2)  Author Jerusha Agen –
  • Paperback
  • 302 pages
  • This Shadow (Sisters Redeemed, #2)
  • Jerusha Agen
  • English
  • 26 January 2019
  • 9781938092541

10 thoughts on “This Shadow (Sisters Redeemed, #2)

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    I think out of the three in the series, this was my favorite The writing and depth really showed connection with both characters I loved how she brought both of them around, in a realistic way They got a HEA, but not everything was perfect What amazing writing and story

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    Oriana s character as well as her faith is tested to the limits as she progresses through the events of her life She is thrown together with and learns to trust someone who considers himself untrustworthy As his true character is revealed, this reader fell in love, along with Oriana.Jerusha Agen gives us a deep view of the two main characters, often opening up painful scenes in their past The result is a story that grabs on and stays with you one you may not want to put down until you finish This Shadow deals with a darkness that caught at my heart, because I watched a loved one go through something just like this I wish I had realized at the time what she suffered It s a very personal pain that the author illustrates so well, we descend into that world with Oriana.This Shadow is my favorite of the three books in the Sisters Redeemed series I read the books out of order, but this didn t matter Once you read one of them, you will definitely want to read them all.

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    I m going to miss these characters now that I m done reading I love Christian fiction that portrays real struggles, where there aren t always easy answers, and where there s a romantic element to the plot This book had it all Based on some of the descriptions I d read of this book, I was nervous when I started reading that the characters might wallow in dark emotions If you re in the same boat, let me assure you this is not the case While this book does address themes of guilt, depression, and evil, I never once felt pulled down because, instead of wallowing, the characters struggled and took action to right wrongs and get answers As I read, I wanted to know what was going to happen to Oriana and I fell for Nicanor If you enjoy contemporary Christian fiction, I highly recommend this book I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review, which I ve done I don t give out five stars lightly

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    What a great book While I enjoyed the first book in this series, This Shadow is even better, delivering a gripping, true to life tale with no holds barred In addition to a riveting story with unexpected twists and turns, the author once again creates complex and compelling characters that the reader can not only easily relate to and appreciate, but can also learn from, by following them through their spiritual journeys The greatest strength of this book is the unapologetic, honest portrayal of what occurs when bad things happen to good people and Christians are faced with devastating circumstances that challenge the very foundations of their faith The author doesn t shy away from depicting struggles, but she also presents God s truth in an authentic way, letting His beautiful light shine into the lives of her characters This is an exciting and uplifting story that you won t want to miss

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    This Shadow by Jerusah Agen is another good example of Jerusha s ability to tug at your heart strings with her stories Oriana and Nicanor are two very believable characters dealing with problems in their lives that bring them to a point of making choices Will they choose the right path or go into darkness You ll have to read this wonderful story to find out

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    I read this book in one day I just couldn t go to sleep until I d finished From page one, I was invested in Agen s characters Oriana s attraction to the unsmiling tango dancer Nicanor seems like an impossible problem She s a vibrant, growing Christian who wants to help the at risk children in her after school program and he is a man lost in the guilt of the past But then, the unspeakable happens to Oriana and nearly shatters her faith As she gropes blindly to rediscover the joy of her salvation, she falls harder for Nicanor s kindness to her But when he confesses the true reason for his guilt, she must decide if she can forgive him or if only God can.I seriously cried for about half of this book The tragedy Oriana faces and her heartbreak through it touched me deeply Yet Agen doesn t stop there The hope and forgiveness the characters find at the end of the story offers a beautiful redemptive message.

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    It took a miracle to put aside this book every night The opposite personalities of the protagonists make their relationship especially striking While I loved Oriana s bubbliness, I also related to Nicanor s shame and struggle to earn forgiveness The darkness suffocating them felt so real that I even teared up And I never cry when I read The finale is the best part it s so sweet and tender This Shadow is my favorite book in the series, not to mention my favorite novel.

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    A deep and suspenseful romance that deals with tough issues of faith.

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    A touching story of love and hate, light and darkness, guilt and forgiveness At a certain point, I didn t want to put the book down I had to see what happened I wondered if two of the characters choices would have really happened Some precautions could have been taken, but weren t However, this story touches the heart, and I learned from the struggles of the main character I ve gained empathy, and I see even the need to pray for struggling cities and communities Jerusha Agen knows how to write some sweet dialogue and magical one liners And the ending It has to be one of my favorites ever When love shines, hearts have reason to change This story is one that will move you to share the love of God and to see the worth of those around you and have compassion for their struggles I received this book in return for an honest review.

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