A Time For Ryda

A Time For Ryda An Undercover Operative Must Contact Her Former Lover Across Enemy LinesPosing As A Curious College Student,Year Old Eve Scott Returns To Occupied Ryda, The Planet Of Her Birth, As A Courier For The Terran Alliance Intelligence NetworkAt First, Eve Easily Eludes The Gandian Authorities But The Resistance Has Been Penetrated Ambushed And Nearly Captured, Eve S True Identity Is Now Revealed To The Gandian Secret PoliceNow, Betrayed And On The Run, Eve Must Trust Her Former Lover From Before The War, Who May No Longer Have Any Loyalty To The Rydian Cause, Or Eve Herselftp Www A Time For Ryda As an undercover operative attempts to pass on information to the resistance on an occupied world, she is betrayed or so she thinks A Time for Ryda is a great Science Fiction tale containing some interesting characters. Originally posted at my blog I actually was kind of confused during the first six pages or so but as the story progressed, I understood it and soon, I couldn t stop turning virtual pages This novella combines a dystopian government, stealthy secret agents, gripping suspense and intense action scenes all in one small package Most of the story had a steady pace, until the conclusion The ending felt extremely rushed I wish the author had taken the time tofully expand on the twist ending and its consequences Moreover, there was no real resolution the plot mystery is explained, but what happened to the characters in the end Did the Resistance succeed Are the bad guys defeated The reader basically left hanging with these and other important questions.Nevertheless, it is a fast paced roller coaster ride with two big twists I didn t expect coming but LOVED Definitely left me wantingfrom this author Characters Ana There s only one real, three dimensional character Eve At first, you think she s going to be a run of the mill secret agent, but then you see another side of her, reminiscing of her childhood in Ryda, now ruled by the controlling Gandians She recounts their attack, her family s escape and her missing boyfriend until now The next thing you know, she s incapacitating a Gandian soldier trying to touch her So it was lovely to see the different sides of this protagonist In the short time I knew her, I really started to root for her safety and her cause.Setting Ana Agreed every word of it It was really interesting to see the author s take on a dystopian future world dystopian, because it s ruled by an overbearing, controlling government, future, because the food ordered in a cafe comes down from the roof and appearance can be modified with a press of a button There is an underlying air of depression and despair and nostalgia which makes this story all thebelievable.Recommendation Ana This is a great book if you re waiting in line at the dentist s or sitting in the car bored hopefully, you re in the passenger seat and looking for a quick but gripping read That s exactly what this book provides It ll take you less than an hour to read but take you on a wonderful journey with Eve in Ryda and multiple worlds.SECRET AGENTS AND DISASTROUS BETRAYAL This was a very short read but I really enjoyed it I was left feeling that I got a full story even though it was short There could possibly be another written from this story on the next adventure for Eve and Peter I give this one 4 stars.Plot The plot seemed to be full and complete even though it was short I was not left with questions or missing parts of the story The story flowed nicely I did not get confused or lost at any point nor was I left wondering how the characters got to that point in the story Characters I liked Eve She was a strong character who can kick butt She also has enough guts to walk onto a hostile planet in disguise to deliver a message to the resistance Peter really had me going at first I am glad it did not turn out the way it was looking.Setting The different planets was interesting and the descriptions of how it used to be I liked the space vehicles and the holographic clothing The holographic clothing was just funny and unusual Their technology was obviously advanced and I liked hearing about it even though you didn t hear much.All in all I would recommend this book It would be great for a quick read and was interesting enough to hope for another in the series.

Phil Stern is the author of both Contemporary and Science Fiction His works include The Cross World s Coven Series and The Aydian Series, along with The Bull Years, Rogue Powers, and .

[Epub] ➟ A Time For Ryda  By Phil Stern – Ultimatetrout.info
  • Kindle Edition
  • 36 pages
  • A Time For Ryda
  • Phil Stern
  • English
  • 09 October 2019

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