Safe As Houses

Safe As HousesI m really impressed I couldn t put it down once I picked it up. Fast paced and dramatic is so true It s a quick read, and one that you ll likely read in one or two sittings You will probably become as absorbed as I did The characters are believable and real, Eric doesn t downplay the impact and severity of the event, or how children in this situation might react Love his writing style, and I ll be sure to read of his books.Books based on historical events fascinate me, as they inspire me to learn about that time period, and specifically about this particular event One of my favourite authors introduced to me by my teen daughters. The Date Is October , Thirteen Year Old Elizabeth, Who Lives In The Toronto Suburb Of Weston, Is A Typical Grade Girl She Has A Secret Crush On A Boy In Her Class And She Thinks Elvis Presley Is Dreamy Elizabeth Also Has A Part Time Job Babysitting An Adorable Little Grade Girl Named Suzie, And Suzie S Not So Adorable Grade Brother, David Elizabeth S Job Is To Walk Suzie And David Home After School And Then Stay At Their House With Them Until Their Mother Gets Home From Work David Resents Elizabeth Because He Thinks He Is Too Old For A Babysitter, And He Goes Out Of His Way To Make Life Miserable For HerOn This Particular Evening, However, Elizabeth Has Than A Badly Behaved Boy To Contend With It Is On This October Night That Hurricane Hazel Roars Down On Toronto, Bringing Torrential Rains That Cause Extensive Flooding David And Suzie S House Is On Ray Drive, A Street That Will Be Practically Wiped Out By The FloodwatersDavid And Suzie S Parents Are Unable To Reach The House, Which Means The Children S Safety On This Most Deadly Of Nights Is Elizabeth S Responsibility She Finds Herself Increasingly Isolated They Are Surrounded By Rising Water The Electricity Goes Out The Phone Goes Dead Still, Elizabeth Is Sure They Will Be Safe As Long As They Remain In The HouseBut Are Elizabeth And The Children Really As Safe As Houses Before This Terrifying Night Is Over, Elizabeth And David Will Have To Learn To Communicate And Cooperate If They Are To Save Their Own Lives And Suzie S Their Survival In The Midst Of One Of Canada S Worst Disasters Will Depend Upon Their Resourcefulness, Maturity And Courage amazing book about saving others during disater This is another one of Eric Walters interesting books based on a disaster in time, in this case the flooding of Hurricane Hazel It makes a challenge for poor Elizabeth to have David trying to pick a fight all the time and to have a house almost under water not to mention having to to take care of little Suzie I would recommend it for anyone who enjoys reading realistic fiction. An outstanding mixture of Canadian history and thrilling suspense, safe as houses keeps you biting your nails until the very end Well researched unbelievable, the story does not get lost in facts and figures, but pulls you along fretting for the safety of three children caught in an horrific flood short, sweet, and riveting. I figured my son was old enough that we could enjoy some of Eric Walters books together He loved it as did I Eric Walters has an excellent way of capturing the attention of children I ve only read one other Camp X which also was very good but I plan to read probably with my son This book has excitement, fright and humor in every page Based on a true story, see what happens to a group of children stuck in a flood But not any flood A huge flood One that can pull houses out from the ground and move them Eric Walters is a great author and I loed this book This was definitely one of my favourite books yet I read it in two days Despite wishing there was a family reunion at the end of the story, I loved the book thoroughly I wish there was a sequel The novel Safe as Houses by Eric Walters is an astonishing book It is about a 13 year old girl named Elizabeth Hardy who babysits the McBride children David and Suzie One day they are walking home from school near the Huber River in Weston Ontario, through a rainstorm Soon they realize it is no ordinary rainstorm Water floods the back yard, turns out the power, floods roads which stopped Mr and Mrs McBride from coming home Soon the flooding begins to invade the McBride s home and Elizabeth, David, Suzie and their dog Daisy try desperately to escape and survive the flood The main characters are Elizabeth, David and Suzie who are ordinary children but on October 15th 1954 must make extraordinary decisions which may depend on each other s lives Even little Suzie, who is 5 years old, must go through a horrid flood and scary experiences The characters ran into many problems between the power being turned out and the rainstorm and flood Honestly, I don t know how they could have survived Although they had survived , they lost many things including their beloved dog Daisy I could never imagine going through a flood and losing my dog it would be my worst nightmare My favorite character is David because I really like his personality and I find him very funny I also like David because he is very brave and although he can be stubborn and rude at times, he is still a nice and friendly person As much as I want to be like David I could never be like him For instance, during the flood he came up with an idea to save Suzie, Elizabeth and Daisy but in order to do that he had to dive into the freezing cold water and go to the bottom of the room to get tools and break the roof open I don t think I could ever do something as brave as that Safe as Houses is probably my favorite book of all time It is interesting, funny, frightening and realistic This book has everything I think a book should have Between all the gripping details and action, I can honestly say I love this book I also like this book because every time I pick it up and start to read it, I don t want to put it down even for a moment because it grabs my attention My favorite part of the book is when the flood starts because I found that it shocks you and you will want to keep reading to find out what happens next The way the author described the reactions of the characters made me feel like I was really there going through the flood with them Although I loved this book, my least favorite part would be when the dog Daisy falls off of the roof into the water and drowns I don t like that part because the dog dies and I know how hard that would be to go through a horrible flood and then lose your dog as well Although I did not like that part, I know most good books usually lose a great character I recommend this book to anyone who likes nonfiction, interesting and action books Anyone who enjoys these characteristics will like Safe as Houses as much as I do This book may be interesting, action packed and realistic but is also humorous and definitely sad at times I think Eric Walters does a great job in describing the characters and telling the story I really feel like this all just happened in front of my eyes and that all of these types of events could be real and certainly take place Ever since I started reading Safe as Houses I never wanted to put the book down and considering I am not a big fan of reading that does not happen very often Safe as Houses has changed my opinion in regards to reading and I thoroughly enjoyed the book Eric Walters career all started in 1993 when Eric was teaching a grade 5 class His students were not good readers and did not like reading, so Eric tried to encourage them to become involved in reading He then created a book called Stand your Ground for his students and had used some of the students names to create the story Ever since Eric published that book he has become a big time writer and has published many amazing different books like Camp X, Tiger Trap, Camp 30, We all fall down and Flyboy.

Eric was born in Toronto in 1957, which makes him real old But, as Eric says, Just because I have to grow old doesn t mean that I have to grow up In his many roles as parent, teacher, social worker, youth sports coach and writer he is in constant contact with children and young adults He draws from these experiences and feels that this helps him to capture the realistic interaction between

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  • 15 September 2019
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