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The Sorcery Code From The Internationally Bestselling Authors Who Brought You The Krinar Chronicles Comes A Captivating Tale Of Intrigue, Love, And Danger In A World Where Sorcery Is Entwined With Science Once A Respected Member Of The Sorcerer Council And Now An Outcast, Blaise Has Spent The Last Year Of His Life Working On A Special Magical Object The Goal Is To Allow Anyone To Do Magic, Not Just The Sorcerer Elite The Outcome Of His Quest Is Unlike Anything He Could Ve Ever Imagined Because, Instead Of An Object, He Creates HerShe Is Gala, And She Is Anything But Inanimate Born In The Spell Realm, She Is Beautiful And Highly Intelligent And Nobody Knows What She S Capable Of She Will Do Anything To Experience The World Even Leave The Man She Is Beginning To Fall ForAugusta, A Powerful Sorceress And Blaise S Former Fianc E, Sees Blaise S Deed As The Ultimate Hubris And Gala As An Abomination That Must Be Destroyed In Her Quest To Save The Human Race, Augusta Will Forge New Alliances, Becoming Tangled In A Web Of Intrigue That Stretches Further Than Any Of Them Suspect She May Even Have To Turn To Her New Lover Barson, A Ruthless Warrior Who Might Have An Agenda Of His Own

Dima Zales is a full time science fiction and fantasy author residing in Palm Coast, Florida Prior to becoming a writer, he worked in the software development industry in New York as both a programmer and an executive From high frequency trading software for big banks to mobile apps for popular magazines, Dima has done it all In 2013, he left the software industry in order to concentrate on his

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  • Paperback
  • 418 pages
  • The Sorcery Code
  • Dima Zales
  • English
  • 15 June 2019
  • 9780988391390

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    Nice hook I was torn between laughter and shock I tend to enjoy fantasy, especially with eccentric male characters Blaise is a unique and entertaining lead who is massively flawed in the very best of ways Yet another plus since I always love a flawed character If a character is too perfect I just can t relate to them.A few friends and I were talking about stupid smart vs smart stupid a few days ago at a party A joke we were making because when you are in a room full of highly intelligent people ultimately someone will say something that catches you off guard as either completely illogical or just plain ridiculous Blaise is one of those eccentrics who is completely brilliant but remains ignorant of a few simple truths Making him completely adorable in my eyes and spicing up his interaction with the other characters especially Gala, Augusta and the other council members.Gala was a wonderful character Innocent but intelligent and intuitive as well, making her an unexpected pleasure because she had a unique world view Augusta was wonderfully written and able to get under my skin The switches in POV throughout the book kept the focus going without a need for the normal writing gimmicks many modern fantasy novels choose to insert.Overall a fantastic adventure.Well written, great world building, wonderful pacing and wildly entertaining.

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    I received a copy from the author for an honest review I ll be honest, at first I wasn t sure I was going to enjoy THE SORCERY CODE I haven t read a book with a male main character in a long time, and being thrust immediately into a scene with a man staring at a naked woman, wellI was worried.But the story completely defied my expectations I was initially intrigued by the premise of sorcery working like science, and the author did a FABULOUS job with this concept The worldbuilding was wonderful enough details that I could get a good sense of how the world worked but never so much description that it slowed down the action I appreciated that the author respected and worked within the rules he had created for his world there s nothing annoying than a last minute hitherto unknown magical fix for the main character s predicament.I found the writing very smooth and easy to read, with moments that were genuinely thought provoking, particularly when it came to Augusta and Barson It was a unique experience to have so much insight into the antagonists mindsets and philosophies I was Team Blaise and Gala all the way, but I could understand many of Augusta s concerns and loved the added complexity her narrative contributed to the story.Overall, THE SORCERY CODE was a great read and I will definitely check out the next book in the series when it comes out This was the first book I ve read by Dima Zales, and I am looking forward to checking out his other novels.If you enjoy clean, character driven fantasy with a unique premise and skilled world building, you should definitely check out THE SORCERY CODE

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    Oh boy, where to start At the beginning Sure.To start off, the hook at the prologue of the book was pretty awful The whole concept of sentience arising out of nothing is interesting, but the author somehow managed to make it utterly confusing and boring Instead of introducing us to the world, the visions left me feeling like this is set in a world that I should already know about.So, in the first chapter, the unknown sentience now has a body, and boy is she hot I know that she s hot, because the man who brought her into being is completely and utterly entranced by her good looks, even though he totally didn t mean to create a beautiful naked lady in his study I can t roll my eyes hard enough She s beautiful, and has a childlike innocence that makes Blaise s attraction kind of creepy, even though she s also totally attracted to him too To make things worse, he just happens to have some gorgeous clothing that somehow fits her perfectly, left behind by his ex fiancee Now, the book starts to make even less sense Apparently the world is some sort of computer program, and their magic is them manipulating it with code Gala is like the magic version of a really advanced AI But somehow not everybody can learn how to program this magical computer world, and they re reduced to peasants There s also been a drought that s been making things tough, even though there s no explanation as to why the sorcerers can t just program it away, aside from a vague statement of it s too difficult , though, as far as I know, none of them have actually tried it.This is a common theme throughout the book All the supposedly powerful characters are too defeatist to even attempt to do anything cool We get a few brief bits of flashy spells here and there, but it s just window dressing to assure us that the sorcerers really can do magic Except for Gala, who is totally beautiful and perfect in every way, because she is the incarnation of whatever computer program generated this world She s an incredibly boring character, who really has no depth to her character progression She only gets awesome, instead of actually developing believable character traits She would have made a better robot, but that would have nuked the flimsy romance that the author seemed hell bent on forcing into this godforsaken story.Oh, and Blaise s ex girlfriend finds out about Gala, and throws a massive bitch fit Turns out that this world has a version of the story of Frankenstein, and Augusta is terrified of Gala, and jealous that Blaise fell in love with her So logically, she freaks out and tries to kill Blaise while he s trying to reassure her that the robot woman isn t dangerous Obviously the version of Frankenstein she read missed the bit where it was everyone s fear of the monster that made it dangerous.So, then, a bunch of stuff happens where Gala gets even perfect than before, and she s off taming lions and shit Again, let me roll my eyes.Next up, Augusta and her totally buff army guy lover decide to kill Gala, even though she s totally awesome and they re afraid of her So they confront her, and she totally awesomes all over the place, and awesomes most of them to death Then she heals everyone, ends the drought, and everyone flies off into parts unknown to have their happily ever after Except there s somehow a sequel, so I m guessing they get found by the guys Gala healed, and we have to rehash all of this again.Seriously, this book was shit If I wasn t intending to waste a bunch of time, I wouldn t have finished it.

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    The Sorcery Code Volume 1Review by James British expat Manila, PhilippinesLet me just start by saying that this book is fantastic If you like fantasy and or science fiction novels, then you are going to love The Sorcery Code In fact, the enigmatic realm of magic, intrigue and mystery will have you captivated throughout your enchanted journey.Would you listen to The Sorcery Code Volume 1 again Why Absolutely But I think next time I want to read the actual book for myself instead of an audio version That doesn t mean to say the audible offering wasn t good far from it However, I d much rather listen to the Sorcery Code Volume 2 and will do so as soon as it s available that s for sure What did you like best about this story I liked the intricate webs that were spun throughout the story and the way the main characters interacted with each other, often in such devious ways The book does a particularly clever job of utilising flashbacks to create powerful imagery and enthral the reader.What about Emily Durante s performance did you like Emily Durante has an amazingly soothing voice This made the listening experience all the interactive for me, as I felt like I was listening to the calming voice of an aunt reading me the story Her change of voice tone for different characters was also extremely apt and made the experience all the realistic.Did you have an extreme reaction to this book Did it make you laugh or cry Even though I was emotionally gripped throughout, I can t say that this book made me cry I laughed numerous times especially at how Blaise acts towards Gala at the start of the book, before their relationship has had time to mature.Any additional comments I m still trying to decide if Blaise or Barson is my favourite character Blaise is the obvious choice and his Robin Hood esque qualities make him a great character, but he is somewhat of an antihero Barson, on the other hand is the epitome of strength and honour on the face of things although not so much the latter when you delve deeper.

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    Well, it was free, so it has that going for it However, I only got halfway through it Jumping between 4 characters can be annoying, but I can deal with that My problem is that all 4 characters are mind numbingly boring There are two magical concepts that are different in this book a floating chaise for easier travel and life captures which allow the user to expeience a moment in someone else s life However, the whole magic world is out there, and only these two features are explored in the book again and again and again I simply got bored.

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    Welcome to a world where magic rules and the upper class are made of the people that has magic The commoners and peasants without magic don t have anything to say and are ruled to a feudal system similar to that of the medieval The world here is really well written and fun to read about, the world building is great We follow four people in this book Blaise, Augusta, Gala and Barson Blaise is an outcast, he is one of the most powerful sorcerers but he broke with the council after they executed his brother He is now on a hunt to find a way so everybody can use magic not just the people born with the gift He tries to make an object and is taken by surprise when he makes a her instead A really gorgeous female to, that he names after his mother.Gala don t remember much before she finds herself naked on Blaise s floor She wants to experience the world and learn everything first hand Blaise reluctantly place her with two older peasant women that took care of him when he was young Gala is not the type to sit on her hands so to low profile she is instructed to have don t last long She suspect she is pretty much in love with Blaise too, even if he don t believe her Augusta is Blaise s ex fianc e, she miss him terribly and I suspect she want him back Augusta starts out as a sweet woman, which now has a romance with the dashing Barson That changes fast when she finds out about Gala and starts her crusade Barson is the dark bad boy and the highest military leader of this world He doesn t have magic but is a superb fighter and military strategist Augusta is a catch he is real happy about and he wants her on his side, especially after the leader of the council tricked him into an ambush Branson I have to say was my favorite character in this book, what a hunk He has the potential to be a future book boyfriend The shift between the different people is pretty nicely done, they are divided into chapters and the chapter is named after the person we currently are with It is really interesting to get to see all the sides in this story, we get the broad picture and can see everybody s side of the situation The world and magic system is fabulously put together, the fun things the author has come up with are amazing and well described Just like in the Krinkar books, that was one of my favorite things in them and we got plenty of it here too I especially like the flying seat and wish I had one that would have been pretty neat I would classify this as High Fantasy as it is set in an imaginary world that does not exist in our world There is a little romance but it follows the norm of UF with no sex or not much sex in it I really liked this book, the flow was good and it was difficult to put down I had so pretty late nights reading it, I also liked the writing style I am most definitely reading the next one I loved it and I give this book 4 4,5 stars Book provided by the Author through PNR NaUBA group Author Reader Exchange for an honest review.

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    5.0 out of 5 stars A New Kind of Magic December 21, 2013By Robin ManorFormat Kindle EditionAfter loving the Krinar Chronicles by Anna and Dima Zaire s , I was very excited to read the first book in a new series written by Dima Zaire s.The main story is a about an in entire,highly skilled Sorceror, Blaze, who is trying to create a way to bring the ability to perform magic to all the people of his world Currently there are basically three classes of people, the Sorcerers at the top, the soldiers guarding the sorcerers, and then the common folk In the midst of creating a way for everyone to unlock The Code that makes the magic, Blaze creates an intelligent human like life form that emerges from the Spell Realm Gala is a beautiful woman who possesses the ability to learn at lightening speeds She has powers that are very great and growing, but she is unable to fully control them yet Gala wonders and thrills at the new world she has become a part of, she is also capable of feeling emotions as well as a strong curiosity about the world she has entered There is a strong connection between Blaze and Gala on many levels Blaze is instantly protective, enad and amazed by this woman he has created.There are also several other themes running throughout the story Magic is explained to stem from a combination of science, mathematics, physics and technology This may be true to a good extent, for example,just imagine what people 200 years ago would think of television and cellphones.There is also a political statement made as to the lack of equality between the Sorcery population and the common people Blaze wants to bring technology so that even the common people can perform magic and enhance their lives Most of the Sorcery group like being the elite royalty separated by their powers These beliefs lead Many even own their own territories.The world created here is imaginative and breathtaking The story is inventive, thrilling at times as well as touching Being the first in the series we are introduced to several intriguing characters whose stories we get to watch unfold in the follow up books..The book is an exciting read written through the perspective of the different characters Besides enjoying the story the reader will also find themselves thinking about the many themes that are weaved into the many levels of this awesome book,The exciting ending left me hoping book two won t be far behind.

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    I m Looking For Volume 2 Already What I love best about The Sorcery Code Volume 1 is the different series of events that occur throughout the book Never once was I stuck and not knowing what was going on or just board trying to rush through the book Then as I am listening to this audio book the picture appear in my head so clear because there was so much detail and very precise with everything that it was like watching a movie in your mind The imagery in this book is very amazing.I would compare The Sorcery Code Volume 1 to The Dream Hunter by Sherrilyn Kenyon, because both are along the fantasy line, also they both incorporate the dream world along with their initial story line That is there common ground With The Sorcery Code Volume 1 being told on dry land and The Dream Hunter told on water adds to the perspective look at everything which would be one of their many differences I find that amazing and very appealing, being a person that looks for all the different experiences from different authors in different books It s always better hearing than one type of opinion and thought life about certain things especially when the author almost has the freedom of just letting it all be reviled through the story.Emily Durante s performance was very spectacular She didn t have the voice that would put you to sleep from listening to it for a long period of time She keeps you interested with her narration and all the voices that she did to make sure that you knew the differences in characters She read at a very good pace so that your hearing kept up with your mind.I would listen to this book all in one sitting if I had the time to just focus on this book alone without any distractions This book was packed with a lot of mind piquing events and thoughts that were never too much that you got board or over whelmed.To all true book readers and people that like to get lost in the book, this is a book that should be include in your library of books Never a dull moment.

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    Die Geschichte h tte so interessant sein k nnen, leider hat mich der Schreibstil kein St ck mitgenommen Dann noch stereotype Charaktere und eine vorhersehbare Handlung haben die Lesefreude ungemein gemindert Das Magiesystem hat viel Potential, wurde aber sehr wischiwaschi erz hlt und klang immer furchtbar einfach f r die Zauberer Ohne Fehlschl ge und besserer Ausarbeitung hat auch das keinen Spa bereitet

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    Gala, Blaise, Augusta e Bradin s o estas as personagens que narram esta bela narrativa Uma hist ria constru da sobre uma teia de rela es m gicas, um mundo repleto de mist rios e sedu es.Blaise um grande feiticeiro que cria um objecto m gico altamente inteligente No entanto, tal objecto tem a forma de uma bela mulher capaz de pensar e sentir como uma humana Seu nome Gala e sua beleza deslumbra todos a quem encontra S que para o conselho dos feiticeiros ela um perigo Augusta, ex companheira de Blaise, acredita que ela uma criatura maligna e todo far para destru la com a ajuda do seu amante.A inoc ncia e o amor puro de Gala pelo seu criador nos encanta ao longo da narra o Ela capaz de ter compaix o e por sofrer pelos humanos que sofrem A sua capacidade de exercer magia de forma natural algo impressionante A rela o dela com Blaise me conquistou Gala possui um amor imenso pelo seu criador, ela se sacrificaria por ele ao contr rio de Augusta que s pensa em poder Merece ser feliz ao seu lado O c digo de feiti aria foi uma grande descoberta para mim Aguardo ansiosamente para saber mais sobre o Reino de Feiti o, e a jornada de Gala para controlar os seus poderes.

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