Evaluations of the Tribe (Prossia, #0.5)

Evaluations of the Tribe (Prossia, #0.5) You Learn You Work You FightThese Are The Mandates Young, Alien Best Friends, Aly And Catty, Must Follow If They Want To Be Of Worth To Their Tribe Most People In Their Village Have An Entire Childhood To Perfect Such Traits However, Time Is Of The Essence, When A Dangerous Rite Of Passage Meant To Test These Qualities Gets Boosted Years Ahead Of Schedule Matters Are Made Worse As The Two Try To Prepare For The Evaluations Arrival Aly S Childhood Is Filled With Dreadful School Days, Thanks To The Peers Who Verbally And Physically Harass Her Since She Cannot Form Pure Energy From Her Hands, Like Everyone Else Catty Also Falls Victim To The Attacks Whenever She Tries To Defend Her Friend, And Learns She Has No Other Choice But To Join In On The Fun If She Does Not Want To Get Bullied Along With Her As The Evaluations Near, A Strong Friendship Is Challenged, And A Bitter Rivalry Is Spawned From It This Doesn T Take Away From A Real Danger Approaching The Tribe One Has Yet To Be Seen, And Another Is Right Underneath Their Noses Novel Contains Science Fiction Violence And Some Mild Language Recommended For Middle Grade And Up

Raphyel Montez Jordan grew up in a household sensitive to the creative arts As a child, his hobbies were drawing favorite cartoon and video game characters while making illustrated stories This passion for art never left and followed him all the way up to his high school and college years.It wasn t until college when he underwent a personal renaissance of sorts that Jordan took his interest in writing to another level When he was 19, he started writing a novel for fun, taking inspiration from the constant exposure of different ideas and cultures that college showed him while staying true to the values he grew up to embrace However, when the signs of the times influenced the story and the characters to spawn into universes of their own, he figured he might possibly be on to something.As he studied graphic design at Armstrong Atlantic State University in Savannah, Georgia, Jordan also used his electives to study sciences like Astronomy, Psychology, and Biology in order enhance the reading experience in his story He eventually made it a goal to have the story published after he graduated, and dubbed the goal Operation Prosia, the very same project that would develop into his first published book, Prossia Even though his novel is not necessarily a religious book, Jordan utilizes his Christian faith by urging people to encourage, not condemn, in his story Best known for ending his PSFC newsletters with Unity Within Diversity, he hopes Prossia s success will inspire people to consider and support the positive outlook in the difference human kind can share, whether it be race, religion, or any other cultural difference.

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  • Paperback
  • 212 pages
  • Evaluations of the Tribe (Prossia, #0.5)
  • Raphyel M. Jordan
  • English
  • 10 January 2018
  • 9781310482441

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    Great storylineThis turned out to be a good book that I had trouble in the beginning When you get into the story it starts to pick up and you understand what s going on and I m looking forward to the next book I would recommend anybody who likes sci fi.

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    After about five pages into this book, I thought this was not my kind of book Here I am, 65 years old, and I m reading about a bunch of 5 year old aliens going to school Then I told myself, OK, just put the book down Yet when I actually stopped reading for the night, I shockingly realized I was already fifty percent through the book Where had the time gone I read fast, but only when I ve got a very, very good book So, after finishing the book, I can assure you this book is good, very good.The author has created a very detailed view of an alien tribe going through the normal process of growing young people in to contributing adults While they are alien, we never get a really clear picture of what a Goolian looks like They do act like all very young children who seem to want to one up each other at every chance they get They also are quick to pounce on anyone that s just slightly different from the rest Young kids do it today in our society, but these alien Little Ones are a little different in that they are also training to fight, at 5 years of age, no less I found the interaction among this group of very young female aliens to be very, very interesting because it seemed so very plausible You ll read in the story where these Little Ones are told that they have to contribute to the good of the tribe by determining their worth in learning school , working mostly in the fields , and in fighting usually, but not always, at the Sparring Field.I like the way the author pits two of these very young girls against each other while at the same time making them best friends That happens in real life Everyone is measuring themselves against the person next to them whether by conscious act or not These kids do the same thing, even to the point of ostracizing one that isn t developing like every one else Alytchai or Aly for short, and Cattalice or Catty for short, are best friends, but also very competitive in just about everything These two Little Ones look forward to the day they can take their Evaluations which is a test to see who has learned, worked and fought well enough to be worth something to the tribe Unfortunately, young Aly has a serious shortcoming that will stay with her for life How she handles this is very interesting considering she is the only one that doesn t know about her condition And her condition could lead to the death of anyone around here in mere seconds So, is this book just for young people Absolutely not I don t think young people would understand some of the lessons that these young aliens are teaching themselves I don t think any of our young people at same the age as these aliens would have the maturity to go through what these Goolians have to go through We just don t have that kind of a society Maybe we should The author has a great imagination I can t image what it s like to begin developing a completely different alien society and describe the interactions like is done in this book I guess that s why I m a reader and not a writer Oh, did I say I thought about not reading this book after the first 5 pages Well, forget that I ve already bought the second book in the series

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    I thoroughly enjoyed Evaluations of the Tribe and found it to be unique among sci fi books Before detailing the book s pros and cons, the reason it received 4 stars instead of 5 is because it took a while to get into it But, after the slow start, the story was incredibly compelling.Taking place on the planet Gooliun, the story follows the training of two girls, Aly and Catalice, as they develop their fighting skills from age of five, to their final test, the Evaluations, when they are nearly adults Their whole future rides on how they comport themselves during the test so their focus, even when they are young, is on performing well during the Evaluations Catalice is very talented at expressing her being, which is how the Goolians throw energy from the palms of their hands, using it as a weapon What sets Aly apart from her peers is her inability to express her being at all However she compensates with other superior, specialized skills When the leader of Gooliun compresses the training in a shorter than usual time span, there is a hint of an upcoming war and a possible return of the warlike Cyogen.The world building was remarkable, and taken to an extent that I ve never really encountered before As I was reading it occurred to me that usually in sci fi books, the aliens on other planets are just like humans from earth, and just their appearance is different What distinguishes Evaluations and makes it a truly exceptional book is that the inhabitants are not like transplanted humans They speak with an unusual cadence, using Goolian vocabulary Their entire societal structure is different Although the children are trained in the fighting arts, they are a peaceful people, not having been at war for centuries This is reflected in how they speak to each other with profound respect There is a class structure but the upper class is so respectful to the lower class that it takes the reader by surprise and causes the reader to think about how our own society could be if we adopted that attitude When Aly is discovered to be afflicted, the village is very understanding of her and protects her instead of ostracizing her, which could easily happen in earth culture Aly s condition is mysterious and drives the reader to wonder what it is that makes her different from the others and whether it is a help or hindrance.The characters are well developed, with complex relationships Aly is bullied for not being able to express her being and her best friend initially sides against Aly, so she is not bullied herself But the book takes place over the course of years and the girls personalities change as they mature Although the story is gripping, it is the girls relationships and development that captivates and keeps the reader enthralled Finally, I would be remiss if I didn t mention the author s beautiful artwork that really enhances the reader s images of the Goolians Overall, an exciting and original four star read

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    I received this book free as a Goodreads First Reads Aly tries to be the best at everything the best student, the best worker, even the best fighter prove her worth to the tribe However, she has an affliction She is unable to create balls or beams of energy from her hands like everyone else something that causes her grief from an early age.I thoroughly enjoyed this book The main characters, Aly and Catty, develop quickly, but not so fast that it seems there was no development at all The story starts out when the two friends are five years old You learn about their family dynamics and watch their personal relationship begin to change You watch them as they learn of the struggles of starting school You learn about the Evaluations, the first of several tests that help determine the worth of a tribal member The story follows the girls through various important parts of their lives, ending with the Evaluations themselves.I found the pace of the book to be perfect It didn t feel that it was dragging along nor was it hurried It all just provided a great build up for the climatic trials once you get used to the formal dialogue.The a few issues I had with the book are very small and trivial However, I will share them The first issue was the formal speech Not that it was formal even our culture spoke formally at one time , but that the five year old characters were speaking almost as formally as the adults especially for a people that lives to two hundred years But The second issue I had a problem with was the abruptness of the climax end However, the existence of the sudden shift didn t occur to me until after the chapter s end because it made sense I won t go into detail as it might ruin the story for you The next issue I had is that the affliction Aly suffered from is never fully explained You just know that she has it and it affects how she is treated by others even though she knows nothing about it This, however, did not affect the enjoyment of the book nor the overall story It just made me wonder The last issue was the epilogue It was completely different from the rest of the novel, but it is the setup for the next part of the storyline in the book Prossia by the same author As I said, trivial.As I said before, I really liked this book It is one of my favourites of the Goodreads First Reads books I have received I had to force myself to set it down to do necessary things, like housework or eating with my family I can t wait to read the next one and was privileged to receive it from the author as well.If you like a good, light weight science fiction story, I highly recommend Evaluations of the Tribe.

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    I really wish there was a 4 1 2 Star rating The Story is a Five, the Science isn t When I began this book I was, at first, surprised and a little disappointed I initially thought it might have been targeted to a Younger audience because the central characters were Younger Ones HOWEVER, as I stayed with it for a little while I realized there was a lot going on than the interaction between Children I also expected SCI FI than was offered but I quickly realized this was a great story that was addressing complex relationship, child development and parenting issueswith lots of action While this takes place on an Alien world with different sentient beings having many different capabilities, language and culture from ours the similarities, especially in relationships, seem startling at first There is a saying that I ve always disputed that surprised me when the Author concurred with my beliefs My version follows Sticks and Stones may Break my Bones, which will heal, but Names may leave lifelong Injury and Scars Without going into much detail, I was a Chubby Kid, always picked last for any team and have had to battle with the consequences of the related insults and Bullying all my life Just like Aly, our main character, I ve spent a lifetime resolving to prove my worth While it is still painful, and definitely not recommended, it probably made me a better stronger person than I likely would have been Aly is different and at first seems to be inferior to her age group companions I haven t called them friends deliberately, only one is, and even she vacillates as others tease her when she supports her friend They struggle to maintain their friendship, and they do, but become adversaries in trying to out perform each other in the Evaluations Their society places a very high value on their Martial Arts Combat skills while also valuing Gentle and Respectful behavior This may seem at odds with itself but you ll understand when you read this book Do I recommend it You bet I do, I ve already purchased and begun the following book in what looks like a wonderful series Why didn t I give it a Five Star rating It was presented to me as a Sci If Fantasy book and while it s a great, compelling story, it fell short of what I was expecting from a Sci Fi book Having said that, while looking ahead to the coming books in the series that seems about to change Review by THE HOLEY ONE

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    I liked this book a lot but to be honest the beginning was fairly slow paced and quite boring Yet by the time is reached act 2 the story was became thrilling and fast paced However there was a continuous section in the book where the two main female characters Alytchai and Cattalice fought for about 7 pages each time this quickly became boring and made me want to quit reading this book I really admired the main character Alytchai she was a strong willed character who was very determined My least favourite character was Cattalice I found this character to be extremely needy and self absorbed she allowed people to bully her friend Overall I thought this book was very good once I got about half way through.

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    I received a free copy of this book from Goodreads First Reads, thank you Read this one with my two boys, and they seemed to be very captivated by it Especially the fighting scenes We all found this book to be very interesting as we suddenly found ourselves on an alien planet with different types of life forms and different ideals The adventures of Catty and Aly as they grow up are fascinating They learned many things about how to survive, fight, and be good Goolians Meanwhile, we learned some things about bullies and how to deal with them The final scenes in the Evaluations are fast paced and exciting We re definitely looking forward to reading the next book in this series

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    Best friends, Aly and Catty, have their friendship tested when they must learn what they need to know to ensure the survival of their tribe and planet Evaluations of the Tribe by Raphyel M Jordan is a science fiction novel about alien beings and an alien environment, but is also a coming of age novel of a sort An interesting theme written in rather choppy and simplistic language, that switches back and forth between Aly and Catty at a relatively breakneck pace.Not sure how to categorize this book The author says it s not a book for young readers, but the language usage is appropriate for younger readers than mature readers I have mixed emotions about it high marks for the theme, a few points off for the writing style, I end up giving it three and a half stars.

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    A sci fi read to another world that carves out an explosive suspense hidden with a complex agenda that didn t fizzle out the deeper you got into it The author Raphyel M Jordan certainly painted a vivid landscape with strong and likable protagonists.A fractured dimensional thriller and a discourse on the benefits of technology That was an amazing thrill ride and a book I looked forward to getting back too each time something else called me away I wish it wasn t over The dialogue was witty and quick while the transitions we smooth and fluid Evaluations of the Tribe is a novel not to be missed.

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    Evaluations of the Tribe by Raphyel M Jordan is a good sci fi read that I enjoyed getting into Though taking place in an alien culture it had a lot of similarity to today s world and the challenges of youth growing up.The author did a great job of developing a story that was interest and fun to read I really liked how she wove a moral theme into the background of a very good storyline.Raphyel M Jorden s characters were well developed and deep I found them easy to identify with and follow.I enjoyed Evaluations of the Tribe by Raphyel M Jordan and recommend this book to all readers.

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