Sacrificed (Ignited, #2)

Sacrificed (Ignited, #2) Kris Young Is No Normal Seventeen Year Old She S The Worst Thing To Come Along Since The Black Plague, And She Will Do Anything To Alter The Destiny She Was Made For Failure Is Not An Option But If The Shadows Of Evil Overcome Her Only One Person Can Stop Her When She Meets Micah, She Doesn T Expect Him To Save Her Life, Or To Offer His Help They Were Born Enemies After All Though He Boasts Noble Intentions And A Belief That, Together, He And Kris Could Swing The Tide Of The War To The Side Of Good Once And For All, Kris Can T Help But Suspect That He Is Hiding Something They Have A Plan Strengthened By New Allies, Kris And Gang Take Their Fight To The Skotadi As They Discover Shocking Secrets And Grow Closer To Learning Of The Evil Doers Ultimate Plans, Kris Worries That Time Has Run Out Struggling With Her Inner Demons, She Does The Only Thing She Can To Protect The Ones That She Cares About Most, Even If It Tears Her Heart In Two Question Is, Where Will Her Heart Lead Her Book Two In The Ignited Series, Sacrificed Continues The Journey Of Kris, Nathan, Alec, And Callie As They Set Out On An Adventure To Alter Destiny Lasting Friendships Are Formed, Lives Are Changed, Romance Sizzles, And Hearts Are Broken In This Exciting Follow Up To Desni Dantone S Debut, Ignited

I live in the quiet, middle of nowhere Everett, Pennsylvania with my three boys.I ve been writing since I was eleven, after I swiped one of my mom s Dean Koontz books I still remember the first one I read it was called Darkfall, and kept me awake most of the night Anyway, I was totally inspired when I learned that he came from the small rural town I called home true story, I swear , and start

[Read] ➫ Sacrificed (Ignited, #2)  Author Desni Dantone –
  • Paperback
  • 346 pages
  • Sacrificed (Ignited, #2)
  • Desni Dantone
  • English
  • 20 November 2017
  • 9780989509022

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    4 STARSFree will or fate Soul mates or happenstance Humanity or love Saving the world or saving the ones you love What choice would you make if no choice is a good one Because Kris wasn t just thrown a bad lot in life There was nothing accidental about her being thrown on the wrong side of the war She was literally bred for evil Theatrics aside though, this was good Despite there not being much progress in terms of the Kala Skotadi war I looked up after some 6 hours of power reading to realise they ve made pretty much no progress against the Skotadi , I was hooked.For a girl whose daily crisis has gone from whether the boy she s crushing on likes her to trying not to kill the man she loves, who has an evil she wolf alter ego, Kris is thankfully a pretty drama free girl She doesn t mope she doesn t throw woe is me tantrums and she doesn t wait around to be rescued by her man Three boys One girl No love triangle Kris knows she wants and she makes it blatantly, even painfully clear from the beginning to anyone and everyone Not that said love interest makes it easy There is plenty of angst, heartache, doubt, temptation and steamy moments to satiate the romantic in me.Though I would have loved to see depth in the characters of Callie, Micah, Gabby and Richie stuff to happen and some tidying up of the dialogue between the characters, there is no doubt that this was un putdownable For me anyway On the bus, walking to work, brushing my teeth, waiting in line for sushi, this occupied my every rare free moment.Bring on the third book

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    I am so glad i decided to continue on with this series, this book was fantasticThe reason its 4 stars.Sometimes i felt the love triangle was a bit Bennet Wickham Darcy, but gone wrong Nathan came across as stoic Darcy but whereas Darcy was selfless and won Elizabeth s love Nathan is just annoying I feel he is constantly leading Kris on, he may be conflicted but Kris is going through much worse and needs an anchor to the good side and he seems to be completely reluctant. I think the nicest thing he did all book was bake her a cake..Alec on the other hand is the fun selfless version of Wickham, who although is in love with her knows where her heart truly is and knows that Nathan will be her way to goodness, he makes her laugh and tries to take her mind off their current predicament when it gets too much, although she may be his anchor to goodness he lets her go, for her closure.Apart from Coming off as a little desperate with Nathan i do like Kris i sometimes wish she could do and not keep getting rescued, fireballs are a great start.The brilliantThe story itself is fantastic you cant put it down, we discover Kris s origins and fall deeper down the Rabbit hole as new hurdles are placed before our Hero s.I have to take of my hat to the way the author writes it is truly beautiful the way she captures and portrays body language and gestures in communication, it makes the character so much real you can really picture them.Micah is written to perfection he comes across as the creepy meant to be good guy think he is a baddie Callie i think has been turned into a Skotadi immortal but no one seems to be bothered she was captured and had some incantation said over her while she was tied up, they just send her home.but other than that the ending was great questions and heart wrenching reunions all in all brilliant Bring on book three, i m just hoping Nathan pulls his finger out

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    2.5 Kris was raised to believe she is human This illusion lasts until her 17th birthday, when she comes to the attention of bad magic wielders the Skotadi who first try to kill then recruit her Turns out, she is not humanKris is actually a very powerful magic wielder whose talents have just started to manifest The Skotadi believe she is destined to turn dark and become their champion.The concept isn t terrible My biggest frustration is the amount of time wasted on Kris unrequited love quadrangle with large helpings of teen angst the key ingredient of every YA book EVER written First there s Nathan, the broody guy who was her guardian angel during life threatening childhood events He s a bit older and virtuously resists her repeated attempts to lure him into her bed.Then there s Micah, champion of the light, a manipulative teenager who believes that Kris is his soul mate and routinely sends her inappropriate dreams She wants nothing to do with him, yet, in true stalker fashion, he just won t move on.Finally, there s Alec Alec is probably my favorite An angsty teen fighting the lure of the Skotadi, he is secretly attracted to Kris, but knows she is infatuated with Nathan Instead of pursuing her, he becomes her sarcastically humorous friend and confidante Despite her feelings for Nathan, Kris is reluctantly attracted to Alec.As Kris love compass wandered from person to person, I grew bored and irritated with both her indecision and the guys unrealistic obsession with her By the end of the book, I was secretly hoping she and Alec would turn to the dark side and have a fun, hedonistic romp on the wild side At least that might have kept my attention.

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    So instead of getting any work done, I have sat in my room for the last 4 hours determined to finish this book It was great It was well paced and kept me wanting from chapter one I m rooting for Nathan just saying I m glad we ve got answers to what is going on with Kris and the Kala Skotadi war even though I have so many questions It was great to see of Alec and I m still not sure how I feel about MicahI m looking forward to the next book

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    sucks when an excellent first book to a series gets bombed by a blah follow up.felt like there was a whole lot of nothing really going on the new reveals were o.k micah is creepy and i don t understand the point of having human bestie there appreciated the change up and drama toward the end and i m interested in book three, see where that goes, but over all a bit of a disappointment the first was interesting and worth a read, i can t say this was either of those things sad.

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    I liked this one It made me think about what I d do Kept my attention and the action was great.My Rating 4 stars

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    A really great sequel to Ignited and a good continuation of this exciting paranormal series I really liked this book just as much if not than the first book IN this story we get to see Kris learning about her past, her destiny and her new abilities There is also all the underlying relationship drama throughout the story if all the action scenes weren t entertaining enough What was a love triangle threatened to become a love square with the addition of Micah the mysterious Kala boy in white that Kris has been dreaming of Personally I can only take this kind of angst in small doses and ended up reading this book at the same time as another one so I could take breaks from all the drama Also, I really hate Micah and think he s a creepy tool Aside from that, I really enjoyed the rest of the story and though it was well written and well paced The ending was also really good in that it wrapped a lot of things up but left a clear path for the next book in the series My favourite part about this book was view spoiler when Kris finally chose Nathan and got him to admit his love fore her All I can say is it s about bloody time hide spoiler

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    Just as bad as the first book in the series just add a few love interest and hardly any story line there you have it Sacrificed How in love with herself can Kris get I can honestly say this was a difficult audio book to listen too it was so boring i kept tuning out The whole story line was constantly being shoved aside to listen to how much involve with her each of the guys was and how she did not want to kiss them all except Nathan who low and behold at one point was on her taboo list as they may have similar parentage in some freaky way.

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    A continuation from the first in the series keeping up the many twists as you make your way farther into the story A Good read Thank you Desni Dantone

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    Second book in series was just as good as the 1st Definitely one of my new fave series.

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