A Broken Forever (Forever, #1)

A Broken Forever (Forever, #1) Grey And Stefan Knew From The Moment They Met That They Were Destined For One Another Despite The None Too Quiet Protests From His Family They Married Straight Out Of High School Their Love Was Strong And Only Grew When A Year Later They Welcomed Their Baby Girl Into The World Life Was Perfect Until One Night Changed Everything A Horrendous Accident Destroyed Them Stripping Them Of Everything They Knew, Taking Away Their Happiness And Their Daughter While Mourning The Loss Of Their Little Girl They Were Also Suffering The Loss Of Each Other Stefan Blamed Himself For Their Daughter S Death, Drowning Away The Guilt In Liquor Grey Had Never Been So Alone Stefan Had Died Inside The Day Their Child Did Doing The Only Thing She Could To Save Herself, She Ended Their Marriage Seven Years LaterStefan Harrison Is The Most Eligible Bachelor With A Wallet And Company That Continues To Grow Every Night He Has A Different Woman On His Arm With The Next Not Far Behind Grey Desmond Is The Lead Stylist And Co Owner Of A Reputable Salon With The Perfect Fianc And A Beautiful Wedding In Her Future But One Chance Meeting Between Grey And Stefan Is All That Is Needed To Reawaken The Feelings From The PastShe Tries To Avoid Him But He Won T Let Her Losing Grey Was Stefan S Biggest Mistake And He Won T Stop Until He Wins Her Back But Grey Doesn T Know If She Could Ever Trust Him Again Leaving Her Heart To Decide Between The Perfect Future Or The Past She Never Let Go

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the A Broken Forever (Forever, #1) book, this is one of the most wanted Megan Noelle author readers around the world.

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  • Kindle Edition
  • A Broken Forever (Forever, #1)
  • Megan Noelle
  • English
  • 14 March 2019

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    I knew this story was going to gut me when I picked up my Kindle to read it this morning You already know what the story is about from reading the synopsis, so there s no need for me to write itI m here to tell you that Stefan and Grey s story is one you REALLY NEED TO READ.This is an emotional read It felt as though I was right there with them I felt the pain these two characters were going through I felt for Richard also The whole time I was praying that these two got their HEA I read a lot of books At least 10 weekly Some stay in my head, others not so much I can say that this book has left me with a total book hangover.Do yourself a favor and one click this book right now Take the journey with these two characters You will not be disappointed Megan Noelle you continue to amaze me with every book you write I will continue to read anything you publish Beautifully Written. 5 AMAZING STARS

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    How do i find the words, when this book envokes so many emotions i will try This author writes so beautifully from the heart and you can feel it throughout the book.Grey and Stefan have the fairytale high school romance, the fairy tale marriage, perfect love and happiness, and the the not so fairytale of real life, which throws its spanner into the works Tragedy and Devastion tears their world apart, and they struggle to even survive This story is about love, grief, coming to terms with life, growin up and learning that living a life you think is good is sometimes just existing and avoiding the real pain of facing life Stefan enters her life again, determined to win her back and show her he really is the man she needs him to be This book will have you smiling and laughing but also sobbing and breaking your heart, there isn t an emotion you won t feel Their journey isn t easy, but i loved how they came together to face the horrors from their past At times i got frustrated with Grey and just wanted her to hurry up and look at what was staring her in the face This is an amazing love story you won t regret reading

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    DNF 25%Unfortunately the writing felt too forced and this book is in need of an editor Some of the sentences didn t make sense to me It s a shame because I was actually quite enjoying the storyline and it definitely has great potential.

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    Going to sit down and write a long review but for now just amazing and beautiful heart breaking story Please read this book What can I say except Megan did a beautiful job of telling this story The love that Grey and Steffan felt for each other was explosive Grey is in high school and oneday she see s this guy in the hall or should I say the fall over each other Anyway this guys name is Steffan and he is a charmer from the start Grey the good girl that is perfect and has a 4.0 gpa decides to risk a day of leaving school with Stef and from that moment on they just new there love would last forever Time goes by Grey turns 18 they get married and later find out they are having a baby Yes it seems so cut and dry right but no life never gives you things that easy On Christmas eve they are on the way home and a tragic accident happens Grey wakes up in the hospital to be told her whole world has been shattered her baby Allie has died Now ask your self how would you deal with something like this Grey wants one thing and thats her husband to lean on But Stef has shut down and feels to guilty because he was driving Grey doesn t blame him for the accident but he can t be what she needs One year later and Grey gets the courage to go in Allie s room Stef comes home and its not pretty at all The things he says and does its so hurtful So Grey leaves and never looks back A life she once had forgotten Grey has a new life 6 yrs later and she is engadged to a wonderful man named Richard He treats her so good but there is one problem he has no idea of her past She is a successful business owner and got her life on track Oneday she finds her self looking in a pair of blue eyes And from that moment on Stefffan knows what he wants and will fight to get her back She starts getting confused and wants Stef and Richard both But knows she can never go back to Stef There are alot of things tgat happen in this story and I can t give everything away But I can say that the love that Grey and Steffan share is like no other They are the only people who can set each other free But is it enough to start over or move on Great job Megan love you so much 3

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    Oh Man..I love the concept of this book Yet. I don t know, it lacked something for me to give it the 5 stars I so desperately wanted to give Part of a great story is the writing style and how I feel the emotions through them A Broken Forever had all the right ingredients to be a heart wrenching story and there were times I felt like I was living with them inside the book and then they were a LOT of times I just wanted to skip over the parts that gave me that glazed over look I feel like the characters could of gone much deeper with their feelings and the connection just wasn t there for me although the idea of the plot overall was what made me read the story I just UGH wish there was something . the ending left me completely exhausted. as if that s it I need of an explanation just like that Oh well..

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    demasiado pendejos me hizo tener muchos dolores de cabeza u.upobre stefan xD

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    This story gutted me from the first chapter How parents go through something so terrible and continue to go on day after day is beyond me I couldn t be proud of Greysen and how she was able to make something of her life after such a horrible tragedy I wasn t a fan of Robert Only because I didn t get a back story as we did with Stefan and Greysen My heart hurt for the heartbreak they endured and couldn t help but pull for them throughout the story My only dislike is Stefan s name Unfortunately, Steve Urkel s alter ego was named Stefan Urquell So every time I read Stefan that s who I pictured Great book Can t wait for Stefan s side of it all I d love to have an epilogue or a novella as well

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    A Deep seatedAll consumingUndeniable LoveWhen I started reading the prologue I was like Omg I don t know how I m going to read this, but I did read it and I want There has to be It can t end like this I m craving the deep seated, all consuming, undeniable love that Stefan and Greyson have love that Megan used a boys name for a girl I want to want someone so bad that I can t function properly unless I have some type of contact from them Megan has left me with this uncontrollable thrust to have of this story I ve recommended this book to my friends telling them that this is a must read.

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    oh goodness what a book.this author certainly runs the gamut of emotions in you.this is the story of Stefan Harrison and greyson rose desmond who meet as highschool sweethearts marry and have the perfect life until a tragedy wrecks their lives and sends them crashing,can they rebuild their lives.can they get a happy ending it remains to be seen

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    Loved this book The only thing missing for me was an epilogue I wanted to see them having a life together Hopefully we ll have that on the next book Stefan s POV

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