At Any Moment (Gaming the System, #3)

At Any Moment (Gaming the System, #3) It S Dangerous To Go Alone Mia Strong Never Expected To Be Deciding The Rest Of Her Life At Age Twenty Two Is She Willing To Become A Human Lab Rat Does She Need To Write A Will Does She Ever Want A Family And If So, With Whom She Can T Dodge The Tough Questions Not If She Plans To Live To See Twenty Three With Her Life Hanging In The Balance, Mia Wants Nothing Than To Rely On Adam Drake, But He S Hurt Her BeforeYou Must Gather Your Party Before Venturing Forth Adam Drake Knows That He S Made Mistakes, But When He Discovers What Mia S Facing, He Realizes How Much Those Mistakes Could Cost Him Now He Has To Choose Between Being The Man Who Can Save Mia S Life Or The Man She Can Love No Matter How Much It Tears Him Apart, Adam Knows He Has To Put Mia Firsteven If It Means He S Out Of The Picture EntirelyWill Their Love Survive This Epic Battle Or Is It Game Over This Novel Is The Third And Final Book In Adam And Mia S Trilogy, But They Will Be Featured In Future Gaming The System Novels

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    Due to popular demand, I wrote a 5 years later epilogue for At Any Moment. Read an excerpt from At Any Moment Mia tries to convince Adam to take a bath with her.Teaser 4 10 23 14Teaser 3 10 21 14 Flame and Paper Teaser 2 10 16 14 I love your soul Teaser 1 10 14 14 Amazing Sign up for the author newsletter to find out about future releases in the Gaming the System series

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    Drama, drama, and freakin drama Seriously, how can one series and this book specifically have so much back and forth conflict I didn t even know it was possible The amount of times Adam and Mia fought, broke up and got back together is too many to remember or even count It was extremely frustrating I understand having some conflict but this was just ridiculous They were so bad at communicating The whole second book At Any Turn was based around Mia being distant and hiding something HUGE from Adam However, when they weren t fighting and being annoying, I really liked them The circumstances in which they met were weird but interesting It was pretty cute that their love was so strong that they went through all this bullshit to have a happily ever after even though it was frequently infuriating.

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    I m so hooked I m so hooked on this series So unexpected Beautiful yet angsty I can t wait to dive into the next book in the series.

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    More of my book reviews at read this book Just kept turning the page to get the gist of what was going on Were they banging Were they not banging It took so long for them to bang Was so sick of Mia from book 2 and really, at this point, felt like there was just no oomph to the whole story Once THE decision was made view spoiler Mia decides to have an abortion so she could go on chemo hide spoiler

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    Wow I am totally blown away by this book First, I ll just say that the first book in this series was one of my favorite books ever I love Mia and Adam and their unique story In book 2, I was devastated by Mia s situation and her secrets Now in book 3, Mia is faced with the most difficult decision a woman could ever face My heart broke for her and at 5% in, I was already crying and had to take a little break I don t know what I would ve done if I was in her situation Adam is an amazing character He is supportive but also isn t a push over This is a true love story, the way Adam helps and cares for Mia is amazing and beautiful These aren t perfect characters, they make mistakes, they don t always make the best decisions but they are some of the most real, heart felt characters I have ever read The writing of this book and this entire Gaming the System series is absolutely brilliant This is unlike a lot of the other books out there right now, it s a unique story that really takes you on a journey I highly recommend this book and this entire series I can t wait for Jordan s book next ARC provided in exchange for an honest review

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    Okay So that was amazing I m not even sure what to say I m kind of speechless It was beautiful and painful and heart wrenching and sexy all at the same time The way I, as a reader, lived with Mia though her darkest days was expertly handled BRAVA Aubrey has an incredible talent And finally an intelligent romance She navigated through their mistakes and the valleys of their relationship in such a way, that their outcome , their HEA is literally one of the most beautifully believable HEA s I ve EVER read And I ve read a lot So apparently, I did have some things to say.

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    I m addicted to this series This book is crack in text form.Adam I had a whole lot sympathy for you the last time around.What you do Redecorate an entire suite and have Emilia move in with you so you can take care of her during her cancer treatment.What I see I don t want her too close I want to keep an eye on her but I don t want her in my bedroom.What you say You re beautiful and sexy no matter what.What I hear empty words She needs assurance and love You push Emilia away EVERY SINGLE TIME If I m Emilia, I m thinking you re repulsed by my appearance.What you want Emilia to be healthy and start treatment right away You convince her to have an abortion so she can do that and tell her you can t lose her.What happens As soon as her treatment ends and her scan comes back clear for cancer, you send her packing You don t earn any extra book boyfriend points from me for waiting until her chemo is over to break up with her.I feel horrible for Emilia when she says So nowI get to live hooray But I don t have you And I don t have a babyEmilia she takes responsibility for her actions in this book She knows she should have told Adam about her illness a whole lot sooner Her secrets and lies really screwed everything up She is contrite and I believe her Problem is Adam doesn t He doesn t trust her and he s scared She needs support and love and to forgive herself Just because it was a terminate the pregnancy to save the life of the mother decision doesn t make it any easier She needs to mourn her loss and grieve the loss of the children she will never bear But Adam s lack of emotion marginalizes her feelings He can have other children she never will.I gave this couple an F for communication in the last book and a D in this one It s not until this socially stunted couple finds a different way to speak to one another that they heal And therapy, in Emilia s case Adam finds a way to speak through his online game and Emilia writes a journal to tell Adam how she feels.Love this story Love this couple I m cheering for them all the way, and can t wait for the next book in the series.

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    At Any Moment is a book that will resonate with readers long after the last page is turned.Sigh I ve waited a long time to write this review I needed to collect my thoughts It pains me to review this book, because once I do, it s over The trilogy telling Adam and Mia s story is finished And I m not ready for that Yeah, yeah, the author Brenna, who is super sweet mentions that they will pop up in the companion spin off books, but it s not the same Better than nothing, though So with a heavy heart here is my review of the third, and final, book of Adam and Mia s story At Any Moment by Brenna Aubrey So, if you couldn t tell by my intro, I loved the Gaming the System series A lot If you haven t read it what s wrong with you Seriously, it s a smartly written new adult series The characters are intelligent, the story line is unique and pulls the reader in, and it s refreshing not to read the same story girl meets bad boy, bad boy changes, girl gets bad boy, and they live happily ever after Don t get me wrong, I like those books, too If they re written well But the Gaming the System Series has a totally unique and intelligent plot, while still appealing to those who like the new adult genre.The characters Brenna creates are real They have issues big issues They make mistakes Strong at times, but they need help at others Brenna writes them flawlessly They jump off the page and pull the reader into their world, and the reader will want to stay there This is definitely a book you read when your schedule is clear I read it in one sitting.I ve already talked a little about the plot It s different than any other new adult book I ve read, and I ve read and reviewed a lot of books Many I ve featured on my blog Those that I ve read that I couldn t rate a four star or above, I didn t post on my blog So for every book you see on my blog, there are probably three or four I ve read that didn t make the cut So that s a lot of books And the Gaming The System Series is one of my favorites.Usually I never give a recap of the storyline on my blog I believe readers should read the book and enjoy it the way the author intended, not get a watered down version from me But I will give a tiny bit of information about At Any Moment Mia s struggle in this book really gave her character depth She had to build strength, but it came in a way she never thought it would Her character really grew in the book I loved the topic Brenna covered, one so important, yet not seen often in books in this age range Tremendous, tremendous job.The pacing was good throughout the book The storyline flowed well Character development was outstanding, including secondary characters which often get overlooked The ending wrapped up the trilogy nicely, although I m so glad I ll get glimpses of my favorite couple in future books.Bottom Line Brenna Aubrey s Gaming The System Series is outstanding and At Any Moment is a touching look into a young woman s life as she battles one of her worst fears, and a man who loves her enough to do whatever it takes to help her It s about finding strength in surrendering control and accepting help At Any Moment is a book that will resonate with readers long after the last page is turned At Any Moment A Must Read 5 Stars Gaming The System Series 5 Stars Adam as Book Boyfriend Material 5 Stars

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    Gaming the System reviews At Any Price hereAt Any Turn hereAt Any Moment See below For the win hereFor the One hereWorth Any Cost hereBonus books At Any Price Bonus bonus chapter hereWelcome to Gaming the SystemAt this point in time I think I m a bit stumped for words This series displayed such huge potential in At Any Price , which is so filled with love Then we progressed into At Any turn which is filled with frustration, despair and mistrust Now we ve made it to At Any Moment which is such a bitter sweet book.I m not quite sure, how Brenna managed to steer this series so far away from the auction that, started it all But Mia and Adam keep going back and forwards Fighting Breaking up Blaming themselves I have to admit what I had the hardest time dealing with was all the blame Mia keeps blaming herself for choosing to live For choosing to fight I do understand where Brenna is coming from, and I understand that the choices Mia has to make are hard and will probably stay with her for life But that doesn t make all her whining and misplaced blame okay It s not like there s not plenty of legitimate things Mia could be blaming herself for, so why go for the ridiculous ones How about blaming yourself for hiding such a serious condition How about blaming yourself for putting Adam in an emotional jail cell No That would be too easy It would make too much sense But without any sense being made, the drama loop continues At the moment I m just fed up with Mia and her selfish personality.I know it s not going to be the last we hear of Adam and Mia, but it s goodbye to them, at least for now.

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    2.5 rounding upI just don t know what to sayDid this series have potential Absolutely But it was grossly exaggerated and had an abundance of unnecessary, drawn out, drama I understand the idea behind all of it and trying to make it real but it ended up being incredibly immature and aggravating I won t be reading the follow up characters stories since I barely made it through these books and skimmed A LOT

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