Kergulen (Kergulen #1)

Kergulen (Kergulen #1) A Girl With The Eyes Of A Witch Escapes Her Abusive Master, But Instead Of A Happy Ending She Finds Kergulen, A Land Where The Monsters Are Only Slightly Terrifying Than The People As She Struggles To Stay Alive In This New Country, Rima Must Master The Capacity For Inner Freedom And True Friendship If She Hopes To Create A Life Worth LivingRima Is Not A Typical Heroine Her Misadventures Involve Universal Issues Such As Racism And Self Doubt, But Also Include The Occasional Monster Or Dragon The Entire Kergulenite Forest Works In Harmony To Keep Kergulen S Secrets Safe From Rima And The Rest Of The WorldWill Uncovering Kergulen S Mysteries Give Rima The Freedom She Dreams Of, Or Will She Be Condemned Because She Knows Too Much I did enjoy reading this book The approach was quite different from mainstream fantasy and it quite cleverly tackles themes of racism and prejudice As I was reading though, I found the development of the two lead characters was a little confusing at times, causing me to go back and reread in case I missed something I did find Rima just a wee bit weepy, but being a slave girl, you can hardly blame her, so I do understand this area of resentment on behalf of Jail However, I did find myself wondering if Jail had some sort of chemical imbalance in the brain, as his reactions seemed to be excessive on occasion I think explaining his reason for his reticence a bit earlier on would have been beneficial in understanding him better.I did fall in love with Jail s family, what a wonderful, homely bunch of people, comfortable with themselves and their eccentricities What a great place for Rima to begin her journey towards awareness of self worth.Also, with mention of other lands throughout the book, had me thinking of the great scope for further volumes exploring each culture through Rima s ever changing eyes It was with chagrin that I realised I had reached the end of the story for now and that my Ipad was not broken, there were merely no pages to turn as yet So here I am awaiting the next installment in Rima s adventure. ETA R.A White worked really hard to re edit the book, and the result is a remarkable story set in a well developed world that is populated by complex, interesting characters The edited version of the book gets those five stars I couldn t give it pre edit.This could have been a five star book It should have been something I wanted to give five stars Instead, I wouldn t feel right claiming it was anything than a three and a half star book Since Goodreads doesn t do half stars, and because I love the story, I m marking giving it four stars R.A White seems to have put in a tremendous amount of effort in building a world that is interesting and complex She depicted each culture as consistent within itself while not falling into a trap of making anything predictable That s a result many authors fail to achieve Things that didn t make sense at first were almost invariably explained eventually, so my curiosity remained piqued, but I never felt like I was the victim of an info dump.I found the central characters to be believable, and even though few made choices I would have made, I didn t find myself sneering at them However, characterisation is part of where this book lost a star from me.The plot kept me intrigued and invested in Rima s story throughout even when it seemed to be trailing off into unimportant areas but wasn t I hadn t seen anything like that from an author in a long time, and I ate the experience up.The first half star was lost early in the book Rima, the protagonist, is a slave who has spent her entire life as a slave on an isolated farm located in Banlund a country populated by dark skinned people She has lighter skin than most of her fellow Banlunders And yet, in the first pages of the book, where the story telling style in all other instances appears to be close third person, we read about her observing her own dark skin And that self image continued on, even before she found herself surrounded by pale skinned Kergulenites.The next half star was lost to a similar fail, although I had to read the next book in the series before I felt comfortable saying it was, indeed, a fail Turning red Dark skin is highly subjective, and some people who have dark skin do visibly blush to the point of turning red There comes a point, however, we our blushes stop manifesting themselves with visual cues akin to what one might describe for a White person Even after reading the second book, I wasn t certain which category Rima fell But I since I was already feeling sceptical, once I saw a character albeit in the second book whose description seemed to place him into the latter category also turn bright red , it firmed up my scepticism for the descriptions in this book.The final half star was lost to persistent word use and punctuation fails Complement in place of compliment and discrete in place of discreet are pet peeves of mine Those, coupled with indiscriminate comma abuse made me grit my teeth through much of the book Fortunately, the story was so good, I was ravenous in my appetite to continue reading I would have given up on a lesser book I certainly would not have gone on to buy the second had R.A White not had such a wonderful tale to tell. Positive Thoughts I really enjoyed this book I am not sure why it is listed as 600 pages, as the copy I received was only 308, but I read it none the less It took a bit to read it, as fantasy is not my usual genre to read I received an email from the author, R.A White, asking if I would review the book I was honored she would asked, so I agreed to do so.This book was very creative think Cinderella meets Game of Thrones.I loved the fact that there were so many radical differences from one culture to the next contractions vs no contractions in speaking.The characters were engaging I fell in love with Rima, the main character, the moment she stepped foot off of her farm I loved her giddiness and childish antics What I loved , however, was watching her mature and grow I felt her pain, my heart cried, rejoiced, and angered at the injustices she went through.I absolutely fell in love with Lily, the mom character She reminds me very much of a woman close to my own heart The whole family that took Rima in was so well written, it could be a number of wonderful families I know in real life.R A White does such a wonderful job of creating scenes that pulls the reader into it Everything from violent uprising to heartbreaking deaths.Negative Thoughts I am not sure if I did in fact receive a shortened copy to review, it being only 308 pages, but I feel the book has a couple negatives about it I really feel there were areas of the book that weren t expanded on enough and some areas were over written Sure, she s had a hard time I get that But her insecure, almost childish, way about it got tiring Buck up Rima You ve survived this long, so far, you ll survive so much.A I feel like it s unfinished I don t know if that means the author is going to write a sequel, because if so, hurry Otherwise, it s really left open with SO many questions I would love to know what happened to the poachers, dragons and the truce I want to know what this kingdom was that Rima was venturing too at the end I want to know what the heck happened to Yori and Mrinda.B I feel like it could probably generate sales if it were broken into a few different, shorter, stories.First story being Rima, her abusive master, her escape all the way up until she reaches Nene.Second, Nene, the rulings, house guests, and the beginning of adjustment.Third, fires, riots and Pitr.Four, rulings, training, and adventure.Five, dragons Catch what I m saying here It was a long novel, to break it up could generate interest in the book Too long of a novel can grow boring But as you can see, I have many questions that would lead me to pick up the next book in a series to answer those questions.Overall Feeling I love this book The author did a wonderful job constructing a mythical land with races, cultures, and dragons It s creative, thought out and highly entertaining. I am always excited to find a promising new author who will provide hours of good reads for years to come I just finished Kergulen and I am looking forward to beginning the sequel.R.A White explores the universal theme of belonging through the eyes of a young woman who feels like an outsider in everyway Rima flees an existence where she is tolerated and ignored in the best of circumstances only to find herself trapped in a foreign country with different language, customs, beliefs, and culture The color of her skin and place of her birth cause problems that she could never have imagined.Kergulen is a richly imagined, unique world and I looking forward to visiting there again. No one has ever entered the forest of Kergulen and survived except for Rima To escape regular beatings from her slave master, Rima flees to the forest in desperation After being saved from a pack of wild animals by a Kergulenite, Rima discovers that beyond the forest of Kergulen are peopled cities, a king, and even dragons.The Kergulen people have strange customs and pasty white skin, and Rima s dark complexion makes her stand out as a foreigner The local people suspect that she is a spy, consider her a threat, and call her a bloodthirsty barbarian When she is not with the family that saved her, she is required to wear a blindfold at all times, and is not allowed to speak in public Rima quickly learns that although she is no longer a slave, her freedom is even restricted than before And her presence in Kergulen has put herself and her newfound friends in danger.Read the rest of this review at Underground Book Reviews dot com. This is a great story Kergulen is such a fascinating place depicted in this book Rima is a young girl trying to find her own place in the world She ends up being in a different kind of danger when she flees her home in an attempt to get away from her crazy master She meets up with Jail along the way, who is in his own right quite interesting, and her journey takes another turn I would definitely recommend this read The characters are multi dimensional the interaction between Rima and Jail is hilarious, but also endearing at times The story hints to a sequel and I can t wait until it come out I m so looking forward to see what comes next for Rima. This is an interesting, engaging book Rima has grown up as a mistreated slave She runs away from her master, into a country she didn t even know existed, to discover new friends and possible love interests , an unimaginable path of danger and adventure, and gifts she had no idea were hidden inside of her She has many obstacles to overcome and much growing to do The story is not over at the end of this book, so I can t wait to see what adventures await Rima in the next installment Once in a while you stumble across a real gem Kergulen is one such gem A powerful and poignant story of a young slave girl, Rima from Banlund, who escapes the captivity of a merciless master that whips her constantly because he can, and because she s a half breed with strange eyes The only place she knows to go, where she won t be tracked down, is the forbidden forest of Kergulen No one ever escapes to tell of Kergulen Little does she know, she s thrust herself into another world of pain, shaming, and struggle to survive Yet, behind every cloud is a silver lining Attacked by a vicious pack of Alepay feral pigs , near death, she s rescued by a young border warrior, a Tonx by the name of Jail Against his training and the law of Kergulen, he chooses to listen to his heart and takes her to his town of Nene to be healed by his sister, the only surgeon and primary healer of the town Foreigners are not allowed in Kergulen and are usually put to death immediately The elders allow Jail and his family, because of their status and relationship to the King, to take care of her until such time as she can be taken to the capital city for interrogation and ultimately a decision on what to do with her Her secret, she s an Alocan Her eyes change color with her surroundings but she also has magical gifts, yet to be discovered and nurtured This places her and her now adopted family in jeopardy creating a civil war in the town of Nene Lured outside one evening by magic, she is captured, beaten, raped and left for dead by a group of haters Only her will to survive keeps her alive until Jail and his family discover she s gone, find her, and save her life once again.Through all of this, Rima not only struggles with her own self worth issues of being different and an outcast but now struggles with the pain of watching those who befriended her suffer loss as well On the plus side, she learns to defend herself and is awed by the wonders nature offers the natural beauty of the forest, birds chirping, snow, all of the things she s never known before, including love.This story is powerful in many ways It evoked and projected my own emotional outcry against racism, ignorance, and brutality, issues, unfortunately, that we still face within our own world day to day It also touched my heart as to the compassion and love one family offered a scared young woman facing the fear of being killed by haters of those that are different Going against and entire town and kingdom to defend Rima s rights as a human, the family places their own lives in jeopardy to defend hers R.A White has written a tale definitely worth reading I highly recommend this book to those who want to ride an emotional roller coaster from start to finish Kudos R.A White I look forward to following your series. Loved this book so much it made me sign up to goodreads to follow the progression of White s work It s so refreshing to read something with character development, consistent world building and great plot Not only that, it actually has the power to make you think and make you uncomfortable Seriously cannot wait for the next installment.

I ve loved fantasy for as long as I can remember, and I ve enjoyed writing since I was a child During my early adulthood I developed an appreciation for diversity of appearance, culture, and personality This appreciation became a passion for a message, the message of peace and cooperation between individuals of different backgrounds, the message that we should love and value our differences, not

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