Daughter of the Manor

Daughter of the ManorA HELPING HAND It Deeply Irritated Leonora That She Was Always Being Caught In Awkward Situations With The Village S New Doctor, James Galbraith Especially Since She Was Engaged To Tony But James Proved A Sturdy Support As She Did Her Best To Keep Her Parents Decrepit But Much Loved Manor House Running SmoothlyThere Was Little Point In Admitting Her Growing Feelings For James, Since He Showed So Little Sign Of Caring For Her

Betty Neels was born on September 15, 1910 in Devon to a family with firm roots in the civil service She said she had a blissfully happy childhood and teenage years This stood her in good stead later for the tribulations to come with the Second World War She was sent away to boarding school, and then went on to train as a nurse, gaining her SRN and SCM, that is, State Registered Nurse and Stat

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  • Daughter of the Manor
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  • English
  • 01 September 2019

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    Betty Neels The Daughter of the Manor caught me by surprise No RDD or OW Beautiful Leonora had luxurious hair, a voluptuous body and measured in at 5 ft 10 in But as pretty as Leonora was, Betty couldn t let the heroine slide without some frumpiness Her clothes were dowdy.The angst is this older romance was delivered by two clueless parents and a morally corrupt fianc Her father lost his money to bad investments the family was land rich but poor as a church mouse Leonora, an only child, would eventually inherit the estate That is, if it didn t fall apart Tony The Deceitful Fianc had other ideas In Neelsdom, Leonora managed the household, saw that bills were paid and made sure food was on the table Her mother was a flighty airhead and I am not quite sure what to make of her father Let me just say, he should have known better The new doctor in town was Dr James Galbraith and he was well to do At 6 ft 5 in., he was handsome, kind andandfor some reason not married But then Betty, you and I know the real reason. Physics Yes, physics When two things collide because of position, velocity and acceleration Sleet and biting wind caused Lenora to trod to her village with care There was a curve in the road, a car was rounding it, a piece of frozen earth caught her foot, she stumbled and plopped down with little dignity The driver, Dr Galbraith got out of his vehicle, heaved her to her feet and said, You should look where you are going There was plenty of food, descriptions of clothes and expensive cars view spoiler The romance between the doctor and Leonora develops slowly in the last third of the book Before that, they are acquaintances or friends depending on the moment He falls in love first As is customary with Betty s Hs, James doesn t immediately tell Leonora he loves her hide spoiler

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    Excellent Leonora Crosby s family has a 200 year history of living in the manor Her finance believes it would suit his plans to retire her parents to a little cottage and take over the family estate.Dr James Galbraith is new to the town, but he finds that Leonora would suit him very well Hoping she will find out about the scoundrel she seems set to marry, he finds himself in a position to offer her a shoulder now and then.

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    Un doctor apuesto y considerado, una hero na que da todo de s para ser feliz, pueblo acogedor, modales ingleses Nunca me canso de Betty Neels, sus novelas hacen que el tiempo vuelva atr s tan f cilmente Leerla me produce mucho placer.

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    Leonora Crosby is an Olivia who is engaged to a London businessman Leonora and her parents live in a charming, but old and run down manor house in the Somerset countryside While her parents love her, they are impractical and Leonora, with the help of a housekeeper, run the house, pay the bills and cook the meals Leonora takes a temporary job as receptionist to the new local GP, James Galbraith When Leonora finds out that Tony, her fianc , plans to take over her home once they are married, move her parents out, and convert it into a business center, she breaks the engagement James is there to dry her tears and mend her bruised heart.This one was okay Tony was a nasty piece of work 3 stars.

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    The usual Betty Neels but still entertaining I do like how she talks about food so much

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    The heroine was a little limp noodle for my taste but I did really enjoy the story and voice This was my first Neels but I already have another in the queue from the library.

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    Always enjoy her booksI have been reading her books since high school and enjoy them thoroughly This is light romance at its finest.

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    Very Enjoyable BookCute story with accidents, illness, a worthless fellow, a splendid doctor all woven together in a lovely fashion, I think

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    WonderfulAnother great story by Betty Neels, they seem to be getting better with every book I read Sweet and innocent, the way I like it.

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    3.5 1997I am 34 weeks pregnant so am reading really slowly The story does drag on a little, only in how long it took to completely get rid of the b stard Beanish Beamish But it gave us a nice contrast between RBD James and the thorny Tony, who from the beginning was obnoxious Only Leonora was sheltered and hardly met eligible young men, so was swept along by the first man who proposed.Poor Leonora Not just financially but in all ways except the generosity of her spirit and good nature More maid than daughter of the manor, her useless parents made me so angry and impatient most of the book Leonora was also an enabler, just letting them drift along like before, spending money they didn t haveI like these latter day heroes of Betty Neels This was published in 1997 and James was quick to come to terms with reality and in touch with his feelings While he prided himself in knowing females, having five sisters, he knew not to rush Leonora and treat her pride sensitively He had no idea she returned his feelings so early on though, so those moments of coolness were misinterpreted leading to dragginess of the story When he commented on her appearance and size she wasn t happy at all haha So much for having five sisters and understanding women I simply love how James would whisk her to Buntings, his home, to be pampered by Cricket Such a contrast to being at home where she had to pamper her parents It s so sweet how James wanted to just keep her there in Buntings to cosset her, when he knew he was going to marry her This is one heroine who needed rescuing and lots of pampering Aww

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