The Big Show: Inside ESPN's Sportscenter

The Big Show: Inside ESPN's Sportscenter For The First Time, Keith Olbermann And Dan Patrick, The Tag Team Partners Of ESPN S Award Winning SportsCenter, Bring What People Magazine Calls Their Letterman Like Loopiness And Koppelesque Smarts To The Printed Page In The Big Show The Big Show Gives You The Honest, Horrifying, Yet Always Entertaining Story Of Two Men, Three Cameras, And Highlights Run Amok That Voodoo That Keith And Dan Do To Make The Big Show Run Slicker Than Pat Riley S Do Keith S Controversial List Of Should Be Baseball Hall Of Famers Of Them, For Pete S Sake Dan And Keith S On Air Flubs Errors That Make Even Bill Buckner S Blunder Seem Minor And Keith And Dan S Complaints About Sports Idiocies And Each Other

Keith Olbermann is an American news anchor, commentator, and radio sportscaster He currently hosts Countdown with Keith Olbermann on MSNBC, an hour long nightly newscast of five selected stories with commentary by Olbermann and guests Starting with the 2007 NFL season, Olbermann also serves as co host of NBC s Football Night in America with Bob Costas.

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  • 13 February 2017
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    I think this was an amazing book, super easy to follow I liked it because it talked about football and baseball a little bit I talked about the Superbowl and who won what in the years of football.

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    This review is going to be less of a review, and of me talking You ve been warned I hunted this book down because I read somewhere that Aaron Sorkin got a lot of his ideas for Sports Night from watching Keith and Dan on SportsCenter And Sports Night being one of my favorite shows, and my sports mania still in full swing post Red Sox victory, I figured I needed to get my hands on it.And it s good Very, very funny It makes me cranky that I never actually watched SportsCenter when they were the hosts I mean, I had good reasons, what with being ten years old then, a girl, a reader rather than a tv watcher, and lacking cable but, man, was I missing out.As a terrible storyteller, I appreciate a good one, and these guys are good They wrote the book in their same back and forth banter style that they used on the show, and it worked much better than I expected it to be Probably in large part because when they interrupted each other, it was usually to mock each other I can t really remember any one or two stories vividly, which is a good sign they were all so good that none of them stood out.Keith s list of baseball players who should be in the Hall of Fame was far interesting than a list of 100 guys I ve never heard of before should ever be I m going to have to hunt down some of the names, to see if they ever made it in As, of course, this book was published in 1997, and presumably, things have changed since then I suppose I should make it clear that even though it is a book about their lives working in sports, and what they think about sports, their favorite parts of different sports, their problems with sports, their craziest moments in sports, their favorite things said about sports sports sports sports you don t need all that much knowledge about sports to read it It probably makes it interesting, and you d get of the jokes, but it s still a fun read without much prior knowledge.I especially enjoyed A Sort of Glossary of Terms , explaining where the catchphrases and sayings they used came from Very funny.

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    SportsCenter was a popular Sunday night program with Keith Olbermann and Dan Patrick, both idiosyncratic personalities in the field of sports reporting The short lived fictional Sports Night was inspired by these two Watching or listening to Patrick, who continues to host The Dan Patrick Show, and knowing that Olbermann went on to pointed political commentary should be enough A book can t recreate the time nor the place, even if it is read by the protagonists.

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    Back when sports was merely for entertainment rather than an all encompassing lifestyle, Dan Patrick and Keith Olberman yes, from MSNBC were the hour of sports highlights to watch on Sunday nights at 11 00 pm or the following Monday morning Written in a conversational format, both Patrick and Olberman have unique fonts in order to follow the stories.There is a chapter about how they logistically put the show together, which was humdrum when at the time, but probably ancient by today s standards You don t have to be a sports addict to appreciate the struggles they chronicle throughout their careers or the harrowing tales of encountering people much famous and larger than they are Excellent read.Favorite Patrick story 3 point contest with Thunder Dan Marleje.Favorite Olberman story how his friend jinx the Red Sox in 1978 and forced Bucky Dent to hit the famed homer.

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    Brutal Just brutal The first half is them talking about how difficult their job is, how great they are at it, and what to do to get into the business because they make it look so awesome, who wouldn t want to do it I can t believe their egos fit in 300 pages Then Olbermann lists the top 100 players who should be in the baseball HOF and why 100 Yeah Patrick does his usual this is the worst travesty ever except its pretty good if you think about it flip flop There is about 30 good pages of their favorite events they ve covered Read that chapter Then burn the rest of it.

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    I liked parts of this book much than others The stories, the memories, the bloopers are all classic Especially because I then went and youtubed them all and saw all the clips of exactly what Keith and Dan where talking about But some of the lists were a bit slow and drawn out I would have also liked commentary about actually working FOR espn, and maybe even some perspective about the demise of the Big Show Overall though, it s KO and DP, i mean, that s the bottom line Obviously it s good with them.

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    O, for the glory days of SportsCenter when I could actually watch the entire hour of sports highlights and enjoy them There is no one in sports programming who is as good, clever, funny, and on point as Patrick and Olbermann Thank goodness NBC picked them up.That said, this book can appeal to only a small audience, namely those who loved ESPN in the mid to late nineties Honestly, I haven t read this book in a long time and may never again It s a fun read and not much else Good for nostalgia.

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    No review per se, other than it s of a discussion between Dan and Keith than an actual, written book Also, the copy I got off for 3 is not just signed by Olbermann, it s inscribed to someone Nice to know one of Keith s friends has dumped this onto the market for little than the cost of shipping.

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    Keith Olbermann is very entertaining when discussing sports Still not sure who Dan Patrick is, but he was mildly amusing also Two interesting facts 1 if you want to be on camera, be on camera and 2 Lou Gehrig was dying of ALS for several years while he performed at the highest level in MLB hence, his achievement, in Keith s view, far surpasses that of Cal Ripken, Jr

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    An amusing bit of ephemera for those who enjoyed Keith and Dan s years together on ESPN s SportsCenter and their separate careers afterwards Especially good for baseball fans who enjoy Hall of Fame debates there s a whole chapter on this , those who picked up some of their catchphrases there s a chapter on this, too , or those interested in getting into sports broadcasting ditto.

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