Bound by Song (Cauld Ane, #4)

Bound by Song (Cauld Ane, #4) Maximilian MacMillan Is Brooding, Mysterious, And Drop Dead Gorgeous He S Also The Lead Singer Of The Most Popular And Successful Band In The World His Ability To Weave A Fantasy In Lyrics Offers Him Anything He Desires When He Meets His Mate Backstage At One Of His Concerts, He Expects She Will Fall Into His Arms And Thank Him For Being Hers She Doesn T After A Family Vacation To Scotland, Grace Wilson Returns To The United States Just In Time To Lose Her Job And Break Up With Her Boyfriend When The Lead Singer Of A Famous Band Sends Her An Invitation To Their Concert All Expenses Paid And VIP Treatment All The Way She Is Unprepared For The Lengths The Man Will Go To In Order To Meet Heror How Much He Keeps Hidden From Her As Max Works To Prove His Devotion To Grace, Will She Put Aside The Rumors And Gossip That Surround Him, And Trust Him Will Max Come To Terms With His Past And Finally Open Up To Grace

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  • Paperback
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  • Bound by Song (Cauld Ane, #4)
  • Tracey Jane Jackson
  • English
  • 12 September 2019
  • 9781494201265

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    So far I ve enjoyed this series and I like how the heroes fall for their heroines fast So these series are insta love I liked how she didn t fall at his feet, he had to chased her and wooed her Sure he sometimes acted like a diva but she brought him down real fast.Now bring on Niall s book, who s not a manwhore and so far during the 4 previous books no woman has been mentioned for him Safety Note view spoiler hero was a manwhore previously off page in previous books Celibate after meeting the heroine No OW OM drama Heroine is a virgin Some pushing done by the heroine hide spoiler

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    Can t sit through another manwhore gets the virgin story Celibate or not.

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    Bound By Song is book 4 in the Cauld Ane series, and is about Max and Grace Max is the lead singer of the popular band Fallen Crown After an exclusive show in Scotland, he met Grace and instantly knew she was his mate He found out who she was and has been tracking her down ever since Grace is feeling like a failure She lost her job, broke up with her boyfriend, and is now losing her apartment and moving back in with her family until she can get back on her feet Both of her younger siblings love Fallen Crown and are very excited when they give a rare interview and Max offers them tickets to the Portland show, along with backstage passes.Max had assumed that his offer would be accepted and that Grace would fall at his feet to worship him, like so many women do He is quite upset when Grace does not show up, and Max has to figure out just how to get Grace to not only accept her fate, but simply like him It s not something he s used to and it s very frustrating for him but provided a lot of smiles and laughter for this reader The hardest part is getting Grace to let go of Max s past as a womanizer He has many secrets and some tough reasons for his behavior But for Grace, she cannot accept Max into her life unless he gives all of himself especially the deep, dark parts.I absolutely love this series and all the characters I cannot wait for the next book, Bound By Dreams, Niall s story

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    Love this world that Piper Davenport has created The Cauld Ane are the perfect mix And Max Grace s story fits in perfectly Grace is feisty stubborn sometimes TOO stubborn Max is definitely alpha goodness, but he also goes a TAD too far in his arrogance sometimes I may have wanted to smack each of them a couple times Heh.This story has everything, making it a very enjoyable read There s humor lots of LOL moments and heart some sniffles, too and heat fans self whoooeeee Max Grace get to the steamy times, they do As always, I m looking forward to the next installment of this series Love the anticipation

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    Max and Grace s story starts in the middle of Brodie and Pepper s, timeline wise I think this book can also be a standalone, but it is so much enjoyable reading them in order And I just really have to say I love Piper Davenport s writing style Max and Grace have a fairly rocky start Grace isn t the biggest fan of Fallen Crown, Max s band And Max s power of suggestion just doesn t seem to work on Grace One of my FAVORITE parts of this book and one of the funniest , though, has to be when Grace is emailing Max, but thinking it was her younger brother, Spencer, playing a joke on her Max and Grace may have a rough start, but these two were perfect for each other No one can calm Max s temper quite like Grace can, course that could have something to do fact that Grace is Max s mate While you don t have the danger intrigue of the first three books, Bound by Song isn t without it s own drama, most stemming from the long ago death of Max and Nial s sister It s going to be interesting to see how the brothers go from here, and how much longer Fallen Crown will last with media the way it is in the modern age It certainly poses a challenge for those that are Claud Ane, considering they don t age like normal humans I m eager now to get started on Bound by Dreams and see where this goes next.

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    Fun extension of the seriesThe series has now moved on from the Grunnach Brothers to the MacMillan brothers who were strong featured characters in the first three books This book centers on Max and Grace Wilson, a woman briefly mentioned in an earlier book The dynamic here is interesting as Max knows she s his mate but she wants nothing to do with him and has the power to resist him where other women have not Most of the book deals with their building a relationship and Grace struggling to trust him and accept that he could possibly want her.As in previous books there are story holes, things brought up and then just left dangling Max isn t as likable a character as the previous male protagonists We don t get to know Grace as well as we did previous female protagonists Thus it was harder to really connect with this couple You also really have to have read the earlier books or this book would really leave you hanging in both understanding the other characters and the Cauld Ane Grace s reaction to Max once she turns 25 is also not portrayed the same way as in the first three books.The book is good just not quite as enjoyable as the first three.

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    It pains me greatly to not give a book in this series a five star rating but I had to I m not going to lie I do not like Grace at all I wanted to like her and sometimes there were hints of a funny, quirky person and then BAM she is super annoying again and I go back to disliking her I just felt like she was insanely harsh and rude to Max I mean yes he is a famous singer with a reputation but the poor man followed you have way around the world, courts you beautifully, tries to give you the world over and over again but that is not enough I mean I wanted to just stop reading the book but I couldn t because I loved the others so much Yes Max is not perfect either but Grace was just super frustrating to me and by the end I felt like she didn t even deserve Max Even though I didn t like Grace the writing style was still amazing and I do love the other characters in the story so that did save my rating some.Looking for books and reviews Check out my blog

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    I have to admit that I love the Cauld Ane series They are a unique immortal in that they don t need blood like vampires They eat, sleep and interact like humans unless it is over 68 degrees They cannot take the heat It can kill them Needless to say you won t find any of the Cauld Ane in Arizona In book four we explore the romance between Maximillian and Grace Wilson This isn t a simple fall in love story Max is Cauld Ane Grace Wilson is human and knows nothing of the unique race Max first sensed Grace at a concert in Scotland He even met her backstage and then she disappeared Max now searches the United States for his mate She has moved from her apartment She has moved from the town she was living He is frustrated He is angry Tensions are rising And when he finds her what will he do His solution is so simple and yet so complicated I loved it The romance made me giddy The courtship was so sweet Max s determination was inspirational The HEA was fantastic because they worked at it.

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    Max is a rock star, and Grace is a typical girl next door What in the world could they have in common After meeting at a concert of his, Max realizes she is his mate, and sets off to make her his To begin with, I really didn t like Max He s arrogant, self important, and really can t imagine not getting his way or anyone turning him down He s really kind of spoiled Grace, on the other hand, is loyal, sweet, and very funny Her sense of humor is off the charts hilarious But she s also very hesitant about getting involved with Max Max goes to great lengths to get her attention, and eventually convinces her to spend some time with him Once Max got over himself, he proved to be sweet and loyal As with all of the Cauld Ane men, Grace was everything to him Add in family tragedy, drama, unsolved murder, and mayhem, and you get a book that keeps the reader engrossed and entertained from the first word to the last I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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    I wasn t sure what to expect from Max, he s been of an enigma than the others so I was interested to see where his story lead.I enjoyed the fact that Grace wasn t a pushover, it was comical how Max reacted to some of the things he d always taken for granted I also liked that she challenged him and wouldn t let him get away with his secrets when he wouldn t stand for her to have any of her own.The conversations between Pepper and Max were golden When Grace learned the truth, she was understandably shaken, but Max was ever persistent.When Max s secrets finally come to light, Grace helps him through and suggests that things aren t always as they seem Turns out that Max s interpretation was way off I did enjoy the glimpses into the lives of those that we already know They truly are one big family, blood related or not.

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