Fire Girl, Part 1

Fire Girl, Part 1 WOW I have read some really amazing books this year and this book is up there with the BEST OF THE BEST Maddie s life is not going the way she wants She has been sent to live with her grandparents The farm brings back so many memories, especially those she shared with her cousin, Chance.Her anger is fierce and keeps her distanced from everything and everyone.She will insult her cousins girlfriend, shun the student body president, spar with a crippled girl, fight with the goth girl and get blamed for just about anything that goes wrong.It doesn t matter though because she doesn t plan on staying long.As she makes plans to leave, a change will take place, and she will find friends in those she is trying so hard to push away.In the process you will be taken on an adventure filled with so much emotion.You will feel the anger You will feel the love You will laugh You will cry You will rejoice And in the end you will SO LOVE THIS BOOK Troubled teen moves to small town after the death of her parents I liked the author s use of metaphor to describe feelings She has a nice style I held back from giving it 5 stars because sometimes you can take the mystery too far I spent some time feeling confused rather than intrigued about the horrible thing Maddie saw or did in the past whatever it was.A good first book I will likely pick up the second. I started reading this book and continued to slog through it due to my mistaken impression that fire girl had the supernatural ability to start fires Instead, fire girl gets her name because a stranger shoves a smoking cigarette butt between her fingers, and she immediately tosses it into an adjacent dumpster The dumpster begins to smoke, the stranger accuses her of trying to burn down the school, and ludicrously, everyone believes that, including her family One particularly cruel boy, who hates her at first sight, dubs her fire girl, and even adults begin to call her that This alone strains credulity, but if you add the facts that both her parents were killed a year ago, and that she s been in a mental institution since then, the aggressive jeering and persecution of nearly every adult and teen in town is simply absurd. I was pleasantly surprised by this book The story, characters, and setting were spot on I didn t think I d get past the first couple chapters since it was a Kindle freebie but I stayed up late reading I don t usually like religious fiction, because it comes across as clunky and preaching There is a great balance here The main plot is strong, and the religious aspect is simply a subplot that adds dimension to a great story The only problem is that only the first half of the book is free now I have to shell out the 2.99 to see what happens This annoys me, but not enough to keep me from buying I m definitely a new fan of Ms Taylor, and will be telling anyone who asks that this is the next good book they need to read. I enjoyed this story, but spent most of the first half of it wondering what the heck the fire part of the title and struggle the main character has was talking about That story detail was too fuzzy in my opinion and instead of being a mystery that I was wanting to figure out, it annoyed me the entire time Other than that, I thought the characters were well written and realistic. I did not care for the slow pace this book moved nor the poor editing and grammar Was glad I didn t pay for the first half and pretty disgusted the author cut the book in half, charging for the second half Honestly she d have to pay me to read the rest Sorry but nothing really happens in the first half to encourage me to keep reading But the biggest turn off was the statements followed with a question mark ex I m not dumb you know I think that this book was great.This is one of the best books ever Of all time The best part is when she volunteers to do her grandpa s work She wanted to leave Thank u for the great book. A girl had lost her parents and was sent to live with her aunt She underwent a year of therapy and then went to live with her grandparents She wanted to run away from them Every one at school knew she had been in a mental hospital She does things to get into trouble. Everyone Has Secrets Maddie Wants To Take Hers And Run After Getting Court Ordered To Live With Her Grandparents In Sugar Valley, Seventeen Year Old, Maddie Haven Doesn T Expect To Tick Off The Hot Student Body President, Have A Faceoff With A Horrendously Grumpy Girl In A Wheel Chair, And Get Blamed For A School Fire All On The First Day Of School Good Thing She Plans To Leave And Don T Even Ask Why Maddie Volunteers To Help Out After Her Grandpa Has A Heart Attack Staying In Sugar Valley Is Not Possible After An Unexpected Friendship Leads Maddie On A Journey To Remember The Faith She Thought No Longer Existed, The Only Thing She Knows For Sure Is The Truth Never Comes Easy And Helping Someone Else Just Might Change Her In Ways She Never Thought Possible When The People That Share Her Secret Threaten The People She Loves, Maddie Is Left With A Choice Run Away Or Let It All Go Up In Smoke Wow This was a really well written LDS fiction Although a Young Adult novel, it works for an adult The author is very astute on how to weave LDS theology into the characters struggles All the characters had depth Really well done

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[Epub] ❧ Fire Girl, Part 1  By Taryn A. Taylor –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 140 pages
  • Fire Girl, Part 1
  • Taryn A. Taylor
  • English
  • 06 August 2019

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