The Secret

The Secret Seventeen Year Old Delanie Hart Has A Past She Wants To Keep Hidden Moving To A New State And Attending A New High School Seems To Be Just The Thing Until She Accidentally Sees A Mark Exactly Like Her Own When The People She Is Running From Come After Her, Lanie Is Left With A Choice Give Up What She Wants Or Save Her Friends

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Secret book, this is one of the most wanted Taryn A. Taylor author readers around the world.

❀ [EPUB] ✸ The Secret  By Taryn A. Taylor ❤ –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 258 pages
  • The Secret
  • Taryn A. Taylor
  • English
  • 21 January 2018

10 thoughts on “The Secret

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    It seemed a little overly dramatic in places, but it was still pretty good It definitely had a lot of plot twists.

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    This was a very good young adult book The only problem that i had with it which i didn t knock off any stars is that is was trying to follow a couple POV s,but it never let you know which one So, while i was reading i noticed that i would get confused and have to re read a couple of spots This is a book about Delanie she has a special power Such a power her brother and her find themselves moving all across the united states to keep themselves safe from the federation it is like a cult What special power does Delanie have you ask well she can draw anything and then touch it, and then it comes to life pretty neat huh well, this certain gift has the leaders of this cult wanting her and needing her for some big thing they all have markings under their ear to show who was in the group and who wasn day while starting a new school a group of kids friend her She was nervous because she normally doesn t make friends, and she eats alone reading a book These people made her feel nervous and said something about her being the chosen one When you first start to read this you will have a twilight kind of feel, but don t worry that will quickly change These group of friend end up saving her life a couple times while at school She quickly finds out that this group of new friend also have the same markings that she has the only problem is that they do not have any powers They got kicked out of this cult and they took their powers they need Delanie to help them and return their powers They will go on and say that there are 7 original people who created these powers and it dropped down to the children This cult needs the original kids to steal their power and become powerful, in return these group of kids will die you will find out the different powers each one of them will have What is a book without a little romance oh, don t forget there is a mole in the mix of this group giving information to the cult leader who will also bring in a bunch of twists you will have fun guessing who the mole is an also watching the great romance that becomes in this book Once the group gets some of their powers back they will help each other and save the people that they love and take down all the evil people bad guys i am sorry that is all i can give you without telling you the rest of the story it is a great book, and a quick read.

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    4stelle e mezzo. Davvero una bella storia, che ha saputo essere originale anche con l argomento meno originale del mondo adolescenti con poteri.E soprattutto autoconclusivo La narrazione ha un buon ritmo, e anche i cambi di POV in un paio di casi non sono segnalati e quindi creano un momento di confusione aiutano a tenere alta l attenzione del lettore.C il solito triangolo amoroso tipico degli YA lei, lui e l altro ma non l elemento centrale in primo piano restano sempre la questione dei poteri dei protagonisti e la lotta contro la societ segreta setta. Ho trovato davvero originale la spiegazione dell origine dei poteri e ancor pi interessanti le conseguenze Lettura davvero consigliata

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    This one really amazed me as it is not something I would normally pick up I enjoy my fair share of YA, and fantasy of any kind, like the modern fantasy paranormal twists in this, are always a favorite of mine, but I tend to stray from love triangles Still, The Secret pulled me in Once you begin reading this tale, you can t deny how the intrigue of it all brings a truly compelling story to life, and you long for each new page For those who like a little complicated romance with fantastical elements and difficult choices from a relatable redheaded protagonist, you can t miss this one

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    I haven t read this book yet But I recommended it to all my cute nieces The author is the wife of someone I work with, his description of the book sounded very interesting and seems to be something teen 20 somethings would like I ll update my review after I read it Plus right now, it s free for Kindle download at

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    Let me start by saying that I loved the story and characters This book, however, is not very well written in my opinion That didn t stop me from plowing through it in a single day I did enjoy it, despite several confusing and unclear sections.

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    Is a great book to read

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