Top Secret Twenty-One

Top Secret Twenty-OnePlease don t shoot the criticJanet Evanovich has been writing best selling books for so many years I forget when I started reading them The antics of Stephanie and her crew have made me laugh so hard I had tears running down my legs The sexual tension between the characters has always had me coming back for , and,Ms Evanovich was a master of the craft and we all profited from it She s done now The legend of Stephanie Plum is over I don t know how it happened I don t know when it all started to go wrong But alas, the ride is over Maybe it started when the author started to write other series with other authors Maybe she just had noleft for Stephanie to do But since about book 11, I think we all started getting tired of it How manytimes is someone going to say babe Are we expected to read a book where someone usually dies, the dog eats something and pukes, grandma does something kooky, and the heroine waffles back and forth between two men We all give thanks for the years of enjoyment but we are officially done For the last ten books translate ten years and about 300.00, not to mention the shelf space we have lost you can take off the dust jackets, mix them around and put them in any order you want It makes no difference, THE RE ALL THE SAME BOOK I gave it ten good years and except for the fact that the books are getting thinner, they haven t changed a bit I actually SKIMMED through this book Can you believe it SKIMMED I m sorry Janet, I have loved your books since I was a teenager, but I can t read onerepetitious word I WILL miss you But I really need the shelf space. After Reading Sigh.I knew it.Not one, not two, but three different bad guys Stephanie gets to take down More firebombs, rockets, guns, and terroristic level toxins Stephanie gets kidnapped, saved by Ranger, and goes home with Morelli Lust for both Throw in Randy Briggs, a pack of wild Chihuahuas instead of a giraffe like the last book and Grandma Mazur with a gun and you have the first twenty books repeated in a slightly different order in this book.Sigh again.Please just end the series already.3 4 14 Pre Reading Review Top Secret Oh boy.Well, she won t choose between Ranger or Morelli so I am betting Stephanie witnesses a crime that is HUGE and becomes adorably caught in the cross fire of a large scale investigation Bad things will happen, Ranger will save her, Lula will get her in trouble while in tight clothes, her grandmother will wave a gun and then Stephanie will somehow miraculously save the day Sigh C mon, wow me a little here and make me be totally wrong Evanovich. Ranger vs Morellithe triangle continues There are some quirky, silly things you can always rely on when reading a Stephanie Plum novel She will lose destroy at least one car, her apartment will be trashed and grandma Mazur will say or do something inappropriate at the local funeral parlor Well you won t be disappointed with this one It includes all that and then some Now you can add assassins targeting Ranger Stephanie of course gets involved when she attempts to hide another of their targets oh that s going to go well I love Stephanie s bumbling antics If you ve read this series then you know what I m talking about If you haven t tried it yetby all means do You will be guaranteed plenty of laughs as you watch Stephanie go from one disaster to another. THE DRINKING GAME REVIEWI hadn t read a Plum novel since about number 10 or so, then I decided that they were getting pretty boring and Stephanie wasn t aging or choosing a man, so I took a break My dear friend kept me appraised on what was going on in the series Nothing So I happened across this book at the library and I m on summer break, I decided to give it a shot Couldn t be so bad, right Wellit s pretty bad Other people have done athorough job of reviewing this book, I don t really care enough to go into detail but EVERYTHING IS STILL THE SAME SO IF YOU HAVE EVER READ ANY OF THEM, YOU HAVE READ THIS ONE I don t think I will read the next one, not until the last one Just for closure BUT, I mentioned on another review that the only way to get through these any is with a drinking game, so here it is I did promise some people here I would come up with a drinking game to make the next one bearable I shall keep my word If you guys feel I should add to the list, let me know in the comments and I will edit the list Link me to other people who might enjoy this list The Stephanie Plum series Drinking Game written by TimeyWimeyBooks Please pace yourselves or you will be VERY DRUNK and I am not responsible for alcohol poisoning because Stephanie does these things ALL THE TIME Hee TAKE ONE DRINK IF Lula calls herself a Ho Lula is hungry Stephanie or Lula go to Cluck in a bucket Stephanie or Morelli have a beer Rex runs on his wheel She drives the Buick They go to a viewing Ranger says Babe The word Rangeman appears Morelli says Cupcake Bob eats something gross Bob throws up Steph s Mom irons Steph s Mom drinks Anyone eats a donut THE EYE is mentioned Grandma Mazur tags alongCHUG IF A Skip got away from Stephanie Steph s car gets blown up Ranger cars do count Steph has to be rescued by Ranger or Morelli Steph fires the gun and misses Wacky animals appear and or run around Trenton Steph s apartment gets blown up catches fire is broken into The same story yet again I can t wait to read this Book buying public me included That was my pre read review, but honestly I might have to open up a hotline like Miss Cleo if Evanovich continues to write such predictable stories.I want to point this out I was in the backseat with an ice pack on my bruised cheek, and I didn t ever want to repeat my day pp.288That s all Stephanie is doing any She s trapped in a Groundhog Day type situation This book is made up of the same mostly zany, sometimes dangerous situations that don t really lead anywhere in terms of character arcs Minor details change, but it s been the same damn story since about halfway through the series Can we at least get a spin off with Lula and Grandma Mazur They are the only interesting characters any.I m giving it 2.5 stars a mediocre rating for yet another mediocre story from Evanovich. Top Secret Twenty One in the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich has all the normal hilarious banter, sexual chemistry, and silliness as the ones in the past It also offers a deeper look at Ranger s past, Stephanie s grandmother s bucket list, and Joe Morelli s tolerance level when it comes to Stephanie s escapades I believe in love, but if someone put me through what she puts him through, I d probably disappear just to avoid any further impacts She s a barrel of laughs, but I couldn t worry about someone 24 7 the way Ranger and Joe have to worry about her While she can take care of herself from time to time, it d be way too many trips to the hospital, jail, court, and car dealership for me That said while I couldn t be her lover, I can definitely love her antics.Oh, how I laughed Last time it was the giraffe, this time is ten feral Chihuahua dogs who travel in a ferocious pack At least she found homes for them all by the time the 325 pages were up Grandma Mazur looking into a boob job was a little much for me to handle, but I can appreciate the things people put on their bucket list While the curse with Bella was a nice touch, I would ve loved to seeof those side stories pulling together the rest of the book rather than the missing guy trying to kill off old women The search for the culprit was fun, but the ending was a little too confusing and wrapped up neatly in a weird way It neededexplanation rather than a rushed closure.On to 22 next then only 3to go and I m current I hope to get there before 2018 ends Then which series do I go to VI Warshawski, I m about 5 behind there, too Oops, 2018 is the year for serial catch up. Twenty one books in and I ve learned to accept Stephanie Plum books for what they are mindless entertainment Like an old sit com rerun that you watch when you are bored Sure, you know what s going to happen, but it has a type of comfort and still can make you smile.But, after reading my last book that made me frustrated and murderous because the alpha male thing, I started to see Stephanie in a new light She s really a very liberated idiot woman Why She lives alone and has no intention of changing that even though both of the men in her life would allow her to live with them.She has two men in her life and they both fulfill her needs Morelli gives her stability and the possibility of marriage and family if she ever decides she wants that Ranger gives her excitement, danger, and doesn t try to change her.And, about those two men she doesn t make a choice and live happily ever after She spends time with them when it suits her and doesn t get held down by just one guy Why should she She has a career that is dangerous but fulfilling Other than the times when she s just been hurt and thinks she needs a new job, she s pretty happy with her work.She has close female friends and doesn t feel the need to compete against them or knock them down.She dresses for herself not to impress men or other women.She trusts her instincts, even when a man doubts her.She isn t sure if she wants kids and isn t apologetic about it.So, maybe she isn t the sharpest tool in the shed She s still a better example for our daughters than these supposed heroines who are professors, doctors, and scientists who throw everything in their life away the minute they meet a guy I can actually respect Stephanie s choicesthan our alpha male mates.All that said Go TeamRanger I have to be honest, when I read the last Stephanie Plum novel, I was really disappointed and I thought it would be time for Mrs Evanovich to either make drastic changes or retire the characters So when I received the early copy, I was unsure if I even wanted to try it But I must admit, Mrs Evanovich, seems to be back to her great writing performance Stephanie Plum seems to be back to her catastrophic self, but for a change, she isn t the only one that needs help The all mighty Ranger is in distress and needs to rely on Stephanies expertise And Of course Grandma Mazur and Grandma can not be missing in this mix and add a few slapstick moments We find out that Grandma Mazur has a bucketlist and she is actually capable of accomplishing a couple of her items on it, but I will not spoil, which ones, since everyone should find out themselves.And Lola is as flamboyant as ever and can not be amiss either This book has a lot of comedic relief, but it is somewhat obvious of who did it Over all, a great and fast read and Stephanie Plum fans will not be disappointed. Catch A Professional Assassin Top Priority Find A Failure To Appear And Collect Big Bucks Top Score How She Ll Pull It All Off Top SecretTrenton, New Jersey S Favorite Used Car Dealer, Jimmy Poletti, Was Caught Selling A Lot Than Used Cars Out Of His Dealerships Now He S Out On Bail And Has Missed His Date In Court, And Bounty Hunter Stephanie Plum Is Looking To Bring Him In Leads Are Quickly Turning Into Dead Ends, And All Too Frequently Into Dead Bodies Even Joe Morelli, The City S Hottest Cop, Is Struggling To Find A Clue To The Suspected Killer S Whereabouts These Are Desperate Times, And They Call For Desperate Measures So Stephanie Is Going To Have To Do Something She Really Doesn T Want To Do Protect Former Hospital Security Guard And General Pain In Her Behind Randy Briggs Briggs Was Picking Up Quick Cash As Poletti S Bookkeeper And Knows All His Boss S Dirty Secrets Now Briggs Is Next On Poletti S List Of People To Put Six Feet UnderTo Top Things Off, Ranger Resident Security Expert And Stephanie S Greatest Temptation Has Been The Target Of An Assassination Plot He S Dodged The Bullet This Time, But If Ranger Wants To Survive The Next Attempt On His Life, He Ll Have To Enlist Stephanie S Help And Reveal A Bit Of His Mysterious PastDeath Threats, Highly Trained Assassins, Highly Untrained Assassins, And Stark Street Being Overrun By A Pack Of Feral Chihuahuas Are All In A Day S Work For Stephanie Plum The Real Challenge Is Dealing With Her Grandma Mazur S Wild Bucket List A Boob Job And Getting Revenge On Joe Morelli S Grandma Bella Can Barely Hold A Candle To What S Number One On The List But That S Top Secret Two haiku review Someone s after BriggsSteph s apartment gets blown upRanger s car explodesA little funnyNothing new, same old same oldI didn t feel it

Janet Evanovich is the 1 New York Times bestselling author of the Stephanie Plum series, the Lizzy and Diesel series, twelve romance novels, the Alexandra Barnaby novels and Trouble Maker graphic novel, and How I Write Secrets of a Bestselling Author, as well as the Fox and O Hare series with co author Lee Goldberg.

❰Epub❯ ❦ Top Secret Twenty-One Author Janet Evanovich –
  • Hardcover
  • 305 pages
  • Top Secret Twenty-One
  • Janet Evanovich
  • English
  • 10 October 2017
  • 9780345542922

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