The Weight of Love

The Weight of Love After Losing Her Husband, Jaycee Struggles To Stay Afloat With Their Autistic Son When Mitchell Worthen Realizes How Far Off Track He Is, He Decides To Serve A Mission For His Church A Couple Years Later Than Normal When The Two Meet, Their Connection Is Immediate, And It Challenges Everything Mitchell Has Worked For Missionary Guidelines Are Strict For Good Reason, But Falling For A Woman He Can T Speak The Words To Feels Like TortureJaycee Loves The Understanding She S Found In Elder Worthen Over Her Son, But She S Several Years His Senior, And Knows Her Feelings Are One Sided With A Sudden Move In Her Future, And Her In Laws Putting Pressure On Her To Stay, Jaycee S Torn Between A Future She Doesn T Know She Can Have, And Another That Feels Both Certain And SafeWith The Life Of Herself And Her Son Hanging In The Balance, Jaycee Makes A Decision That Pulls Her And Mitchell Apart, In The Hopes That It Might Eventually Bring Them TogetherThe Weight Of Loveis A Story About Letting Go Of The Past, Falling In Love During Impossible Circumstances, And Learning That Often The Best Kinds Of Joy Are The Ones Worth Waiting For

I started my first journal when I was 7,there s a large box in my garage dedicated to the journals I ve filled since then.Now I only write longhand in the middle of the night or while waiting in my car.Sometimes I can read it later.I don t always like rules.I survived swimming in the Rogue River two times on one trip I was not swimming on purpose.I taught Middle School Algebra with a degree in Po

[PDF / Epub] ✎ The Weight of Love  ☂ Jolene Betty Perry –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 242 pages
  • The Weight of Love
  • Jolene Betty Perry
  • English
  • 21 July 2017

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    Read my full review at Every so often a book comes along that I kinda fangirl all over THIS IS ONE OF THEM I will be honest, I wasn t sure about picking it up I worried about the subject matter Mormon missionary falls in love with a single mom I ll admit, I had my doubts that it could be done without crossing lines, but I gave it a chance I downloaded the sample and five minutes later I bought the book and a few hours after that I finished it and then one minute after that, I started it all over again Really and truly I did WowThis book I m kinda in love with it The romance, the REAL romance, just hit the spot The characters were real, they had emotion, they struggled Oh my I kinda wish I could get amnesia and read it for the first time all over again Have you heard of Jolene B Perry I hadn t Not until this amazing gem of a book magically appeared on my recommended list And I m so glad I did In fact, I have to go now and buy everything this lady has ever written.

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    I adored The Weight Of Love I m not religious, however the religious aspect of the story really made the book for me It made me think of what s really important in life, of all the simple things, and that if you concentrate on those you can over come almost anything The struggles that Jaycee encountered and the temptations that Mitchell faced, constantly tested their faith When they held strong to their beliefs and slowly built their relationship, it made their feelings come through all the compelling to me as a reader I was able to make such a powerful connection with the story, I really felt all the emotions, it was outstanding Love Love Love

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    fun and interesting.

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    I thoroughly enjoyed this book It did a good job of portraying feelings but not crossing that line, especially where missionaries were involved I was afraid it would go a little too far, but she did a great job And she also did a great job with dealing with loss It wasn t where she met this other guy and now she questions if she loved her deceased husband at all She really struggles with moving on I really enjoyed this book and having both perspectives.

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    I liked it but not as much as some other books by her There were wrong words used like aloud vs allowed and a scene in Alaska where there is fire did not make sense It felt like information was missing Plus, I would have liked to see growth on both their parts, but she seemed to do a lot of waiting and nothing else and all he talked about was her.

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    3 1 2 stars.I really liked the story and the characters, but didn t like the voice too much The two 1st person POVs sounded a bit the same Other than that, it s a really sweet LDS romance.

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    LOVED this book

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