Blood Magic (The Draven Witch, #1)

Blood Magic (The Draven Witch, #1) I m trying to work out if this is a rip off of True Blood or Underworld What is it with authors these days having to pinch others ideas The heroine, Renee is pretty cool but then turns very predictable, and the werewolve, although he sounds like he s just ditched the movie and Kate Beckinsale, sounds cute Thats about it so if you want to read an ok book, with ok characters and done before storylines, read this I find I m writingandbad reviews on here I don t understand how half these people get published Obviously not with a big publishing househmmm I wonder why. Contains some spoilersBlood Magic is the first book in The Draven Witch series by Zoey and Luna Sweete It s about a girl named Renee who is half vampire, half witch She must kill Damaskeos, the evil vampire that has killed all her ancestors, before he kills her first.This book is a fast paced, action packed book A lot of scenes actually happened too quickly without enough detail To me, the writing was a little odd Something just seemed off, which is probably the result of 2 people writing it The characters were great Renee is a great heroine who doesn t back down from a fight.There were many possible love interests in this book It just seemed like every man she met wanted her, and that was a little annoying to me She went from someone who has never even been kissed, to someone who has a flock of men around her every minute of the day Tristan was my favorite and they seemed to be falling in love When Tristan found out that he couldn t be with her, Renee was over it in a minute and moved on to the next guy.I hate writing negative reviews, but I m not going to lie about how I feel It wasn t an awful book, it was just ok for me Also, this is just my opinion Other people really liked it and have given it 5 stars There are a lot of various paranormal creatures in this book, so if you are a paranormal lover you might give it a try. Like the new cover Sadly thats about it Couldn t finish this book Too similar to others I ve read I notice a couple of reviews have likened it to Underworld and True Blood I have seen underworld and YES there is likeness a lot actually I ve only seen a couple of episodes of True Blood, I do not follow it Yet I instantly thought of it as I read this No Originality at all I m sorry to say. I was enchanted by the cover of this book and couldn t wait to start reading it I can t say that I haven t read similar plot lines before, but I did find this one quite enjoyable and incredibly entertaining This was an action packed, exhilarating read with loads of surprising twists I especially liked the fast pace at which the story moved and nowhere did I get the feeling that the plot was being dragged out All the characters were very well developed and focus was placed on the strong bonds between Renee and her parents I believe helped shape the person she became by the end of the book and which also gave her the strength and confidence to conquer the dangers she was forced to face What I enjoyed most about Blood Magic is that the main character is a powerful female lead who doesn t need men to fight her battles for her With her magic and fighting skills she is a force to be reckoned with, yet she also has a vulnerable side to her that invokes empathy from the reader Her courage, tenacity and strong morals make her a character to be admired But at the same time, I also felt that she needed to lighten up, get a sense of humor and stop behaving like a brat.Tons of good and evil supernatural entities are introduced throughout the book, and the suspense keeps building to breaking point as Renee faces off against one malevolent character after another A good balance was brought to these characters with the Mystics, whom I simultaneously liked and disliked My absolute favorite character of course was Tristan I just adored his sense of humor and sarcasm Blood Magic is the first book in a fabulous new series which promises its readers hours of undiluted reading bliss The superb writing, magnificent characters and heart stopping action will have you battling to hold on to the edge of your seat as this book takes your imagination to new dimensions, and which makes it a definite 4 star must read I received this book in return for an honest review and would like to thank the Miss Sweete for such a wonderful gift.Blood Magic is the first in the Draven Witch Series, and a great one at that The story itself was awesome Every page you find something , and the beings in the book are really very interesting There is history well placed, passion well executed, and the dialogue was great.We start the story with Renee, a young woman that has lived her entire existence on an alternate plane called Aureus, a mystical and beautiful land, but a prison all the same Being the one prophesied about for centuries to end the rein of the Evil One, Renee has been sheltered and protected since her very first breath But the Mystics can t keep her within their magical world any longer, for Renee is muchthan just a powerful Draven Witch, she is half vampire, and within months her Awakening will begin.Renee finds passion, fear, strength, and friendship through her journey in this story Being the destined hero, she is placed in constant protection, and the fact that her father, Thomas, is one of the first three vampires ever turned, just makes her all thecoddled, which just pisses her off She has a spit fire attitude, a need to prove herself, and the hard head of both her powerful mother and father Which makes for a couple intersting situations.One of my favorite characters in this book is Tristan A gorgeous, bald, ripped and tattooed Demon Hunter with swirling blue and silver eyes, he has the ultimate bad boy persona that makes every woman take a second look and a deeper breath He is sarcastic, gentlemanly, protective and says the funniest things to beings most would run from, you just have to love him Though he wasn t the male that was Renee s True One, I m am hoping to see muchof our biker bad ass in future books.I really REALLY enjoyed this book, but there were many things I thought needed work One, I found numerous gramatical errors throughout the story, but have noticed that with most of the books I have reviewed recently it is the same way, if not as much And two, the world building was very lacking There wasn t really one time that I could See what Renee saw, or feel what she felt, and that is one aspect that I really look forward too But, even with those little errors, I still really loved the story and would definitely recommend it. When I received this book in return for a review from the author, Zoey Sweete it came to me in a PDF format and I was so excited to read it I dove right into it and we all know I love anything to do with vampires and witches I was excited to read it because it didn t seem like it was going to be just another vampire book, it really peeked my interest when the main character was half vampire half witch I asked my self how can this be, I was always under the belief that vamps and witches hated each other , and so I began my journey into The Draven Witch Series.Rene has been sheltered for the past 20 years, living with the Mystic s, but with good reason, she is considered the special one , the one the prophecies say she will be the one to defeat Damaskeos and finally restore her family s honor Being half witch and half vampire, when she turns 21 she will be bitten and her vampire side will be awakened and give her powers beyond any of the Draven Witches, even her mother So to keep her safe she has lived with on the Mystic Realm but now that she is close to her 21st birthday it is time for her to return to Earth and try to do what she wants the a normal life, impossible as when everytime she turns around she is being attacked even in her sleep she can t stop being attacked Things turn interesting when Rene meets her trainer, Devin, drooling things get too hot between them and Dad puts a stop to their training, Devin s replacement comes and the hotter then hell Tristian drooling, and it gets eveninteresting when William and Dante show up on the scene, drooling evenI can t say any I don t dare spoil it for you Starting the book, it didn t take long for it to suck me in and keep me there until I finished the very last page, all my instincts about this going to be a good book were right, but it just wasn t good it was FANTASTIC Zoey really set this series up with a huge bang Rene was a very strong character for me which I love, it really gets on my nerves when a main character is flighty, can t make up their mind or make a decision, or worse whiny to the point I want to put the book away for a bit, yes Rene does whine in some spots but wouldn t you if someone is trying to kill you in your sleep, your burdened with the responsibility of being the one to kill this so called unstoppable beast and you have 4 men who you have feelings for and just can t seem to decide which one to choose because you have feelings for them all and don t want to hurt any of them, and all you really want is just a normal average life, yup I d certainly whine sometimes too, but Rene is also a no nonsense put her cards on the table, let s get the job done gal, and I loved that about her, but she was also soft, caring and very protective of her family and friends Just an all around great main character If you like being on a roller coaster ride then start reading this book, it will take you on a massive emotional ride you won t soon forget A cast of incredible characters, plot and story executed beautifully When I read the pdf file I loved it, when Zoey sent me the revised autographed hard copy I read it again and loved it evenwith the new changes that were made, you see the growth within the writing it was wonderful The emotions I went through while reading were exactally what I like when reading a really great book If you are looking for an absolutely fantastic series this is the book you need to pick up and start reading, I can tell you it is one you will not be able to put down until your done I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did Enjoy everyone. This was a very good, edge of your seat, nail biter The story is about a young girl named Renee Draven She is half witch, half vampire She is believed to be the only one who can destroy Damaskeos, the vampire that has killed every woman in her family but her and her mother He drains them of their powers and takes in their powers Her great grandmother Annabelle foresees her as being the one to save the Draven bloodline Before Renee s 21st birthday, she goes into training to learn to fight Damaskeos so she is ready for him She finds out many things and is having a hard time absorbing all of the information The one thing she is having the hardest time with is true ones because she feels she should be able to choose her one true love and prophecy foresees her as being Dante s true one Dante is the one who will awaken her vampire side on her 21st birthday She then meets William, Dante s brother and has a hard time choosing between the two because they are twins which means their blood is the same so she becomes confused about who to be with and her learns that her heart will tell her who her true one is Near the beginning of the story Renee meets an innocent named Jenny who is very much into witchcraft so Renee feels she s safe to be herself around her Every man in Renee s life doesn t like Jenny and keeps telling Renee that something is off about her but she thinks is everyone being overprotective because Jenny is a mortal, or so she thinks Renee eventually finds out by Annabelle s journals that Damaskeos isn t the only one she is suppose to destroy There are also the demon siblings Blythe and her brother Likia Likia steals Renee s amulet so she is no longer protected from Damaskeos finding her wherever she is at Now Renee must free the werelion, find the ferrum it s the only way to kill Blythe , kill the demons and destroy Damaskeos At the end of the book she doesn t only destroy Damaskeos but she sends him to a fiery hell where she thinks she will no longer hear from him but she is wrong I thoroughly enjoyed this book and can t wait to start Book 2, Blood Vengeance For anyone who has not read this series yet, I seriously recommend it It will definitely keep you on the edge of your seat and turning the pages just to see what happens next. Blood magic was a very good and exciting story of a girl named Renee Draven She is a witch that was born with special powers and some of the powers need to be awakened She is a typical young woman with special powers and as a young woman, she wants to do her own thing and explore her boundaries and of course doesn t want her parents telling her what is best for her The story is very funny with sad moments and riveting moments of excitement You never know what is going to happen next She has men chasing her that want to kill her some that want to love her and others just to admire her I can see the story going in different directions on which way the writer wants to write the next book She is in love with William but yet she has a pull towards Dante I can see the story turning to where William and Dante in up falling in love with her and her in love with both of them and becoming a m nage and with having two men as her mates it will help to defeat Damaskeos I can see Tristan being a major character I can see where he leaves and goes off and possibly finds another Draven witch, bringing her back to meet Renee which in turns to a missing piece that Renee has always felt like she had missing in her life I think this person will also be needed to defeat Damaskeos as well The story was very riveting and kept me reading I didn t want to put the book down I am ready to read what happens next in Renee s adventures and her life I have read several books and sometimes books seem to tell the same story but with different characters and you can anticipate on what will happen next Blood Magic was a unique story that I have not heard of before and that was very refreshing Anyone that wants to enjoy a storyline should read Blood Magic I m sure you will enjoy it as much as I did Zoey Sweete you outdid yourself Great Book A Witch Vampire Hybrid, Renee Draven Was Sent To Fulfill Her Destiny Hell Bent On Destroying The Evil One That Has Tormented And Defiled Her Lineage For Centuries, She Must Take Back The Power That Was Stolen Long Ago Racing Against Time To Destroy The Darkness That Threatens Her Life And Those She Loves She Must Confront Her Demons Losing Faith In Herself, And Her Power, She Stumbles Across William Angelo, The One She Was Said To Bring Home And Save While On Her Dark Journey She Must Find Dante Angelo, His Blood Is The Key To Awakening Her Vampire Side And Defeating Damaskeos Struggling To Stay Alive, She Is Torn Between Wanting A Normal Life And Her Duties, Renee Must Learn To Believe In Herself And The Magic That Flows Through Her Blood, If She Is To Save The Lives Of Those She Loves Will She Find The Strength To Defeat Damaskeos And End His Reign Once And For All Or Will She Fall As All The Other Draven Witches Before Her Blood Magic Will Take You On A Mystical Ride Into Alternate Dimensions, The Magical World Of The Draven Witches, And The Supernatural Creatures That Would Give Their Life To Protect Them Having had this book on my Kindle for quite some time, I decided to read it this weekend I must say at first I was upset the cover had changed The one I have here is muchoriginal and eye catching However, I m sorry to say that no matter what was on the cover, no matter how beautiful or eye catching it may be, it masks a very poorly written, poorly edited story Blood Magic tells the story of Renee Draven, a witch who with a destiny which includes becoming a witch vampire hybrid, and destroying the enemy of her and her ancestors, Demaskeos The story had potential, but the author seemed to steal ideas from other books I ve read and films I ve seen rather than use her own imagination Renee Draven is instantly unlikeable, and yet she is supposed the be our heroine I wanted her to be killed off after the first two chapters Incredibly annoying brat The other characters are two dimension and the story seems to revolvearound sex than anything else Maybe her destiny is to also have as much vulgarly written sex as possible If those scenes are meant to turn the reader on I m afraid it doesn t work I think the only character I did sort of like, was Tristan I think its possibly because he s British and I m patriotic But even he was an annoying, two dimensional moron with and unhealthy obsession with a control freakRenee I must say I am tempted to buy the second in the series just to see if this writer has improved any I sincerely hope she has been to a decent editor This is the worst review I ve written on here, and it saddens me to do so However I believe honesty is the best policy Others may feel differently, and I would not discourage others from reading them Everyone likes different things But for me, the book is as dull, badly written, rushed at times, has no passion in its pages and has horrible characters.

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Blood Magic (The Draven Witch, #1) book, this is one of the most wanted Zoey Sweete author readers around the world.

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