In Bloom (The Brightside, #1)

In Bloom (The Brightside, #1) Title In Bloom Series The Brightside 1Author Katie DelahantyRelease Date February 10, 2014Rating 4 starsCliffhanger No HEA view spoiler Yes hide spoiler I reached the half way point and had to put down this book It has no real plot Nothing interesting happens The heroine is given a makeover and goes to all these celebrity events, meets a ton of celebrities massive name dropping galore , goes to rock concerts, meets the big rock star hero she s had a crush on for years andwash, rinse, repeat.I felt like I was reading ramblings from a pre teen s diary that doesn t have any cohesiveness to it This also reads like a first draft and need some heavy content editing in order to make any sense of the story, which is on a path to nowhere.Big pass on this one. Now I have finished this book, I m not too sure about it I mean, I definitely didn t hate it But I also didn t love it And I don t really know if I liked it.Things I liked It is free of drastically traumatised characters This made for a nice change of pace from the current trend of boys saving girls and girls saving boys through love I quite liked Katie Delahanty s writing style It was quite an easy read Nothing too heavy The characters were reasonably likable.Things I wasn t too keen on How quickly they fell in love By the end they had been together for what A month A bit longer Nonetheless, it was very fast Olivia s mum was obsessed with getting predictions of the future personally I am very opposed to that kind of thing Olivia s friendship with Blair and Parker It was weird One minute she thinks they are using her and don t like her, the next second they are the most important people in her life To expand on my first point on their quickly escalating relationship, I didn t like how soon they jumped into bed together either Then again, that s just my opinion and that won t bother everybody I also thought that the lingerie company she worked for was far too lenient I am sure she spent time off work than she spent going to work This just seemed a little bit unrealistic especially considering she hadn t worked there long at all and had in no way proved her dedication.There are probably things I could say, but I think I will leave it there It was definitely readable, but I don t feel like I would read a sequel if one were to be made. It seems like the New Adult genre has slipped into a pattern of beginning with a character deeply affected by some horrible tragedy who finds another character deeply affected by some horrible tragedy and they cling tightly to each other and can t survive life without the hope of their love It s annoying.In Bloom is a breath of fresh air for the New Adult genre Delahanty has written characters that are real, and flawed, but who do not let the circumstances of life become these huge depressing things that dictate whether or not they survive If you re looking for depressing New Adult, this is not it In Bloom felt to me like a slightly older version of Jen E Smith s This Is What Happy Looks Like charming, romantic, fun, and smartly written.I loved Olivia as a protagonist She handles the pressures of moving to LA to pursue her dreams wonderfully, making great friends and ignoring her crazy mom along the way She gets a fun job and breaks into the Hollywood scene, meeting the front man of her favorite band, Berkeley She is accident prone and witty and smart, and several times throughout her story I laughed out loud at her antics.Then there s Berkeley I wish every leading man was so dreamy I developed a total crush on him as I read, and I can only hope he shows up again and again in future Delahanty books.One thing I loved about this Delahanty didn t feel the need to make it sound like a grown up book by having her characters cuss all the time I appreciated that Like I said, In Bloom is a breath of fresh air.There are only two things keeping me from recommending this to literally every woman I know One, while one of my favorite things about this is the lack of unnecessary drama, I think a little conflict could have made the story a little exciting I kind of kept waiting for something significant to threaten Olivia and Berkeley, but it never really did Anyone who was upset with Olivia for any reason let her off very easily The other thing is the graphic nature of the love scenes It surprised me because the language was so clean, and I was thinking I could really recommend this to teenagers and students getting out there and making life decisions, but I don t feel comfortable with that now It almost felt forced like it was required of her to put in there every time a love scene came up I think it would have flowed better with the overall tone of the rest of the book if they d been slightly not Puritanical or anything modestly written.Those two things aside, I m looking forward to from Delahanty I m really hoping I don t have to wait too long for Brightside books. A New Adult Novel From Entangled S Embrace ImprintMy Name Is Olivia Bloom And I Am FreeI Left For LA With Everything I Owned Piled Into My Old Volkswagen And Dreams Of Becoming A Costume Designer Little Did I Know I D Wind Up Designing For A Lingerie Company Yeah, Not Sure How I Landed This Gig And Taken Under The Wing Of Two Young Hollywood Insiders The Fashion Shows And Parties Were Great, But Life Really Got Exciting When The Seriously Hottest Lead Singer Of My Favorite Band Started To Fall For Me How Does Someone Like Me, An Ordinary Girl From Pittsburgh, Wind Up In The Arms Of The World S Sexiest Rock Star Surrounded By Celebrities, Fashion, And Music And Not Be Eaten Alive Berkeley Is Everything I Ve Ever Dreamed Of In A Boyfriend, But The Paparazzi, The Tabloids, The Rumors, It S All Getting A Bit Too Crazy My Life Has Become Every Girl S Dream Come True, If Only I Don T Blink And Lose It All Ok it s 3 AM here and I have to be up EARLY Totally worth it though I can t really keep my eyes open but I m so writing my review tomorrow Love, adore, and love In Bloom some I mean hello it s a rock star and for some reason I m a sucker for those I can t stop swooning sighs Hooker, line, and sinker, I m in love my thoughts exactly after reading the book In Bloom is a book filled with drama, celebrities, and most of all swoon worthy romance Olivia has up and moved from her life in Pennsylvania to pursue her dreams as a designer in none other than Los Angeles, Cal I For Ni A She instead gets the gig of working in lingerie I don t know what girl who wouldn t love that Yep That s me Olivia Bloom Ending the world, one G string at a time It all starts at a fashion show when Olivia Bloom makes a fool out of herself in front of lead singer, Berkeley Dalton, the face of Berkeley and the Brightside One of the most famous bands around Olivia, not being very celebrity friendly , basically rambles to the gorgeous rock star and in turn her friends, Parker and Blair, decide its time for Liv to know the rules The endless list of rules of what to do and say when surrounded by the A listers So basically, I clarify, assume everyone is someone, and if you do know who they are don t let them know you know, and if you don t know who they are, don t let them know you don t know It s a way for her to act like she is a somebody she isn t in a world filled with people also acting like somebody they re not Chance makes it to where Liv and Berkeley keep meeting up The they meet, the down to earth he seems Until one day he basically invites himself over for dinner Then he leaves to go on tour for two weeks Leaving Olivia elated with happiness that The Berkeley Dalton likes her Or so she thoughtWhen Berkeley come back two weeks later, he doesn t contact Liv like he was supposed to Instead, he s seen in the media with the gorgeous actress, Lisa Greene And they look than nice and cozy Will Olivia be able to just forget the enchanting celebrity who may or may not have shown her what it would be like to fall in love Did she get it all wrong Why oh why can t she stop thinking of him I adored this book to pieces It might help that I have a slight obsession with rock stars But from the very first sentence until the very last, I was hooked There was no going back because I knew, I knew, this was going to be good I love looking into the life of celebrities getting to experience the Grammys Even if it was just in book form This is exactly what I look for when it comes to reading, and it s the exact reason I became a blogger To be taken away to a place I ve never been To spread the love of books that have touched me I find it hard to write reviews sometimes It s like the words don t come out the way I want them to but that s not the case for In Bloom The words are pouring out as if they have a life of their own This must be whys a feels like to be an author It s a wonderful feeling.The characters came to life before my very eyes I feel as if I know them on a personal level It s a high that I can t explain when I m able to connect with in authors words Olivia is such a down to earth, kick ass heroine I feel like I would act just like her in the presence of a hot celebrity Her innocence was endearing and made her very like able Berkeley was larger than life beautiful His passion for music makes you fall into love with him And yes, he has tons of passion All the secondary characters were just as important as the main ones I especially love Liv s mom From the moment she was pregnant with Liv, she s been trying to predict her future Which brings me to what I truly found so intense about the book Not going to give anything away but before you read ask yourselves these questionsDo you believe in signs and fate Or are you the type of person who believes in random coincidence Maybe they re one in the same Or maybe there s no such thing It s just life Ponder those questions There was only one thing I did not like about the book In the beginning after BL s first date, when B leaves to go on tourI found Olivia was way too obsessed with Berkeley I felt like all her thoughts were only him which is understandable but too much obsess I don t like Luckily, her obsession didn t last too long Obviously I think the book is wonderful 5 5 stars Review copy given to me by Entangled Pub via NetGalley for an honest review It has in no shape or form hindered my thoughts. This review can also be found at So, wow Just wow This book was so amazing, so good, so beyond anything I had expected, and I m DYING for.Berkeley Dalton is my official soulmate, and I literally cannot get enough I loved everything about him, and Liv was a pretty kickass heroine herself I loved the secondary characters, and, having grown up 30 minutes from Pittsburgh, loved the Pittsburgh ese and shout out to Primanti Bros Literally, this book had absolutely everything for me I m dying to know who the second book is about, and when I can read it Fingers crossed for another ARC Even though this book had a HEA, I m selfish and I want I cannot gush any about this story, book, or author stands and applauds Received an ARC for honest review. Such a fun look into the glam world for Hollywood and rock roll I loved these characters and had a blast tagging along on Liv s ride And Berkeleywhat a babe 5 Stars The Blurb My name is Olivia Bloom and I Am Free.I left for LA with everything I owned piled into my old Volkswagen and dreams of becoming a costume designer Little did I know I d wind up designing for a lingerie company yeah, not sure how I landed this gig and taken under the wing of two young Hollywood insiders The fashion shows and parties were great, but life really got exciting when the seriously hottest lead singer of my favorite band started to fall for me How does someone like me, an ordinary girl from Pittsburgh, wind up in the arms of the world s sexiest rock star surrounded by celebrities, fashion, and music and not be eaten alive Berkeley is everything I ve ever dreamed of in a boyfriend, but the paparazzi, the tabloids, the rumors, it s all getting a bit too crazy My life has become every girl s dream come true, if only I don t blink and lose it all When I decided to read this bookAll this longing to be free has got the best of me Now I m tied so tightly to this love Baby, you ve got to give me a break, I ve got my own smile to fake, Got enough on my plate, Without the lines you want to feed me When you need me by Brekeley the Brightside This book wasn t your normal ROCKSTAR Book Berkeley was not your typical rockstar He s so not a Manwhore or a Playboy He was so different from the average stereotype associated with rockstars Damn me If it wasn t refreshing We meet Olivia bloom A girl with Dreams She s just like any shy girl in a new city I loved her character She had the same doubts and refreshing dreams any girl would hold.And I was like OH YEAH I m so going to love it I was like Dude, it s not a insta love story. OFCOURSE I LOVED IT This book was truly..Did I love the book Hook, line, and sinker, I m in love Yes Yes Yes I m in love with Berkeley Dalton Reviewed at Lives and Breathes Book BlogHook, line and sinker, I m in loveYea, me too I m in love with this book I fell headfirst within the first few pages, completely caught, and couldn t stop reading I can t pinpoint exactly what it is I adore about IN BLOOM I think I just love it all the characters, the story, the writing, and the feelings it provoked I m on a book high and I don t want to come back down Seriously, I haven t been able to pick up a book since finishing this, and I m usually one to jump right into my next read.IN BLOOM has a great leading lady in Olivia Bloom She s fun, witty, lovable, and so easy to relate to She just made a huge move to LA, and is now trying to find a job and fit in pretty much figure out where she belongs Olivia makes some great, quirky friends on that journey who help her along the way She also has a physic mom that is just as lovable, even though Olivia wants no part of her mother s visions for her future.Then there s swoon worthy Berkley Dalton, the front man of Olivia s favorite band He doesn t have a sordid past he doesn t have a crazy family He s a good, sweet guy and that s what I Ioved so much about him That s not to say he doesn t have a few things in his life that cause a bit of drama, I mean he s not perfect He is in the public eye, and drama is bound to find him IN BLOOM is expertly written in first person through Olivia s eyes Delahanty did a wonderful job portraying Olivia s emotions When she was embarrassed, I was too when she was anxious, I was a bundle of nerves and when she was feeling the love, so was I I am a twitter lover so I enjoyed the chapterly tweets between the characters it was endearing and made them seem even real The fact that the characters have actual twitter accounts is an even bigger plus Delahanty has given us such a wonderful story It s smart, romantic, and fun I get one of those cheesy grins every time I think about it My only complaint is about the epilogue, which is fairly short I wanted from it, but then again this is the first installment Maybe I should just wait patiently to see what comes next in The Brightside series ARC provided by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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