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An Unstill Life UNFORTUNATELY, DUE TO THE CLOSURE OF MUSA PUBLISHING, THIS BOOK IS CURRENTLY OUT OF PRINTThings At Home Are Rough For Fifteen Year Old Livvie Quinn Jules, Her Beloved Older Sister Is Sick Again After Being Cancer Free For Almost Ten Years Her Mom Becomes Frantic And Unapproachable Every Day School Isn T Much Better Just When She Needs Them Most, Her Closest Friends Get Boyfriends And Have Little Time For Livvie Except To Set Her Up On A Series Of Disastrous Blind DatesLivvie Seeks Refuge In The Art Room And Finds Bianca, The School Freak Free Spirited And Confident, Bianca Is Everything Livvie Isn T Shaken By Her Mom S Desperation, Her Sister S Deteriorating Condition, And Abandoned By Her Friends, Livvie Finds Comfort And An Attraction She Never Felt Before With Bianca When Their Relationship Is Discovered, Livvie And Bianca Become Victims Of Persecution And Bullying School Authorities Won T Help And Even Forbid The Pair To Attend The Winter Formal As A Couple If Livvie Defies Them And Goes, She Risks Expulsion And Further Ridicule From Her Classmates At Home, Her Mother S Behavior Escalates To New Levels Of Crazy And Jules Is Begging For Help To End The Pain Once And For All While Searching For The Strength To Make Her Life Her Own, Livvie Must Decide How Far She S Willing To Go For The People She Loves

Having spent a lifetime travelling the globe, Kate Larkindale settled in Wellington, New Zealand A marketing executive, film reviewer and mother, she s surprised she finds any time to write, but doesn t sleep much As a result, she can usually be found hanging out near the espresso machine.She is the author of contemporary YA novels The Sidewalk s Regrets, An Unstill Life and Stumped along with s

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    I received a copy of this book for review There are way too many topics thrown into this story basically drop in all hot button topics into a pot, mix it all up, and throw it all out into the pages of this story My brain was bogged down with the issues and I still don t know much about anything else I will try to detangle the crazy of my thoughts and write up a bit of a review on my blog though.

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    I happened to have won An Unstill Life from Kate and all I can say is thank God that I did I am not a fan of young adult books, but I have to say that this one kept me hooked from page one A word of warning, An Unstill Life is a very, very emotional read I cried a lot because it was so well written Ms Larkindale has a way with pulling the reader into to the story and not letting them go.An Unstill Life is about a 15 year old girl who deals with her sister dying from cancer, a mother who does not love her, and the discovery that she if falling in love with a girl in her art class Ms Lardindale took all these emotional issues and wrote them into a dignified story that a reader from teens and up can appreciate I wanted so bad to just hug the main character and whoop some sense into her mother.Please, please pick up a copy of An Unstill Life You will be glad you did.

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    Faced with a confusing and depressing home life and losing her friends, the main character of this novel finds solace in a nonconformist girl her own age during art class Soon their friendship becomes something , but can it withstand the ridicule and bullying of their peers This novel is a beautiful and genuinely emotional portrayal of two people who stay together no matter what the circumstances, even in times where some people aren t accepting.

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    Livvie is a fifteen year old girl with synesthesia she tastes colors and sees sounds , who lives in the shadows of her friends and her older sister Jules, whose leukemia has just returned with a vengeance Livvie feels invisible to her friends, the boys at school, and even her mother Why is it, then, that Bianca, the strange Goth girl in her art class, is the only one who seems to see her What starts out as bonding over their still life projects, slowly evolves into something As Livvie s school life and family life become and unbearable, Livvie has to find comfort somewhere But not everyone is pleased with Livvie s new found happiness Will Livvie find the strength to stand up for herself for once in her life This book packs a lot of issues into one small package I found Livvie s uncertainty about her sexuality a bit hard to comprehend, until I realized she is only fifteen Her bad experiences with boys seem to push her toward Bianca, with only one minor reference to a possible attraction to females It s sad to see how Livvie s mother treats her throughout the book, but the explanation for her behavior is a bit too convenient and not really substantiated by her actions Livvie s relationship with her sister Jules is the best part of the book I also love the descriptions of how Livvie perceives sounds as colors, especially the sounds of people s voices they add such a wonderful nuance, I could almost see them myself The images with stay with you for a long time after you finish reading.A poignant story of family, friendship, loss, and first love.Warnings LGBT themes, underage drinking, sex scenes not graphic , assisted suicide, mental health issues, terminal illness I received this book in return for an honest review.Full blog post 31 October

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    This is a very well written story that engages the reader from start to finish I didn t want to put the book down I became the characters, and the story, my life, as I read this book It realistically depicts the relationships between friend friend, girlfriend girlfriend, sister sister, and mother daughter by showing how strong the bond between the two can be, while also being very breakable and vulnerable, as well.The story follows a teenage girl, Livvie, as she struggles with close friendships that seem to be fading, misbehaving boys, her sudden attraction to a misfit,loner type girl, her contentious relationship with her mother, and her dying sister The story line of the sister dying, somewhat quietly in the background, gives the story some perspective as Livvie often questions the significance of some of the superficial aspects of high school life, as cancer is slowly taking her sister s life Without a doubt this book will make you feel I highly recommend it.

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    Livvie, a 15 year old high school student, is having a tough year Her sister Julie is sick, her mother seems to hate her, her best friends are suddenly too busy with their boyfriends to spend time with her, and the only person she feels romantically attracted to is a girl Also, she has synesthesia, a condition that causes her to taste colors and see sounds This is a young adult story that s plenty gripping for grownup readers, too I dumped everything to finish this book In addition to an engaging story, An Unstill Life explores some serious issues, including homosexuality, bullying, and euthanasia Larkindale, who lives in New Zealand, has written several other young adult books.

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    I cannot rate this book highly enough Completely different from other tales in the YA genre, An Unstill Life is dynamically engrossing with real, uncondescending narrative and characters which possess multi dimensional qualities Readers are invited into Livvie s life as she evolves from a fifteen year old high schooler navigating common pitfalls of the age, to a confident young woman who creates positive change in her life and in her surrounding culture.We meet Livvie at the end of the summer in a tattoo parlor with her two best friends The mirth shared over their adolescent escapade is short lived as school begins The three friends discover breaks in their relationships, leading Livvie to consider what true friendship means to her Throughout Livvie s turmoils with her friends and her derision with the opposite sex, she struggles with additional pain and heartache in her home life Her unstable mother becomes dismissive of her as her beloved older sister battles cancer Guilt over being unable to aid her dying sister amid a lifetime of being made to feel less than makes Livvie feel isolated and disconnected from the people she cares about most She embarks on an unlikely friendship with the school outcast, who accepts Livvie for everything she is As the story nears to a close, Livvie must find and borrow courage as she examines what true love is When the worst of the world comes crashing down upon her, Livvie valiantly steps through her grief and agonizing decisions to become a catalyst of culture change in her community.The honesty in Livvie s voice as she tells her story is refreshing Her world is believable, relatable, breath taking, and inspiring I had to take a couple of cry breaks while reading An Unstill Life is a must read.

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    I ve never read a book where the main character has synesthesia That alone was enough for me to want to read An Unstill Life The concept of tasting colors and seeing sounds is unique and exciting An Unstill Life identifies and demonstrates the complicated nature of love, even when we find love easy to fall into The love for a sibling The love for family The romantic love for a partner There are always complications An Unstill Life takes two deeply emotional and life changing experiences, and shows us how difficult each circumstance can be on their own but also in relation to the other happening I enjoyed every minute of the emotional ride, rooting for Livvie as she gained confidence in who she is despite what others think At the same time, sharing in her ups and downs as she sought to find herself and deal with the heartache of watching her sister s condition worsening Feeling helpless to the illness.An Unstill Life is filled with real moments and harsh realities, which compelled me forward with a desire to discover and understand the extent of what was happening until its bittersweet end.

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    A well written, realistic portrayal of a teen girl s struggle to be herself in a world spinning out of control Livvie s sister Jules is dying and their mother is too mentally unstable to accept what s happening Livvie s two best friends, who might have been supportive, are suddenly too boy crazy to be of much help Livvie finds herself alone and isolated She doesn t share the same attraction to boys, although her friends keep trying to set her up When Livvie finds comfort with an unpopular art student, Bianca, the friendship grows into something and the relationship blossoms Kids begin to notice and the gossip flies, dividing the school down the middle in their acceptance of the gay couple I have never read an LGBT genre book before, so admittedly this was out of my comfort zone, but that said, I thought it was a good story.

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    Okay wow, I finished An Unstill Life a couple of days ago and needed to take a moment before writing a review This book will make you feel It will make you angry, frustrated and cry That s a true testament to the author Livvie has so much to deal with in this book and Kate Larkindale handled some very sensitive topics with great care The relationship between Livvie and Jules was beautiful and their moments together were gut wrenching, and then when you think you re settling in for a sob fest you re thrown into the sweet relationship growing between Livvie and Bianca I highly recommend picking up a copy of An Unstill Life asap And grab a box of tissues while you re at it

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