Psychic Appeal

Psychic Appeal Psychic PI Sofa Parker Never Thought She D Date A Ghost, But When She Accidentally Kills Her Boyfriend, The Phrase Eternal Love Takes On An Unwelcome Meaning Her Ex Doesn T Want A Little Thing Like Death To Come Between Them And Plans To Haunt Sofia Until She AgreesAdd A Case That Results In Being Stalked By A Necromancer, Betrayal By Dragons And The Meddling Of Druids And Things Get Complicated, Fast But The Latest Supernatural Politics Aren T Her Biggest ProblemSofia S Met Someone And She Can T Stop Herself From Falling In Love Life Really Hits The Fan When Her New Relationship Drives The Lovesick Ghost Of Her Boyfriend To Come Back From The Deadanyway He Can Bad Break Up Doesn T Even Begin To Cover ItWhat Readers Say About Michelle McCleod S Work Her Writing Style Is Unique And Fast Paced Very Easy To Get Lost In The World I Was Drawn Into The Characters, And I Couldn T Help But Like Them I Really Liked That The Heroine Wasn T Too Stupid To Live A Nice Bit Of World Building Sexy And Fast, With A Quick Witted Heroine And A Hottie Hero

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[Reading] ➶ Psychic Appeal  By Michelle McCleod –
  • ebook
  • 224 pages
  • Psychic Appeal
  • Michelle McCleod
  • English
  • 05 January 2019

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    I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review.This book was one of the books that I was really excited to read immediately But my reading list still had 4 books so I had to put it on the 5th place So why was I excited to read this book First, the blurb intrigued me I think the story is pretty neat and I m a fan of Urban Fantasy 2nd, the cover was also kinda cool Based on the cover, I was thinking the chick was a kick ass kind of girl.So now i get to read it For the first few chapters I was really into it The beginning was great It was interesting and I had such high hopes that it will hold my interest until the end.Unfortunately, it didn t Don t get me wrong I like the story It s still a good read but not great I was a bit disappointed that it didn t meet the expectations i had for the book I thought it would be epic great but it wasn t.As I ve said earlier, the beginning was great which is why i had high hopes for the book But somewhere in the middle, it kinda fell apart for me I had a hard time following the story because there were just too much going on It seems like every few chapters there s a new antagonist to meet and it felt like there isn t really a main plot More like some novelettes brought together to make a full novel.Granted the antagonists were linked to each other But because there were so many things happening some characters were neglected I didn t get to know the characters well Gosh, I was interested in Jacob and Malcolm s characters but Jacob suddenly disappeared and Malcolm was like a cameo even though he plays an important role in the story I hope this is a series were characters are recurring coz I definitely want to learn about the other characters.Anyways, I gave it 4 stars because like I said, it is a good book I gave consideration to the fact that this is the first book in the series so a lot of pages has been given to world building And the writing style is excellent, funny at times, and fast paced I will still read the next book and I really, really hope that it would be a lot better than the first one.

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    I received a copy of Psychic Appeal in exchange for my honest review and I have to say, this is what a great paranormal romance should be It s got great pacing, sexual attraction between the lead protagonist and the supporting character, and it has a STORY It s not all about girl meets boy Or in Sofia s case, girl loses boy who haunts her as a ghost and then meets new boy who needs her to help him find his brother s killer.Sofia Parker is kind of a private investigator She s only had one case before she meets Jacob, a man who is trying to find out what really happened to his twin brother Most of the time, she s an antique dealer Mostly She was charged with manslaughter after the accident that killed her boyfriend and that kind of slashed her sales to zero Add to that she s psychic and things have been a little rough for Sofia.This book has dragons, necromancers, zombies, love sick ghosts, and even a druid or two It s fun, easy to read, and one of those books you don t want to put down until you ve reached the end.

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    I haven t read this author before and to be honest, from the synopsis of this story, I don t think I would have purchased it, and that would have been unfortunate as I really enjoyed it This is one of those authors that you just sit back at the end of the story, in stunned disbelief that one person could think up so many new and exciting ideas that I have never read before I m excited to see what else she has written.I read this in the set of books called Love Charms which I was given in exchange for an honest review.

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    Pixies Ghosts Necromancers Dragons Goblins Witches Zombies Dryads This book has a little bit of everything but is done well Sofia is finally back in her antique shop after a year of fighting for her freedom She was driving the car the night of accident Mark her long time boyfriend co worker was with her Mark was killed in the accident He was so in love with Sofia that he found a way to come back as a ghost so he could stay with her Mark s mother is a dryad his father is human They were both so upset at losing their only son that have been doing everything they can to keep Sofia in jail There is a lots of action the story is well paced Sofia even takes a side trip into Fairy to help the dragons when she is fleeing from a zombie cop necromancer Miss McCleod takes you on a non stop action ride from start to finish Well Done I received a free copy of the book in exchange for an honest review

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    This was part of a paranormal romance boxed set and by far one of my favorite in the set I would describe it as a light urban fantasy or robust paranormal romance read The description doesn t do it justice It is of a fast paced UF PR where the angsting is minimal, the romance doesn t stray into erotica, and the focus is slightly heavier on the story than the relationships.It is well written, with enough detail to keep your interest, with better world building than most PR reads It was written as from the heroine s first person POV, and she was likeable and well developed a refreshing change The other characters weren t as well developed, which is what makes it a lighter read Also the ending felt a bit rushed I would def recommend this book and will be looking for from this author

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    Psychic Sofia Parker lost her love mark and even though he has died he is still around haunting her which for now is OK with Sofia then mark brings Jacob to her door he needs help someone killed his family and he needs Sophia to help him find out who but that is were it all gets so interesting this is on hell of a story i had a hard time place this aside to do other things needless to say other things still need to be done i hope this is just the beginning i would love to see from Michelle McLeod

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    Wasn t sure how I d like this one since her name is a typo from the beginning Thought maybe I d find a funny story as to how she is a Sofa I see it s typo d on the tag lines too thoughhmmmm Well, in spite of that annoying factor and a few other typos that irritated, the story itself is quite interesting, got a bit gruesome, and has a really interesting bit of Fairy world ideas The ending felt rushed, but over all I enjoyed this crazy world that Sophia not Sofa lives in.

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    really enjoyed this book so different from the usual storyline a nice way to open your mind to other realms, etc I always love to see different ways of writing very, very cool book will have to look for of her books.

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