Elevated I m not a fan of poetry so I was a little concerned about reading an entire novel in verse Shouldn t have been Beautiful story that was 5 stars right up until the book ended to abruptly without enough resolution Needed an epilogue Content clean but sex is implied .Just not my cup of tea The book was written in poetry style, but was very easy to read And while I do enjoy a poem every now and again, I do not like to read an entire book in that style. Amazing Me A book completely in verse that couldn t possibly be for me.Book Oh come on, just give me a trymy cover is pretty right Me Yes it is But you re still in verse.Book True, but it s a love story and you love love stories Me Well maybe.Book The main characters get stuck in an elevator and I mthan just a pretty cover Promise Me You had me at elevator.Oh wow this is one talented author After a chapter I didn t even notice that it was in verse any Really It was like this book boiled everything non essential out of it by using verse and left only what was absolutely necessary It was a very quick and satisfying read I will definitely readby this author. Elly and ex boyfriend Travis get stuck in an elevator and have to deal with secrets that lead the two of them not speaking for the last five months Heart wrenching story, written in verse, which makes it evenamazing and sentimental It doesn t have a particularly HEA, that s why I didn t give it 5 stars I m such a romantic sometimes, ugh , but it was definitely GREAT. Whoa Such emotion DISCLAIMERI m not very proud of this review It probably needs some editing and probably doesn t make a lot of sense But I think it gives you a good idea that this book is really all over the place At the same time, I think I should mention that it most definitely works as a whole coherent novel Just please don t trust everything I say K.Thnx.Bye.REVIEWThe only reason this wasn t a DNF was because it s very fluid and easy to read writing I suppose really the only thing wrong with this book was the love interest This book is about cheating Oh hey blurb, why didn t you think to tell me that The characters in this book are really messed up There are a lot of issues handled in this book I m surprised that the author stuck her fingers into so many pies I mean we re talking about some heavy material This book would ve been a goner if it wasn t for Elly s relationship with her fatherI d never been able to look at DaddyForthan fifteen seconds before my secrets spilled out I liked that Elly finds the strength to say no to Trav from her father s example of courage This book is a relationship fiasco Let me explain with some simple math Trav Honest dating Trav Elly best friends Trav Jesse cousins Jesse Elly dating Elly loves TravJesse loves Elly Honesty loves Trav Trav loves Elly Some Trav stats for you 35% Trav is still dating Honesty 36% Trav is kissing Elly and still dating Honesty 57% Stop being an egomaniac and man up 58% what a sap 62% it s not all abut you 70% irresponsible dickhead This review contains a lot of hate for the hero Trav I do feel kind of bad for ragging on him because he s got serious mummy issues But he s so insufferable He plays on Elly s emotions persuading her to kiss it all better He takes advantage of her compassion Bleh It was like the author wanted me to hate Trav He is THE most TERRIBLE love interest EVER Trav is a douchebag Reading about him, I just went EWWWWW There s a lot of pity going on in the relationship between him and Elly She feels obligated to be there for him when he s whining or upset There s some serious unhealthy co dependency going on He s a massive baby and Elly is his favourite babysitter I m not kidding That s exactly what their relationship is like The dude needs to man up Jesse is way cooler,attractive, andhonourable than Trav He sacrifices his feelings in deference to his cousin who has a girlfriend I think the author made a mistake with introducing me to Jesse You see, if Trav was the only option I d go with that but by putting Jesse in as another option Damn, Elly s got bad taste in men Jesse is delish on a dish I really loved him The EndingUm So the author totally set me up Trav is such a douchebag throughout the book that finally at the end when he suddenly isn t I feel like, hey what a surprise, such a good guy But then she uses sentences like these Trav starts talking, his words worming their way into my earsUm hello No Worming That is not a nice visual You know what I want I want a sequel Jesse Elly 4va, y know When I first looked at the cover of Elevated and its synopsis, I immediately wanted to read the book So when it became free on , I was extremely excited Sadly, I was disappointed.Elly Livingston has been avoiding her ex boyfriend Travis, who lives in the same building as her Because of this, she avoids riding the elevator and takes the stairs instead, for the fear of running into him But when she can t get upstairs without using the elevator, and she gets stuck there with Travis because the elevator stopped due to the storm, they are forced to work things out When I read the book, I was really surprised that it was written in verse instead of prose, because I didn t see anything regarding that in the synopsis Nevertheless, I continued reading the book At first it seemed like it would be a promising read, but as I read on, I felt really disconnected to the characters and I slowly became disappointed It s not that I have anything against the story, it s not that It s just that it felt like meh to me I did not hate it, but I did not like it either I have no big complaints, but I have no compliments either Really, I m just stuck in the middle I read it in one sitting though, so there s that Aside from those, I think there s nothingthat I can say. There is so much to love about this book First, the writing it is no secret that I like Elana s books And this one is no exception But Elana takes her normal fantastic writing to a whole new level with this novel in verse This is a format I personally love, and Elana does a great job with it I sincerely hope there will benovels in verse from her in the future The characters in Elevated are great relatable and so perfect for the story Which brings me to the story itself, this is a great contemporary It brings together the drama most of us remember from our youth.To sum it up great writing, great characters, great writingwhat s not to LOVE Do yourself a favor and pick it up today You ll devour it in one setting 4.5 star ratingYay, Elana Johnson has done it againAfter reading herPossessionseries, I was totally looking forfrom this fantastic author, and then when I found that she was releasing a contemporary romance novel about exes who get stuck in their apartment elevator, I bought the book right away and couldn t wait to start This book was absolutely amazing I enjoyed it so much and it s definitely a book that I d come back to and would want to read again one day The perspectives and format was perfection poetry is absolutely awesome , the characters were okay, the romance was just memorable, and I was never bored There s not muchI could be asking for from this fantastic author Eleanor Livingston has recently been depressed and lonely her girl best friend died suddenly in a car crash, and Elly feels that it s all because of her and her best friend turned boyfriend When Elly gets stuck in her apartment elevator with Travis, she believes that fate really hates her As they cautiously wait to get back into their homes, they spent a long time talking about the past and about their possible futures together This was the perfect coming of age story Eleanor, the main protagonist, has created such a huge development throughout the whole story She was stressed, and by the end, she knew what she wanted and grew out of her creeped up little shell and wasn t afraid to show who she really was and speak out her thoughts I really loved Eleanor, she was a great main character who went through many hardships and overcame them in the end She was a strong protagonist who absolutely had a lot of common sense and her and knew how to speak out for herself, by the end Travis probably would have to be my only problem with this book, the only flaw I justdidn t like himHe was selfish, snobby, and I didn t see anything special about him Protagonists usually are supposed to be role models and different than most people in reality or different than other protagonists but I just saw Travis as a really dull dumb guy He used Elly, and expects love in return I am so glad of her decision in the end, he deserved it, and she still had to overcome everything and be on her own for a while Sorry, Troy Travis In reality, dreams don t always come true Stop being such wimpsAnd seriously, I felt so bad for Honesty, and what happened to her She didn t deserve that at all Her boyfriend betrayed her, and he shouldn t have even dated her if he still wasn t sure about his feelings Again, with Travis He irritated me, but when the romance was happening between Elly and him, all of those weaknesses and flaws I found in him just flew away and I saw a good side of him, somewhat The romance was just beautiful I loved it, and it was so deep and meaningful That s the type of romance that I m looking in every book, including all and every single contemporary romance It just has to be that perfect and that special in order for it to be classified as beautiful and unbelievable I was never bored with this book It was written so rivetingly, and I was stuck with it from the first page until the end Adding the gorgeous format of poetry, this was a sure masterpiece, no doubt about it I recommend this to any lover of Jennifer E Smith or Sarah Dessen This was a quick light romance read that will leave you wanting . The Last Person Seventeen Year Old Eleanor Livingston Wants To See On The Elevator Let Alone Get Stuck With Is Her Ex Boyfriend Travis, The Guy She S Been Avoiding For Five MonthsPlagued With The Belief That When She Speaks The Truth, Bad Things Happen, Elly Hasn T Told Trav Anything Not Why She Broke Up With Him And Cut Off All Contact Not What Happened The Day Her Father Returned From His Deployment To Afghanistan And Certainly Not That She Misses Him And Still Thinks About Him EverydayBut With Nowhere To Hide And Travis So Close It Hurts, Elly S Worried She Won T Be Able To Contain Her Secrets For Long She S Terrified Of Finally Revealing The Truth, Because She Can T Bear To Watch A Tragedy Befall The Boy She Still Loves

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