Fighting Temptation (Temptations, #3)

Fighting Temptation (Temptations, #3) Daria Jones Has Been Trying For Almost Seven Years To Get Over Her Past After Starting College, Finding An Awesome Group Of Friends And Falling In Love She Thinks She Has Accomplished Just That When She S Drug Back To Face Her Past And The Dangers That It Entails, She Comes To The Realization That She Can Never Have The Normal Life That Others Do That The Love Of Her Life And Her Friends Are Better Off Without Her Cade Johnson Has Been Called Many Things In His Life Football God Man Whore For The Most Part He Had Been A Player On And Off The Field For Years Part Of His Past Made Him Afraid That He Could Never Truly Commit To One Person Then He Meets His Best Friend Gabby S Roommate He Loves The Feisty No Holds Barred Person That Is Daria Jones After A Couple Of Great Years Together He Figures Out Daria Has Some Secrets Secrets Are A Deal Breaker For Him Since She Won T Share Her Past He Calls It Quits That Is When They Are Both Attacked Waking Up To A Life Without Daria Isn T What Cade Ever Wanted To Envision For Himself He Has Turned Into A Bitter Lonely Man He Has Come To The Conclusion That He Ll Never Have That Kinda Love Again Just Then Daria Shows Back Up In His Life Can They Keeping Fighting The Temptation Of Their Love And Attraction Can He Convince Daria That She Deserves Love Like Everyone Else

S.M Donaldson is a born and raised Southern girl She grew up in a small rural town on Florida s Gulf Coast, the kind of place where everyone knows your business before you do, especially when your Daddy is a cop and your Mom works for the school system She married one of her best friends at the age of 20 and has two sons She is a proud military wife, has always had a soft spot for a good story

❮Ebook❯ ➦ Fighting Temptation (Temptations, #3)  ➧ Author S.M. Donaldson –
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  • 159 pages
  • Fighting Temptation (Temptations, #3)
  • S.M. Donaldson
  • English
  • 03 August 2017

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    Fighting Temptation Lord where to begin. I LOVED LOVED LOVED Cade and Daria s story It has been a whirlwind of reading for me in this series I mean S.M captures your heart and she never lets it go I feel so invested in these characters just like they were best friends I hung out with all the time.Cade has finally opened his heart up to Daria and let her all the way in only for her to disappear and tell him she needs space He doesn t like it one bit but he is determined to give her her space and in this he will do whatever it takes to get Daria back in his life on a permanent basis Cade is determined to have her in his bed in his house and all over him but what can he do to make Daria realize he is for real and he loves her and no matter what the go through he is going to be there for her.Lord help me Daria my heart breaks for her because lets face it her father is a douche extraordinaire who used his daughter and got her hurt But Daria took a chance on Cade and gave him her heart but she fears her past may destroy him so she backs off That is hard to do when the boy won t stay away Daria knows she wants and needs Cade but fear is a bitch and when it plays out and something happens to her and Cade she knows she is willing to do whatever it takes to keep him safe Even if it means staying away from him which is proving to be difficult by the moment.In this epic conclusion to the series we get to see who stayed together and who parted ways and most importantly we get to see what true love and true friendship is all about Will Cade and Daria get their HEA you will have to read it to find out

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    I so enjoy a story that has action,sex,laughs,sex,death and sex.I have been wanting to read Daria and Cade story since we were left hanging in the last book, when I cried for them Not disappointed and look forward to the next series

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    You have Daria She hasn t had the easiest life, with a father that has bad ties Daria has a traumatic event happen to her when she s in high school. Now as any normal person it is hard to overcome hardships and let me tell ya. Daria is a fighter Going off to college she gets a new start to her life, new friends, new town Just what she needs Her second year of college, what she didn t count on is meeting Cade, sexy, hot, football player, how they meet Daria is rooming with Cade s best friend, Gabby Cade kinda gets on Daria s bad side by banging on her bedroom door early in the morning to wake up the guys for football practice and asks Gabby to go runningcan he redeem himself DID I INVITE YOU IN HERE NO BUT ACCORDING TO GABBY, I OWE YOU AN APOLOGY FOR BEATING ON THE DOOR THE OTHER MORNING YEAH SO DID SHE GIVE MY WARNING ABOUT THE NEXT TIME IT HAPPENS That was just the beginning Cade has had it rough, he doesn t trust women easily, his dad is a douche who left his life when he was in high school But these two are made for each other But then Daria s past and her fathers business tears her apart from her friends and Cade when she gets back to town can things go back to the way they are I loved this 3rd and last installment to The Temptation Series by SM Donaldson Daria is a strong chick I love her character, she keeps going and I admire her for it Cade shoot I love him I love him drunk, I love him mad, I love him when he s lovey dovey sigh he is dreamy Of course you have Gabby and Linc, Russ and Anna, and of course the parents Cade is amazing end of Can one stay scared of what is to be Can they move on I can t tell you how much I loved how comfortable Cade and Daria are with each other It s refreshing to read that. a lot of times you can sense the awkwardness. while funny sometimes its refreshing to read that They are cute together and I love their relationships with their friends and family 3 it s heart warming I leave you with this DARIA, THIS IS KINDA WEIRD I DON T THINK I VE WRITTEN A LETTER SINCE LIKE MIDDLE SCHOOL SO I M JUST GOING TO MAKE YOU SOME PROMISES I PROMISE TO LOVE YOU FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE, I PROMISE TO BE A GOOD HUSBAND AND FATHER I PROMISE TO NOT BE THE DOUCHE MY FATHER WAS I LOVE YOU AND I WOULDN T KNOW HOW TO SURVIVE IN A WORLD THAT DIDN T HAVE YOU IN IT LET S GO START THIS NEXT CHAPTER BEFORE YOU FIGHT ME ON IT AGAIN I LOVE YOU ALWAYS AND FOREVER CADE DOUBLE SIGH I gotta say I loved the Epilogue it was perfect for me I cannot wait for for the Spin off SECRETS BEHIND THOSE EYES SECRETS OF SAVANNAH SERIES I guess I will sit patiently No set date yet but hopefully soon I give you Daria and Cade 5 stars Christina

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    I really like this series and It got the ending it deserved Fighting temptation is Daria and Cade s story We finally get to learn about Daria s past and what lead her to change her name and some of the horrific things she had endured in her life before starting College To say she had a rough time would be an under statement She is incredibly strong to survive what she has I was abducted after school one day when I was fifteen I was beaten, raped, and left for dead in a ditch To get a full understanding of Daria s and Cade s story you will need to read the first two books in the series Her family connections had lead to Cade being hurt which caused her to have a mental breakdown For the past 6 months Daria s being handing out in the secluded mountains but now it s time to return to her life and friends The ones she does not think she deserves to have in her life.She has a new apartment and job trying to move on with her life Cade has been trying to move over the summer but he just can t seems to get Daria off his mind or out of his heart But it s not long before before their past cross and that undeniable chemistry between them begin to sizzle once He snatches at my panties, ripping them Before I use my better judgement, my legs are around his waist and he s fucking me against the wall AGAIN For the second time today I m happy that they worked things out They clearly belong together I figured out you can have it all you just have to want it bad enough I loved the ending but the journey to terms of writing and flow to get there not so much The writing was really repetitive and flat I really liked the characters from the previous books but I felt only a small connection to them in this one not even when really bad things happens the the main character the emotions were not translated from the pages I continued to read because I really liked the characters and I wanted to see them all get their HEA and what a HEA it was plus there was a pretty good opening to S.M Donaldson new series which I will be reading 3.5 Stars 3 Natasha

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    So, if you ve been following the Tempation Series from you beginning, you know Cade Gabby s BFF and Daria Gabby s roommate started a relationship pretty quickly They ve been together for a while now, everything all sunshine and rainbows or so it seemed Now we finally get their story and find out what s really been happening.Daria Jones hasn t had an easy life, to say the least How can you with a dad in the mafia and bad guys that go after you when he pisses them off To start over, she takes on her stepdad s last name and changes schools, but that only makes matters worse She could never truly get away and start over until she got some help and went off to college.Cade Johnson s father was never around much growing up, and when he was, he was extremely mean and belittling When Cade and his mom found out about his dad s other life and family, Cade finally stood up to him Going off to college and meeting Gabby s roommate, Daria, was the best thing that ever happened to him, until it became painfully obvious that Daria was keeping secrets from him Keeping secrets was a deal breaker for him.Daria wants to be with Cade, but her past is too painful and simply too dangerous to bring anyone else in on it When tragedy strikes, she vows never to let anyone close to her again it could literally kill them He tempts her time and time again, and as much as her body wants him, she can t be responsible for him getting hurt Will she ever fully let him in before she loses everything good in her life When tragedy strikes again, will Cade be there to help pick up the pieces Fighting Temptation is the third and final installment in the Temptation Series and sooooo much happens Emotions are all over the place with endings as well as new beginnings All of the loose threads are tied up and we see where all of our friends have ended up, and we re also introduced to some new faces that will be in the spinoff series, Secrets of Savannah I m sure there will be some familiar faces in that one.

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    I love this series and I loved Cade, the girls bedroom door opens and they walk out Holy s , is Daria effing hot I laugh Boys, we are going to get in a fight tonight Look at those two Daria knows how to keep her man right where she wants him, I walked over and straddled him, leaning down to his ear No, but if you want to see me naked at all, you ll get rid of them Cade can be honest, he shakes his head My di doesn t work without you I tried to get over you Believe me I tried With several women Daria doesn t di around when it comes to important issues, we had sex twice yesterday without condoms Now, even though last night you assured me me that you don t have any STDs because Cade Jr couldn t get up for anyone else And without even doing anything Daria knows how to entice her man, when she bends over to pick something up, my t shirt that she s wearing rides up She s wearing those little lacy boy short panties Damn, my co just tented my boxers.

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    I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review Incredible Just incredible Did I already say that this book is incredible Young Daria has been through a lot in her early adolescence Not completely of her own doing Sometimes the children pay for the sins of their parents In this case, her absentee father After fighting some of those demons, she starts her life over and heads to college Follow her through friendships and love, which she never thought possible to have in her life S.M Donaldson has really outdone herself with this story The characters are those similar to ones we each have had growing up You can place yourself in the book and get lost along with Daria and her friends I am really looking forward to reading stories by S.M Donaldson

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    Jacqui s Review3.5 Stars A good easy read I enjoyed being able to read without having to concentrate too hard The storyline flowed easily from one chapter to the next I loved the strong friendship between Daria, Cade, Russ, Anna, Linc and Gabby It made me think of my high school days and the strong relationships that I formed there I did however get a little bored towards the end and was hoping that there would be a bit about Daria and her fathers connections to the mafia It felt like the spark had left the novel a little But none the less a good read. I give it and a half stars.

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    A good easy read I enjoyed being able to read without having to concentrate too hard The storyline flowed easily from one chapter to the next.I LOVED the strong friendship between Daria, Cade, Russ, Anna, Linc and Gabby It made me think of my high school days and the strong relationships that I formed there I did however get a little distracted towards the end and was hoping that there would be a bit about Daria and her fathers connections to the mafia It felt like there should of been to come with regards to her relationship with him and the world he lives in But none the less a good read..Thank you

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    Loved this book Ilike how daria had to go through a lot hard knocks to find her way back to cade arms The part that i hate was when i got to the end of the book where they had there wedding What was great is that we find out that cade finds out that he does have a family , but we will have to wait until the next book to find out where that goes love this series cant wait for the next one i just wish they would last longer.

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