The Christmas Token (Hardman Holidays, #2)

The Christmas Token (Hardman Holidays, #2) Determined To Escape An Unwelcome Suitor, Ginny Granger Flees To Her Brother S Home In Eastern Oregon For The Holiday Season Reluctantly Returning To The Community Where She Spent Her Childhood Years, She Plans To Relax And Enjoy A Peaceful Visit Not Expecting To Encounter The Boy She Once Loved, Her Exile Proves To Be Anything But Restful A Talented Carpenter, Blake Stratton Enjoys A Simple Existence In The Small Western Town Of Hardman With Honest Work And Good Friends, His Life Is Nearly Perfect, At Least Until The Day Ginny Granger Arrives, Setting Him On His Ear And Turning His World Upside Down Infuriated By Her Meddling Presence, He S Further Exasperated To Discover She Kept A Christmas Token He Gave Her Along With His Heart The Day She Left Town Many Years Ago Love Sweet Holiday Romances Set In The Splendor Of The Victorian Era Don T Miss Out On The Rest Of The Hardman Holidays Series The Christmas Bargain Book As Owner And Manager Of The Hardman Bank, Luke Granger Is A Man Of Responsibility And Integrity In The Small S Eastern Oregon Town When He Calls In A Long Overdue Loan, Luke Finds Himself Reluctantly Accepting A Bargain In Lieu Of Payment From The Shiftless Farmer Who Barters His Daughter To Settle His Debt The Christmas Token Book Determined To Escape An Unwelcome Suitor, Ginny Granger Flees To Her Brother S Home In Eastern Oregon For The Holiday Season Returning To The Community Where She Spent Her Childhood Years, She Plans To Relax And Enjoy A Peaceful Visit Not Expecting To Encounter The Boy She Once Loved, Her Exile Proves To Be Anything But Restful The Christmas Calamity Book Dependable And Solid, Arlan Guthry Relishes His Orderly Life As A Banker S Assistant In Hardman, Oregon His Uncluttered World Tilts Off Kilter When The Beautiful And Enigmatic Prestidigitator Alexandra Janowski Arrives In Town, Spinning Magic And Trouble In Her Wake As The Holiday Season Approaches

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 318 pages
  • The Christmas Token (Hardman Holidays, #2)
  • Shanna Hatfield
  • English
  • 06 June 2019

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    The Christmas TokenIntroduction Ginny and Blake have been in love since they were teenagers Then Ginny moved away and has never been back Until now And she brings danger with her Will Ginny and Blake be able to move past their differences in time to save Ginny from a desperate man Characters 1 1To put it plainly, Ginny is a spoiled brat and Blake is the consummate gentleman At first Then Ginny starts to really grow up into an accomplished young woman with ambitions Blake was hurt deeply when Ginny left and didn t write a single letter back to him so many years back When she returns and the feelings he buried so deep start to work to the surface, he is faced with decisions and sometimes they aren t the right ones.Dialogue.75 1The dialogue fit the characters Although, when it was first mentioned that Blake s parents are from England and that Blake has a slight accent, I would have never guessed it A few Briticisms may have helped that some As with The Christmas Bargain, there was a little heat than I cared for.Plot Storyline.75 1Overall, the plot and storyline were good There was heat than I found comfortable, but it never progressed further on screen than some heated kisses Overall writing quality.75 1The editing appeared better in The Christmas Token than it was in The Christmas Bargain, but there were still a few typos Overall, though, the quality was very good.Un put down ability 1 1Shanna has a talent for writing books you can t put down This one didn t disappoint.Conclusion 4.25 5Again, the heat level was than I cared for, but still what would usually be considered clean If you like suspenseful Christmas romance, you ll enjoy this book.Note I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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    Once again Shanna Hatfield brings me to tears and joy with a book of hers I tell you I just love this Sweet Blessed of God lady s writing, Teenage sweethearts have been separated 10 long years yet Ginny still carries a long ago Christmas Token that Blake gave her when they were separated by a devious and conniving Mother that Ginny had at the time can Ginny and Blake forgive each other for the letters they never received due to the meddlesome Mother of Ginny and will they both forgive her and can Ginny get away from someone before it s to late Omg Shanna has a wonderful story woven here I tell you I love this author with all my heart Shanna Hatfield can write some of the best uplifting stories without being overly preachy I always feel uplifted when I finish one of her stories and Once again Christmas Token didn t disappoint

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    My review is based on the audio version of this book This is a very kissy Christmas book A couple of kisses were bordering on scandalous but otherwise, it s a clean read I loved how Ginny s character grew in this story She starts out as a spoiled, privileged, unmotivated to do anything to support herself, woman The frustration of not receiving letters from each other ten years ago when Ginny moved away caused much hurt and doubt between Blake and Ginny It was nice to see them overcome that The only thing that bothered me was the narration The male narrator does the most annoying female voices and giggles both male and female that I ve ever heard.

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    3.5 For what it was it was cute, Christmas tale in the old west But, it s missing a little angst What makes you enjoy a Christmas story is the plot must overcoming something I never felt the leads were never going to resolve their differences, so that element is missing But the family community is an excellent one A few hours of diversion.

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    This was an excellent book to read, the second one in the series It was just as good as the first one It was intriguing, romantic and mysterious all in one A terrific second book.

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    Great bookThis book was wonderful I enjoyed all the different families and watching them grow The storyline was wonderful and the word pictures were great.

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    The Christmas Token by Shanna Hatfield is the second book in Hardman Holidays This book follows Ginny Granger, Luke s younger sister, as she returns to Hardman and her brother s home hoping to escape an unwanted proposal Ginny s return throws the town s carpenter and her childhood sweetheart Blake Stratton for a loop.Ginny was hard to like Luke had described her in The Christmas Bargain as his spoiled and pampered baby sister and that she never grew up He was right Ginny is every bit as spoiled as Luke proclaimed her to be But I do think she is misunderstood This is a girl that has been carrying around heartbreak since she was 15 She was in love, forced to leave and never heard from the boy again Now she s happy to play the entitled daughter role, traveling around the world without a care in the world until she attracts unwanted attention from a man that claims they are engaged I don t blame her for running to her brother on that one I would have too Throughout the book though, Ginny grows thanks in large part to Luke and his wife She becomes a character with a generous heart.Blake is a character you will love instantly He is kind, giving, and hardworking He is there for his friends, even the girl who left him behind It s been years and he never received any replies from her, not a single one when he d written dozens of letters He thought he was over her until he saw her fall from the coach Now he s confused, a little bitter, and untrusting of Ginny who didn t just break his heart, she trampled it I like Blake, but he is hard on Ginny He takes all his anger out on her and honestly even though she s spoiled I didn t think she deserved it at least to that extent.Overall I enjoyed this story, reading it in one sitting It s sweet, heart breaking, and takes you back in time I love the stolen moments they find together and the good things they bring out in one another If you enjoy Victorian romance, I highly recommend this book

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    Reviewed at Historically RomanticI have to admit that it took me a long while to warm up to Ginny I knew that eventually she d turn from her totally spoiled, entitled brat ways but it was a struggle to like her Blake was quite easy to like, a humble man even with his family s riches and titles, he s exactly what we see a kind, caring carpenter who simply wants to live a good life and take care of those in his community Years apart from Ginny without any word has tempered the man he once was Now he s not looking for that grand passion, simply to live a good satisfying life Yet when Ginny returns he has questions, and he is determined he will eventually get those answers.A Christmas Token is a slow blossoming for Ginny and Blake Once Ginny started to act like a decent human, started to think beyond her own wants and opened her eyes to what was right in front of her she began to work her way into my heart It s easier to think of her as a brokenhearted very young woman when she and her mother and father originally left Hardman for New York City After all, she s been under her mother influence for years long before Dora has had her recent change of heart and attitude Slowly the people of Hardman work their magic on her, that s when she becomes a character that I wanted to find happiness.Two years have passed since Filly and Luke married in The Christmas Bargain It was quite fun to see them now, still deeply in love and growing in their marriage With a few twists and turns, The Christmas Token offers an interesting romance, forgiveness needed on many fronts and it shows how life moves on sometimes with the happy ending we never thought we d find While I did enjoy the first story , Ginny and Blake s romance was touching, frustrating and unique to them I m glad they got their happy ending, even if it took them so long to finally find it.I read this title through my Kindle Unlimited subscription.

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    It was difficult for me to like the main character, Ginny at first She was haughty and a spit fire for sure But over the course of the book Ms Hattfield won me over with her growth process from shrew to sweetheart Blake was everything a hero should be and a Brittish charming man to boot I enjoyed all the follow up stories with Filly Luke, Dora and Greg, Abby, Chauncy and Erin.this sweet Community of Hardman has me wanting Thank you, Ms Hattfield.

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    After 10 years, Blake and Ginny are back in the same town and neither knows how to deal with the situation Ten years ago they were young teens in love and planning a future together, but they were separated and something happened that left them each with broken hearts Now that they are reunited the same old feelings arise but after having their hearts broken from the other neither is sure they want to risk love again Can Ginny and Blake open their hearts to one another Is it worth the risk As the story progresses we learn that someone else was responsible for their broken hearts But will this information change their attitude towards one another I wasn t really a fan of Ginny when I first met her, but over the course of the story I saw her grow from a spoiled girl into a caring young woman Blake s interaction with Luke and little Erin drew me to him, but then the scene of him expressing his anger towards Ginny made me wonder if I should like him His anger felt a bit over the top However he redeemed himself in my eyes and the he and Ginny interacted I began cheering for them to overcome their past.This book had me escaping from everyday life and laughing at the antics and quips between characters I especially enjoyed spending time in Hardman and catching up with the characters from book 1 The sibling relationship between Luke and Ginny reminded me a bit of the teasing that happens between me and my brother Little Erin was really cute and added a sweetness to this story Overall I was pleased with the way the story progressed and I loved the ending.This review first appeared at C Jane Read.

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