A Second Chance in Paradise

A Second Chance in Paradise A second Chance in Paradise by Tom Winton is a smooth read that took me away from my own life which put everything into perspective from reading about the tough times Still, this is an uplifting story with plenty of guts and heart.This is realistic and powerful Full of real life emotion and passion, the writing pulls you right into the center of the drama There is an honesty that says something about the character of the author Emotionally charged, I enjoyed the unsteady ride.Quote Slowly but deliberately as if in a trance, I approached her With each small step my tormented eyes cut deeper into hers They spoke to her cried out to her, and she understood them They told her what she had done to me They told her my heart felt like it was being wrenched by a thousand savage hands. A furniture salesman is fed up with his job and comes home to find that his wife has been screwing her boss Feeling destroyed, he spends a few months working with an old friend and then makes his way to the Florida Keys to try to rebuild his life He finds a great place to start from and a wonderful woman who is as attracted as he is, but he screws that up In a short time he gets involved with longtime residents to try to thwart some legal land grabbers and then the violence begins It is certainly a different look at life in the keys and the bottom feeders exploiting them.Dave Clark does a fine job as narrator. I really enjoyed this book very much, especially the beginning I applaud the author for being bold enough to point out the settle prejudices that people have against physically challenged people The story also touches on what some real estate developers are willing to do for money I wish the book had stayed on apersonal course but I love a good ending Worth a read. This book seemed like it couldn t decide if it was a romance, a mystery suspense or whatever else The main character finds his wife cheating on him on his 39th birthday, also the same day he quits his job I would have felt bad for him, but he was not a likeable character at all, and so shallow.He moves from Long Island to the Florida keys to start over He keeps going on and on about how in love with his wife he was, but all he can talk about is her looks, no other qualities about her He then meets a girl, Julie, in the Keys who is a former model and sweet and lovely, but she has a handicap She is missing two fingers on her left hand Apparently the H is so amazing that he just can t get past this handicap and lets her know about it too And she is understanding about it Please, she should have told him where to go in no uncertain terms.He then gets involved in a mystery of sorts with his employer and some other people in the keys Apparently someone is out to get them and they are taking matters into their own hands He sort of leaves them high and dry too.By the end, it just wanted it to be over. Long Island landscaper and his wife are feeling the results of the poor economy and money is tight When he comes home early one day to find her in bed with her boss, he has had enough and packs up and moves out After the divorce is final, he heads for the Florida Keys and sets himself up on a small key where he gets a job in a bait tackle shop while renting an old trailer in a small park behind a general store He soon makes friends and alerts the residents when he sees signs of a developer about to despoil the protected land on the neighboring key Not a bad read, interesting characters and setting. Tom Winton SuperbA Second Chance in ParadiseAfter catching his wife out having an affair with her boss,Sonny packs his bags and heads down to Florida.This book follows Sonny and his adventures in trying to make a new life for himself he has some good times but also some very bad times as well This is the first book by Tom Winton that I have read but it won t be the last You will enjoy reading this book and it goes along at a fair pace It will also keep your attention all the way to the end Highly recommend this book Tom Winton is now on my list of must read authors.5stars 16 April 2014. This might almost be a tourist brochure for the Florida Keys, with it s rich descriptions of the peace and beauty of this chain of little islands Certainly it left me wishing I could take a trip there It probably isn t the best of Tom Winton s impressive body of work I thought it was let down by some inconsistencies in character development but it was still a story well told with a smooth and captivating flow of words leading to a satisfying conclusion. This audiobook was provided by the author, narrator, or publisher at no cost in exchange for an unbiased review courtesy of Audiobook Blast I listened to this audiobook and almost from the start I loathed the protagonist I found no sympathy for his shallow character I wanted to throat punch Sonny Raines until the last quarter of the novel. He did fortunately seem to grow in the end On another day I may have felt differently, but I doubt it. Long Island Salesman Sonny Raines Has Had It He S Sick And Tired Of Living In A World Where Wrong Always Wins Over Right Then, On His Thirty Ninth Birthday, When He Loses His Job And Comes Home To The Most Devastating Shock Of His Life, That S It He S Dropping Out With Nothing Left To Lose, And Little In His Pocket, Sonny Chucks It All And Drives His Aging Van Fifteen Hundred Miles To The Lower Reaches Of The Florida Keys All He Wants Is To Get Over His Recent Losses And Simplify His Hectic Life, And That S Exactly What He Thinks He S Doing When He Settles On A Paradisiacal Speck Of An Island Known As Wrecker S Key While Surrounded By The Warm Aquamarine Waters Of Two Tropical Oceans, He Not Only Falls In Love With The Key But Also Establishes A Close Bond With The Free Spirited Locals Who Call It Home But All Isn T Blue Skies, Swaying Palms, And Coconut Oil On Wrecker S Key There S Trouble Wafting In The Warm Breezes That Caress The Island Although Sonny Certainly Isn T Looking For Romance, He Finds Himself Falling For His Next Door Neighbor Ex Model Julie Albright Just May Be The Kindest, Most Beautiful Woman To Ever Grace His Eyes, But There S A Snag She Has A Small Physical Flaw That, No Matter How Hard He Tries, Sonny Can T Overlook And His Feelings Are No Secret To Julie She Can Read Them, And They Weigh As Heavy On Her Heart As They Do On His Then Things Get Even Worse One Night, Under The Cover Of Darkness, Danger Drifts Up The Deep, Silent Currents From The Lower Keys Serious Danger Life And Death Danger And Sonny Raines Finds Himself Right In The Middle Of It Excellent readSuper character development in this book Sonny seeks to run away from his broken marriage and the love he thought he had haunts him Packing up and heading for Key West, he stops short on Wrecker Key There his life changes forever in a way he never thought would happen.J.W ThompsonAuthor of Rusty Steele

Tom Winton has done everything from working on a railroad gang in the Colorado Rockies to driving a taxicab in some of New York s most dangerous neighborhoods He has also been a mailman, a salesman, an entrepreneur and Since having his first book published in 2011 he s written eight , and they ve all been bestsellers Said to be a man who writes with his pen dipped in his soul, Tom has

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