Six Months in Montana (Montana Sweet Western Romance, #1)

Six Months in Montana (Montana Sweet Western Romance, #1) Molly Bishop Loves Living In Manhattan And Managing A Boutique Luxury Hotel She S About To Be Promoted To Her Dream Job Of General Manager, The Role She S Been Striving For Her Entire Career There S Only One Thing Standing In Her Way The Will Of Her Childhood Friend, Christian Ford S Grandfather She Hasn T Even Seen Christian In Over Ten Years, But A Recent Run In With His Grandfather During A Rare Visit Home, Resulted In A New Condition To The Will Christian Will Only Inherit The Ranch He S Been Running And The Real Estate Development Business That He Has Expanded, If He Marries Molly And Stays Married For At Least Six Months Easy day read, but severely lackingThe basic plot of the story had promise I was disappointed in the writing style as it came across very juvenile and inexperienced I was highly annoyed that the characters were always drinking some kind of wine, eating fancy cheeses and pasta I don t know that Italians can stomach that much pasta It was surprisingly clean, which was refreshing. So dull.The author should have written a recipe book Not a romance novel.Zero romance or character development Over zealous descriptions for cooking.DNF. I felt like I was reading a cookbook not a romance story I couldn t get caught up in the relationship at all And does Molly ever not drink wine Tediously boring I felt like I was reading a PG version of someone diary crossed with a cookbook Did we really need a play by play of how everything was made This was just sooooo boring There was absolutely no chemistry between the main characters I skimmed the last 25% of the book jumping over the cooking lessons to see what would happen in the end Definitely disappointed. FREE ontoday 4 20 2019 Reading this book was similiar to watching paint dry No, atually watching paint dry is quite fascinating compared to reading this book I would call this half a story there was a lot of missing parts to the book It was a cute fictional premiss but there was just too much missing for me to recommend the book. Let me start by saying I don t enjoy writing bad reviews However, I do like to remain objective when reading books I fail to connect with, and I try to focus on the good and the bad And try to not to get in this mood This story has a very implausible plot blurp that I loved from the very beginning Adding a childhood friendship and a seemingly beautiful location seemingly because I ve never been to Montana , I was sold I thought I was in for a great read Except it wasn t the case for me I think the two main issues for me were the fact that the author seemed to let the reader construct the love story between Christian and Molly, rather than makes us fall in love with them A good example of this is the fact that I can picture Christian s full house and decor and I have no idea of what he looks like.Following the same line of analysis, the second issue was the fact that the author failed to take me to Montana There are not enough geographical descriptions that make me connect with the place, the inhabitants, or anything, really.On top of that, you have a course on how to run a bed and breakfast, and having worked in the industry for 5 years I couldn t even relate to that.Lastly, things seemed to developed way too quickly and it didn t seem to be a main conflict, but a series of small obstacles the characters overcome easily instead There s a lack of no pain no gain philosophy that I find necessary in this kind of story, or at least helpful to build tension and relief.All in all, I think the story has great potential, but it wasn t my cup of tea as it was. 2 stars 1 Freebie1 for the story itself Married with convenience H h have no chemistry at allI found strange for hH who used to be best friend and share dog until 14th lost contact While h mother and aunt moved back years to Montana and just because she met once the grandfather at her visit and this so called grandfather put her on his will Oh well this book just plain failures for me

Pamela M Kelley is the pen name of an author who lives in the historic seaside town of Plymouth, MA near Cape Cod and just south of Boston She has always been a book worm and still reads often and widely, romance, mysteries, thrillers and cook books She writes romances and mysteries and you ll probably see food featured along with a recipe or two She also adores her cute little tabby cat, Bell

[PDF / Epub] ☆ Six Months in Montana (Montana Sweet Western Romance, #1)  Author Pamela M. Kelley –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 215 pages
  • Six Months in Montana (Montana Sweet Western Romance, #1)
  • Pamela M. Kelley
  • English
  • 10 August 2019

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