Do You Believe in Santa? (Evergreen Lane #1)

Do You Believe in Santa? (Evergreen Lane #1) This is so cute it should be a Lifetime TV movie I, for one, never feel it s too early for Christmas and neither does Mandy Reese, cause she works at a year round Christmas store in Tall Pines, CA Her whole life changed when she saw Santa really saw him in her living room when she was eight years old It wasn t about the presents or the jolliness or the bright red suit it was just the wonderfully understanding look in his eyes that said, believe So she has, even though it s caused her no end of embarrassment over the years with the adults in town But she s always willing to share her story when a child asks,When she first sees Jake Wyndham, he s in town to scout sites for a new hotel and he s just the kind of guy she s longed to meet He s good looking, kind, attentive, sweet, has a great job and, best of all, he doesn t know why people call her Mandy Claus and she d like to keep it that way until they get a chance to know each other And Jake hopes the people of Tall Pines can accept his company s plans for a hotel that just might change life in their small town.This is an enchanting story about the magic of the Christmas season and I loved it Received this book as an ARC from NetGalley. This is a charming keeper overflowing with the wondrous magic of the season When Mandy Rose was eight years old, she saw Santa Claus She slipped out of her room on Christmas Eve after her mother went to bed As Mandy tiptoed down the hall, trying to be silent, she thought of the poem Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse The Christmas tree was still lit up in the living room, as if it, too, were waiting The nighttime cold of the house bit through her flannel nightgown, and Mandy wished she d grabbed her robe and slippers But she didn t want to risk going back down the hall and waking her mother So she pulled a heavy blanket down from the back of the sofa and curled up under it She laid her head on the arm of the couch to get a good view of the tree at the end of the room near her head, and the fireplace at the other end, down by her feet Barely daring to breathe, she waited DO YOU BELIEVE IN SANTA By Sierra Donovan is the cute, heart warming debut installment in her Evergreen Lane series As I was reading it, I kept thinking it should be one of those Hallmark Christmas movies It would be perfect The story is mostly set in lovely Tall Pines, California, a small town with a homely feel where everyone knows everyone else Small business still rule in this haven surrounded by gorgeous mountainous scenery and loads of pine trees I would swear I could smell the pines as I immersed myself in the story This is the story of Mandy Reese and Jake Wyndham After seeing Santa Claus in her living room when she was eight REALLY SEEING HIM Mandy is a true believer, even though she s all grown up now She works in a Christmas store and Christmas plays a big part in her life year round On the other hand, Jake is a realist and, while he believes in the spirit of Christmas, he hasn t believed in the red suited figure since childhood I mean, everyone knows that Santa isn t real, right He works for Regal, a large hotel chain, and his job is to scout possible new sites for their inns While the sleepy, quaint town of Tall Pines certainly appeals, the townsfolk aren t exactly welcoming Mandy and Jake certainly have chemistry, but will pragmatic Jake walk out of her life once he discovers that Mandy s a fervent believer This romance is light and sweet with a plethora of smokin hot kisses Following please find a few of my favorite quotes from this read You don t think I m Satan, do you Of course not She smiled across the table at him Snidely Whiplash, maybe But not Satan He reached up and traced her cheek with the outside of his fingers Guys like me look for reasons We look for explanations I ve been trying for hours to make sense out of this, and I only know two things When it comes to you and Santa Claus, sense doesn t work And I love you Jake looked down at Mandy s face in the firelight He didn t know if he believed in Santa Claus, but the soft glow of those blue eyes made it a lot easier to believe in peace on earth, good will toward men I discovered this author when I picked up and read Sierra s NO CHRISTMAS LIKE THE PRESENT, another endearing Christmas read I enjoyed it so much that I had to pick up this one AND this certainly won t be my last as I already have the second book in this series, WE NEED A LITTLE CHRISTMAS, on my reader I love to read Christmas romances year round This is a charming keeper overflowing with the wondrous magic of the season If you enjoy fun, cozy and clean holiday romances with loads of Christmas enchantment and cheer, I highly recommend that you pick up DO YOU BELIEVE IN SANTA My full review is posted at Reading Between The Wines Book Club Please check it out there I really LOVED this story I am a sucker for a good holiday story and this one did not disappoint I received an advanced copy of this book in e reader form from NetGalley for an honset review The story flows well and pulled me in from the get go It is an imaginative, romantic, sweet, touching story about Mandy Reese Mandy loves ALL things Christmas She had an interesting experience as a youngster that made her a local legend in her small town of Tall Pine, in the mountains of southern California While working at North Pole, a local small business, she meets a young businessman Jake Wyndham has come to the town scoping it out for a possible future site of a new hotel, for the chain he works for When he meets Mandy he feels that she is special and would love to get to know her better Mandy thinks, finally, someone that hasn t heard about her claim to fame She and Jake really hit it off and date for the short time he is there Can she ever hope to keep her secret Should she want to What will Jake think when Mandy reveals the truth about herself This was a cute Christmas story about a girl who saw Santa when she was 8 Now as an adult she still believes Since she lives in a small town everyone knows her and her story It isn t easy to find a date When Mandy meets Jake who is there on business she doesn t want to tell him about her seeing Santa.These two were a cute couple and I love how their relationship progressed as a reasonable pace Although I thought their engagement was a little fast but it worked The author did a wonderful job at describing the scenery and the characters She actually made me want to visit this town and meet these people I didn t really like the ending So Jake sees Santa and then the book is over I was just expectinglike him telling Mandy that he saw Santa as well and he actually believes her I wish it just ended differently or the story hadOverall it was a cute romantic read that got me in the mood for Christmas time. Do You Believe in Santa is a very sweet and charming clean holiday light romance that will get you in the mood for the Christmas season and isabout having faith than about whether Santa truly is real.Mandy has been teased since she was a young girl and publicly shared her tale of seeing Santa Claus and asserting that he truly is real Though as she s grown up, her small town really sees her as endearing though if you ask her she probably wouldn t see it that way When Jake comes into town for work, he doesn t know about all of this and the two of them start datingwhile Mandy keeps this a secret from him.But you all know what happens when you keep secrets sooner or later they come out and that s when things usually get interesting And Mandy s little secretwell, it is kind of unusual, so the bit of conflict comes from Jake s reaction and how things go from there The deeper into their relationship that they get, theimpact we start to see, mostly on Mandy s side as she internally debates on whether to tell Jake her secret.I found it easy for me to identify with Jake, with his affinity for numbers and need for scientific evidence in order for him to believe in something this is SO meso very, very me In this he and Mandy are opposites, but then again Mandy does have that special experience when she was a young girl to help bolster her belief that Santa is real and for her that event was very real, even if no one else believes it There was not a ton of drama here, the story feelslike a cozy holiday tale of two people who fall for each other and learn to accept what the other believes is true even if it s not what they believe themselves It s a feel good story, and would probably make a really nice Lifetime type holiday movie This was a 4 star read for me, and is a clean holiday romance that everyone can enjoy. First reviewed at Keeper BookshelfWhen you believe in something with your heart and soul, and every fiber of your being it s going to change you, and how others see you as well One Christmas Eve a young Mandy saw Santa by her Christmas tree She did She knows it, it wasn t her imagination or a grownup pretending she saw the real, true Santa right in her living room And she has never, ever to this day changed in that truehearted belief.As an adult, Mandy works at a year round Christmas shop, The North Pole She s taken a lot of abuse, teasing, mocking and taunting for her steadfast belief that Santa is truly real The nickname, the stories they all have made her who she is today A woman in love with Christmas and one who will not back down from her firsthand knowledge Yet, she would love to meet someone who doesn t know her history, a man who just might take the time to know Mandy before he hears about that Mandy Claus nickname.Jake has come to Tall Pine, California in search for the perfect location for a chain hotel If he gets the land and everything falls in place it will change this sleepy small town forever Not everyone wants that kind of change As he s walking through town he discovers The North Pole and the charming, sparkling person who loves Christmas any time of the year Mandy.Do You Believe In Santa is so gosh, I really don t have the words to explain the love, spirit and warmth of this story Jake is not too sure about all this Santa stuff, sure he celebrates Christmas but at some point we all put aside our hold on Santa, right His feelings for Mandy are strong and he wants to be with her but Santa, really He s going to need some time to process that form of reality that Mandy holds so dear Mandy wanted to be loved for herself, her belief in a real Santa aside to be loved just as she is She believes that Jake could be that man, she wants him to be that man Can love really conquer all If you are looking for a Christmas Romance that holds all the charm, wonderment and belief that Christmas deserves, then you re going to want to find Do You Believe in Santa for your own bookshelf I m betting you ll be re reading this one for years to come I received an e ARC of Do You Believe In Santa from the publisher and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review That does not change what I think of this novel. Sierra has done it againI truly enjoyed this book..Mandy Reese works year round in a shop that is detailed with Christmas..most would be sick of it, but not Mandy It s magic to herIt makes her the happiest ever, well that s until her secret catches the town of Tall Pine, California..She becomes well known as the Santa lady..Some even call her Mandy Claus When she meets Tall, Dark and Hansome Jake Wyndham is is blown away The only thing is she finds out why he s really in her town Thetime they spend together she see s a side maybe he ll accept her secret She scared to tell him It would be better hearing from her then someone else.Jake came to town for one reason, and one reason only..that reason to scout out some land for his company and a new hotel He finds something else..Her name is Mandy She is so different Things become really nice between them..Well buy the book to see what that isTrue Christmas, and so heart warming story Sierrra really knows how to get to your heart If you have not read No Christmas Like the Present oh you should I couldn t put it down.. Miracles Don T Just Happen On Th Street They Can Happen Right In Your Living Room If You Re Willing To Believe What Grown Woman Claims To Have Seen Santa Claus Mandy Reese, For One On A Very Special Christmas Eve When She Was Eight Years Old These Days, Mandy Works At A Year Round Christmas Store In Tall Pine, California, Where Customers Love To Hear About Her Childhood Encounter With Saint Nick But When Jake Wyndham Arrives In Town Charming, Gorgeous, Extremely Practical Mandy Faces A Dilemma Deny What She Saw, Or Let Jake Think She S Sugarplum Crazy Jake Scouts Hotel Locations All Over The Country, But He S Never Met Anyone Quite Like Mandy Before Her Warmth And Sparkle Are Irresistible, But Meeting Santa Really Jake S No Scrooge But He S Definitely Skeptical Then Again, There Are All Kinds Of Things Jake Never Experienced Until He Came To Tall Pine Like Autumn Snow Mind Blowing Kisses And The Magic Of Falling Head Over Heels, Madly In Love This was a quick and fun read The ending was perfect Mandy Reese is a woman who believes in Santa because she saw him when she was 8 years old She now works in a Christmas store in her home town of Tall Pines in southern California, in the mountains Jake arrives in town to convince the town to build a Regal Hotel He meets Mandy when he stops at the store They start seeing each other He eventually finds out she has seen Santa but he doesn t believe her They fall in love but he is still skeptical He isn t sure if they can make it work with his job and she doesn t know if she can be with someone who doesn t believe in her I loved all the characters in the book but the ending is what made it a 5 star rating for me. A very cute sweet read that will definitely get you into the holiday spirit Mandy Reese believes in Santa Doesn t matter that she s and adult, she knows what she saw when she was eight That one event has shaped her life but her belief is unwavering Jake Wyndam is in town scouting locations for a new hotel He s handsome, charming, and definitely interested in Mandy Should she hold on to her belief and possibly scare him off or hide her past I recommend this one

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