Enticed (Fullerton Family Saga, #1)

Enticed (Fullerton Family Saga, #1) Rachel Dennehy Had A Crazy Thought If She Could Just Start Over Somewhere Else, She Could Forget About All The Ghosts That Chased Her When An Email Landed In Her Inbox, To Tutor A Difficult Student Whose Father Just Happened To Be A Prominent Businessman, The Apple Was A Bit Too Enticing For Rachel To Refuse She Moves To Beverly Hills, Where She Is Tasked With Turning Around Young Jonathan Fullerton S Bad Attitude, One That Stems Directly From His Parents Ugly Divorce And Even Uglier Custody Battle That Drew Fullerton Is One Of The Handsomest And Most Eligible Bachelors In The World Means Nothing To Rachel Drew S Brother, Alex, However, Assumes Otherwise This Sets The Two Immediately At Odds, Though They Both Have Young Jonathan S Best Interest At Heart Unfortunately The He Tries To Warn Her Away From Drew, The Closer He Ultimately Propels Her Toward Her Charming Boss Rachel Stays Solely To Protect Young Jonathan, Trapping Her Into This Sticky Web Despite Her Own History Of Loss And Betrayal How Long Will She Last More Importantly, What Will She Be Required To Give To Save These Fullerton Men Who Continually Tug Her In Three Different DirectionsAdult Content Intended For Readers If I m being completely truthful, two things pulled me towards this book First, we have the word free Whenever a book is free on , I click the buy button I cannot say no to freebies Second, we have the cover I know you should never judge a book by the cover, but this one was so pretty Thus, I was pulled in by two aspects that aren t overly related to the book Despite this, I did want to enjoy this one.From the start, I knew I wouldn t enjoy it as much as I had hoped to.By the end of chapter one, I d decided that I did not like the main character I could not tell you what in particular bugged me, but throughout the first two chapters my friend had a running commentary upon all the negativity I already felt towards her As the book progressed, I came to enjoy her a bitbut I never really came to enjoy her all that much.In fact, I never really enjoyed any of the characters It seems to be the done thing nowadays, to create dislikeable characters However, I really don t believe such is what the author was aiming for We were supposed to like the characters yet I couldn t I cannot place my finger on what was the exact problem, but I never really came to like any of them They all felt like too much Whilst these views play in with the ending, I feel as though I was not supposed to have such negative views towards everyone from the start You re supposed to have mixed feelings, whereas I simply refused to like them.Moving on, though, before I start to rant too much about this one aspect.The story itself was okay It wasn t anything overly wonderful In all honesty, had it not been for the ending, I would have considered it overly boring There was some fun to be had, but I have read much better in other romance books The ending was a great joy, though I wasn t really expecting such a revelation to come about at the end, and I m pleased the author decided to do something different It was a massive saving grace that I m pleased for.Still, even though it was a quick and easy read, I feel as though I forced myself through it I know many will enjoy the story, but it simply wasn t for me I d wanted something else, somethingEven the mature content was a let down I m really not sure why it says for eighteen plus, when I ve readdetailed scenes in young adult books In the end, though, I doubt I ll be reading the rest of the series as it wasn t for me. 5 Amazing Stars So far I have never read a Ginger Voight novel that I didn t like and guess what She never disappoints Is there anything I don t like about this book Absolutely nothing I loved it Rachel, still being haunted by her painful past, received an email from a prominent businessman Andrew Fullerton, to tutor his troubled son, Jonathan Seeing this as an opportunity to change her life, a break she desperately needed she took the job What she didn t expect was that she would be dealing with the Fullerton family saga while protecting Jonathan, the 9 yrs old child that is caught in the middle of it all.Rachel Dennehy s character is classy, sincere, humble, outspoken, strong and huge heart She is definitely one of my favourite female character in a book Jonathan Fullerton is the sweetest, loveable, unspoiled, most innocently and confused and most hurt beautiful boy who dealt with his parents ugly divorce and is still dealing with their much uglier custody battle My heart goes out for him What I love most about this book is the bond between Rachel and Jonathan, how Rachel protects, love and teaches Jonathan about life Then there s Andrew, a.k.a Drew I was definitely rooting for Drew and Rachel he would do anything to get what he wants but I didn t know to what extent he will do to get it While Drew s brother, Alex, seems to be full of hate against Drew and thinks the worst in Rachel so many times I just want to just shut him up You will hate and love the Fullerton brothers.Once I start reading I just couldn t put it down It is intense, edgy, emotional and full of surprises And since this is just the start of the first of the trilogy, it ll leave you wanting for the next book Most excellently written and written in Rachel s POV.Review also posted here FB Page Blog 4.5 Stars Angsty Feels like my heart twisted much I m trying so much not to shed a tear but yeah, get the picture I m predicting a triangle in the next book I need to gather my wits before starting book 2 This is too muchhighlyrecommended I absolutely loved this book I devoured it in one day This page turner kept me guessing I was on the edge of my seat in anticipation I cannot wait to see what this author has in store with the next book. Yes you are seeing that right, I give 6 stars to Enticed Every once in awhile you come across a book that speaks to you on level like no other Enticed is one of those books for me I loved everything word in this book Ginger Voight captured my attention with her Groupie Trilogy so I jumped at the chance to read her new series I love her writing I don t want to go to work today because I want the rest of the books right now This book is full of heartache, tragedy, and the effects of divorce on a young boy who has had to grow up too fast to be the buffer for his parents Rachel is a school teacher who is offered boat loads of money to tutor him exclusively She gets a weekend visit to determine if she could help the child From the 1st moment she met Jonathan, they had a connection There was no way she was saying no to this job offer So she packed up her belongings and moved in with Jonathan and his father Drew.One of my favorite lines in the book is when she takes Jonathan to the library and he says to her I thought we were going somewhere fun Her reply is Books are a passport limited only by your imagination Rachel knew a broken child when she saw one and made it her mission to make sure he was well taken care of Rachel has a past that is pretty brutal and I won t say what it is because you need that impact while your reading to feel the emotions as I did She responds and reacts to what Jonathan wants and needs and soon he opens up to her completely These words broke my heart If they re yelling at me, then they re not yelling at each other Everyone is impressed with her abilities in making progress with Jonathan and of course everyone makes assumptions that she is a gold digger looking to make bank with Drew and nobody drove that homethan Alex, Drew s younger brother He made sure she knew he wanted her gone from the beginning.Only then we realize there is so muchto the Fullerton family than meets the eye I want to scream from the roof tops Go read this book now Ginger Voight is an author to take notice of, she is easily one of my favorite authors I ve loved everyone of her books that I ve read and can t wait to readfrom her. HOLY EFFING AWESOME SAUCE WITH CHERRIES ON TOP Ginger you blow my mind every time I read a book of yours I mean you know how to rip a girls heart out and put it back together piece by piece and in the end some may be good and some may be bad But DAM GIRL you blew my effing mind with Enticed I could feel Rachel s pain and see her struggles but she came out on top because she was true to herself and never let anyone come in between her and Jonathan I mean DAM parents can be so cruel when it comes to divorce and they should never ever put the child in the middle but Jonathan s mother was a BIATCH and she put him in the middle and his poor father lord I love the Fullerton Boys because they were strong and fierce and loyal to one another.Rachel needed a new start a fresh start so when she got an e mail offering a job as a tutor she took the offer When she arrives she falls in love with Jonathan who is just nine years old and acting out because his parents are getting a divorce and he knows his mother cheated on his father so he lashes out but when he meets Rachel something clicks for the two of them and they build this bond with each other and Rachel becomes his surrogate mother When Rachel comes into Jonathan s life his uncle Alex is not happy about it Alex thinks Rachel is a gold digging loser who needs to mosey on back to where she came from and he will stop at nothing to do that But as times goes on and Rachel and Jonathan get closer there is someone else who is getting closer to her as well That person wants Rachel and can t understand why and tries to stay away but it is getting real hard to stay away from the perfect woman What will Alex do to Rachel And what is going on with Drew Ginger you rocked my socks off and I need book two like ASAP Not sure what to say.It just didn t click with me Rachel ends up falling for two guys that, honestly, are total crap.Drew ended up being such an asshole I understand why he did what he did at first, but then it was just no Just no.And then we have AlexI gotta say, there wasn t a moment in this book that I didn t want to kick the ever loving shit out of him This guy was worse than Drew I can t even tell you everything that I didn t like about him without getting incredibly pissed again.I just don t understand why would ANYONE fall for either of these guys.Right now, I can t say that I ll read the next book I just can t bring myself to read Rachel s stupidity Maybe I ll change my mind at some point and give the rest of the series a try, just not now Because right now, I just want to kick these guys in the balls and slap Rachel for being such a moron. Read and Reviewed for Perusing Princesses BlogWeb www.perusingprincesses.comFacebook www.facebook.com perusingprincessesTwitter peruseprincessBOOK REVIEW Enticed Fullerton Family Saga, 1 by Ginger VoightOh my goodness, what a deeply moving and captivating story I loved the fact that the main focus here is a child, one who has captured my heart entirely Twisted family feuds, love gone wrong and a broken boy left behind the only salvation comes in a public school teacher as she accepts the offer of a lifetime, only to be encompassed in the drama of a corporate family falling apart This story will keep you drilled to the page until the very final chapter.FULL REVIEW Yes, please heed the advice on the synopsis and proceed with caution, because trust me when I say, this book is an emotional read that will trigger those nurturing instincts This story focuses mainly on Jonathan, a nine year old little boy who is another fallen victim to the woes of a messy divorce.Rachel Dennehy is a public school teacher with a tragic past Only three years ago her world ground to a halt when she lost the light of her life With the help of her best friend, Nancy, she gradually regained her footing and continued her career as a teacher in a run of the mill public school.When she receives an email offering her a six figure salary to home school a disruptive nine year old boy, she believes it s too good to be true Uplifting her roots, she leaves behind her simple life and small apartment to jet set off to a 28m mansion in Beverly Hills, to work for non other than conglomerate king, Andrew Drew Fullerton.However, upon arrival, the boy in question is far from what she expected and it soon becomes clear that there isto the Fullerton family than meets the eye This story tells of the trials and disastrous effects of family feuds that go right back to early childhood It tells a story of two Brothers at war, a messy divorce and child custody battles And, it tells the story of a plain, slightly overweight teacher who becomes so embroiled in the Fullerton family saga, that professional personal lines become blurred and crossed But one thing remains, her nurturing love for Jonathan shines through, as she stops at nothing to protect her student this lost little boy, from further damage that this escalating dispute has caused.It doesn t help that Drew is strong, level headed, dominant and impossibly sexy the ultimate package, and although looks can be deceiving, one thing remains true He doesn t play fair, especially when it comes to getting what he wants I started this book one evening, quite late and the next thing I knew the birds are chirping merrily and I had only a few hours left before I had to get ready for work Yes, this is all nighter material I couldn t drag myself away from this story if I tried What is it about adorable kids and sexy Fathers When you fall in love with one, the other comes with the package, right Only, Drew Fullerton is unpredictable and highly complex, but hot damn, he is the embodiment of professional suited and booted alpha, and I just wanted to take a bite His arrogance appealed to me greatly, but the effort to connectto his child when Rachel raises a few home truths are what really made this book for me.That is until things get turned on their head again, with the constant interference of Alex, Drew s Brother He knows how to throw a spanner in the works and I really despised him for a while, but like anything, Ginger Voight is a master at rug pulling you know the one where she pulls it out from beneath your feet and knocks you flat on your plump derriere Yeah that one Gifted I tell you I loved this story I loved the premise I loved the pace And, I loved this kid This is a love story, but not in the traditional sense because ladies, the kid comes first Daddy and his Brother, well let s just say they are a complicated added bonus Looking forward to book 2 4.5 Stars. 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Ginger Voight is a screenwriter and bestselling author with over twenty published titles in fiction and nonfiction She covers everything from travel to politics in nonfiction, as well as romance, paranormal, and dark, ripped from the headlines topics like Dirty Little Secrets.Ginger discovered her love for writing in sixth grade, courtesy of a Halloween assignment From then on, writing became

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  • Enticed (Fullerton Family Saga, #1)
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  • 14 April 2019
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