A Spy Like Me

A Spy Like Me Librarian Note Alt New Cover Edition For ASIN BSUULYGames Can Be DeadlyEighteen Year Old Savvy Bent Expects Fireworks On Her First Date With Malcolm In Paris Except Over A Picnic Of Sparkling Cider And Strawberry Tarts, A Sniper Shoots At Them That S Only The Beginning From The Top Of The Eiffel Tower To The Depths Of The Catacombs, Savvy Must Sneak, Deceive, And Spy To Save Her Family And Friends And Figure Out Whether Malcolm Is One Of The Bad Guys Before She Completely Falls For Him

Laura writes about spies, murder, and mystery She s the author of the exciting Circle of Spies Series, the Prom Impossible Series, and the Heist time travel mystery series She s a former elementary teacher and currently lives in New England After spending time reading books to her kids and loving a good plot turn, she put her fingers to the keyboard Don t ask her about the unfinished quilts an

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 336 pages
  • A Spy Like Me
  • Laura Pauling
  • English
  • 18 November 2019

10 thoughts on “A Spy Like Me

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    I adored the Gallagher Girls series by Ally Carter and was looking for something similar This was repeatedly recommended by so I decided I would try it It was terrible Our heroine, Savvy seems to think she s a experienced spy due to her dad s tourist dress up and play spy game She jumps into the situation, thinking she can totally kick butt when she has no skill or intelligence It s been a while since I managed to finish it, so I don t remember the specifics, but time has not improved my feelings about it Maybe under different circumstances, I d really enjoy it But I was looking for a smart, kick butt heroine that would race across Paris in an awesome spy story and instead got a girl that only thinks she s a spy playing dress up and flirting with guys Ugh.

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    actual rating 3.5 although the main character annoyed me i liked it it was enjoyable and quite entertaining

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    This was such a hard book to read I dragged myself through it It started out slow and barely picked up Good idea, but it could have been developed better.

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    When i read the blurb it said something like the better version of the gallagher girls series I was like what since gallagher girls is one of my favourite series, i thought woah this book must be good for them to say something like that but as i started to read it it didnt start well it started off with her date with this guy in paris and then he pisses her off so as to get revenge she ties his hands and undresses him and thats when people start shooting at them and the boy wants to split up so they agree to meet up the next day but when she gets home her dad is some spy games entertaining show manager or something and she has all these cool gadgets but she doent like being a part of it which i think is really weird but anyways she doesnt tell her dad about any off these and when she goes to meet him the next day he doesnt show up so she goes on and on about how bad she feels for tying his hands and so on and she then pretends to be a spy and tries to save him WTF Worst plot ever And it just gets worse and worse This book is such a let down Dont read it

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    This book had a lot of promise It was fun, fast paced, and Savvy is an engaging character However, the romance in itgot a bit much, and that is putting it lightly All the characters did was kiss, A LOT, but it was a deep kind of kissing and hinted at them doing had they the chance If it wasn t for that, I would have liked this book a lot I wouldn t recommend this one to anyone reallyESPECIALLY not the teen girls it was intended for I don t think teen girls need that on top of their typical emotions.

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    The plot line was convoluted, the action shifted without being fully described how did the character get over there Who is doing what Started to give the author the benefit of the doubt and pick up the sequel but it was such poor writing that I put it right back down after a few pages I frankly just didn t care to see how Savvy was going to be a stupid female protagonist yet again.

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    I was somewhat excited to read this book especially with references to the Gallagher Girls series in some reviews and descriptions The reason I say somewhat excited is due to the fact that any spy book truly can t compare to that series It s a task that many authors have attempted and have not met my expectations With that being said A Spy Like Me made me conflicted in numerous ways.Reason 1 SavvyI liked her I didn t like her I just wanted her to be so much than she was For someone who has a father that has spy business even if it is for fun you would think her skills would be than what they are One thing that bothered me many times were her impatient ways and that almost always lead to her getting in trouble The difference between Savvy and other spies is lack of training and that was really all this book was about There were some moments when I was proud of Savvy One for example was her constant determined attitude She never gave up which is great to see because some characters hit a time when they doubt themselves.Reason 2 Malcolm The ever so confusing Malcolm His actions are highly questionable throughout the entire book I still thought he was a nice addition, but I ll wonder if he ever liked Savvy I want of a back story on Malcolm Not much was revealed about him.Reason 3 Savvy s MomI m not going to reveal much here because her mother important in the story although she left Savvy and her father But her Mom aggravated me You do not tell someone to not do something and think they will not attempt to do it She s a teenager come on now.Reason 4 Savvy s DadHe needs to be honest with himself and others He clearly loves his daughter.I want to say I m looking forward to reading the 2nd book in the series, but I am hesitant if it will be like this I think there is so much room for this story to expand and become something that impacts readers, but I feel a little let down Nothing was really that big of surprise or had wow factor With the right guidance I feel that Savvy can do big things but if her progression isn t there this series could get boring easily.

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    I did not realise a book could so lack spirit and charm that I would find the reading a chore It is a concept that I seldom struggle with yet this book lacked everything that I look for in a book.It had romance, yes but the Spy Games idea was clich and the romance what very little there was was laboured and stuffy.The opening chapter was a shambles, which, even having read the book through, I still fail to comprehend Paris is a captivating setting, one which authors have been featuring in their works for time immemorial It is a place of culture, intrigue, romance all of which were totally absent in this novel I found myself comparing it to the adventures of Enid Blyton only American and much, much worse The plot, finding a villain in a fat, french pastry chef is comparable to the delusions of a child and the characters are poorly developed, at best Spies are a concept that many an author has ventured into before Ally Carter did it, well with Gallagher Girls Yet, this lacked the inspiration and excitement that are fundamental for such a genre Unfortunately, the setting, characterisation and plot failed to provide for me the basis for a book that deserves to be read It is amateurish, in every sense of the word and I find myself retreating to the dark shadows of my book shelves, trying to find a good book with diction, not colloquial trash that, quite frankly, anyone with any minor knowledge of the english language, could write Book should beg to be read You should rip each page over with excitement in your heart, in anticipation This was, I feel tired In every sense I find myself desperate to find the only cure for a book of such lacking the Winner s Trilogy.

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    Extremely juvenile A frustrating read.The main character is eighteen but she reads as a twelve fifteen year old Some serious things happen and instead of confronting the problem head on she goes on as if it didn t happen Her crush on a guy leads her to have pouting moments which someone who truly believes that their best friend is in danger would not have time for.She never truly confronts him about the shooting at the Eiffel tower or the injury he sustained He was bleeding when they separated but when they are finally back together neither one address this And neither one investigates to see who was shooting at them What That drove me crazy And who doesn t call the cops when they think someone is possibly dead and instead goes to the cafe they work at the next day to see if they showed up for work Really This book did not ring true for me and I only read to the end just to finish it Only to then though my expectations were extremely low be disappointed again because it doesn t actually end How is there a cliffhanger on a 300 page book With some books you feel like you just have to find out how it ends, I don t feel that pull with this one and will not be reading the second book in the series or any other book from this author for that matter.

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