She Is Not Invisible

She Is Not InvisibleThe Feeling That Coincidences Give Us Tells Us They Mean Something But What What Do They Mean LAURETH PEAK S Father Has Taught Her To Look For Recurring Events, Patterns, And Numbers A Skill At Which She S Remarkably Talented When He Goes Missing While Researching Coincidence For A New Book, Laureth And Her Younger Brother Fly From London To New York And Must Unravel A Series Of Cryptic Messages To Find Him The Complication Laureth Is Blind Reliant On Her Other Senses And On Her Brother To Survive, Laureth Finds That Rescuing Her Father Will Take All Her Skill At Spotting The Extraordinary, And Sometimes Dangerous, Connections In A World Full Of DarknessFrom Acclaimed Storyteller Marcus Sedgwick, She Is Not Invisible Is A Gripping Contemporary Thriller Threaded With Unsettling Coincidence And A Vivid And Convincing Portrayal Of A Young Woman Living Without Sight This one is powerful in a quiet way Most people commonly talks about rape, murder, vengeance and a lotusual topics we usually see in a book But what I love about this book is that, it shows us how a blind person perceives the world I rarely read about blind people because it s rare to find a fiction novel about blind people This book teaches me a lot of things Not just about how people treats about blind person but about the things we usually take for granted.The ending, that a lot of people remarks as bland is perfect for me Although at first I was rooting for an ending that mind fucks peopleThis is because I usually loves to read about book with maddening endings.But then, this book takes the phrase realistic fiction in a whole new level so I realized that it doesn t need a mind fucking ending to be beautiful.Life doesn t usually gives us cliffhanger endings unless you re a real life badass mercenary or a special agent Sometimes, stories ends in a quiet peaceful way.And sometimes, that s the most beautiful ending of all Here are my favorite quotes You can also find this one in Quote Roundup Read this. I honestly think that Marcus Sedgwick is one of the most underrated writers that I ve ever read His books often leave me feeling mesmerised long after I ve left the final page behind He doesn t care about trends or pleasing people He delivers unique stories and interesting narratives each of which is nothing like the last He writes in different genres and isn t afraid to cross the lines of them and make you wonder exactly what you ve let yourself in for I have a lot of admiration for him From the beautifully written historical fiction of Revolver, to the strange but compelling fantasy of Midwinterblood, he has always seemed to deliver Which, I think, makes She Is Not Invisible doubly disappointing.This book tries You can see it trying from page one Maybe, you might say, it tries too hard I was initially delighted by the introduction of a blind teen protagonist not something I am too familiar with and the engaging opening that presents us with a bizarre mystery In this story, Laureth Peak s father is a famous writer who appears to have gone missing He is supposed to be doing research in Europe but all is apparently not what it seems when someone contacts Laureth informing her that her father s notebook has been found in New York Afraid for her father s safety and perhaps even his sanity, Laureth runs away with her brother on a mission to locate their missing parent after the other one seems unconcerned Even inexperienced readers will find themselves mentally working through the possibilities of what could have happened good news is, you re all probably wrong.But there s bad news too Or there was for me Firstly, there s a lack of believability in everything that happens in this novel I can suspend disbelief quite a lot, I really can But not only does Laureth manage to fool numerous airport staff into letting a blind sixteen year old girl leave the country with her kid brother, she also manages to sufficiently distract the security at the New York airport enough that they simply wave her through That s right The security staff at an airport were like oh well, we re a bit distracted with this other thing over here so go on through The book was already losing me by this point.The problems I had with the believability were a real shame More so in this than other books because I really appreciated the author trying to realistically portray the way a blind person perceives the world Through Laureth, I had the opportunity to think about things I don t normally consider and understand a bitabout the difficulties facing people with little to no eyesight It made for some sad and terrifying scenes in the book But it still failed in the end, if you ask me The book became a joke with every ridiculous turn it took and this detracted from what had started as something really special.Though perhaps the thing I disliked most were the attempts to make this book deeply philosophical This is what I mean when I said it tried too hard Unlike the other novels I ve read by this author, the book set out to convey a message, not to tell a story And it didn t work The slow build up was manageable only because it seemed to promise a wow factor somewhere down the line it was anticlimactic, to say the least The main story is split up with pages of Laureth s father s notebook which talks about coincidence, patterns of the universe, Einstein amongst other scientists and the general meaning of it all It asked big questions but seemed to end with a shrug of its metaphorical shoulders that left me feeling like I d just wasted the last couple of hours Very disappointing. The Benjamin Effect is in operation Can you say sibling goal Laureth Benjamin Stan How effing wonderful I ve absolutely no idea how plausible this whole book really is but when it sthis fun , seriously, who cares I m not unhappy with the way I am, because I don t mind being blind What I mind is people treating me as if I m stupid Laureth s voice was so distinct, it kept me glued She was so full of compassion and understanding, it was just totally impossible not to root for her and take her side even when you saw her committed one outrageously reckless act after another She is absolutely NOT invisible Not to me by a long shot.Benjaminoh Benjamin, how can you be this smart and adorable I would be real sad when you, eventually, grow up Do not lose your Stannous, love Before I get to anything else, it should be said that I thought this was really wonderful But, with that having been said, I think She Is Not Invisible will be met with very contrasting opinions soon enough and it already has, among friends of mine and myself but knowing that makes me think it s evenwonderful What I found absolutely fascinating about She Is Not Invisible, others will find boring, I m sure Much of the novel namely the portions regarding Laureth s father s notebook and its contents reads just like a college lecture or textbook on philosophy, and I think by me telling you just that you ll be able to tell if this book is for you or not In the end, I think you ll either find this book either a complete waste of time, or utterly profound and clever.I fall into the latter camp She Is Not Invisible is a very, very slow moving novel there s nothing particularly exciting going on until the end, really, but I wouldn t consider that to be one of the book s flaws at all The book doesn t need breakneck action, and I think that if it were exciting, all the excitement would feel almost out of place And unnecessary it has its own layer of intensity when you fully come to terms with the fact that you re seeing things through someone who can t see I would also definitely consider this literary fiction, and the way in which Marcus Sedgwick writes the perspective of a blind MC is exceptional and interesting Also exceptional and interesting is how Sedgwick incorporates philosophy, patterns of the universe, and the true and thorough logic behind coincidences into She Is Not Invisible This is pretty much where the lecture part of the novel kicks in, and although I did think some of it was info dumpy and at times maybe even a bit overwhelming, for the most part I loved all of the philosophy bits But, if you re not one for reading a lot of facts about statistics some about math, which even I found fascinating, and I hate math , and, well, things you d probably hear in a college philosophy lecture or read in a textbook, She Is Not Invisible might not be for you However, it s all integral to the story, and I think even if you don t find the subject matter itself interesting, what you may find interesting is how it all relates to what happens in the novel The characterization admittedly wasn t the best in my opinion, nor was the big reveal of what happened to the father which I thought was anticlimactic, but I loved everything about how the characters got to the reveal Coming out of the novel I m still not sure if I have a solid feel on who the characters are, but the way in which Laureth s narrative is written is innovative and ballsy and I love it If I were challenged with the task to write from the perspective of a blind MC, I think I d cry myself to sleep at night, but Marcus Sedgwick does it damn well Laureth s perspective brings up subtle points about loneliness and a fantastic point about the things we assume about people when we re given minimal information about them It made me stop and compare how I see the world and go through it daily to how she does made me wonder how I would maybe look at the world if I were blind, and how I would even function With She Is Not Invisible, Marcus Sedgwick has written one of the most thought provoking perspectives I ve ever read, and really, just one of the most thought provoking novels I ve ever read It s the type of book that will make you stop and think about how you see the world at any given moment it will make you think about coincidences, and the almost coincidences, and will have you begin to notice them in your life I know that this book will not be for many readers, but I think that if you re the type who likes it when a book can make you stop in daily life in just think, even after you ve finishing reading it, and if you can enjoy the little lectures in this novel, She Is Not Invisible will certainly be worth the read I can almost promise you that.

Marcus Sedgwick was born in Kent, England Marcus is a British author and illustrator as well as a musician He is the author of several books, including Witch Hill and The Book of Dead Days, both of which were nominated for the Edgar Allan Poe Award The most recent of these nominations rekindled a fascination with Poe that has borne fruit here in in The Restless Dead, 2007 the form of The Hea

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