Reclaiming His Bride (DiCarlo Brides #3)

Reclaiming His Bride (DiCarlo Brides #3) Secrets Rule Lana S Life Her Father S Death Brought Some Out Into The Open, But She Has A Few Of Her OwnShe S Been Married To Blake For Nearly A Year And Trying To Get A Divorce For Most Of That TimeA Moment Of Emotional Weakness And Too Much Champagne Ended With Her In Her Husband S Arms And Now She S PregnantBlake Hasn T Thought Of Another Woman Since They First Met, Though She Believes Otherwise When Lana S Hotel Magnate Father Offers Him The Job Of Regional Manager And An Office In The Hotel Lana Would Be Managing, Blake Jumps At It Keeping Her Attention When It S Split Between Her Sisters, The Ins And Outs Of Running A Resort, And The Ghost Who S Been Haunting The Building Isn T Easy Learning About The Baby Convinces Him To Redouble His Efforts Though He Isn T Going To Give Up Without A Fight, And When Someone Comes After Lana, The Stakes Are Raised Again

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  • Reclaiming His Bride (DiCarlo Brides #3)
  • Heather Tullis
  • 03 February 2019

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    FTC DISCLAIMER I RECEIVED AN E ARC FROM THE PUBLISHER THROUGH NET GALLEY I VOLUNTARILY OFFER MY HONEST REVIEW OF THE BOOK, THOUGH IT IS NOT EXPECTED OF ME RECEIPT OF THIS BOOK IN THIS MANNER DOES NOT AFFECT MY OPINION OF THE BOOK OR THE CONTENT OF MY REVIEW Up until this point, I ve enjoyed the DiCarlo Brides books, but this one wasn t as good as the previous ones I ve read so far, which was disappointing to me.I didn t see a lot of romance between Lana and Blake Their romance felt like a case of circumstances forcing them back together, and I didn t really see a lot of work on reconciliation, just a lot of talking Actions would have spoken much louder than words here The suspense plot also suffered a bit in this story, and felt a bit rushed to me.I did like seeing the continuing threads of the other stories, so that was a welcome diversion in this book I also enjoyed seeing the way that Blake stood up to his parents I especially liked the twist that came with the suspense plot in this story I didn t see it coming If you re reading the series in order, like I did, just be aware that this is a weaker book in the series to me, but still one that should be read overall.

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    I am rather irritated with this book at the moment and should probably sleep on it before I write my full review I was NOT happy with the ending of this book and think that Lana should have had to go than a stinkin day before getting her HEA Blake fought for her for a whole flippin year to make ANY progress with the stubborn woman when everything was ALL HER FAULT because she wrongfully accused him of something he did not do So why should she get her HEA after only ONE day of misery I understand that she had trust issues because of her father but taking it out on Blake because she COMPLETELY misunderstood what she saw and REFUSED to speak with him about it shouldn t give her the free pass that she obviously got And blaming her stupid comment on pregnancy hormones Big fat excuse in my opinion As of right now I think that Lana is a brat and she does NOT deserve Blake AT ALL He is WAY too good for her in my opinion That poor man had to put up with being put down his entire life by his parents and told he was never good enough and then continued to be put down by Lana So NOT cool And she claims to love him Yeah. she is in definite need of therapy If the book was just a little bit longer with her doing LOTS of begging and groveling I might be feeling a little different right now But alas I am angry and wish that Blake would have just walked away And I am still in shock at who was behind everything I just can t believe that this person could be so evil I don t want to give it away so you ll just have to read it to find out what I am talking about I may be back in a few days to change this review but as of right now I am posting how I honestly feel I am definitely continuing one with this series because I am extremely curious about what secrets the other sisters are hiding And I am SUPER excited that Rosemary s story is next Hers is the one that I have been dying to read

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    Book 14 stars I purchased a copy of the novel A Perfect Fit DiCarlo Brides Book 1 Love in Juniper Ridge Jan 15, 2014 by Heather Tullis and this review was given freely.A good introduction to the series Complex and full of drama 6 women find out after their father s funeral that they really are sisters and must work and live together for a year to make a the new Colorado hotel prosperous or marry in order to inherit What they didn t expect upon arrival to the hotel site in Juniper Ridge,Colorado were romances that were secretly set up for them by their father George DiCarlo prior to his death and the multiple media sabotage attempts Couples inferred include Cami with Landscaper Vince ,her sister Lana with the hotel s regional manager Blake, and her stepsisters Sage with former SEAL and head of hotel security Joel, Delphi with photographer Jeremy, and Jonquil with Ski Resort owner manager Gage A tutorial on hot air ballooning, setting up a hotel and resort and the stress of waiting for a kidney transplant are seamlessly blended in with all the family and workplace drama Book 2 4 stars I purchased a copy of the novel SEALed With Love DiCarlo Brides book 2 Mar 11, 2013 by Heather Tullis and this review was given freely.Suspenseful with multiple forms of violence this novel begins months before the timeframe in book 1 and features the fearful reflexologist Sage who has a gift of precognition Sage is contemplating leaving LA not only to take the Colorado Spa Manager job for her father but also to hide from a stalker A suspenseful opening results in Sage meeting Joel the private security guard hired for her by her matchmaking father George Dicarlo This sequel contains the events leading up to the post funeral attorney meeting in book 1 and then jumps ahead to the present day to Cami and Vince s engagement, Sage s work in the DiCarlo Colorado Hotel s Spa, the return of Sage s stalker, Sage s budding romance with former SEAL private security guard head of the DiCarlo Colorado Hotel s security Joel, a poignant moment with Joel s SEAL family,and the continued saga of the DiCarlo sisters Can be read as a stand alone but best if read in sequence Book 3 4 stars I purchased a copy of the novel Reclaiming His Bride DiCarlo Brides book 3 Mar 17, 2013 by Heather Tullis and this review was given freely.Suspenseful, emotional and action packed with a twist Starting three weeks after the DiCarlo Colorado Hotel s opening,the story of hotel general manager Lana and the hotel chain s regional manager Blake is a rocky one of secrets, misunderstandings, and an unplanned pregnancy The continued saga of the DiCarlo sisters is peppered with escalating ghost activity in the form of hotel destruction and a murder which is blended with Blake s family s interference and Blake trying to win back Lana Contains some violence Can be read as a stand alone but best if read in sequence Book 4 4 stars I purchased a copy of the novel Family Matters DiCarlo Brides book 4 May 6, 2013 by Heather Tullis and this review was given freely.An emotional second chance at love story with multiple unhappy people, multiple acts of violence, a message concerning excessive dieting poor body image, and a happy ending Rosemary s life drastically changes when one of Sage s predictions come true giving Rosemary the chance to be a parent of her 10 year old daughter Cleo after the adoptive parents are tragically killed Rosemary and Harrison find love and healing as he comforts and assist her through the changes brought with motherhood and tries to protect them when multiple violent acts befall the family.Contains some violence Can be read as a stand alone but best if read in sequence Book 5 4 stars I purchased a copy of the novel Wild Hearts DiCarlo Brides Book 5 Dec 22, 2013 by Heather Tullis and this review was given freely.A poignant second chance at love story combined with the continued saga of the Dicarlo sisters Mystery and violence follow the couple as an innocent piece of fool s gold turns out to be real Reverting back to May and Delphi s entrance at the reading of her father s will then Jumping to July and her first meeting with Jeremy and then jumping again to January and the preparation for Rosemary s wedding this sequel features the widowed motorcycle loving wedding planner Delphi and the friends to romance with photographer Jeremy Can be read as a stand alone but best if read in sequence Contains some violence Book 64 stars I purchased a copy of the novel The Last Bride DiCarlo Brides Book 6 Jan 22, 2014 by Heather Tullis and this review was given freely.The last of the six DiCarlo brides finally wins her love and gains the emotional support and sense of belonging she has been craving for years George DiCarlo s last not so secret match involves his youngest daughter the Hotel s floral manager Jonquil and appears to be a soulmate but Gage is still resistant Both Jonquil and struggling local ski resort owner Gage are dedicated hard hard works who love nature and outdoor sports, support their families emotionally and monetarily but are taken advantage of by their self centered younger sisters Life gets interesting when floral department manger Jonquil s flighty self centered little sister the drama student Angela moves in for the summer, Gage is unable to support his self centered socialite sister Natalie, and someone sabotages the ski resort Can be read as a stand alone but best if read in sequence Contains violence in the form of shooting and jealousy mental illness Book 74 stars I purchased a copy of the novel Getting Her Groom DiCarlo Brides Book 7 Dec 11, 2014 by Heather Tullis and this review was given freely.An older man younger woman romance with a sinister undertone, one large loving family, a pair of superficial parents, and a happy ending Tying up some loose ends, Jonquil s little sister Angela s road to graduation is sabotage but, graduation does not end her problems when she has to make a decision between a long distance relationship with Cami and Lana s cousin the lawyer Alex, living near her family, and taking an understudy position to her dream job on Broadway in NY.Can be read as a stand alone but best if read in sequence Violence is not as graphic as in prior novels.

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    I was looking forward to this story because I really like Blake and was interested to see what was going on between him and Lana Man, I really felt for this pair This book is a real example of how what happens to us earlier in our life can seriously and frequently negatively impact us, frighten us Another lovely happy ending, but I m still aching for Blake.

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    FinallyI have read a bunch of the other books in this series, so knew what the end results of this book were going to be, but was missing all of the pieces the actual book provides I finally had the book in my hands and the opportunity to read it all at the same time I am so glad I finally had the chance to read Lana and Blake s story I can see myself behaving like Lana in so many ways, I can so easily get caught up what appears to be happening that I refuse to listen to what actually is happening This unfortunate personality trait caused Lana and Blake months of heart ache Reading about what caused Lana to have such a strong gut reaction and the pain it creates in her life as well as Blake s makes me take a step back and rethink some of the situations I have been too quick to judge others on Lana and Blake both learn some very valuable lessons in this book The romance chemistry is thick between these two and they are dancing around trying to figure how to handle it This is the kind of drama I can enjoy, although I d sure love to slap Lana a few times.

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    A deceased father who throws 6 girls together 2 from his marriage and 4 illegitimate daughters to four different women to build his hotel Each daughter has something to bring to the table but they must all live on the premises with each other While trying to come to grips with this curve ball he also has another curve ball for each daughter..a husband he has personally picked out Lana DiCarlo has secrets of her own along with her father s but his come out at the reading of the will but hers on the other hand stay least for the time being until Blake shows up She has always been attracted to him and when they end of spending the night together other secrets are born.Blake was hired by Lana s father to be the regional manager of the hotel chain and to keep an eye on Lana.little does she know that her father knew about her secretCan Blake prove to Lana that he has never stopped wanting her or will it all blow up in both their faces

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    A convention Too much to drink A Vegas quickie wedding A misunderstanding All of this leads to Lana keeping a secret from her sister She s been keeping it long enough, she isn t sure how to tell her How do you confess to marrying your boss Why won t he give her the divorce she wants is sure he wants too Blake fell for Lana when he first met her He couldn t believe that he managed to get her to fall for him No way was he going to let her go Sooner or later she d have to listen to him Lana s past had a lot to do with her jumping to conclusions Her father had 6 kids, 2 legitimate 4 from affairs Lana has to overcome her inability to trust men Blake hasn t had the best family relationship either They need to learn they can depend on trust one another Can they lean on each other when they find out who is behind the resort s trouble or will it tear them apart

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    In this story Lana has a secret that she has kept from her sisters for a year she s married Throughout this book she struggles with her relationship with Blake, deals with a ghost at the hotel, and tries to trust in love after witnessing her father s infidelity I really liked Blake He perseveres even when it seems he will never gain Lana s trust and he s just a great likable character I was frustrated with Lana though for letting her Dad s mistakes taint her relationship with Blake She often makes decisions or places blame without all the facts, assuming that every man is like her dad Overall I enjoyed the love story and added suspense and think anyone who appreciates this genre should read this series.

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    Audio review This audio is book 3 in the series Love how the author takes a sister and gives them their own story The sisters life reflect issues that happen in real like and in some instances your wondering what they are thinking and why they did things This is no different Hero is Blake Heroine is Lana Lana has a wrong idea about Blake and what Happened Jack has loved Lana front the first time he saw her When her father first took him on Blake has had a hard life Lana says she still loves Blake but she is making him suffer Blake made Lana suffer but get this only for a day Valerie did a great work reading this story Her voice was steady , strong and clear so far Valerie doing this one and the other 2 are great

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