Messenger of the Dark Prophet

Messenger of the Dark ProphetMessenger of the Dark Prophet is over all a great addition to the story The writing is improving and the story flows mostly better then the first book It feltadult oriented in this book and the characters continue to grow.The characters are still a strong point for me in this series thankfully I enjoyed reading about them There were some places that seemed like they were trying to hard to fit into the story without fitting quite right There were a few times the POV switched that it just didn t fit I kept expecting these to benefit the overall story, but in the end they just kind of stuck out there Much like the Fist POV in the first book, I expect it will come into play in the third book of the series Which leads me to another part.While I enjoyed reading this book, again it didn t seem to end at a spot that would have allowed this book to stand on it s own It seems to be written from the perspective on one story that is clipped into multiple books And this one was so close to standing on it s own Overall the book read great, I enjoyed it and am looking forward to the second book Some of the elements the author uses to push the story along do not stand on themselves in this book and that s a sore point for me, take as the series as a whole this doesn t matter much The book is a good read and I look forward to the next. The second entry into the bowl of souls series is a step in entirely the wrong direction The problems with the first book in terms of story cohesion and character motivations are magnified in this book view spoiler The biggest gaff in terms of character motivation was the whole forgiving the professor valtrek, the same professor who gave out the sleeping potion that allowed two boys to capture Justan and almost rape Jhennet The reason they give for forgiving him is that Vannya is his daughter and he allows them to sneak out of the mage school.thats it.He suddenly forgets that this is the same guy that provided two boys with what almost became a date rape drug, lied to him and the council in order to get Justan into the mage school, and sent in his daughter to befriend and spy on him hide spoiler not a lot better than the first a villain is introduced who is utterly one dimensional and bad without a single redeeming feature sorry, boring.One redeeming quality of the book the ogre A character with glimpses of multi dimensionality and depth struggling in a culture that does not fit him I liked that Sadly gets reduced to a comic relief character in the next books. I think the thing that really impressed me the most is the fact that I felt there was no lag or downtime between one book or the other one.I have read through this books twice now Both times I have laughed and shook my heads at some of the antics of the main character It is a little darker than the first book, but considering what is happening that is understandable We still have some major questions that need to be answered, but that is understandable since there is stillcoming I really hope that the next book is coming soon I would like to read it I will be first in line to buy it.This book deals withtraining for Justan He does not do well with the change in enviroment at first the next we know he is nicknamed Professor Justan and is holding a class LOL If you want to know why read this book Make sure to read the first one first it is only.99 at .com for the kindle edition.I have now read the third one I hope he keeps up the good work. The second book was just as good as the first but reverse the beginning in this one was better than the ending but still good all the magical stuff in this one is pretty awesome i believe the magical system could becomplex it s kinda like a mix of biology and chemistry in a spiritual form in my opinion but it is still pretty cool kinda annoyed by the main characters magical ability but i still have hope for him and him getting a weapon that Sings XD definitely one of my favorite book series so far I m barely hanging in there with this series It s not bad, but the author needs to tighten up his writing, cut to the chase, and create a cohesive plot with clear connections between scenes Some scenes felt unnecessary to the main plot Some actions didn t suit the character traits the author is striving to portray And for me, there s a bit too much bloody battle and evil torture, etc Plus, the dialogue is weak and the camaraderie between the protagonists doesn t quite ring true The Dwarf, especially, gets on my nerves His portrayal is overplayed.I do like Fist and the elf.And at least there is no sex and little swearing, even though there s so much blood and guts.The price is right, so I might try onebook in this series, even though the series feels too long for such a simple plot kill him and keep him dead already. Mr Trevor where have you been all this while Its been a while since I got so nicely drawn into a world creation The last I remember is Jim Butcher dragging me into Alera But Trevor s style continues to be his simplicity in narration There are no sudden upheavals or dramatic discoveries Each protagonists POV is beautifully crafted so much so you begin to fall in love with many of them There is an innocence about it that keeps you smiling at most times And through it all there is progress to the plot and some interesting sub plots Lets see where we go from here Justan S Dream Of Entering The Dremaldrian Battle Academy Has Been Put On Hold His Burgeoning Magic Powers Have Been Deemed Too Dangerous To Go Untrained And He Has Been Sentenced To Two Years At The Mage School How Is He Supposed To Fit In Amongst The Mages And Wizards, A Physically Weak Group Of People He Has Never Identified With Can He Learn How To Control His New Powers Without Losing His Identity As A Warrior Can He Stick To His Plans While The Mother Of The Moonrats Tries To Destroy The School From Within Fist, The Ogre Who Was Estranged From His Own People, Has Now Found A Home Next To A Friendly Human Settlement While Deathclaw, The Raptoid Who Was Changed Into Humanoid Form, Has Left His Homeland In Search Of His Destiny They Escaped The Wizard Ewzad Vriil S Grasp Before, But His Secret Army Grows As Does His Influence In The Kingdom What Will They Do Upon Coming Face To Face With The Messenger Of The Dark Prophet Once Again Messenger Of The Dark Prophet Is The Second Book In The Bowl Of Souls SeriesBook One Eye Of The MoonratBookHilts Pride Book Two Messenger Of The Dark ProphetBook Three Hunt Of The BanhamBook Four The War Of Stardeon April Book Five Mother Of The Moonrat I devoured this book Didn t want to put it down.Book 1 opened a lot of doors Book 2 this book tackled a lot of what was opened But of course the adventure continues and I can t wait to get started.The characters are interesting and fun to get into.The writing is not subtle the author typically tells you what they all think but this is fine with me easier to follow. Yet another excellent instalment of the Bowl of Souls story I can not fault this guy or his books, true entertainment Each chapter makes me love Justan, Fist, Qyxal and the rest of the castyet makes me hate Ewzadwhich Trevor informs me is exactly what he wanted us as readers to do Onto book three

I was born in South Carolina and have lived all around the United states Utah, New Mexico, Michigan and Tennessee.I started reading novels in second grade and my love of Fantasy started with Lloyd Alexander s Chronicles of Prydain series I couldn t get enough, continued with David Eddings, Tolkein, Robert Jordan All I wanted was to become a published writer.The characters and concepts that even

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