A Thankful Love (Richards Family, #1)

A Thankful Love (Richards Family, #1) Divorced Pregnant AloneHer Parents Were Right About Tyrone, But Maya Richards Is Determined To Prove Them Wrong About Her She Might Be Divorced And Pregnant, But This Thanksgiving Will Be Full Of Blessings If She Could Just Get A JobJake Rivers Has Had Ten Years To Prove To Maya He S A Man Worthy Of Her Love However, Challenging Economic Times Threaten To Destroy The Company He S Built Hiring Maya May Save His Business, But Can He Convince Her To Love Again This Is A , Word Sweet Romance


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  • Kindle Edition
  • 46 pages
  • A Thankful Love (Richards Family, #1)
  • K. Victoria Chase
  • English
  • 04 November 2017

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    People, even a short story needs to make sense This doesn t Heroine returns home in disgrace as is repeated ad nauseum when its not like this story has room to be repeating ish She is pregnant by her ex playa, perhaps mysogenist hubby I say perhaps because we are given a line or two about him that can t be attributed as anything else Anyway, she is back, evidently LITERALLY about to pop and in need of a job even though her parents take her in Whatever I wont go into detail about just how little sense that makes.This contains spoilers from here on, but since its so damn short Im not sure if I m really giving anything away lol.Mama asks heroine s old high school chum if he has a position in his company No, he truly doesnt as he is on the verge of bankruptcy but hires her anyway on the strength of his decade old crush He has no issue with her being knocked up and evidently decides he is going to approach her sooner rather than later about a relationship Still he acts like her being pregnant and wanting to do this on her own and take care if her child has nothing to do with him wanting her Maybe he doesnt realize its gonna be a package deal yet, I dunno Btw did I mention the day heroine left with the cheating ex after graduation, our hero made his plea for her and got shut down Ya Evidently, she never thought of him in that way.Anyway, dude s ripped now so..ya She has thoughts He kisses her and its lava hot ofcourse, belly out to here Fast forward a week or so, two tops They land the big account that will save his business, thanks to her, her water breaks all over him and she has the kid WHILE IN THE HOSPITAL she sees him gazing adoringly at her son aaaaaaand announces she loves the hero The guy she never thought of like that until last week Its love I tell you Don t, y all.A its not long enough to satisfy your craving and B it really makes no emotional sense.Now before I get judged for knowing it was short going in, short isnt a problem if you dont bite off huge issues and try to chew them in under 200 pages If this was about a girl, NOT pregnant who had always been into a guy even if she didnt want to admit or was involved with someone else back in the day so she couldnt act on it ok I could deal with that But no Its plain as day she never liked the scrawny buddy she knew in high school that way Admits she wasnt even nice to him So noya dont love him in a week, coming off a divorce while your ass should be trying to figure out how to be a mama Just no.

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    This is my first time reading anything by this author and I was pleasantly surprised This short story was well paced and had great character development Maya and Jake both have to face their pasts in order to move towards a bright future Since the story was so short I don t want to give anything away but I will say this was a really great read and I can t wait to read the next story in the series Connecting books A Merry Love A Richards Family Short , A Lasting Love A Richards Family Romance Would you read this story again Yes Would you read of this author s work Yes

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    Loved this short story, but then again I love all of this authors books A Thankful Love is such a heartwarming short novel My only complaint was that it ended so soon, I wanted I don t want to give the story away, but I hated that poor Jake had to wait so long for Maya to come back home to get his second chance with her In the end it all turned out great.

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    4.5 stars This book was adorable The guy in the cover with those gorgeous eyes, Yumolicious Yup that is a word, lol Love the story, Finally a book that loves regardless of being left pregnant That what a call a man

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    I liked this story, it is short but it was sweet and cute and I love pregnancy stories Give it a try,

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    Maya returns home divorced, pregnant and painfully aware of the wrong choice she made years ago She is reunited with Jake The crush Jake had on her years ago turns out to be so much Jake quickly shows his love, support and attraction towards a very pregnant Maya People learn from their mistakes And this time will Maya be able to follow her heart into the arms of the right man Sweet,romantic, feel good read with a sprinkle of holiday cheer I would definitely recommend and look forward to meeting Joan.

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    This one went by fast and not just because it was a short story High school crush reunion romance resolved quickly.Maya Richards comes home in disgrace a decade after she blew out of town ignoring everyone s warnings about her high school sweetheart Now, after he cheated on her continuously and then accused her of cheating, she s divorced, pregnant and must start over A guy she thought little of back in high school, but who thought the world of her is now her second chance for a job and love.I think this would have fared better if it were at least novella length, but it had too much crammed into a few pages for me to appreciate it much The romance was lightning fast on Maya s part since she hadn t even noticed Jake back in high school and it felt a lot like she was in love because he was suddenly her rescuer.So, it was okay.

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    Short Short story with potential too much going on so nothing is complete So no real story development Maya returns home after a ten year absence, she left home to run off with her boyfriend whom her parents disapproved of Now a divorc e and pregnant she returning to her folks Jake who has had a crush on Maya when they were in school hires her to work for him even though his company is on the verge of bankruptcy and several weeks later they are in love.Really a hot mess.

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    Yep..short and sickeningly sweet. Jakey is wonderful and just too good to be true and quite frankly too good for Maya Can t believe he carried that torch that long for such a silly immature and selfish young woman The characters are very interesting and you wish this was a longer tale but it didn t stop me from enjoying this second chance shot at love even when one of them didn t deserve it.

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    Loved it I planned to listen to part of the book on my Kindle and let it go onto the end it was just one of those stories where you come to enjoy the characters and want to know what will come of them It had an easy follow and pulled my interest I will look to read from this author.

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