The Dragon Box

The Dragon Box When Eleven Year Old James Is Given An Electronic Game By His Old, Inventor Neighbour, He Is Intrigued By The Lack Of Screen On The Console He Soon Finds That With The Dragon Box There Is No Need For A Screen At The Flick Of The Switch, He S In A Game Like No Other He Has Ever Played Before Somehow He Must Win The Crystal Of Mommek And Save The Kingdom Of Grobnog From Khalana The Witch If He Fails, There Is Far At Stake Than His PrideFantasy With A Touch Of SciFi For Children, Years

Katie W Stewart is an Australian author of fantasy fiction for all ages She was born in Lancashire, England and emigrated with her family when she was nine years old Apart from writing, she also illustrates books, designs book covers and makes her own 3 D creations out of polymer clay She is also the mother of three children aged 14 24 In her spare time she enjoys reading as well as playing ce

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    A delightful little fantasy, perfect for middle grade readers but also very well worthwhile reading for adults.The story was fun and very appropriate for today s young readers as it was set in the form of a game The characters were entertaining too and were very nice to spend a few happy hours with.Short but sweet and well worth four stars.

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    Warily James made his way up the path to his next door neighbour s front door He was a little frightened, as the kids from school all said Mr McKenzie was a weird old man who killed cats They all disappeared, never to be seen again.James wondered if he did that with children too When the shuffling old man told him to go to the back door, he wasn t sure what to expect He wished his mother hadn t given him the job of delivering the book to his neighbour But after his initial fright, he found Mack was a nice old man, a bit eccentric perhaps, but he seemed kind When he returned on a second visit, Mack showed him some of his inventions James was fascinated As he was leaving to go home, Mack gave James a gift He told him to show his mother to tell her it was a dragon box she would understand After James had talked to his wheelchair bound Dad and his Dad s friend Derek, he showed his Mum the dragon box She became emotional, but in a happy way She sent him to his room to learn about it, saying she would keep the other family members from disturbing him And so began the most amazing adventure James had ever had, but also the scariest and strangest He was sure he was dreaming he was wasn t he With the thrumming in his hands of the dragon box, suddenly his bedroom vanished and in its place was another room, which seemed to be inside a very old castle When he heard footsteps coming up the nearby stairs and saw Mack arrive, but dressed as a wizard, he was stunned But discovering his challenge, the quest he had to complete, made him sure he was dreaming For James was in a place called the Kingdom of Grobnog, where the Queen looked very much like his mother he had to confront a witch by the name of Khalana how could he possibly do all these things Was it safe Would anyone be hurt What a wonderful, fascinating and imaginative story The characters are beautifully developed I felt I was involved in James quest, and was quietly cheering him on This is the fourth fantasy novel I ve read by Aussie author Katie W Stewart and she never ceases to amaze me A very talented writer of whom I ll be reading Highly recommended.

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    Although this is a kids book I thought it was great, enjoyable to adults as well Well written and exciting you want to find out whether James defeats the wicked witch and saves his friends Some nice touches with the characters and cleverly done.Would highly recommend this book.

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    THE DRAGON BOX by Katie W StewartTHE DRAGON BOX is a middle grade novel recommended for ages 8 12 years Focusing on the imagination of a child, Katie W Stewart takes us into a world of science fiction and fantasy, where every boy dreams of fighting with dragons, witches, ogres and goblins.Like many children his age, 11 year old James, doesn t want to participate in his weekly scheduled footy ball games, so he fakes an injury Knowing her son isn t happy, James s mother asks him to retrieve a book from old man Mack s house next door and against his better judgment James reluctantly heads over to the crazy professor s house But one quick look into the house and James is in awe There are gadgets and machines of all sorts, waiting for someone to play But it isn t until Mack gives James a dragon box does the real adventure begin.Something similar to Dungeons and Dragons or perhaps a computer game, the Dragon Box takes James and Mack through a game like scenario where James controls the events Mack has designed the Dragon Box , and the characters within are all representations of the people in James and Mack s life As the game unfolds, Mack must teach James to use the magic that is his to control And as each level is successfully completed, a new and dangerous level presents Throughout the storyline, James must use his imagination and strategize about his next move But not until his final move, does real life interject Praying against all odds, that everyone he knows and loves is alive, James crosses between worlds, hoping to see the one person he knows, that could very well change his life.THE DRAGON BOX is a wonderful story And like many Young Adult storylines, The Dragon Box is not just for the young, but also the young at heart There is adventure, science fiction and fantasy all rolled into a storyline that is sure to put a smile on your face see all of my reviews at

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    The Dragon Box is a contemporary fantasy story for children by Western Australian author Katie Stewart I have also read her adult fantasy novel Treespeaker, and both are equally good In The Dragon Box, our young hero James receives a special gift from the eccentric Mack, a gift that propels him into a fantasy world where his companions bear striking resemblance to people in James own life The world inside the dragon box is a game featuring a routine fantasy landscape, which is being threatened by the evil Khalanna Inside the game, the elderly Mack has been transformed into the wizard Mackenzor, who advises James on his quest for the Crystal of Monmekk The crystal is needed to help restore flight to Draknor the dragon, who has lost his wings to the evil Khalanna in a previous battle As I mentioned before, each character represents a friend or family member in James own life some goblins stand for the real world neighbourhood bullies , and in some sense the situation in the game mirrors that in the outside world This becomes clearer the further we read The Dragon Box is subtly educational in a number of ways Firstly, Mack enzor encourages James to think and act for himself, something he is not keen on doing initially James sidekicks are barely animate computerised routines, and as such offer him little direct support in his quest The novel also teaches children that violence is never the answer to problems, and that quick thinking and puzzle solving are far valuable life skills And while there is some use of magic such as a water spell called fal ush da dunnee you d have to be Australian to get that joke , magic never entirely solves life s problems In short, The Dragon Box manages to avoid becoming a wish fulfillment or power fantasy, something for which the author should be credited I look forward to this author s subsequent work with keen interest.

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    So what did you think of the story I didn t like the box because I hate trolls I hate stinky toenails I hate swords but I d love to use one when I m a grown up Swords are dangerous for children I was happy James rescued Mack I hate witches because when they die they re still stinky I like dragons because I love riding on them when we re flying and I love heights Anyway, did you like the story with a nod of the head Yeah.This was my son s first attempt at a review The Dragon Box is a beautiful story I think my boy is a tad too young for it, but he did enjoy it he asked to continue the story every night , so I expect children that are 8 12 as advised would really appreciate it and so would anyone over that age who is still a kid at heart Katie Stewart writes really well, making, in my case, reading this story both enjoyable for mum and child There is action and suspense, and it appeals to the child s imagination with knights and witches and dragons see above I would have loved to know what was going on in my son s head as I was telling him the story The story will keep the child interested, while remaining straightforward and easy to follow read.We are definitely looking forward to stories for youngsters, especially if they,too, have dragons in I am giving it a five star based on my son s experience, who, I must say, is not always that keen on nighttime reading, but obviously was delighted by this one.

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    This is a children s story about James, a boy who takes part in what seems to be an adventure game, conceived by and featuring his elderly neighbour Mack In the game, he meets characters who very closely resemble people he knows in real life Mack assures him that he is safe and he can quit and exit the game at any time He carries a device with a red button in his pocket for this purpose The story takes the form of the traditional quest tale with James being sent to search for three seemingly impossible things to bring back to the witch, Khalana Although Mack could tell him the answers, he encourages James to work things out for himself.This is a lovely, fluent story which will appeal to the sense of adventure in all children There is often a real sense of danger and we are relieved each time James succeeds I m sure I m not the only reader who was enchanted with the little dragon on the cover, which James called Ben A book for younger readers will often fail to keep an adult s attention but this was a splendid story, beautifully told What do you need to encourage young readers to become old readers

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    When James meets Mr McKenzie, his eccentric elderly neighbor, and expresses an interest in his many inventions, Mr McKenzie invents a contraption just for him The Dragon Box is just a small cube shaped box with a start button At the push of the button, James is transported to a medieval world with wizards and queens and dragons and witches and goblins and, well, you get the picture Strangely, the wizard seems just like McKenzie and the witch looks just like Mom and the goblins resemble the two bullies in James neighborhood James goal is to retrieve a crystal from the witch to save the Kingdom of Grobnog.This well crafted book is full of wonderful, colorful characters James proves himself resourceful, intelligent and compassionate as he accomplishes each task demanded by the witch in exchange for the crystal As it is a bit long winded, I recommend it for advanced middle grade readers.

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    Katie Stewart has crafted a wonderful tale of a sensitive young boy who is new to town James has joined a footy team and is being picked on by some of the other bigger and aggressive players He feigns illness one Saturday morning to get out of a game His mom is not fooled and sends him next door to deliver a book to Mack, a grandfatherly nutty professor type who invents games Mack has recently begun to use modern technology and invents a game just for James But this is no video game In this game James is transported to another place and time and becomes a real life hero who must use his wits and overcome his insecurities and fears to save the day The Dragon Box is a modern fable, delightfully imagined and well written, with subtle meaning incorporated into the story It was a delightful antidote to X Box exactly the type of book one would encourage their young children to read It seemed just right for the age group to which it was targeted, but a good read for any age I thoroughly enjoyed it It is worth noting here that the exquisite cover was illustrated and designed by the author.

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    A short story with an interesting take on gaming Fans of video games, dragons and magic will certainly take to this book It was a quick, entertaining read that had a very good full circle feel to it by the time I reached the end Included with the magical quest are some life lesson type items that the main character must pass through in order to win the game and find himself back at home, which were probably better for the young teen readers the book was aimed toward, but not overpowering for the adults who might read as well.

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