Corporate Husband (Love and Chocolate, #1)

Corporate Husband (Love and Chocolate, #1) Well that could have gone better but it did keep me reading The book had some pluses It is one of my favorite kinds of stories I like how it all came together Tho the author could have done a better job at expressing there emotions you can tell the Hero is fascinated and half in love with the Heroine of the story before she proposes marriage It makes this a littlebelievable I was a little worried at first that this book would havesexual content in it, it has none other then them talking about it and him thinking about it I thought this was a Christian romance but they don t talk about God till the book is almost over It wasof a prayer of sadness that goes no where If I had to sum this book up in one word it would be Flat It just all fell flat, the characters and story just were flat for me and I just couldn t get emotionally involved. This was a cozy romance Nothing over the top, but not bad.Many reference Justin to a luscious piece of chocolate, that can be savored and enjoyed And I do so love my chocolate He did have a lot of patience and treated her with the utmost respect.However, since I have never met a man in the real world like this it was a tad of a stretch for me I just couldn t identify with it.It is able to stand on its own, was clean, and ended with an HEA. After a grim evening I picked this up, expecting a sweet romance And yes, it WAS sweet, and it was romantic in its own way but I am so utterly sick and fed up of reading so called romances where view spoiler family members neighbours friends are casually slaughtered, leaving young children behind There was NO need for such gratuitous slaughter in this book it would have been just as effective if the characters had lived It doesn t make the story romantic it makes it grim and painful and upsetting hide spoiler This was an okay read The story is about a woman named Louisa who is marrying someone for convenience, instead of love to keep her grandfather s company So she chooses to marry Justin, the company s lawyer The book is about their relationship The premise was great, but the story lacked in execution I was actually a bit disappointed with how the book turned out The characters were okay I did not love them or dislike them They just were not that relatable to me Also, there were moments where I bored, so I had to book down The ending was okay I thought the book could have been so much better Overall, an alright read. A cute novel with likeable characters who grew together. Louisa Brannigan is the CEO of Brannigan Chocolatesfor now Her grandfather is the owner and is quite old He s as sharp as a tack mentally, but he s slipping and he has old fashioned ideas about women needing men to protect them and thinks the women aren t capable of doing certain things, such as running a company.Louisa wants to hold onto the company after her grandfather passes and, in an attempt to do this, she sets out to marry someone from her company It slike a business arrangement with no emotional ties involved There s a legitimate contract between them and after three years, everybody will walk away with a smile on their face.Only Justin isn t going to have it like that He agrees to marry her, goes through the motions of being roommates and living in the same house with her but sleeping in separate rooms They really did nothing together while they were home and kept a public facade He s patient and kind and wants a lotfrom her than to just be her business partner.The characters in the book were flat, one dimensional, the story lacked depth and feeling There were many situations that could have been awesome and would have made me cry had the story beendeveloped and the charactersbelievable and easier to care about It had a ton of potential, but sadly fell flat.The idea of this story is great I loved that The writing is very good with no errors that I noticed As I said earlier, the plot needsdevelopment If the author were to rewrite out three particular scenes which I can t disclose without a spoiler and put some umph to them, this would have been a killer book.I liked the book I didn t love it, but many will It s a sweet, clean romance. To Inherit Her Grandfather S Chocolate Company, Louisa Brannigan Needs A Loyal Employee To Marry Her And Keep His Mouth Shut Justin Reilly Seems Like The Ideal Candidate, Until He Starts Changing The Rules Corporate Husband Is Book One In The Love And Chocolate Series Each Book Is A Stand Alone Sweet Romance Without Cliff Hangers This was cute Louisa Brannigan has one passion That s right just one Chocolates.She s the CEO of Brannigan chocolates, one of the best and greatest chocolate industries in America She would do anything to keep her family s company afloat, even if she has to marry someone she doesn t know to do it Justin Reilly is a simple Lawyer at Brannigan, when the CEO approaches him with an outrageous proposal his first inclination is to get the heck out of dodge, but then, he could never resist a damsel in distress This is a contract, 3 years only Only they didn t expected to like each other so much. I m sap for this kind of story I usually don t enjoy contemporary romances very much, but Marriage of convenience are too cute sometimes and probably only in fiction This was enjoyable and it s free on Kindle so you can t lose And it s clean too very cute I don t feel the need to go to much into detail, because anything i said beyond this point could be spoilers I will say that it was really nicely written and engaging, also that these characters had depth and you saw their relationship and affections grow It wasn t a BAM sudden love situation Have a nice read Stay Awesome The Book Herald My reading is cyclical, as I m sure is true for many I read several novels in one genre, and when I m ready for something new, I move on to a different genre I have been in a romance phase for a while, and this is by far my favorite, the best contemporary romance novel that I have read in the last couple of years The characters were realistic and engaging Justin anyone Seriously, he was almost as close to perfect as a guy can be And even though I don t have as many negative experiences as Louisa, I was still able to relate to her insecurities and her reactions to the many situations she was in as my husband would say, Maybe it s a woman thing Haha Not only were the characters amazing, the plot was well paced and had several unexpected twists and turns that addeddepth and emotion to the story I read this novel quickly because it was so wonderfully well written, and I wanted to know what happened between Justin and Louisa, but now that I m done, I wish I would have read a little slower because I m already missing the characters There was just a little language here and there, and there was talk about sex throughout the book, but there were no inappropriate details, making this a clean read What a ride I will definitely be readingof Beverly Farr s work. Louisa Brannigan is the heiress apparent to Brannigan s, a premier chocolate company owned by her dying grandfather, Cyrus But Cyrus is old school and she s not sure he will leave the company to an unmarried woman He still hasn t forgiven her for divorcing Brian, who was being groomed to take over Brannigan s.Louisa needs a husband who is loyal to Brannigan s, and Justin Reilly is the only possible choice He is an attorney with Brannigan s and is surprised at her offer, but agrees to a corporate marriage with her He is attracted to her and as a good attorney is hoping he can convince her to renegotiate terms as she learns to trust him I loved Justin He is so kind and patient as Louisa works through her trust issues with men I also really liked Louisa She may come across as a tough corporate type, but she is really vulnerable and is trying to heal from all the wounds her ex husband Brian gave her I will definitely be readingbooks in this series.Content Clean, a few swear words, talk of sex between a couple, but no detailsSource

Happily ever after is my drug of choice Not that I won t read or watch a sad story now and then , but I crave happy endings I love Jane Austen, Cinderella stories, and 1930s screwball comedies Think An AFFAIR TO REMEMBER or WHILE YOU WERE SLEEPING Since real life has a way of being tough enough, I write sweet, quirky contemporary romances to take the edge off.What you will find in my storie

[Reading] ➷ Corporate Husband (Love and Chocolate, #1)  By Beverly Farr –
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  • Corporate Husband (Love and Chocolate, #1)
  • Beverly Farr
  • 26 March 2018

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