Fixer of Deceit

Fixer of DeceitDeception is one of those books you look at and say you need to read it because the cover is hot Then you read the blurb and you know you are going to enjoy it I will go so far as to say that this is a gem of a read because when I started reading it I could not put it down I had an array of emotions running through me when I started reading it because you get so much meat in the beginning that you already know there is going to be trouble but your not sure what kind of trouble What unfolds is nothing short of amazing.Can you imagine being with someone for 11 years of your life Well Brooke has been with Stefan for 11 years and they have the perfect relationship or so Brooke thought Brooke is excited because she is going for a job interview at a large firm and she is hoping she will get the job as an accountant When she gets there to interview she meets the delectable Dylan who is not only an accountant but a body builder and lord he is sex on legs Brooke is attracted to him but she is with Stefan Once the interview is done Brooke gets the job and she is in heaven Not only will the gorgeous Dylan be training her but there is room to advance in the company and Brooke is determined to work her butt off to advance in the company As Dylan is training Brooke there is a lot of sexual tension between the two but Brooke has Stefan or does she because she finds out that Stefan has been cheating on her Brooke will have to make so serious decisions about Stefan But can she walk away so easily from 11 years with someone What is going to happen to her and Dylan If she chooses Dylan will she be able to give him her heart after being broken ARC received from author in exchange for an honest review Blog tour stop can be viewed here 5 fabulous stars and a standing ovation for Alyson Raynes It s been a while since I ve read a book worthy of a 5 star rating This novella can be compared to so many books but the two that I kept thinking of while reading was fifty shades and the crossfire series, yet it is also unique in its own way I was so enthralled with this book that I could not put it down I ended up finishing it in no time at all.Brooke is in a relationship that looks like is not going anywhere She has invested 11 years of her life and hopes someday he will propose While Brooke interviews for a new job she meets Dylan, who she will be replacing After their first meeting she finds herself thinking of Dylanandand the attraction is mutual The chemistry between these two is off the charts.Dylan is not just an accountant in the company he is also a body builder Soon he becomes Brooke s knight in shining armor But the secrets he keeps might me the downfall of the relationship even before they can create one.This is definitely a must read not only are the sex scenes hot, but the story is so well written it will keep you flipping pages and before you know it you will be done.Now it s time to get started on book 2 2.5 3 StarsFixer of Deceit definitely had potential I liked the concept behind the story and the characters but it just needed a bitrefinement The whole story felt rushed and everything happened very quickly with little build up of characters and feelings It is novella length and I think if the author expanded the book a littleto build the relationship between Brooke and Dylan so it didn t feel so insta love I would have been able to connectwith them I would have liked to have seeninteractions between Brooke and her family to get an understanding of her past And while I liked the fixer Dylan at the end of the book, I was not so sure about accountant Dylan at the beginning He came across as kinda creepy Overall it was a quick read that peaked my interest enough to keep me reading through the end. Deception 1 The Fixer series by Alyson RaynesWHAT THE HELL JUST HAPPENED Brooke DylanOk, where to start I was feeling a little hum drum about this one at first I had a bit of a problem grasping the insta relationship that formed I m not saying it can t happen, buuuttttt, well, most times there s a larger and longer build up to sex or even the I love you s but I m still ok with it as the story took ontwists as I read deeper into it This is most definitely a cliffhanger, but certainly worth it Brooke was not one of my favorite characters in this story, but it bares mentioning that I did like her and her manner towards certain people and things She seemed to be one of those girls that needed someone else in her life to make it whole Someone who was so comfortable in her life that she didn t even see what was really happening around her Scary shit Wake up Brooke Dylan, holy hottness Now HE was my favorite character by far Tall, dark, handsome, wealthy, mysterious, and above all a heart of gold If I thought all billionaires were like him I da bagged one for myself years ago bwahahahaha Be careful, he s not all he seems to be and this could be a good thing or this could be a bad thing I ll let you decide Good supporting cast in Stefan, Mandy, Tristan, and Brooke s family Even that evil POS Thomas Wow, that dude almost made me break my kindle Every story I believe needs a good villain and that doofis is IT The story picked up for me around the half way point and thank goodness I just felt like I needand Alyson delivered it I can t wait to dive into 2 Promiscuous The dialogue is good and the pacing flows nicely after the midway point It s 99 Kindle version pages long and a great intro into this twisted story of deceit, murder, and chaos 4 Stars Librarian S Note This Is An Alternate Cover Edition For ASIN BEHBOI Am Not The Child My Father Wanted He S Hated Me Since The Day I Was Born Because I M Not A Boy I Was Never Good Enough For Him, Until I Met Stefan Not That It Earned Me My Father S Love, But Being With A Man My Father Adored, Made My Life EasierI Thought Stefan Was My Forever Until An Afternoon Of Unanswered Calls Revealed He Wasn T The Man I Believed He Was I Had Nowhere To Turn Except Into The Arms Of A StrangerDylan Prescott, The Mega Billionaire, Playboymy Co Worker The One Man I D Sworn I D Never Have Anything To Do With In My Moment Of Weakness He Was Strong Could He Save Me From My Past Or Will His Own Secrets Destroy Us Before We Even Get Started This Book Is Intended For ThoseYears And Older This is my first Alyson Raynes book and I m definitely hooked This is the first book in The Fixer series and it was AMAZING Brooke and Stefan have been together 11 years and you d think you know someone after being together that long Stefan is a powerful attorney and loves Brooke or so it appears He doesn t want to get married because it s only a piece of paper and doesn t really want kids Brooke wants it all Brooke has an interview at Prescott Oil as an accountant and one of the interviewers is HOT Dylan Prescott He s absolutely gorgeous and she just knows she ll screw this interview up Brooke s parents are wealthy, although her dad really wishes she was a boy and doesn t give her the time of day for that reason She has a sister, also However, her dad loves the sister.Dylan Prescott is an accountant at Prescott Oil He feels an immediate attraction to Brooke Dylan also happens to be a playboy billionaire He definitely has his secrets.Dylan and Brooke s relationship moved pretty fast and I loved that I loved this story from the beginning and read it quickly There are so many twist and turns and jaw dropping moments in this book I loved Alyson Raynes writing style Rarely, do I pick up a book and must read it NOW because I m totally engulfed Unfortunately, this is book one in a seriesso cliffhanger alert I will be buying books 2 and 3NOW Reviewed on behalf of Once Upon An Alpha Deception is book one in Alyson Raynes The Fixer Series This is the start of Brooke and Dylan s story that s full of love, hate, drama and suspense Brooke is in her thirties and has been in a.somewhat committed relationship for eleven years She s not happy, she s content and feels safe Some relationships are bound to change, people change Brooke doesn t realize it yet but, her life will never be the same.Dylan Prescott is, of sorts, Brooke s white knight He s hot, rich and knows precisely how far to push her He may come to her rescue but everything isn t as it seems Will Deception be their undoing This book was definitely an interesting read, full of twists and turns that readers will not see coming Alyson definitely kept me on edge through the story, revealing bits and pieces of her characters that we don t expect While I thoroughly enjoyed this book I didn t like that Brooke and Dylan went from complete strangers to lovers in an instant Their relationship needs to be pruned and nurtured as it sets the course for the entire book With it being hurried it sounded off as I read through the story I think if their dialogue and relationship were developed and detailed , it would be a five star book for me. The concept behind the story is interesting enough to keep me reading but I felt the story needrefinement because the whole thing felt rushed I guess the best way to put it is i neededword count to the story to connect better with Brooke and her family.Received this book from Netgalley for my honest thoughts. Wow, I just finished reading this book and can not wait to start book two This was an amazing combination of romance, mystery and revelations The love story between Brooke and Dylan is genuine and the connection is undeniable I was sucked into the story from page one and was on edge till the very end Thank you Ashley for a great book. This was one of my favorite books I have read I loved the character and I could not put it down I can t wait until Oct 20th to read the 2nd book Alyson is one of my all time favorite authors

Alyson lives in Denver, Colorado with her very handsome husband, who also happens to be her high school sweetheart She has 2 adult children, a girl and a boy, both of whom she is very proud of.Alyson has been bringing characters to life and writing since she was a little girl Her first published book was in elementary school, where it was put on display in the library for others to read Her lov

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