Moonstruck (High Moor, #2)

Moonstruck (High Moor, #2) The People Of High Moor Are United In Horror At The Latest Tragedy To Befall Their Small Town As Dawn Breaks, The Town Is Left To Count The Cost And Mourn Its Dead, While Breathing A Collective Sigh Of Relief John Simpson, The Apparent Perpetrator Of The Horrific Murders, Is In Police Custody The Nightmare Is OverIsn T It Detective Inspector Phil Fletcher And His Partner, Constable Olivia Garner, Have Started To Uncover Some Unsettling Evidence During Their Investigations Of John Simpson S Past Evidence That Supports His Impossible Claims That He Is A Werewolf, And Will Transform On The Next Full Moon To Kill AgainHowever A New Threat Is Now Lurking In The Shadows A Mysterious Group Have Arrived In High Moor, Determined To Keep The Existence Of Werewolves HiddenAnd They Will Do Anything To Protect Their Secret Anything At All

Graeme Reynolds is an exile from the North East of England, hiding out in the South West where he spends his time thinking up new ways to terrify people.You can read of his work on his web site

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    Since Graeme is a fellow writer, I had the distinct pleasure of reading and critiquing this as he was writing it And with a novel is this good, it was extremely frustrating to have to read it a chapter a week at most while waiting for him to write the next one.I purchased the final version to read very soon at my leisure, but I know the only difference from the version I read will be the cleanups that came from editing because no other changes were necessary He got it right the first time, something truly amazing for any writer.I am not a horror fan, and rarely read horror novels, but Graeme Reynolds has opened my eyes to how truly good horror novels can be I read a lot of different novels, and his High Moor series ranks up with the best I ve read Period.That s all I m going to say because others have already said everything about how good this novel is including that it was even better than the High Moor which I didn t think was possible.If you love horror, buy this book and the first one If you aren t a horror fan and aren t squeamish, read these for the great story and superb characters And if you re a writer, these are a must read how to for action and fight scenes.

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    Excellent follow up to the first book The kick ass cover gives you a good idea of what you re getting into fast paced, action packed, flesh feast with favorite surviving characters from Book 1 I m on a werewolf kick this year and I would call this series a must read for were fans It ends with a beautiful set up for book 3 so if you are reading this Graeme, please close the review and start writing

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    I reviewed a complimentary e book copy provided by the author in return for my fair and impartial review.Review of High Moor 2 Moonstruck by Graeme Reynolds5 starsIt hadn t been too long since I read the delectable High Moor, so naturally I was ecstatic to discover author Graeme Reynolds is about to give us the sequel I know his eager readers have been champing at the bit for this one I was late in coming to the series, because as a rule, I just don t do werewolves However, this series is Not Just Your Ordinary Werewolf Story Mr Reynolds manages to write thrillers, suspense, mystery and yes, a smattering of romance too and deliver it in a hot plot with lots of good characterizations and characters Even the secondary guys and girls get their backstory, and although not every character is admirable, they re still comprehensible and some, such as John and Marie, are good guys, despite the fact that they are well, werewolves.Due to the nature of the plot werewolves, after all there is a plethora of violence some of the bad guys are serious villains but it s not overkill and it does follow from the plot So if you re too faint of stomach, skip those passages but you ll miss some really exciting plot points High Moor 2 Moonstruck is a non stop thrill from beginning to end If you haven t encountered Graeme Reynolds yet, get out there and pick up both in this series, and fast.

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    The best way to start off this review of Graeme Reynolds s High Moor 2 Moonstruck is with a glance back at what I had to say about the original High Moor I truly loved this book Once I started to really read it, I finished the novel in a day and a half Whenever I put it down, I found myself coming back to it almost impulsively I haven t been this addicted to something since I downloaded Angry Birds Recommended without reservation to anyone who is a fan of horror or anyone that wants to be High Moor is the kind of book that will make converts of us all It goes without saying that I was anticipating High Moor 2 immensely, but also with some trepidation After such a great debut, could Reynolds keep it up Was there any way that he could match the intensity of the original, the page turning ferocity of its werewolves Would we end up with a mindless retread More werewolves, killing, boring I was afraid, my friends Well, now I ve read the book and I have my verdict Not only is High Moor 2 an incredible ride worthy of my expectations, indeed, it accomplishes something truly rare it surpasses the original SPOILERS AHEAD High Moor 2 begins precisely where High Moor left off John Simpson is in police custody, accused of brutally murdering and eating several people The love of his life, Maria, is in the morgue, the authorities under the impression she is dead Meanwhile, werewolf hunter Steven is in a coma, with the first stirrings of the beasts he has spent his life hunting surging through his blood Meanwhile, teams of werewolves are on their way to High Moor, intent on destroying the evidence and keeping the existence of the pack a secret And that means killing John Simpson.END SPOILERS One thing that is certainly the case if you liked High Moor, you will like this book Reynolds writes as if the last book never stopped The style is crisp, the story doesn t seem forced, and the action doesn t let up New characters are introduced with ease, and Reynolds makes us care for them almost immediately Which just makes it all the better when werewolves start eating them I m going to repeat from my original review, because it is appropriate here The werewolves in Reynolds s novel are of two varieties Most can change at will, controlling the beast within while also harnessing its power Others are moonstruck, able to change only upon the full moon They are wild and vicious, and the pack werewolves hunt them down, lest they reveal their secret to the world And let me tell you, there is a lot of hunting, a lot of fighting, and a lot of killing No character is safe in Reynolds s world, and that he establishes this fact early on heightens the tension in every werewolf encounter His descriptions of the attacks are so rich and vivid that you will see them in your mind s eye with a clarity normally reserved for movies And it is that talent with description that may be Reynolds s strongest suit The man isn t just writing a scene He is creating a world for his characters to inhabit.This book is amazing It has some of the most gut wrenching scenes of horror I have ever read, and Reynolds is an absolute master of an action scene If you haven t read the High Moor series, don t worry These books are so good that I fully expect they will have a Hollywood treatment at some point in the future Verdict Reynolds has knocked it out of the park High Moor was shortlisted for a Bram Stoker Award I wouldn t be surprised to see High Moor 2 Moonstruck win the whole shebang 5 Stars

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    This guy is one of my favorite narrators His name is Chris Barnes and his voice carries a Scottish brogue that makes my ears tingle when I m listening to my audio horror thus introducing the book series that he told me was awesome At first I wasn t sure, but he convinced me, it was worth the listen He was right The High Moor series, by Graeme Reynolds, is werewolf hell The stories are shared book by book below, so prepare for a wild ride of a book review High Moor, Book 2 Moonstruck It s all about revenge with these people And so many angry cops Man everybody was angry in this book The action was full and the killings were gory as ever The voice of Barnes kept me happy as I read in to the series I enjoyed this one much than the first The surviving victim of the attacks in book one has been on the run He s Moonstruck, meaning a wild wolf that needs to be taken down, according to the law But there s a lone werewolf hunter who s working the job way too well His actions set a string of catastrophes rage, revenge and mistakes When you ve not changed for a while, your inner wolf can become a Bezerker, I guess That s what also happens to those who change and forget their human side Also, if you ve been bitten by a MoonStruck werewolf, you take on those traits That s what was going on in this tale Everyone was afraid of him, because MoonStruck s are known for an their animalistic animal behavior, but that s not the case for our hero I didn t have high hopes, but this one was fab There was action throughout the story and tons of gore for the true werewolf fan I didn t think I d enjoy Moon Struck, but I did If you like werwolf horror, these books do not fail There s tons of gore, horrific attacks and Russian accents for days I enjoyed it and can happily say, I was proven wrong when I thought the other books wouldn t be likable Happy to say So check out the High Moon series, while I move on to the next read For full review Moor SeriesGraeme ReynoldsHorrific Tales PublishingNovember 17, 2011

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    I received this ebook as part of a launch party giveaway.Moonstruck is the sequel to HIGH MOOR, a werewolf tale set in the North East of England It kicks off immediately from where High Moor finished, so if you haven t read it, do so before picking this one up.Things have gone bad in High Moor The Pack have dispatched clean up crews to sort out the mess, our main protagonist is in a jail cell, his childhood friend Marie is believed dead and a werewolf hunter lies critically ill in hospital.Then bad stuff happens to people A LOT of bad stuff There is one scene about midway through it that will tear your soul out of you, set fire to it, stamp on the ashes and then pee on them If it doesn t, you re not alive.I literally started this book 22hrs ago With 8hrs sleep and a 9 hour work day This definitely sits within my Single Sitting category Moonstruck is as tightly written, plotted and executed a book as I have ever read Th action is relentless and like all good horror, has enough laughs to take the edge off.The original High Moor filled me with as much nostalgia for my own childhood as dread This one literally left me gasping for breath The author moves his chess pieces around the board with calculated efficiency, creating set piece after set piece, never losing sight of his endgame Yet, he also keeps you guessing.I can sum Moonstruck up in two words.BUY IT

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    Graeme Reynolds highly satisfying sequel outmatches the very good first installment HIGH MOOR by leaps and bounds I loved this novel twice as much as the first and that was a hell of a novel too Nobody is safe and werewolves threaten to unsettle just about every quiet moment in the book I ve often said I m not a fan of quiet horror though I believe it has merits, it just isn t my thing Well HM2 Moonstruck is the finest Loud Horror you will come across Brilliant action sequences, intense descriptions of transformations and eviscerations, and a certain rogue werewolf who shows up when it s least expected and least convenient for the hero characters Werewolf fans need to read this book immediately, if only for the reason they will be kicking themselves for not reading it that much sooner My only critique, if I must make one, would be for those readers who are just joining the story There are many characters in this tale and it takes a bit to keep them all straight in the beginning but I have a crap memory anyway, so there you go That said, this is far from detrimental and doesn t impede on the sustained utter thrill this novel provides cover to cover HIGHLY HIGHLY recommended.

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    4 StarsAnother fun, bloody story of werewolves As with the previous book in the series I have not read many werewolf stories, and these are making me a fan The wolves are trying to protect their very existence and will stop at nothing, and will kill anyone who gets in their way With rogue wolves, moonborn versus moonstruck this story stays lit from the beginning Thrills and chills, ladies and gentlemen thrills and chills.

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    Best Read 2016Now in police custody, John Simpson is quickly running out of options His face is all over the news for the grisly murders of multiple people, and the full moon is vast approaching yet again If that wasn t bad enough, a squad of professional killers have been sent to take him out He s a threat, an apparent moonstruck, with no control over his monster or so the pack believes John s not the only one in danger however those that know too much must be silenced, including the law enforcement involved with the High Moor investigation WARNING This review contains MAJOR spoilers High Moor was my one and only five star book of 2014, with very good reason It surpassed my expectations and instantly plunged me into an exciting roller coaster of claws and teeth Everybody was fair game, every limb at risk of being ripped off the extreme brutality throughout shocked me as well as thrilled me, but it wasn t just about violence and gore It was about a man with a terrible beast lurking beneath the surface, and a society determined to remain hidden This second instalment was no different in terms of pace and edge of your seat excitement I found myself drawn into the life and death situations of characters old and new, and a few I truly liked from the get go There s something about how Reynolds spins a tale, and that coupled with my love for werewolves, is the perfect combination The plot largely centred upon the werewolf pack, led by Michael as alpha, and their attempts to cover up the rather messy events that transpired in the previous book Getting a in depth look at their inner workings and at their harsh, yet understandable, methods of taking care of the situation was thoroughly engrossing Of course they went to great lengths to secure the secrecy of their race realistically, we humanity , would outright eradicate them upon the discovery of their existence Perhaps not at first, but eventually No matter how much it may be denied, we are a destructive force, and peace would most assuredly be merely an illusion Because of this, I didn t dislike Oskar and his team for doing what they did out of necessity, but Connie was another matter She was the heartless villain that enjoyed the cruelty and pain of her victims She was so consumed by hate I have to admit, she provided some very tense scenes, like the one with Olivia, which I couldn t read fast enough I needed to know if the poor woman survived John and Marie both returned and their romance took a step further, albeit with an awkward, yet sweet moment I appreciated that amongst the horrific bloodshed, there was at least a little bloom of love and the potential for quite the power couple Steven Wilkinson also proved to be deadlier than ever, yet no longer did he desire an allegiance with John, but four unsuspecting policemen I was quite fond of Phil Fletcher in particular, the older and higher ranked copper, as he seemed the decent sort Hopefully he reappears in the final book of the trilogy, perhaps as a hunter himself Considering the ending, there s no doubt things are going to escalate for every character.Another aspect I favoured was when Marie admitted to there being other types of supernatural creatures vampires included This made me smile and wonder of the possibility of novels being set within the world of High Moor I d definitely read them In conclusion Utmost excitement excellent werewolf savagery I ll be keeping an eye on Reynolds future works, as I just love how he spins a tale.Notable Scene If anything, the experience was worse going from wolf to human than it had been from man to beast The savage fangs pushed their way back through his gums, feeling as if a dentist was drilling all of his teeth at once, without the benefit of anaesthetic Black talons forced their way under his already forming fingernails, while every bone in his body splintered and reformed, flowing like liquid to their original shape The worst thing, however, was the itching burn across every inch of his skin, as thousands of coarse black hairs pushed their way into his flesh He cried out in agony, but his vocal chords were half way between human and werewolf, so all that escaped his lips was a strange combination of howl and scream. Red Lace 2016Wordpress Booklikes Twitter

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    This was even better than the first, and that s saying something I loved book 1 but this surpassed it Don t read the next paragraph if you haven t read book 1 because there are unavoidable spoilers in it When we left book 1, John was captured and accused of multiple murders, Maria was in the morgue, presumably dead and Steven is turning into the thing he despises the most Michael and his pack of Werewolves are coming though and no one is safe They have to protect the secret no matter what, even if it means killing his own sister First things first, they have to kill Sampson before he turns in the prison Once again, Graeme Reynolds brings his A game to play I usually find that book 2 is mainly a filler book, if you get my meaning In most cases, not much happens in a second book, but that s not the case here Reynolds upped his game and this book is so much better than the first He ramped up everything, action, Werewolves, character development, violence and a lot twists He even introduces characters and manages to wrench out our hearts with what happens to them Everything about this book, and indeed the previous book, is amazing The action starts straight away and never lets up, the characters have so much depth that it s hard not to like each one, and the author put so much into the book, that it shows The different Werewolves was, again, fascinating and I loved finding out about them Everything about the book was captivating and engrossing Again, the author doesn t shy away from violence and gore, nor does he shy away from killing off characters, which I loved The story is dark but deliciously so I so want to see these books made into a movie because I think they would rock Anyway, I could keep gushing about the book but I may spoil things so I ll stop All I ll say is Go Buy This NOW You will not be disappointed I listened to the audio and once again Chris Barnes delivered Like the first, he really knows when to add tension and when to pull back He draws you into the story and makes you a part of it If you are looking for some new audio books then check out his work

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