Hearts Unfold (Miracle at Valley Rise, #1)

Hearts Unfold (Miracle at Valley Rise, #1) A Secret Christmas Homecoming, A Blinding Snowstorm, And In The Course Of One Night Two Shattered Lives Will Be Changed ForeverNineteen Year Old Emily Haynes Had Lost Almost Everything She Loved Relying On What Seems To Be Guidance From Her Invalid Father, She Returns To Her Past In Hopes Of Discovering Some Sign Toward The Future What Begins As A Joyous Homecoming Quickly Becomes A Nightmare When A Badly Injured Stranger Stumbles On The Scene, His Brief Presence Threatening To Alter Everything Emily Believes About Herself And The Plan For Her Life A Less Determined Girl Might Have Been Shaken By Such An Experience, But Not Emily She Is Certain She S Made The Right Choice, So Certain That In The Following Three Years, She Almost Convinces HerselfSuperstar Violinist Stani Moss Appeared To Have Everything Fame, Fortune And A Career Guaranteed To Bring Of The Same, Until One Hasty Decision Placed It All In Jeopardy Terrified And Confused, Stani Struggles Not Only To Recover His Former Skill, But To Find Answers To The Questions Which Haunt Him Throughout His Slow Journey Back, One Image Lingers In His Buried Memories Of That Fateful Night The Vision Of A Girl He S Never Met The Journey Will Eventually Lead Him To Emily, And Beyond That Day, Everything About His Life Will Be TransformedSet In The Years Around , Hearts Unfold Begins The Saga Of Two People Whose Paths Should Never Have Crossed, Who Defy The Odds To Create A Place They Can Share The First Of Four Volumes In The Miracle At Valley Rise Series, This Novel Could Stand Alone As A Triumphant Tale Of Romance, But There S Much To The Story, As Emily And Stani Reveal Their Pasts And Strive To Bridge The Distance Between Their Worlds Follow Their Progress, Be Entertained By Their Adventures, And Perhaps Be Inspired By Their Unwavering Belief In The Transforming Power Of Love

Karen Welch was born in Richmond, Virginia and grew up in nearby Amelia County where her family first settled in the 1700 s After a 20 year sojourn in North Florida, she now lives in Southeast Kansas with husband John and children and grandchildren nearby Follow Karen at

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 376 pages
  • Hearts Unfold (Miracle at Valley Rise, #1)
  • Karen Welch
  • English
  • 07 November 2017

10 thoughts on “Hearts Unfold (Miracle at Valley Rise, #1)

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    You will fall in love with Karen Welch s Book One in the Valley Rise series, Hearts Unfold She writes characters you care about from the very beginning and can t help but root for I highly recommend this book and I, for one, can t wait to read the rest in the series.

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    This book began a start of books that are hare to put down I love that the characters carry on in the following books.

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    I really want to give this book a 3 1 2, it is a real cute book Emily who meets her future man during a snow storm

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    Hearts Unfold is a very charming story about a young lady named Emily who meets her future soul mate under tragic circumstances Eventually the two become close and start a relationship The book has a leisurely pace The story line is predictable yet entertaining There are no dramatic twists and turns or wild discoveries of infidelity or shady pasts Instead the book enchants the reader with the innocent charm of the main character Emily After a little hesitation about starting a relationship with Stani, she jumps in full force and with all the enthusiasm one can imagine Where other books try to create artificial suspension by dragging the internal conflict of whether or not to get romantically involved with someone on through half a book, Ms Karen Welch presents her main character as sweet and refreshingly uncomplicated Hearts Unfold is a lovely, light, and enjoyable read.

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    Christian Romances are not my thing, but this was sweet and also worldly enough that it wasn t annoying The only characters that really came under a heavy judgment kind of deserved it The rest of the characters all were seen through rose colored glasses and many, many things were swept under the rug or just forgiven outright Which is the Christian thing, I suppose, but it left this love story almost entirely empty of conflict I really do think an opportunity was missed with Milo perhaps the author will be brave enough to address it in subsequent volumes in the series I think I ll be moving on to something else now, though.

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    Hearts Unfold Miracle at Valley Rise Book 1 This has got to be the cutest love story I have ever read.Emily is so different from Stani,they do say opposites attract and their first meeting was a matter of life or death.Emily never really wanted a man in her life cause she had her farm.I think Godhad other plans for her.I can t wait to read the next book..

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    Is a great book to read.

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