Broken Wings

Broken Wings The haunting reality of Broken Wings stayed with me for days after I d read it Twenty six year old Angelina Ferria has experiencedpain than most people do in a lifetime a tragic childhood followed by shattered hopes and dreams when her fianc had been killed in a car accident three years earlier She s certain she has noroom for pain, no room for a relationship.Joshua Allen is a Bomb Disposal Expert in the British army He has served in Afghanistan and saw his childhood friend and comrade die when their group was attacked by insurgents only two weeks before they were due to return home to England He has watched his friend s wife struggle to deal with the devastation of losing her husband He is haunted by his own loss He has vowed to not get involved until his tour of duty is over.But fate intervenes and when Angelina and Joshua meet, it isn t long before they are head or heels in love.When he is sent to Afghanistan for another six months, they are both paralysed with fear and anxiety Angelina clings to his promise that he will return Joshua realises how muchhe has to lose as he leaves this time He can barely stand to leave, but he must go.There is so much detail and richness in Torren s writing that I felt she must have known intimately the terror of waiting each day, the pain of loss, the tragedy of war, and I felt it with Angelina.The ending was sadly shocking an example of the life that many real life couples are faced with as a result of the war in Afghanistan.Broken Wings really touched me in the heart Don t miss this great read. Although the premise for this story is a good one, I am sick of seeing exclamation marks all over the place There are far too many and this suggests that the author has not learned properly when to use them, or she needs to sack her editor This lack of attention to the author s grammar makes one feel as if one is reading a story written by a novice or GCSE student notice use of exclamation mark IS appropriate here Also, strangely, the conversations narrated in the book between Joshua and Angelina are written in such perfect English that it s impossible to believe that this is a real conversation between two people, as no one speaks perfectly like this in real life For example, instead of it is. the author could have used it s which is farbelievable I am not being unkind here as I m sure that many other readers have noticed this..Thank god there was no sign of what seemed to be D.G Torrens catchphrase, Going forward. as this was laughably and consistently present during both Amelia s Story books.The story lines are fine, the characters a little washy but still fairly believable but come on Miss Mrs Torrens..a littleattention to your grammar please I gave this my best shot, but had to give up at 25% The dialogue sounds like something from those old black and white films from before the war All stilted language and calling each other by their names all the time there were some pages where the name Angelina appears three times Does anyone actually say things such asI cannot stay, Angelina I have not got much time left so please come here or this, when Angelina and I came to hate that name had broken down one evening and waves down a strange car so that she can get a lift home rolls eyes here DUHThank you yes please, that would be great My car died a death about half a mile up the road And as you can see, it s pretty dark out here My mobile phone is flat so I could not call anyone either I gave up when Joshuaenamoured by this imperfect clumsy beauty sitting next to him proceeds to ask her about the faded scar on her eyebrow GET REAL Joshua And of course Angelina tells him just catapulted me back to a time I would rather forget I was in a tragic car accident as a passenger just over three years ago I m sorry do people really talk like this The story had far too many info dumps, great wodges of unbroken text that did little to draw me in and the SPaG was clunky and needed a decent proofread E.gI m sorry You know how much I hate our goodbyes She reached for an envelope from the mantelpiece an handed it to him, Remember, do not open it, he kissed her onceand then headed out the door. Not suitable for readers under 18 I have read several of D.G Torrens s powerful and moving war poems on her blog and expected Broken Wings to be no less deep and poignant It lived up to expectation.Angelina is a young woman who had tragically lost her fianc She had become a recluse, of sorts, until she meets Joshua Naturally, she is horrified when she discovers this dashing man whom she is drawn to is a bomb disposal expert for the British army Angelina overrides her fear, however, and allows herself to be swept up into a whirlwind romance, which ends days later with Joshua returning to his post Three excruciating months elapse before they are together again Upon his return, Angelina learns that Joshua s next assignment is in Afghanistan Not long after his deployment, what every man, woman, and child who has a loved one in armed forces fears happens there is a knock at Angelina s door.Through her writing, D.G Torrens shows her passion and respect for the men and women who risk their lives to serve their country and protect life and liberty She pours all of that empathy, esteem, and her heart into this beautiful tribute to love, sacrifice, and the enduring human spirit The end of this heart wrenching love story brought back the emotions I had experienced when reading the end of The Little Princess, another war story about a strong, persevering female who wouldn t give up, either If you re looking forthan just another boy meets girl romance, Broken Wings fills the bill. As an Army wife, I found the subject of this book very close to my heart Broken Wings tells of a couple who fall in love in the midst of his deployment After the death of her fianc , Angelina doesn t want to fall in love again Joshua, a soldier in the British Army, is seeking to stay free of the difficulties of a relationship while still in the Army But once the two meet, there is no denying their feelings, despite the fact that he s up for another deployment.A very sweet story of love, especially the letters that are exchanged between the two One of my biggest pet peeves in reading stories about the current war are the inaccuracies While I don t have first hand knowledge of the British Army, she is spot on in the emotional turmoil deployments cause on both sides of the relationship An excellent book, and I highly recommend it Angelina is still trying to get past the death of her fianc that occurred three years ago She has kept herself very busy and has stayed away from most social situations, preferring to spend her free time alone When she has a bit of car trouble a nice man stops and helps her Later while jogging around the lake she falls in and is having trouble getting back out A strong hand reaches down and grabs her wrist and pulls her out It turns out to be the same man who helped her with her car Joshua She finally agrees to go to a party with her friend, Lucy to welcome a friend back from over seas It turns out to be Joshua They share a drink and decide to leave the party together This romantic story is well written with great characterization Have a few tissues close by though as it is also a very emotional story I thoroughly enjoyed it and will be looking forfrom this fine author. Two People Who Have Both Suffered Tragic Losses In Their Young Life Both Of Them Avoiding Love For Completely Different Reasons Joshua, A Soldier In The British Army, A Bomb Disposal Expert And The Very Best At What He Does Angelina, An Editor For A Local Newspaper And Writer In Her Spare Time Both Of Them Focused On Their CareersBrought Together Unexpectedly, They Fall Unconditionally And Irrevocably In Love With One Another All Is Perfect In Their Lives Until Joshua Is Unexpectedly Posted To Afghanistan For Six Months Angelina S Worst Fears Are Finally Realized Joshua Has To Go, It S His Duty As A Soldier, But The Pull In His Heart Is Strong And He Leaves Her Behind With A Heavy HeartAngelina Is Devastated And Prays For His Safe Return Until One Day, A Few Weeks Into Joshua S Deployment, There Is A Knock On Her Door That Changes Her Life Forever Broken Wings is a sweet story about a young woman struggling to heal after a dreadful loss who meets British bomb disposal expert Joshua, also dealing with terrible trauma from wartime events Both characters have closed themselves off from relationships and life, and are trying to heal when they happen to meet That s when the sparks fly The telling of their mutual need and affection is quite endearing I enjoyed the themes of friendship, healing, love, and the strength with with Angelina dealt with her past and present losses Also quite intriguing was the story when told from Joshua s POV His wartime experiences seemed authentic, such that I suspect this author may have a good source for the material If you re looking for a romance with a dramatic twist, try this.A nice story for YA or adult romance fans, a fast read. I loved this book Broken Wings is a wonderful, emotional story about a woman, Angelina, who meets a British solider, Joshua, and despite the fact that he s about to go back on duty overseas, they fall head over heels in love However, when Joshua discovers he s being sent to Afghanistan as a bomb disposal expert, all Angelina can do is hope that he comes home safe.This story had all the elements of a great romance lots of passion, heartache and tension In addition, the author dealt extremely well with the loss and difficulties that come with war, both those going to war and those left behind I especially liked the love letters that were written by the hero and heroine while he was away on duty.If you re looking for a great romance story, I would highly recommend Broken Wings I haven t read an Army romance before I m glad I did Broken Wings is about the wounded, and this isn t limited to soldiers The wounded of heart as well as mind and body The story is one of love and challenge As a reader you experience the relationship between Joshua and Angelina, she is still mourning for a lost love and Joshua is grieving for a lost friend They meet unexpectedly and this leads to an unexpected love.The supporting characters are likeable and the storyline neatly executed This is a good read for any romance fan.

D.G Torrens is a prolific author who also lends her time as a Headline Reviewer for BBC WM 95,6 FM Radio.D.G has written and published 14 books since 2011 The author s love for writing began at a very early age She would pen poetry in her spare time and then graduated to short stories by the age of 12 years old A mother to a 7 year old daughter and full time writer, D.G Torrens likes to powe

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