SEAL The Deal (SEAL Brotherhood #4)

SEAL The Deal (SEAL Brotherhood #4)Special Operator Nick Dunn Gets The Call He Has Been Dreading Since Before His Last Deployment His Sister Is In Her Final Stages Of Cancer He And His TeamRoommate Drive Up To Sonoma County From Coronado To Help Her Shut Down Her Failing Nursery Business And Tie Up Her Final Affairs Nick Only Vaguely Remembers Devon Brandeburg, His Sister S Best Friend, But Boy Has She Grown Up Last Time He Saw Her Was Five Years Ago When He Graduated BUD S And Completed SEAL Qualification To Obtain His Trident Sparks Begin To Fly Between The Two Of Them, But Not In The Normal Way For Nick The Woman Wants Nothing To Do With HimDevon Brandeburg Has Created A Small Financial Fortune Through Her Success In Real Estate Her Career Is Her Main Focus, But A Closely Guarded Secret Is Her Total Lack Of Experience With Men After All, Who Needs Them Especially When Their Testosterone Stuffed Egos Suck All The Air Out Of The Room, Like Nick S DoesNick S Sister Requires Two Things Of The Both Of Them As Her Dying WishNick And Devon Must Find A Buyer For The Nursery Together, Not Allowing To Her Nasty Winery Owner Neighbor Next Door To Get His Hands On Her Piece Of HeavenThey Date At Least Five Times Before She Passes On What Starts As A Deathbed Promise Turns Out To Be A Hot Affair Neither One Expected Nick Becomes Devon S Teacher In Her Journey To Womanhood As She Comes Alive In His Arms, The Student Brings The Teacher Something He S Never Allowed Himself To Want, And Now Knows He Needs

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[KINDLE] ❅ SEAL The Deal (SEAL Brotherhood #4) Author Sharon Hamilton –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 300 pages
  • SEAL The Deal (SEAL Brotherhood #4)
  • Sharon Hamilton
  • English
  • 11 March 2018

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    Not going to lie. this series should definitely be a drinking game.It repeats so many words that you might want to end up taking a shot or two Or you might want to cringe every now and then I did. and it s okay Maybe SEAL The Deal is the fourth installment of the SEAL Brotherhood series In it, you will meet Nick and Devon Now this book kind of broke my heart a little bit Mostly because of how they were brought together. and then why they stayed together It all has to deal with one person Nick s sister Sophie She also happens to be Devon s best friend too.So these two are brought into each other s lives because Sophie is dying Yeah, she s going to treatment and stuff but it s not helping her one bit She also ends up meeting the sweetest guy ever, Mark, who is Nick s best friend and co worker SEALBROTHERS This book would ve brought me to tears if I had a heart or soul. but I will gladly say that I was sad from the overall death of Sophie.The chemistry between this cute was just so cute They had an obvious attraction and it just sucks that Sophie basically dying was what pushed them towards one another I liked them enough though so I can overlook that little con Overall, I really liked this book I still cringe when the writer mentions the vagina in an unappealing way. but hey, people read and like this stuff However, if I hear or read the word mound one time, I might puke.

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    My first read by this author but it started from a collection from various authors, Uniform Desires Make Mine Military Her contribution was the ONLY ONE that abruptly halted leaving the reader with the choice of reading the full novel or not bothering Unfortunately, even though I found some of the novel lacking and often had to reread sections I don t care about spelling but many sentences did not make sense , still, my interest was piqued.In the end, I enjoyed the novel as a whole and will probably read of Ms Hamiton s works when I a no longer pissed with her Uniform Desires contribution Cheers

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    Can I give this than 5 s Seriously this is one emotional roller coaster but lord have mercy it was worth EVERY single tear, laugh and funny look I got while listening to it LOL Sharon did it again Made it so I literally could not put this one down the story itself is full of well everything You know the saying, Live, Laugh, Love Well that is what this one is all about The characters become a part of you as you read or in my case listen to the words on the page play out Nick, big strong navy SEAL has had a rough few days He s not even been home from Afghanistan for 24 hours and gets a call from his sister Sophie A call he knew was coming but still isn t really ready for She has cancer and not doing well It s time to get things in order for her final days So he and his best friend, and SEAL Team 3 mate head up to her nursery It becomes a team effort literally to get the things done that are needed His sister though has hatched a plan, her dying wish kind of plan Sophie wants her little brother and her best friend Devon to be together So she tells them they must date 5 times before she dies As if anyone could say no to that Thing is. they but heads but they both have Sophie s best interests in mind They love her and will do anything to give her what she wants That turns into real feelings being developed I mean, come on everyone has a soul mate Sophie knows them both and knew they d be the right kind of couple together They manage to deal with the separation when Nick goes back home after taking care of his duties with Sophie s place But things take a bad turn with Devon and Nick after Sophie passes Something in Nick breaks More so than when he is overseas fighting His sister, the only blood family he had left is gone Now he s managed to make Devon hate him and he really has nothing left to live for When suspicions surface that his sisters health decline could have had help Nick snaps again When circumstances present themselves and Nick manages to escape his SEAL team after his sister s funeral and takes it upon himself to exact revenge on his sister s behalf His ONLY saving grace is Devon Unbeknownst to her since she is after her own revenge at the moment on behalf of Sophie walks in just in time to stop nick from doing something that would ruin him forever Devon is so mad, at him, at the situation and at the arsehole Nick has in his grasp that she strikes out against Nick With a baseball bat. LOL She threatens to bash his head in in that moment she saved him The way she stood up to him saved him It removed the cloud from his mind and let him think. Just as Sophie knew she would, Devon was there when he needed her most. and then they went to jail together I seriously cracked up, ignored the strange looks and just LOL d. it was priceless Reminded me of the breakdown in the cemetery scene of Steel Magnolias where Clary tries to get M Lynn to slap Ouiser ROTL Seriously the BEST moment of the book for timing Needless to say Nick now has a second chance to straighten himself up, get his head out of his arse and be the SEAL that his sister would be proud of Time can heal wounds but so can someone who loves you and gets you. and for Nick, that s Devon.

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    This was a little different then the other stories about seal team 3 In each of the previous tales the guys continued to project their unflappable control and their actions did not reflect badly on them in their chosen profession They might have skirted the law to get the job done but they never actually broke their unspoken code Even though Nick starts the story off with a gold star, his star becomes tarnished and his actions reflect badly on him upholding to the rigid standards that are expected as a member of a seal team I really wanted to give him a pass as the nature of this story is very emotional and not everyone reacts as you would expect when faced with something that is out of your control plus he is only human However, given the history that Nick s love interest Devon had ,it was inexcusable This was a very emotional storyline My heart hurt, my tears fell and I just genuinely felt bad for the hand that fate had dealt to Nick and his sister Sophie Once again, Ms Hamilton portrayed the close community of the seal teams as they come together to help one of their own Of course anytime you get the guys in one place there is sure to be chaos, fun and a lot of laughter Despite Nick s conduct, I still thought it was a well written storyline with well developed characters I liked the added love interest from Nick s seal buddy Mark and his sister Sophie,it was sweet and left you with a good feeling There are several twists and turns that add excitement, drama, laughter , surprise and some on answered questions The author did not leave a cliffhanger but I felt that the ending was missing something and did not feel completed Hopefully the next book will provide the closure I was missing and I can t wait to get started and find out.

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    Liked it butttttt.I honestly enjoyed this story It s not in my top 10, but overall I d say it was a good book HOWEVER, where was the apology from Nick After what he did to Devon knowing the issues she s battled from the horrific incident in her past I expected him to grovel, to feel guilt, to work at regaining her trust, and to prove himself to her But not once does he even say a simple I m sorry , in fact the only mention of the incident that left her so shattered at all was when he said he d never hurt her again not so sure I d trust that Devon apologized repeatedly for minor transgressions early on in the story, she admitted when she was wrong or had made a mistake despite them all being minor , so to have Nick do something as deplorable as he did and not even apologize is just lame Liked the story, liked the characters, felt like the ending could have had 4 or 5 additional chapters to tie it off nicely.

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    I read the novella and really liked it. I d give it 4 s and wanted so read the full length book In some ways I wish I hadn t In this book, Nick turns out not to be the hero I thought he d be especially with the way he treated Devon after Sophie s death I don t believe this is a spoiler, although I almost tagged it as one There s a scene where the author loses me completely and I no longer cared about Nick and my heart broke for Devon view spoiler Devon and Nick have sex, when I read the scene, I was positive it was non consensual, even though later in the book Devon s inner monologue tells us is was consensual hide spoiler

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    While helping his sister tie up her final affairs, Navy SEAL Nick Dunn gets than he bargained for when a deathbed promise turns into a hot affair with his sister s best friend in this emotionally gripping contemporary romance I can t get enough of the SEAL Brotherhood as every story is adventure laced with strong emotion, passion and intrigue while the author also ensures that there is never a dull moment and Nick and Devon s story fits right in especially as they have a kind of push pull relationship that has sparks flying in every direction Copyright Night Owl Reviews See my full review at

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    This story created so many emotions in me There was joy and amazement for the SEAL brotherhood, the fascinating and alluring way they take care of each other, always stand by each other, support each other And this spills over also for the best friends and siblings There was charm and cheer for the new love Blazing, sizzling love that was growing between Devon and Nick And the sweet, delicate connection between Marc and Sofie There was sorrow, heartbreak, and anguish at the death of Sofie And grief, anger, torment with Nick s response for it Even though it was expected, in a way, from other points of the story But at the end Devon and the story took me by surprise, in a positive way It was an emotional roll a coaster, this one, but enjoyable indeed

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    Another one I can only give 3.5 stars For someone who s sister was suppose to mean so much to him that he rushed to her death bed and was suppose to help her, there wasn t a lot of interaction with her There was focus on him and Devon It just felt very rushed and seamed to have some parts missing Editing needed work.

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    Seal the Deal is book 4 in the Seal Brotherhood series but this is a stand alone story as I have not read the previous books I do believe I am hooked I will definitely be reading of the SEAL Brotherhood of hunky men This is Nick and Devon s story The plot is an emotional roller coaster, and I can honestly say I have never read a story that centered around a dying sister Her dying wish was for them to give each other a chance, but they have a kind of push pull relationship They soon have sparks flying, but the world is a cruel place so they have many situations thrown their way.There were a few details I didn t care for I can t attest to the grammatical flow because I listened to the story on Audible The audio version was done well, except the recorded parts were a little weird Overall its a good story and well worth a solid 4.5 stars rounding up to 5 for the Goodread Star ratings.

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