MindsiegeI thought Mindspeak sent my mind on a wild ride, but Mindsiege made me realize that was only the beginning More thrills,adventure, andsuspense follow Lexi and Jack in the second book of the series This is a must read. For the first third of this book, I often found myself wanting to throw it at the wall Much like the first one, everyone is hiding something from Lexi information, motivations, plans, and consequences I found myself so frustrated with the situation and with Lexi not standing up for herself and demanding some answers Especially from people she should have been able to trust.Fortunately, unlike Mindspeak, people finally started to come clean, and the story started making sense Lexi is at last figuring out what the IIA is up to and just how The Program fits into it all As she and Jack try to figure out how to stay in control of their own lives, they also must figure out who exactly they can trust, because everyone has their own motives and they aren t always clear.Lexi is a hard character to grasp She s strong in ways, but in others very naive and stubborn In that way, she s probably much like the average teenager Sometimes I wanted to smack the stupid out of her, but usually I was cheering her on Jack also has his stubborn moments, but above all, I could always count on him wanting to help Lexi And Jonas is in many ways my favorite character He s very much the enigma of the group, involved in everything but never confiding in anyone Much about his past comes to light in this installment that has me anxious to learn .Once I hit the halfway point, I didn t want to stop reading i was dying to learnabout Sandra Whitmeyer, the IIA, and The Farm Though Lexi and her friends have won one battle, the war is not over yet I received this book for free through First Reads and was not required to write a positive or any other type of review All opinions stated herein are solely my own. An Intruder Has Seized Control Of Lexi Matthew S Mind, Putting Those Closest To Her In Grave DangerWhen Someone Snakes Into Lexi S Head And Threatens Jack S Life At Lexi S Own Hand, She Must Quickly Decide Leave Jack And The Web Of Lies And Controversial Medical Science Behind In Order To Protect Him, Or Stay And Fight To Regain Control Of Her Own Mind But Risk Jack S LifeBefore Lexi Can Choose, She S Immersed Into The Underground World Of The International Intelligence Agency, Where She Discovers The World Of Cloning And Mind Control Is Much Larger Than She And Jack Ever Imagined And Is Growing Bigger And DangerousAs The Band Of Teenage Human Clones Uncovers Of Their Supernatural Abilities, A Dominant Force Inside The IIA Is At Work To Take Over Their Powers Can Lexi Stop The Person Who Has Invaded Her Mind Before The IIA Captures Them All, Or Will She Sacrifice Herself To Save Those She Loves This wasn t one of my favorite There were moments I really enjoyed it and was intrigued But too much of the time I felt like I was dragging through it to get to another good part I almost feel like there was a little too much going on and it started to lose my attention. Really enjoyed Mindspeak, the first in the series, and this book took the story to a whole new level Great pacing, plenty of action and snappy dialog Bound to appeal to readers of several different genres so if you are into sci fi, romance, dystopian or action adventure, you are bound to enjoy this series Looking forward to the next installment Having already read book one of the Mindspeak series by Heather Sunseri, I could hardly wait to begin reading book two, Mindsiege I fell in love with the story and characters from the beginning of the first book, so the entire time I read this book, I couldn t help but feel I would one day watch the second part of their story also unfold in a motion picture Mindsiege took me on a journey of what humans could futuristically be like one day Maybe this is even happening today I love books that grab me, sink their 8 pronged tracking device legs deep into my brain and hang on Anytime I can step away from a book, but yet I can t stop thinking about the characters and what is going to happen to them, I consider that to be sly work of writing genius Super kudos to writer and creater, Heather Sunseri, on an evenaction packed, brain and genetically infused book two Mindsiege leaves me evenintrigued and excited to knowabout Lexi and Jack s story, and the other characters, too Sunseri just keeps dangling that big orange carrot in front of me, and I fall harder and harder each time she writes. The second part of the trilogy, I found this book an interesting read I love the characters and the situations they find themselves in A little slow in places, I thought, the plot thickens as it progresses Wanting to know what happens now in the third book. So I guess that means this will be a 3 book series Well this one was pretty good I have to say I wish she ended up with the other guy I don t like her defats attitude She is such a victim some times I don t like jack I feel like he is way too secretive and kind of controlling. As always, I give Heather Sunseri s book a five star The plot in mindsige is amazing The characters in this book are likeable and sometimes, evil, to say the least My only question is,Where is the next book I just want to say Amazing I loved it and can t wait for the next one Kept me on the edge all the way thru , once I started reading I never put it down What a crazy wild ride I m so ready to find out

Heather Sunseri was raised on a tiny farm in the smallest of towns in thoroughbred horse country near Lexington, Kentucky After high school, she attended Furman University in Greenville, South Carolina, and later graduated from the University of Kentucky with a degree in accounting Always torn between a passion for fantasy and a mind for the rational, it only made sense to combine her career in

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