Scarred (Caged, #4)

Scarred (Caged, #4) Bestselling Series In Contemporary Fantasy And Paranormal Romance I Loathed Myself For Wishing A Death Of That Nature On Anyone, And Even So Because I Still Wanted It To Happen My Moral Fiber Was Unraveling Quickly, And I Wondered How Long My Humanity Could Withstand The Unending Trial Of Values My Life Had Become With Every Choice I Made, I Felt It Slipping AwayAnd Further Down The Rabbit Hole I Fell After A Three Month Reprieve, Drama Once Again Lands On Ruby S Doorstep Death Has Returned To Portsmouth, And The Murdering Of Innocent Women Is Back In Full Swing, Signaling The Return Of A Madman The Rev But He S Getting Uncharacteristically Sloppy, And That Could Cause Even Bigger Problems For Ruby, The PC, And Werewolves In General Complicating Things Even Further Is The Return Of Another Question Mark In Her Life One That Could Be Equally ProblematicAs If That Weren T Enough To Deal With, Ruby Also Finds Herself Endlessly Running Interference Between The Men In Her Life Tensions Run High As Deceit, Mistakes, And Lies Pile Up Around Her, Burying Her In The Inevitability That She Can No Longer Be Everything To Them Both She Is Forced To Choose One At The Risk Of Losing The Other A Necessary Evil, Which May Just Prove Deadly

AMBER LYNN NATUSCH is the author of the bestselling Caged series for adults She was born and raised in Winnipeg, and is still deeply attached to her Canadian roots She loves to dance and practice Muay Thai but spends most of her time running a chiropractic practice with her husband, raising two young children, and attempting to write when she can lock herself in the bathroom for ten minutes of p

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    I just wow holy shit The author can t honestly expect me to just wait until next year to find out what happened I just had my mind blown This book was an emotional roller coaster Is it March of 2013 yet UPDATE Seriously, I ve just been staring at the computer screen for the past 15 minutes I m still trying to process that ending, while trying not to meltdown Self published books sometimes make me super nervous when I pick them up, I ve had than a few flops before Not this series This series makes you wish you brought an extra pair of pants along for the ride, cause you will be shitting yourself left and right And the balls on the cliff hanger in Scarred, those are some cojones Knowing I have to wait so long to find out what happens, I want to go on a baby punting rampage I m gonna go take a cold shower and calm down

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    why did you do this to me This series has some amazing covers Yes, I judge a book by its cover sometimes Sue me.This one is one of the best Covers, I mean.I did not finish this book I got to 72% and just stopped I couldn t take it any There are some things that I just can t get over and don t want to forgive.The first half of the book was good More than good The best so far Ruby and Sean finally get over their shit and start being together, Ruby finally stops being an emotional and undecided idiot Yay There are some other things that happen that I don t wan t to spoil.So here I am so happy that things are going so well and I found a series that I like And then Everything is going to shit Ruby usually gets in trouble because she rushes into things without thinking about the dangers of her actions You would think that she would learn from her mistakes But no She does something completely idiotic and reckless And this time it was too much for me view spoiler So everything was good with Sean, they were happy Because she was with him, she could be with him on the full moon when Scarlet needed her monthly dose of sex.But, in a normal Ruby action, she fucks up everything Matty annoying stupid character that I m sure is shady and has his own agenda I think I actually hate him than Eric But I can t know his plans because I did not care to finish the book is about to Change on the full moon, because Ruby accidentally scratched him one time Cooper tells her to stay away from him because he s dangerous But does she Of course not He calls her on the night of the full moon because he doesn t know what s happening to him, and she comes running, even though she fucking knows he could be dangerous and Scarlet needs to mate that night She forgets her plans with Sean and when she gets to Matty what a stupid name , after he went through transition they, of course, start fucking.Actually, Scarlet takes over and fucks Matty Ruby blacks out and doesn t remember anything She wakes up only after, barely dressed and runs.And of course, she can t tell Sean, because he ll go crazy and kill Matty As he should.I stopped after that because I can t get over the fact that she cheated on him I don t fucking care that Scarlet was the one that did everything and Ruby didn t want that She made the conscious choice to go there on the night of the full moon She should have thought that might be a possibility It s still her fault And I can t get over that hide spoiler

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    I took my time. I savored every page of it I felt sad for some of the characters, I felt joy for others I felt moved Throughout the book, as I had to stop for one reason or another, I thought about it. I wondered about it. I couldn t get it out of my head and I forced myself to finish my tasks quickly in order to get back to it By the time I flipped to the last chapter I was so tense I didn t realize I was sitting in the same crooked position until the very last word. caused a kink on my neck that I m still recovering from So in summary Fantastic book Can hardly wait for the next one.

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    I cannot believe I almost didn t read the second book in this seriesthen I HAD to have the third book AND the fourth book.and now I have to wait for the NEXT book which won t be out until next year I stood in the middle of the room, unmoving I barely breathed My life had just become surreal, impossible, and one enormous lie I needed to go, to run somewhere, anywhere to beat back the reality that was rapidly closing in around me The image of him was burned into my retina, flashing over and over again like a warning He was trapped somewhere between human and decidedly not, and I realized that was my new reality From Caged the Caged Series

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    Pretty fuckin good, Amber Pretty fuckin good.

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    With the rapid fire release of Caged, Haunted and Framed books 1 3 in the Caged series , it feels like the release of Scarred has been a long time coming I spent the better part of the last few months bugging the crap out of the author for any little tidbit I could get ARC, Cover Reveal, etc Then I finally got to read it.And then I had to keep my damned mouth shut about it UGH Well, not any I am happy to announce that Scarred is officially out The first thing I would like to point out is the cover Oh Emm Gee The cover I have always liked the covers on this series but the cover of Scarred blows the rest of the series away It s badassery is levels higher than the previous three books Each cover has its own meaning and Scarred is no exception Once you read the book, you ll understand it Aside from the symbolism of it all, you have the look This cover has a much richer feel to it than the previous three Bah I just love it Ok On with the review The 3rd installment in this series took everything I thought and turned it on end First, the character that I loved to hate, Sean, has become the character that I love to love He s got issues but find me a tough, brooding type that doesn t Well, Scarred just added to that love for the character He sure can be a dick but the thing you ll learn about Sean through this series is that there is a reason behind his dick ness There s always a reason In Scarred, we get a glimpse of the softer side of Sean I so badly wanted to type Sears right there We get to see a little bit of what makes him tick and you will have one of two reactions A You ll want to file a restraining order or B You ll want to give him a big tear filled hug It could go either way Scarred takes our motley crew of a cast for a whole new wild ride There are a few surprises tossed in here and there that take our normal tension level and JACK IT WAY UP One of my favorite characters from early in the series makes a return appearance and you will be shocked by that little twist The fourth installment in this wonderful series takes an unbelievably dark turn Scarred is a highly appropriate name for this book because IT LEAVES YOU THAT WAY I will be honest, when I was reading this book, I reached the end and promptly emailed the author to inform her that I wanted nothing in that moment than to PUNCH MY COMPUTER MONITOR The ending of this book will make you cry and scream and want to pull your hair out All in a good way, I swear Ruby has a big new bag of shit to wade through and it doesn t look like it s going to get any easier in book 5 Overall, I am giving Scarred Caged Series 4 5 slobbering werewolf heads This one will leave you in tears wondering what the eff just happened Now, time to go email the author to find out when I will be getting my paws on Book 5 because, dammit, I want to know what happens READ MY REVIEW HERE

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    Ohhhh I can t get enough of Ruby and her friends What an excellent story I flew through these 4 in just weeks Couldn t stop I have the song Gravity on repeat in my head How can I wait til feb march to see what happens next Ugh You Are Mine Later review Oh my I LOVED this series So much about it The characters are so real and unreal at the same time I identified with the main character and her dancing I loved her life style with her live work apartment and dance studio I became OBSESSED with the song GRAVITY and how she and her dance partner might have choreographed it And to have her love interest her Gravity watching Swoon Then I found a so you think you can dance Gravity performance on youtube which was both haunting and amazing I watched the video 2 different sets of dancers performed it about 100 times Like a train wreck I couldn t get it out of my head The song, the dance, the books I lived it for about 3 weeks.The main characters and their relationship reminds me of the Fever series by Karen M Moning Barrons and Mac had the same heat in their Non relationship Love it Can t wait to reread and add the next book.Comment

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    Each book in this series got progressively betterbut this one took the cake Didnt know whether to love the author for ending it the way she did, leaving me with such a wild and burning antisipation for the next in the series or to hate her for it Scarred by far was the best in the series and didnt leave you wanton for anything..until the end that is I highly recommend this serieslove the author and her ability to visually hypnotize you and capture your imagination Definetly do not pass this one up

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    Amazing book series, and where others sometimes disappoint or drag on, this one has yet to do that I originally would of never picked up this book series had I known exactly what type of supernatural creature it was about, I avoided those types of books But I m so glad I didn t know until I was way into the book, because it is one of my top 5 favorite book series of all time CAN NOT WAIT UNTIL THE NEXT BOOK

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    Wow This was intense with so many twists that I literally couldn t put it down There were times that I loved what was happening with the relationships and times that I hated what was happening The ending left me breathless and dying for The writing has improved significantly since the first book too.

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