This Child is Mine

This Child is MineHow Would You Feel If You Discovered Your Eighteen Month Old Daughter Was Not Really Your Child Beth Carter Is Afraid Stevie May Have Inherited Diabetes From Her Father, But The Blood Test Comes Back Negative She Rejoices Until She Sees The Hospital Has Apparently Made A Mistake In Recording Stevie S Blood Type A Second Test Brings To Light That Stevie Cannot Be Her Biological Child Where, Then, Is Her Baby Jonathan McDuff, At First, Doesn T Believe That His Beloved Baby, Lexie, Isn T His Birth Daughter Then He Determines To Have Both Children In His Home Since Mrs Carter Won T Give Stevie Up Without A Legal Battle, He Comes Up With A Plan He Ll Give Her The Care Of Both Children As Long As They All Remain Under His Roof An Impossible Situation, But With God S Help, Healing And Love May Win Over Heartbreak And Loss Babies Switched At BirthContemporary Christian RomanceFormerly Published By Barbour Publishing, Words Touching story of trials, love familyAs a woman I can relate to the struggles and emotions Beth encountered after her husband s death when faced with providing for her young daughter alone God does truly work things out for our own good if we listen to his Word and surround ourself with Christian friends although he doesn t promise it will be easy. I think this is the first fiction I ve ever read that was set entirely in my home stomping grounds I went into it expecting simplistic stories and poor writing, perhaps because of the home made looking cover on the one I found for Kindle However, I was pleasantly surprised by Colvin s character development, her use of biblical beliefs without beating the reader over the head, and the realism of the struggles portrayed between the main characters The conclusion was satisfying There were very few editing errors, and they were not as gratuitous as what I see in many self published pieces I m looking forward to reading other books in the Kansas City series what bazaar circumstances Fear of her husbands illness that her daughter could inherit, had Beth have blood tests done The results changes everything Remembering back to the birth of her daughter n the happenings in the hospital that night Her lawyer sends a letter to the parent who also had a girl born that same night the story then escalates from there romance comes to both as they watch their 2 girls relate grow I am angry with Jon s behaviour and think Beth gave in too easily at the birthday party.. This is something one often thinks about But to read it you begin to live through the pages I read all three and could not put them down eileen A love story about two different families how they reacted to a problem.Mixed up of two babies at birth The story is realistic as this did occur prior to the banding at birth Interesting story and I would recommend this book to others. A sweet story. This child is mine.I loved this story I recommend everyone to read this book I like this Author, I look forward to readingof herBooks You go girl 1 12 17. Hospital errorHospital errorI gave this book a four star because it was a pretty good book Emotional at times, sad at times and happy at times How would you feel to one day find out that the baby you ve been raising isn t even your child or you think it might not be yours Can blood results be different on the same child If it was true would you be able to not press charges against the hospital would you be able to go and live in a strangers home to raise his daughter and your Read this book can find all the answers to these questions and .Happy reading religious love story with a thought provoking twist take it or leave it

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[KINDLE] ❄ This Child is Mine By Mildred Colvin –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 165 pages
  • This Child is Mine
  • Mildred Colvin
  • English
  • 12 February 2019

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